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Crowded in Here

Crowded in Here

By Andy Lacatell
For fans of Crowded House, but all welcome! We will continue to explore the band, the music and impact they have had on our lives. We'll ask and try to answer the question "What does being a fan of Crowded House say about us?" Hosted by a fan, for fans and sourced from the fans. Crowdies Unite! Season 2 has just begun!
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201 "To The Island"

Crowded in Here

201 "To The Island"

Crowded in Here

202 "Distant Sun"
Envy and jealousy won't keep us from having a great discussion with Jason Knox, musician, composer, audio and video editor. Jason compiled and edited the "Seven Worlds Collide" video documenting three nights of Neil Finn and friends concerts at The Power Station in 2008. Listen to music from Jason's band, Carousel Swan and win a copy of their album "The Wilderness Below."
April 5, 2021
201 "To The Island"
Season 2 of "Crowded in Here" kicks off with Dr. Spring Duvall of Salem College in North Carolina (USA). We'll talk about social media, celebrity and the Fangradio community. The "FAN"gradio community is different and we'll explore why. We'll focus on the positive, go "to the island" and connect through the music of Crowded House. Aren't we lucky?! Additional music by Radio Static out of Buffalo, NY. 
February 28, 2021
107 "Intriguer"
The "2020" episode of "Crowded in Here." This one is a little different, but not much in 2020 turned out how we had hoped. Listen to my interview with Leon "Buttons" Kirkbeck of "The Cryptid Factor" podcast and hear some music from Piranha Rama, one of Richmond, Virginia's, best bands! Intriguer sightings, time travel, tall poppies and swamp creatures. It makes perfect sense for 2020! This is the last episode for the season, but we'll back with more in 2021. Happy Holidays!
December 20, 2020
106 "Twice If You're Lucky"
In this episode we're talking cover songs - the ones Crowded House likes to play and Crowded House songs that have been covered by others. What is a cover song? Quite simply, it's one artist covering another artists' songs. But, it may go deeper than that. We'll explore why we have cover songs and cover bands and we'll ask the question, "Can a cover song be better than the original?" You'll also get to know Charlie Mear of the band "This Circus Life" ( He has some great things to share with us. Enjoy!
October 12, 2020
105 "Be My Guest"
In this episode of Crowded in Here, we continue our conversation with Jeremy Ansell, Web content co-manager for Team Crowded House and Team Neil Finn. Jeremy takes us behind the scenes of the making of the Deluxe Editions of the Crowded House albums and talks more about his love for music and audio engineering.  And we find out whether or not he is a fan of Crowded House. Music for this episode is by Chris Clyburn. Links to his music can be found on the Crowded in Here Facebook page. 
September 6, 2020
104 "Either Side of the World"
Fellow Crowdies, what can we say? We're excited to bring you our interview with Jeremy Ansell, social media and web content manager for Crowded House. (Yes, THE Crowded House). THE Jeremy Ansell is an audio engineer and like all Kiwis, is generous of spirit and of his time. In this episode of "Crowded in Here," we will get to know Jeremy and how the magic of audio and the power of music directed him into the radio broadcast industry and ultimately to a special engagement working for Neil Finn and Crowded House. You may know Jeremy from the ENZOLOGY radio documentary series and from his interviews with Crowded House for the Deluxe Editions. Please enjoy part one of our interview with Jeremy Ansell.
July 28, 2020
103 "Now We're Getting Somewhere"
Seeing Crowded House live is a unique experience. No two shows are the same. You can expect some things, like your favorite songs or some witty banter. The rest is a welcome surprise. We'll look at how fellow fans and music critics viewed Crowded House shows over the years. 
May 31, 2020
102 "Mean to Me"
In Episode 102, we'll talk about donuts, poets and expectations...naturally. Listen to an interview with singer-songwriter Shaun Shears and get Mike's take on the arrival of "Time on Earth." Thanks to those that called in. And thanks to our musicians (Flojistic, Neil Finn) and vocal talent (Sophia the First). Note: We're still figuring out the sound levels... :)
May 3, 2020
101 "Together Alone"
In the first episode of "Crowded in Here," we explore our fandom, dig into some of the less-heralded parts of Crowded House's music, consider the events of the day and look forward to connecting as fans around the band we love. We'll heap some praise on those that got us to where we are today. We're in this together, yet alone; we're a community of individuals that are fans of (one of) the greatest band(s) of all time. It's "Crowded in Here," but there's room for you!
April 12, 2020
000 “It’s Crowded in Here”
Introduction and welcome to “Crowded in Here.” Crowded House.
March 29, 2020