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Beta Syndicate's
Smash and Grab Show

Beta Syndicate's Smash and Grab Show

By Jeffrey Kaufman
Plain talk and interviews about everything in the Crypto Realm. Investment ideas, projects, products, marketing and more.
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Crypto in the Car. Talking about ADA, STELLAR, RIPPLE AND RAVEN as great opportunities for investing

Beta Syndicate's Smash and Grab Show

Informative interview with Daniel Khasin Co-Founder of Bitfi and the truth about this cool device.
A solid hour of information about the Bitfi Hardware Device. I think you'll find this interesting and highly informative. Buy the most secure way to keep your crypto safe at
February 23, 2020
PIVX Crypto Currency Interview, with Leacy Mck, Pivx's Social Media Manager and Manager of PivxGives
Great interview with one of Pivx's project managers, Leacy Mck. She's in charge of PIVX on Twitter and Instagram and the Manger of PivxGives. For more information visit
December 29, 2019
Thoughts on the FUD against TRON. The BEST Cold and Hot Storage Wallets and two new to me Exchanges.
Ellipal and Trust. My favorite wallet and cold storage. Also talking about Tron and the daily FUD facing Justin Sun.
October 01, 2019
The 4 Steps to Take Before Buying Crypto. Plus VET Vechain and BTT.
Talking about 4 Steps anyone should take before buying crypto. Also what Ripple and BTT might turn into.
August 09, 2019
MERC Merlin's Coin Project and my top two choices not in the top 100.
A great episode about a great project. Bitcoin Pete's Merlin's Coins. (MERC) Also my top choices that are not in the top 100. Links for Merlin's Coins: Merlins game - Merlins info page - game description - about the otp - merlin's mine, where people can always check the State of Merc - Merlins discord channel -
August 06, 2019
Crypto in the Car. Talking about ADA, STELLAR, RIPPLE AND RAVEN as great opportunities for investing
Trying to utilize my time to my benefit, and do my show today out of the car while running errands. I spoke about ADA, STELLAR, RIPPLE, RAVEN and how they could pay out big-time for the low income investor.
July 30, 2019
Interview with Magnum Wallet's Alex Aksenov. Magnum has many features coming into play.
Interview with Magnum Wallet's Alex Aksenov. Magnum has many features coming into play.
July 12, 2019
Interview with Olya Moskalenko, Chief Communications Officer of Anchor Stable Coin.
A great interview with Olya Moskalenko from Anchor Stable coin. Very informative and I think you'll find her to be a great communicator and extremely supportive of Anchor's endeavors and direction. I also believe we will find the Anchor stable coin to be the most trustworthy stable coin in the market. Because simply it's smart and pegged on the Global economy. Anchor has my vote for being a better match for investors and future economic growth across many borders of both business and national stability. I believe you are going to find it to be worth your time and your trust and with their future outlook, Anchor will be a game-changer.
July 10, 2019
Angelo Adam of Bounty0x joins me in the final moments of my show plus a quick revisit to CRM.
I talk about phone mining apps like ETN and how good community moderation pays off verse having open arguments and vile displays in your forum. I revisit CRM and SLC and their steps at creating a clean telegram forum for their community. Also, a huge drop in visit from Angelo Adam of Bounty0x and we talk about his product and what makes Bounty0x a great platform for crypto freelancers and companies looking for content creation and tasking.
June 30, 2019
SMASH AND GRAB: Talking about three crypto currencies today, CREAM CRM, SLICE SLC and ZERO-ZED.
SMASH AND GRAB INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES: Speaking about three crypto currencies in the market and what to look for when you join in a new coin. Factors to consider and what matters.
June 23, 2019
SMASH AND GRAB: A new emerging crypto currency called Energi NRG and why you should invest.
My reasons why even the little guy, like me, looking for a wise investment should consider investing in NRG. HERE ARE THE LINKS. “Pathways to Obtaining Energi (NRG)” by Jeffrey A Kaufman
June 18, 2019