Dash vs Hyperinflation (or, Why Fiat Currency Sucks)

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By Kurt Robinson
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Bitcoin Will NEVER Reach Mass Adoption
Bitcoin will never reach mass adoption - that's my case here. It's not because there's anything wrong with Bitcoin of itself. It's simply because Bitcoin isn't aiming for mass adoption. The Bitcoin team isn't focused on mass adoption, and maybe they never were. They're focused on something else - I don't know exactly what, something technical, some kind of engineering miracle. I know they're not focused on mass adoption, because mass adoption comes with user experience. The way you get people to use your tech is to make it easy to use. You start with your customer in mind. Purchase a Trezor to keep your crypto safe: Steve Jobs on UX: Why VHS was better than BetaMax: Just pay a $5 fee: Greg Maxwell 1 MB limit: Credit cards are better: Juan Galt - Practical BItcoin Maximalist: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
November 12, 2018
Nobody cares about cryptocurrency
You might know that Bitcoin is money for the Internet, a system where no one person has the power to change the ledger. What you might not know is, why should you care? How is it going to help people escape poverty, find prosperity, to hold governments accountable, to push banks to reform or be forgotten? Let's talk about the potential that cryptocurrency has to change the future for regular people like you. Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube: Eisenhower Farewell Address: Bitcoin vs Political Power - Stefan Molyneux:
November 5, 2018
Banksters vs Dash Treasury
A lot of people forget the reason Bitcoin and cryptocurrency were invented - to threaten the monopolies and oligopolies of central banks around the world which abuse their power. Like it or not, Bitcoin is threatening to banks. That's why a system of independent funding like the Dash treasury is so important, an autonomous system of funding which reduces the chance of moneymen moving in to take over an operation and direct it in a way which serves their interest, rather than ours. Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube: Mastercard clip: Bitcoin Paranoid: Dash Force News: Dash Text: Dash Caracas: Dash Help: Murshaq:
October 29, 2018
Bitcoin is GREED - Economist Nouriel Roubini
Last week, Nouriel Roubini, professor of economics at NYU's Stern School of Business wrote an article about cryptocurrency, explaining how it's all about greed. It's true, crypto is about greed, but that's not all it's about. Cryptocurrency is a movement and technology with many people involved, some with idealistic motives, and some more nefarious. Roubini's piece is littered with truths, half-truths and mis-truths, as I break down in this episode of Cryptonomics. Original article: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
October 23, 2018
Bitcoin Mass Adoption with Juan Galt
For years people have been asking when Bitcoin is going to reach mass adoption, and though the market has expanded a lot, there still hasn't been a lot of use in day-to-day commerce. In this episode I talk to Juan Galt about the lack of user experience in cryptocurrency, the projects which have the best user experience such as Dash and Steem, and what kind of UX we can expect in coming years. Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
October 15, 2018
Why Bitcoin Is Still King - Juan Galt
In the cryptocurrency market, anybody with a laptop, a little coding knowledge and a dream can invent a new asset, programming a financial instrument from their garage, scaring the pants off of regulators like the SEC, and many banks. That's why it's so popular among libertarians - it's liberty money. However, freedom also comes with responsibility. A free market with little oversight and no system of redress leads to widespread scams and other shady projects. There are many ways to address this issue - for example, asking ICOs to get escrows to hold their funds until they reach key points in their projects, to prevent them taking the money and running. We can also leverage media to exposed poorly-conceived coins. And, as crypto journalist and consultant Juan Galt points out in this interview, we can stick to established projects like Bitcoin. Ask Juan on Twitter: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
October 8, 2018
Is Crypto Dead? Qs 4 Crypto
I saw a question on Quora recently: Is this the end of cryptocurrencies?, accompanied by a link to a quote from Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buderin saying "There isn’t an opportunity for yet another 1,000-times growth in anything in the space anymore." It's funny to think that, without the chance of 100,000% gains, it seems like anything interesting about crypto is over. Most people playing the stock market would be ecstatic with even a 100% gain. The truth is, there are still many opportunities in crypto for speculators, developers and even creative types. Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
October 4, 2018
Why Kosh Eek Bought Bitcoin Early
When people hear about someone making it big in Bitcoin, without knowing that background, it can seem like a lucky break, as if crypto assets were a roulette wheel for investors. What Kosh tells us here recounts a very different story, of wisdom, passion and vision. Kosh recommends Mike Maloney's book "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver", in which Maloney states that his knowledge of money took a leap forward when he pictured a system of rich bankers handing each other notes, each one inscribed with an unexpected phrase - "IOU". In comparison, Bitcoin looked like anything but a gamble - it looked like hope itself. Decentralized Podcast: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
October 4, 2018
Crypto-Hustler Mentality
In 'Post Office', Bukowski's girlfriend tells him to get a job, and he responds "Any damn fool can beg up a job. It takes a wise man to make it without working. Out here we call it 'hustling'." In movies and novels, adventurers, rogues and hustlers are glamourised, representing something desireable and unattainable. In the real world, people judge and marginalise them, calling them "dreamers" or even "bums". Every day, these people dance through cracks in the system, finding value and opportunities in places which are invisible to others. They may be judged, and they may not fit neatly into any box, and it might not be easy to balance their accounts, but any hustler will tell you that their freedom is worth the pricetag. Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
October 1, 2018
Losing half a mill and staying cool - Luis Fernando Mises
In this interview, "Emancipated Human" Luis Fernando Mises explains the things he focused on after a tragic loss - losing his best friend and $400,000 at once. It's always going to be tough, but with confidence in your own skills, the support of your loved ones, and the knowledge that you can always rebuild, life becomes a lot less stressful. Emancipated Human: DFiles - Crypto in Venezuela:!/v/eftnow/wia9ytgo Bobaphet on Steemit: EFTnow on Steemit: Bitcoin is like poker: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
September 24, 2018
Dash vs Hyperinflation (or, Why Fiat Currency Sucks)
Hyperinflation happens more frequently than a lot of people think. Venezuela is a current example, but we've seen a similar thing in Zimbabwe in the last ten years, the Argentine government has revalued the peso 4 times in the last 50 years, and there are even historical examples from the United States and Germany. Let's talk about how Dash and other cryptocurrencies are helping people handle the problems of hyperinflation in Venezuela, and give you some historical context about the failure of fiat currency, and why you shouldn't trust governments with the money supply. Emancipated Human: Emancipated Human on Facebook: The Cryptolifer Mentality by Bob Stanley: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
September 12, 2018
Dash saves Venezuela? Quick case
Crypto fanatics have been asking for a long time, when will this technology reach mass adoption? However, for many years the situation wasn't ripe. Bitcoin wasn't user-friendly enough, it was hard for non-techy newbies to get involved, and they didn't have an incentive. That seems to be changing, with Dash helping merchants and users get involved, giving the people of Venezuela a new tool to improve their situation during a crisis. Venezuela and the cryptocurrency revolution documentary: The cryptocurrency dream, revived: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
September 3, 2018
Bitcoin - Predict the Price? Part 2
Lots of people who are involved in crypto have opinions about the direction of the market. People standing on the sidelines can tell you that it's over and will never recover after the crash in 2018. However, for people who have been in this for a while, we can see the patterns. Bitcoin bubbled at $30, $200, $1,000, and $20,000, and some were even expecting the rise and fall. Nobody knows the day or hour when these patterns and cycles will play out, but we can say at least that they probably will. A bubble will form and a bubble will pop. The price will jump up very quickly just before a crash. There will be a sell-off after Christmas... and the loudest people will lose interest when the real growth begins. Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
August 29, 2018
Bitcoin - Predict the Price?
Is it possible to know where the crypto market is heading? Can you tell when the market is overbought, overheated, and getting close to a correction? Here are three simple ways you can get an idea of where the crypto market is heading, especially when a lot of money is moving into the market, and it's reaching the peak of a bull market. Let's look at our own biases, then our own emotions, and finally some patterns of behaviour of others on social media. Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
August 21, 2018
Bitcoin Scares Banks - Kosh Eek
A few years ago, Kosh Eek realised that Bitcoin was a disruptive technology that he could personally use to withdraw his power from central banks - the entities which enable so much war and suffering in this world. Kosh saw that crypto assets could change the finance industry in a similar way to how Napster and BitTorrent changed the film and music industries, how Uber changed the taxi industry. Kosh saw a chance to make the world better in his own small way, and by an interesting coincidence, he was rewarded for it. Check out Kosh and Aleks' work on the Decentralized Podcast: Please upvote on Steemit: Website: Facebook: YouTube:
August 13, 2018
Bitcoin is like Poker
If you've listened to a lot of interviews with successful investors and entrepreneurs, you might notice that a lot of them play poker, and some of them even recommend it as a way of improving financial acumen. There are many reasons: poker is a game of incomplete information, you have to assess risk quickly, be decisive, and emotionally deal with the consequences of a decision, whether it turns out to be good, bad or unknown. Let's talk about the ways poker is similar to speculating, in bankroll management, being aware of deception, information asymmetry, letting your stake match your knowledge, and planning ahead. Disclaimer: This is not intended to be financial advice. I'm merely presenting my own thought processes. Website: Steemit: Facebook: YouTube:
July 30, 2018
Welcome to Cryptonomics
You've probably heard a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the media - people turning into millionaires overnight, discovering coins on lost hard drives and taking out mortgages to gamble on the market. And it's true, you can get rich using cryptocurrency, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's lot more to it than financial security - this technology is set to change society the world over, very similar to the way the Internet has changed our lives over the last 20 years. It's a truly transformative technology and I'd like to tell you all about it - Welcome to Cryptonomics. Website: Steemit: Facebook: YouTube:
July 23, 2018
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