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12/18/18- Were the Champions/Europa League Draws Good for Serie A?

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A weekly podcast that discusses the history and current events of Serie A Italian Soccer. Hosted by first generation Italian-American Marco Ciarla, Former American Ex-Pat Tad Burns, and a proud New Jerseyan with Sicilian roots Chris Ross, the guys deliver all the goods on the Italian first division with commentary, insight and guest interviews.
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12/18/18- Were the Champions/Europa League Draws Good for Serie A?
The guys talk about the Champions/Europa League draws and throw some shout outs for an action packed week 16!
December 19, 2018
12/11/2018- Wk 15 in the Serie A
3 of the most bananas finishes you will see in one week in the Serie A in Roma v Cagliari, Fiorentina v Sassuolo and OTFR v Sampdoria. Juventus, of course, win again, but this time it is in the derby d’italia. Quags and Frankie Caputo CAN’T. STOP. SCORING. Who is to blame in the capitol for Roma and OTFR? And finally Chievo and Empoli are doing big things but everyone is paying about as much attention to them as they are to the CurvAmerica podcast.
December 12, 2018
12/4/2018- Wk 14 in the Serie A
Fiorentina end their streak of 5 draws with a 3-0 beat down from Juventus. Napoli take down Atalanta to keep "pace" at 8 points behind The Old Lady. Roma come back in a thriller behind a golazzo by Understruck. Milan’s youth puts them in the top 4. Sampdoria make Bologna look like a Serie B team in a whooping. Empoli and SPAL draw in the mighty battle of 15 and 16th place.
December 5, 2018
11/26/2018- Serie A Wk 13 with Sam Eastwood of CdT
Marco sits down with @chiesaditotti Sam Eastwood to discuss this week's #SerieAsix (five) : #JuveSPAL, #InterFrosiNogoals, #EmpoliAtalanta, #OTFRMilan, and #UdineseRoma. Shout outs are due to the Gerv, Chievo and the Genoa Derby!
November 27, 2018
11/12/2018- Wk 12 in the Serie A and Champions League
This week on CurvAmerica we discuss Juventus’ big win over Milan in front of an epic Milanese crowd and trip by North American Milan fans. Roma finally put on a show in league play over a floundering Sampdoria team, Atalanta wax the eyebrows off of Inter but no worries because Icardi has his tattooed on, Napoli win in the Monsoon Bowl, Sassuolo and OTFR split points at the Mapei Stadium, and the Inzaghi bowl chances might be taking another hit after Team Meat Sauce are given the disgrace of allowing the Geriatric Donkeys to have zero points in the league.
November 13, 2018
11/5/2018- Week 11 in the Serie A
Marco and Tad cover for Chris, AGAIN! The Medicis vs Caesars ends in a draw. Napoli, Juve, Torino, OTFR and Inter wax their opponents like a surfboard. Milan once again rely on the Cardiac Capitano and Empoli show the freezing temperature of their blood and fire Aurelio Andreazzoli on his birthday.
November 6, 2018
10/30/2018- Wk 10 in the Serie A
Marco and Tad cover for the perpetually grown up Chris and to tackle Week 10 of the Serie A. CR7 takes down Empoli with a brace, but more importantly, takes down Selena Gomez as the #1 Insta follow. The Derby Del Sole has Roma limping out of Napoli. Inter give OTFR the mani, pedi and wax. Milan's change of formation may by the Rhino some borrowed time. Hot-Alanta turn up the heat against Parma. And Empoli is now sponsored by Poop.
October 30, 2018
10/23/2018- Wk 9 in the Serie A and Special Interview with OTFR (Laz**) Fan Steven Moore
Some late magic in one of the world’s great derbies, CurvAmerica vs. Serie A sitdown errrrr the derby della madonina.  Genoa are the Serie A Batman and show the world that the Superman of Juventus does in fact bleed, but the Old Lady are not ready for death and fight off the Red Devils.  Napoli see the Juve result and get warmed up for a Khabib-style beat down of Udinese. Roma aka Humpty Dumpty fall off the great wall of SPAL but all EDF’s men were able to put themselves back together again and win against the election meddlers.  And Atalanta come back to their winning ways by giving the world’s biggest loser, Giampiero Ventura, rogaine and then waxing all the hair off. Stick for after this week’s episode for the podcast’s Benedict Arnold interview w/ the world’s 12 OTFR fans and Gianluca di Marzio contributor, Steven Moore.
October 25, 2018
10/09/2018- Wk 8 in the Serie A
Not a single tie in the entire league this week, but also very few surprises. Juventus wake up, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, take out the trash, win a league game, come home, take a shower and go to sleep. Napoli hand Sassuolo their second straight loss to the Serie A elite, but Milik will have to play from here on out without his chain. Roma do their best to play poorly, but still pull out 3 points against the most uninteresting team in the world, Empoli. Inter make it 4 league wins in a row against the decidedly mediocre Wall of SPAL. OTFR wake up from their Europa league nightmare to win their 5th out of 6 in the league and silence their own Ultras. And, Sampdoria, Milan, Parma and Torino are all on the verge of a Lou Brown from Major League winning streak.
October 9, 2018
10/02/2018- Wk 7 in the Serie A
Juventus looks as fierce as ever and remain one of 2 unbeaten teams in the 5 major european leagues with a convincing victory over Napoli. Milan silence some haters with a beatdown of reprised cinderella hopefuls Sassuolo. Roma smoke OTFR like it ain’t no thang with a huge Derby Della Capitale win. Fiorentina get back in the win column thanks to a Greg Luganis performance from Rich Faith in the Church Chiesa, Federico Chiesa. Inter make it a winning streak with their 3rd straight victory over the Iron Island of Cagliari, Piatek stays disco inferno hot bringing Genoa to victory, and the Inzaghi bowl get a huge boost with Bologna rebounding to get 3 points off of Udinese after a mid week loss to Juve.
October 2, 2018
10/01/18: Pod Special: Atalanta Now Podcast
POD SPECIAL! Atalanta, La Dea, The Goddess. They are a historically mid-table team, but have a knack for also being giant-killers, taking down the big names of Italian calcio. They’ve recently had big runs in Europa, to the delight of all fans who love an underdog story. The Atalanta fan base continues to grow globally, from their home of Bergamo in northern Italy, to England, and even in our own Sin City here in the US - Las Vegas! This was a really fun episode, where we discuss "The Tank Story," Rocky Balboa, and a new podcast - Atalanta Now!
October 1, 2018
09/24/18 - Wk 5 Serie A Roundup
Golden State Juventus take it easy on Frosinone by only beating them 2-0 - all Frosinone mothers are grateful.  Napoli play another great game that has all their supporters wondering “what the hell happened against Sampdoria?”  Speaking of Sampdoria, the fortress of Genoa is breached by Inter, who slowly but surely are contributing the rise in cardiac attacks in Milan.  Fiorentina are still super young and getting sexier as the say to the rest of the Serie A “You see? It’s not that hard” with a 3-0 waxing of the Great Wall of SPAL.  Gervinho has Parma going HAM against Cagliari, Milan doing their best to keep pace with Roma, and Roma? We got problems.
September 25, 2018
9/18/2018- Wk 4 in the Serie A + Champions League
Ronnie from the shore bags a brace in Juventus’ win but Douglas Costa causes a Situation. Napoli get a little revenge against Fiorentina State University from last season. Roma make us all be the early birds who don’t get that worm. Inter get grated by the Team Cheese Bumble Bees in Parma. FatBoy G Higuain finally finds the net for Milan, but they still become the second Milan team to disappoint. OTFR making a claim to be the best team in Rome this season. The great wall of SPAL is going shopping for glass slippers after another shut out win, and, Empoli and Frosinone look like they’ll soon be neighbors with Oscar the Grouch...trash.
September 19, 2018
9/13/2018- CR7 and Inter Milan with Mike Piellucci
Get you some International break content!  Tad interviews journalist Mike Piellucci (@mikelikessports) about his latest CR7 piece on The Outline.  Mike gives his view of CR7 as the one of the most intriguing people in all of sports, both as a baller and an enigma.  Then, the pod takes a steep drop off in sexy to hear Mike's Inter Milan opinions, including the performance of Inter's new signings so far, the state of Inter recent signings and how Tad's exes Radja and Spalletti are fairing with their new girlfriend, La Beneamata.
September 14, 2018
09/04/2018- Wk3 in the Serie A
Juventus keep winning but there is shade and pessimism all around the team. Napoli catch a waxing from Sampdoria like Steve Carell in the 40 year old virgin. Milan get their first win of the season against a Roma team that has now sucked the most to start a season in 5 years.  OTFR win a derby-ish by waxing the mustache off the Nonnes of Frosi. Fiorentina aka Fiorentina U take another team to school in consecutive weeks. Inter close their scudetto gap to Juve by 5 points with the help of a Ninja. Sassuolo are showing they De Zerbi to be in the discussion of surprise teams of the season so far. Atalanta spend the week spiraling like the Trump White House. Empoli v Chievo reminds us all why we drink like Atalanta fans after this week.
September 5, 2018
08/28/18: Wk2 in the Serie A
Week 2 of the 18/19 season is the books! Golden State Juventus start the season the same way they have the past seven, Napoli with the comeback of a lifetime against Milan, Inter stumble again, La Viola puts 6 past the "Not So Old" Donkeys, and a hero is born in the Great Wall of SPAL!
August 29, 2018
08/21/2018: Wk 1 - Serie A is BACK!!
A dark cloud hangs over and exciting weekend for all CurvAmericans, following the tragedy of Genoa’s bridge collapse.  Two games are postponed and a moment of silence is observed before all Serie A fixtures.  Nevertheless, Serie A is back and on ESPN, hopefully putting an end to shady Reddit streams nationwide.  Cristiano Ronaldo’s much anticipated Juve debut is almost spoiled by the Geriatric Donkeys.  Napoli and OTFR go toe-to-toe in Week one’s Game of the Week.  Roma get a moment of brilliance to put them past their former teammates in Torino.  And, finally, Inter come out flat and give the season its first big upset.
August 22, 2018
07/11/18- CR7, Milan, Summer Transfers, and WC Final Predictions
Tad and Marco come together for an emergency summer Podcast after the big news of the Cristiano Ronaldo Juve transfer and Milan acquisition by Elliott Management Corp. Plus, the guys talk about the summer's biggest Serie A transfers and predict the World Cup Final!
July 13, 2018
06/06/18- AS Roma Discussion with ESPN Associate Producer Steve Ceruti
Surprise! The guys at CurvAmerica are big Romanisiti (maybe not that big of a surprise)... in this episode Tad sits down for an hour and twenty minutes, no commercials, with ESPN Radio Associate Producer Steve Ceruti (@SJCeruti) and talks about everything Roma-past, present and future. They even end the episode with a mini mock draft! If you are a die hard Roma or Serie A fan, this is the Episode for you!
June 6, 2018
05/22/18 - Wk 38 Serie A Roundup - Stagione Finita!!
Well there you have it CurvAmericans, the 2017/18 and the second season of CurvAmerica is a wrap!  Spoiler Alert: Juve wins the league...again! Napoli and Roma cap historic seasons domestically and internationally.  Inter pulls off this season’s last week miracle! OTFR and Milan will play in Europa next year….well, maaaaaybe Milan.  Ciao for now Crotone (single tear), Hellas Verona, and Benevento. Benvenuti Empoli, Parma and a TBD team from the Serie B playoffs.
May 23, 2018
05/15/18- Wk 37 Serie A Roundup #MY7H
Juventus officially claim their 7th straight scudetto vs. Roma after a 0-0 snoozefest at the Stadio Olimpico. Napoli fail at Mission:Scudetto and now the tough questions begin. Inter and OTFR put in trash performances that make their head-to-head in the last week of the season for all the Rigatoni. Atalanta and Milan get into a street fight after Milan get waxxed out of the Coppa Italia leaving the last Europa spot up for grabs. And can Crotone come through on their second straight season for #RaceFor17th with Cagliari, SPAL, Udinese and Chievo all within 2 points of the Danger Zone.
May 16, 2018
05/09/18 - WK 36 Serie A Roundup and Champions League
It Ain’t Over Yet!!! 13 teams in the Serie A still have something to play for in the final three weeks!  The Scudetto is a piece of angel hair spaghetti away from being decided with Napoli dropping points in consecutive weeks.  Roma overcome getting knocked out of the Champion’s League semi-finals by sending Cagliari to the Danger Zone. OTFR draw Atalanta and Inter wax Udinese to keep the final Champions League spot a one game affair.  Milan put themselves in a European position heading into the Coppa Italia final. And Fiorentina keep their European dreams alive with yet another stunning victory in a game that saw a CurvAmerica hero get back on the scoresheet for the first time in years.
May 9, 2018
05/01/18 - WK 35 Serie A Round Up and Champions League
The Derby D’Italia turns the calcio world into an Alex Jones' type of conspiracy.  Koulibaly goes from Hero to goat and his club, Napoli, heads over to "Spa Fiorentina" for their waxing.  Roma show at this point in time all they need is Alisson and 9 other dudes to beat the old-timer Chievo Donkeys.  OTFR make a huge sacrifice to the calcio gods to beat Torino.  Milan, Atalanta, Fiorentina and Sampdoria get ready for the last Europa spot in a Royal Rumble set up.  Crotone, once again vanquishing all in their path in April as they head to the #RaceFor17th -  Udinese, Cagliari, Crotone, SPAL and Chievo enter the reverse Serie A Thunderdome (5 teams enter, 1 team stays).  That plus Champions League!
May 2, 2018
04/25/18 - Pod Special: Richard Whittle and the Danger Zone
Podcast Special!  During our visit to Rome, we were honored to be joined by the man, myth, and legend, calcio commentator Richard Whittle!  Richard spoke to us about attending Roma's epic win at the Olimpico over Barcelona for Champions League!  We also spoke about Roma v. Liverpool and his experiences covering Serie A games across Italy for the English speaking audiences like us.  We finished off the conversation with talk of relegation - commonly known as Richard Whittle's "The Danger Zone!"
April 25, 2018
04/10/18 - WK 31 Roundup and Champions League - Off to Italia!
Get ready for an episode more trash than usual as we spent our weekend getting a crash course on filmography instead of watching the Serie A.  Benevento make it interesting for a hot second, but Juventus use a blade of grass and Costa’s left foot to put it away.  The city of Napoli sees a rush to the pharmacies for Xanax after the Donkeys take them to the wire. Roma and Inter make their case for team most deserving of 5th place.  OTFR put a tingle in CurvAmerica’s loins ahead of our pilgrimage to the Derby. Sassuolo make Milan become featured in the latest episode of “Teams that should not draw Sassuolo.”  And the Derby Della Lanterna finally doesn’t end w/ OTFGenoa fans walking home like Charlie Brown for the first time in the last two years.
April 11, 2018
04/06/2018 - Pod Special: Umberto's Pizza Hosts S.A.C.C. and FC Monmouth
Pod Special!!  We are Down the Shore in the GREAT state of New Jersey with our friends at Umberto’s Pizza in Fair Haven.  We spoke to Tony from Umberto’s, the local semi-pro soccer team FC Monmouth's owners Jacco de Bruijn and Mattia Buffolino, and Anthony DeNicola from the Student Athlete Coach and Consulting group.
April 6, 2018
04/04/18- WK 30 and Champions League
The guys review Juve’s disastrous defeat to Real Madrid. Cagliari, Crotone, Verona and Udinese all get in the holiday spirit and put up Easter eggs in their games. Juve’s decisive win over Milan and Napoli’s draw bring out all the hot takes of Napoli’s season being “over”, including a little revisionist history from Sarri. Roma keep the Champion’s league race interesting with a disappointing draw to team meat sauce, while Inter and OTFR ride their megastar strikers to beat downs of Verona and Benevento. Fiorentina extend their fantastic and inspiring run to 6 straight wins since losing their captain.
April 4, 2018
03/20/18- Wk 29 Roundup and European Draws
Juventus drops points at SPAL, that’s right, your ears aren’t playing tricks on you. The Partenopei are BACK in the GAME with a goal from an unlikely hero, Roma continue their good form and OTFR their minor slump. Icardi reminds everyone that he is one of the worlds best and Silva is Milan’s hero for the second week running. At the bottom of the table, Benevento start to make their peace, with a DEVASTATING last minute loss to Chris’s favorite, and now perfected, word on the podcast- Cagliari. Also, we preview the Spain v Italy battle royale that is the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!
March 21, 2018
03/15/18- Special Interview with Keith Tabatznik
CurvAmerica stumbled into Keith Tabatznik, Director of Soccer for McLean Youth Soccer and former Georgetown University men's soccer head coach. When he told us about his trip to Italy, where he observed Inter, Atlanta, and Venezia FC's youth academies, we were foaming at the mouth to learn more about his experience. We chatted about how the US Youth soccer system measures up to that of Italian clubs and the overall health of Youth Soccer in the States- because this is a world game, and growth in the US inevitably spills into more potential Serie A fans!
March 15, 2018
03/13/18 - Serie A Roundup Wk 28
The Serie A remembers and commemorates Davide Astori with his former team honoring him with a victory.  We have a new team clear at the top of the table as Paolo “Nightwing” Dybala awakes from his slumber like a volcano.  Napoli and Inter play a goal-less draw that send their respective coaches into (not-so) "hot take" territory.  Roma open up the salon to Torino in the second half for the Miami Beach waxing special.  OTFR’s Ciro definitely plays the role of hero with a goal of the season contender.  Milan show their grinta and rebound from their Europa League nightmare.  Hellas take the second Verona derby and, finally, Crotone put the cherry on Chris’ weekend with a 4-1 stomping of Sampdoria.
March 14, 2018
3/7/18 - Serie A Wk 27 Davide Astori Tribute
A difficult podcast to do after the loss of Fiorentina's captain, Davide Astori.  We hesitated in recording but decided to honor Fiorentina and their captain by reaching out to some Viola faithful: Tito from SB Nation's Viola Nation and Chloe Beresford, a Serie A writer in the UK.  We briefly mention the games in Serie A, Champions League, and Europa this week. 
March 7, 2018
2/27/18- Serie A Wk 26 Roundup
Napoli continue their ascension to Wu-Tang Clan status- they aint nothing to f- with. Juventus buy off the Pope in order to get their game snowed out amidst an injury crisis. Roma give Rino Gattuso his first signature league win (OTFR wins don’t count). Inter give visiting Benevento a ticker tape parade back to the train station for being trash. OTFR beat the breaks off Sassuolo in another edition of Serie A Thunderdome (22 men enter - 20 men leave). Hellas raises a few danger zone eyebrows beating Torino. SPAL win a thriller that sends Chris Ross into the bottom of a bottle and picking a fight with his own reflection.
February 28, 2018
2/20/18- Serie A Wk 25 and European Cups
The Two horse race continues with Napoli and Juve squeaking out victories - but Juve wins the weekend with their Netflix special. Roma do some leap-frogging and take sole possession of 3rd, while OTFR leaves a struggling Inter in their dust for 4th. In Milan (AC) - hope springs eternal with a needed victory over Sampdoria...enjoy it until the creditors come Milanisti. Atalanta and Fiorentina settle for a 1-1 draw.... Bologna win the Emilia-Reggiana Derby over Sassuolo with a last minute goal from Pulgar. Meanwhile, the relegation battles RAGE with Benevento making what will be a class run to remain in the Serie A by defeating last year’s Cinderella - Crotone. That and so much more podcast paisani!!
February 21, 2018
2/13/18 - Wk 24 Serie A Roundup
A week where the Serie A saw the nobodys and the ”about to be somebodys” score the goals.  OTFR learn that Napoli play a brand of soccer that they can’t compete with.  Juve dispatch Fiorentina but can’t decide what is more important to their team...Fatboy G Higuain or VAR.  Inter take a cheat day on drawing matches and feast on Bologna, or "Team Meat Sauce."  Roma have never been happier to see Benevento come to town.  Sampdoria keep pace within striking distance of the Champion’s League by downing Fair Verona.  Gattuso has Milan thinking about shopping for promise rings.  And Coach Dustin Baldwin remains unbeaten with Torino and jumps Udinese as the hottest midtable team.
February 14, 2018
2/5/18- Serie A Week 23 Roundup
In a shocker Napoli wins the Derby della We Are Just Happy To Be Here, but ADL decides he needs more drama in his life and goes HAM on Juve. Speaking of the old lady, Juve show Sassuolo they can give them the mani, pedi and waxing with half their team injured. Inter take another swirl around the toilet bowl and continue to flush their season while Spalletti picks a fight he wishes he didn’t. Roma win and OTFR lose...thank God….that is all. And while you are here, stick around and learn something about mid and bottom table teams that won, drew or lost!
February 7, 2018
1/30/18 - Wk 22 Serie A Roundup
The State of the Union of the Serie A shows that Napoli and Juventus are YUUUGE and, like really good.  Roma and Inter fans probably want to build a wall between them and their coach and have their owners pay for it.  Lega Serie A are repeatedly saying “No Collusion” between them and VAR against OTFR, Chievo, and Crotone.  Hellas Verona show Fiorentina that their striking button is bigger.  And finally, it seems like all the transfer rumors we have heard up to this point - are fake news!
January 31, 2018
1/23/18 - Wk 21 Roundup
Italian Serie A's Winter Break is OVER!  Napoli and Juventus each take three points and pull away for the Scudetto, while Inter, OTFR and Roma start the game of musical chairs for the remaining two Champion’s League spots.  Roma and Inter play to a disappointing draw despite Alisson’s super human effort.  OTFR join Inter, Sampdoria and Juventus as teams that don’t mind kicking the walker out from under Chievo.  Sampdoria’s Quags Quagliarella turns in a Nick Foles performance against La Viola dressed in Red.  A Bromance is budding in Milan after a 2-1 victory over Cagliari.  Crotone thrash Verona to help save Chris’ weekend and Team Meat Sauce’s destruction of Benevento make Marco “the mayor of the downstairs restrooms in the Bologna train station” Ciarla able to cope with the US Government shutdown.
January 24, 2018
1/15/18 - Podcast Special: Declan Varley and Masal Bugduv
Transfer Market Podcast SPECIAL! Declan Varley is a journalist and Editor from Galway, Ireland, most known for his social experiment, Masal Bugduv. Bugduv is an alleged European soccer star from Moldova that became famous from 2009 transfer market rumors. Bugduv has inspired news articles, university journals, and case studies. The transfer market rumors continue...suggesting we might see Bugduv involved with Serie A in the near future!
January 16, 2018
1/8/2018- Wk 20 Roundup and Interview with Sempre Bologna’s Fredrik Bakke
Just over halfway through the season Napoli and Juventus show strong signs of pulling away from the top 4 for a 2 horse scudetto race.  Inter drops points to the Purple Rain Fiorentina and Roma look lost in a home loss to Atalanta.  Ciro the Hero goes full Cobra Kai Never Die on SPAL with 4 goals.  Udinese cool off by drawing the old men of Chievo.  Milan get a desperate 3 points against the Mighty Croutons and Benevento find a perspective team hero in a shocker that nearly completes Sampdoria blowing their big lead for a European position. Also, Marco sits down with Sempre Bologna blog Fredrik Bakke to discuss the Torino loss and transfer market.
January 10, 2018
1/2/18 - Wk 19 Roundup
Week 19!  Napoli and Juventus take 3 points from some Serie A catfish, while Inter and Roma draw and slip, slip, slip-a-delphia further from the top 2.  Milan throws in a last minute submittal for “Ugliest Draw of The Year” against Fiorentina.  Udinese stay hot and show the Serie A that for the last 5 weeks a Zebra can change its stripes.  Sampdoria rip SPAL for 3 points and keep the feces out of the bed for the last match of 2017.  And, finally, Benevento show they are not above beating up old man Chievo to get their first win in Serie A history and have a story to tell everyone in Serie B next season.
January 3, 2018
12/27/17 - Wk 18 Roundup - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!
Happy Festivus! And Happy holidays to all those too old for Seinfeld. Week 18 was filled with the Airing of Grievances - mostly from Inter and Roma.  Napoli and Juve might be pulling away in the table as if eight tiny reindeer are guiding their sleigh. OTFR give Crotone four lumps of coal while Atalanta make it thoroughly clear that Milan is on the naughty list and will not receive anything nice for Christmas this year.  Udinese see their new mister Massimo Oddo as a real life Babbo Natale who keeps bringing gifts.  Marco’s Bologna enjoy a meat sauce filled Christmas dinner for beating Chievo, while the Cagliari and Hellas both sing Silent Night with no goals.  All the Wk 18 action coming your way!!
December 28, 2017
12/19/2017- Wk 17 Roundup- Udinese take down the mighty Serpents!
‘Inter Bells’ brings no Season’s Greetings to the league leaders as Inter get their first lost at the hands of a hot Udinese. Napoli kick it old school October 2017 and hang 3 on Torino. Juventus put their superstar Dybala on the pine and whoop up on Team Meat Sauce. Roma punish any home fans who left the game early. CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED IN MILAN! The glass slipper is getting chipped in Sampdoria by the Serie A Baseball hats. OTFR cry foul in a barburner against Atalanta and, finally, SPAL take their turn riding the witches broom and jump out of the danger zone for the first time this season.
December 21, 2017
12/15/17 - Podcast Special: Coffee & Football Podcast's Sebastian Alvarado
CurvAmerica is joined by a fellow podcaster - Coffee & Football's Sebastian Alvarado!  He originally hails from Gothenberg, Sweden, but has been a New Yorker since 2003.  His podcast takes a long-form interview approach with interesting & influential profiles involved in the soccer world, discussing their lives and career journeys.  Serie A fans, check out his interviews with Venezia FC Owner Joe Tacopina and Italian-American and US Soccer Federation Presidential candidate Kyle Martino.  Both interviews talk about the Serie A - but beyond the league we all love - there are some truly incredible interviews.  We talk about his podcast experience, playing career, and World Cup 2018.
December 15, 2017
12/13/17 - Wk 16 Serie A Roundup
The Top of the Table forgets how to play soccer this week and drop a combined 13 points.  The Derby d’Italia results in a disappointing 0-0 draw and Tim Kraus from Serpents of Madonnina joins us to give his reaction.  Roma take that Derby result and play a double goose egg draw of their own.  Napoli say “hold my prosecco” and play yet another goal-less draw to round out the Top 4.  Sampdoria continue to slide against Cagliari.  Gattuso gets his first 3 points as Milan’s skipper and OTFR are all kinds of emotional after their 4th disappointing weekend in a row.
December 13, 2017
12/5/17 - Wk 15 Serie A Roundup
Week 15! The Witches' spell has been broken and Benevento now have a Serie A point thanks to the most improbable equalizer of the season. Milan keep finding gasoline to throw on the dumpster fire. Inter carpet bomb Chievo and take over the top of the table. Juventus, however, show Napoli that the road to the Scudetto still goes through them. Roma uses its bench to help blast 10 man SPAL. OTFR show Sampdoria that they are happy being the wicked step-mother. Fiorentina and Udinese win big and OTFGenoa - "The Garden State" - try and show everyone they are worthy of 17th with a 1-0 win and a signing near and dear to the podcasts heart - welcome back Giuseppe Rossi!
December 6, 2017
11/28/17- Serie A Wk 14 Roundup
European play is causing us to see some strange lineups in the Serie A. Napoli follow up a crucial Champions League win with an ugly one against the little Zebras, Icardi shows the rest of the top teams what it looks like to be European competition-free, Juve wax out the Croutons, Roma pulls a Roma, OTFR drop points, and Benevento continue on their quest for a point.
November 30, 2017
11/21/17- Serie A Week 13 Round Up and What Happened with the Azzurri?
Happy National "Phone it in to work" week CurvAmericans aka Happy Thanksgiving! The guys break down what happened with the Azzurri. Napoli, Roma and Inter Gobble Gobble up 3 points and can reward themselves with shameless Turkey day calories. Sampdoria punishes Juventus for putting up their Christmas decorations before the 3rd Thursday of November. Spal v Fiorentina and Torino v Chievo end in groups of people finding common ground and being thankful for 1 point. Udinese becomes “that guy” and fires someone just before the holiday season. Finally, Benevento have foreign invaders come to their land, tease them with the promise of success and prosperity, only to be have their lands stolen and their people given smallpox blankets.
November 22, 2017
11/11/17- Special Pod: Raffaele Rispo of Sempre! SSC Napoli Podcast
In a special podcast episode, Tad interviews Raffaele Rispo (@raffanapoli83) of Sempre! The SSC Napoli Podcast cast on all things Ant Army.  Tad and Raffa discuss the National team debacle, current legends of the team, Sarri's "rotation" and Napoli's injury fears.  Tad and Raffa also​ take a walk through time from last year to now and discuss how Napoli went from a Champion's league contender to Scudetto favorite.
November 13, 2017
11/7/17- Serie A Week 12- The Race for 17th!
Another coach fired after the weekend and that coach is still not named Montella. Napoli have another goaless draw after a Man City defeat. Inter drop points at home to Torino. Juventus has a halloween hangover and narrowly escape the Witches of Benevento. Roma hang 4 goals on Fiorentina, none of those goals coming from Dzeko. Unsurprisingly, Samp crush OTFGenoa in the Derby Della Laterna. AC Milan thank the heavens for getting to play Sassuolo. And Crotone give Chris some big bragging rights over Marco’s Bologna.
November 8, 2017
11/5/17-Pod Special: Steve Ceruti, ESPN Russillo Show
CurvAmerica sits down with podcast paisano and fellow Romanista Steve Ceruti. Steve is an Associate Producer on ESPN's The Ryen Russillo Show. He talks about how he decided to follow Roma as his club and its current run in Champions League and Serie A. He also discusses life at ESPN as a soccer fan. Finally, we commiserate on not having the USMNT in the 2018 World Cup while still holding out hope for Italy as a rooting interest.
November 6, 2017
10/31/17- Serie A Week 11- Halloween
Juventus go into the San Siro and leave like the Prom scene in Carrie. Napoli rise from the dead and eat Sassuolo’s brains.  OTFR are the Hanzel and Gretel to the witches of Benevento.  Sampdoria welcome their elders of Chievo to the Village of the Damned.  Roma let Bologna know, “they are going to need a bigger boat”.   Crotone dress up like their dead mother and take out all the Viola at the Bates motel.  Genoa have no Van Helsing for when they look into Dracula’s eyes at Spal.  And Atalanta ring Udinese’s doorbell for candy but the Little Zebra’s tell them to get off their lawn!
November 1, 2017
10/30/17- Pod Special: Serie A TV Rights Discussion with Calcio e Finanza
CurvAmerica sits down with Calcio e Finanza and Milan Club Montreal's Marcelo Furgiuele to discuss IMG's acquisition of Serie A's international TV rights. We've all been there CurvAmericans - excited to see the Serie A Game of the Week, only to find it unavailable or banished to an internet channel. We talk about how IMG's acquisition could be a game-changer for growing interest in Italy's league here in the North American markets.
October 31, 2017
10/24/17- Serie A Week 9- The Thunderdome
Somebody call Tina Turner and Mel Gibson because week 9 was Serie A Thunderdome! This week sees 9 shutouts with 6 players sent off. Don’t think that slowed down the action because we also counted 28 goals. Napoli drop points for the first time this season in a goaless draw to Inter. Juventus bounce back with a 6-2 culo blast of Udinese. Roma squeak out 3 points with another Golarov free kick. Wild action in the return of the derby del Shakespeare, Montella finds his team in the bottom half of the table and maybe himself in the unemployment line, and Atalanta make a claim from 13th place for “best of the rest”. Finally, OTFR Ultras continue to bring shame on themselves and the Serie A.
October 26, 2017
10/17/2017- Serie A 17/18- Week 8
This week the Serie A the saw the best play the best and the rest play the rest.  Ciro Immobile leads OTFR and the rest of the 80s high school villains in a wild victory in Turin;  Napoli ruin CurvAmerica’s weekend at the Olimpico and start digging a very shallow trench at the top of the table;  Icardi bailas como El Messi with a hat trick in a victory performance at the derby della madonnina;  Some other teams played some soccer; and Benevento v Hellas Verona rivals Indianapolis vs Tennessee as the worst Monday night showdown on planet Earth.
October 18, 2017
10/3/17- Serie A 17/18- Week 7
CurvAmerica watches the games on the road in Philly this week at our first live show.  Napoli have another practice game that counts as 3 points on the table; Juventus drop their first points of the season but Fatboy G looks like he might be starting to heat up;  Inter take Benevento’s best punch so far but keep on rolling;  Roma stay hot in the San Siro; OTFR wax out Sassuolo but remind everyone why the world hates their Ultras; Udinese get the cheapest 3 points so far this season but will DEFINITELY take it;  and Crotone continue their march to 17th place!
October 4, 2017
10/01/17- CurvAmerica goes to Philly
CurvAmerica takes a trip to Gran Caffe L'Aquila to watch AC Milan v Roma with Roma Club Philadelphia and Milan Club Philly. The guys interview club leaders and get the inside scoop on the Philadephia Serie A scene while enjoying espressos and Cornetti con nutella.
October 3, 2017
09/26/17- Serie A 17/18- Week 6
Napoli and Juventus remain on top in the league - with Dybala and Mertens getting hot. Roma gets a brace from il Pharaone out of nowhere, while up in Milan: Inter tries something new with Spalletti at the helm, and AC Milan craps the bed against Sampdoria. OTFR and Fiorentina continues to rely on their main men in Immobile and Federico Chiesa, and a DANGER ZONE Battle between Crotone and Benevento in the Game of the W-E-A-K.
September 27, 2017
09/20/17- Serie A 17/18- Week 4
36 goals this week in the Serie A, topping all other leagues by a long shot, including 3 players with hat tricks.  Another cannon ball in the kiddy pool performance by Dybala; Napoli settle the argument that there is only one team in Campania that matters; Roma finally get a statement win and their star striker moving; Milan teams cruise past bottom table competition;  Immobile Yosemite Sam’s his way all week from Holland to the Olimpico; and Borriello introduces his ex to his new squeeze and points out that she is hotter.
September 20, 2017
09/12/17- Serie A 17/18- Week 3
Not a draw to be found in Serie A week 3.  Dybala’s cameo pushes Juve past the “can jump kinda high” Donkeys;  Napoli’s Ant Army goes to a picnic and walks away with a Bologna sandwich;  OTFR has Milan owners canceling checks;  Inter stay perfect with another Icardi goal; Fiorentina ask Verona “where for art thou defense?”;  and Torino let Benevento fans know what to expect in what is sure to be an unmagical season for the Wizards.
September 13, 2017
09/05/17- Special Interview with Mike Piazza
Chris and Tad interview AC Reggiana 1919 owner and Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Mike Piazza, in this pod special. Mike gets honest and candid about his experiences owning a team in the Italian 3rd division trying to climb the ladder. He discusses his team goals, philosophy as an owner, and love of the people of Reggiana.
September 6, 2017
09/01/17- Transfer Window Wrap-up with Doug Dean
CurvAmerica sits down in a Skype interview with Roma Replay's play-by-play commentator and Serie A enthusiast, Doug Dean. Doug gives his expert insight on the drama that unfolded in the transfer window and offers up some early season predictions. Also included in the interview is discussions about Champions League, Europa League, and the Italian national team ahead of the Spain World Cup Qualifier match.
September 2, 2017
08/28/17- Serie A 17/18- Week 2
Juventus come from behind to avenge last year’s loss to Genoa as Paolo Dybala let’s the world know that Ballon D’ors are in his future.  Napoli and Inter turn it on late to keep pace at the top of the table.  Roma get their big signing.  Suso keeps Montella’s men perfect after 2 matches.  Belotti's wondergoal sends half of European team owners to the cash machine.  Fiorentina put up a craigslist ad for a new coach but are still just “asking for a friend”.  Crotone v Verona puts us to sleep. SPAL get their first Serie A victory in 49 years.
August 30, 2017
08/22/17- Serie A 17/18 Season Week 1
This week CurvAmerica dives into all the action that unfolded in the opening weekend of the new Serie A season. Dybala starts his number 10 era while Roma begins their era without a number 10, both Milan teams start their season living up to the hype, Quags goes off for Sampdoria, OTFR waste week 1 staring into the reflection of their super cup trophy, and all the drama swirling around VAR.
August 23, 2017
08/17/17- Serie 17/18 Season Preview
This week CurvAmerica breaks down all 20 teams’ summer transfer moves and previews the 2017/2018 season. The guys give the kind of insight on the whole table, the way only three guys who have spent the entire summer posing as Serie A club house caretakers could.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
August 18, 2017
08/13/17- Special Interview with Marco Palmieri
CurvAmerica welcomes BEIN Sports live commentator Marco Palmieri in this special podcast interview.  Marco provides insight on the race for the 2017/18 Scudetto, the Champion's League, the newly promoted teams, his experience as a first generation Italian-Australian soccer commentator broadcasted in the US, and his preference for wingman amongst infamous Italian footballers.
August 15, 2017
08/06/17- Special Interview with Stefano Bernardini
Marco interviews Stefano Bernardini, a transfer market and calcio financial guru who is a coordinator for (EN), (EN) and Stefano discusses financial fair play (FFP), the Neymar deal, Dybala to Barcelona rumors, Juventus's smart finances, Milan's big money moves, Inter's FFP crackdown, Napoli's transfer market strategy, Atalanta's plan for the future, Mahrez to Roma, and Stadio della Roma.
August 8, 2017
08/03/17- Special Interview with Roma Keeper, Alisson, and Transfer Market Update
CurvAmerica sits down with Roma and Brazilian national team goalkeeper, Alisson Becker, and talks about the upcoming Serie A and Champions League seasons. Plus- who is the best Fifa player on Roma? Also Chris, Marco and Tad break down the latest developments in this summer's crazy transfer window. The guys discuss Mahrez to Roma, Milan's pursuit of a big striker, Cassano's antics, Serie A giants going after Keita Balde, and Alex Sandro's future with Juventus.
August 3, 2017
07/18/2017- Serie A Mid-Summer Transfer Market
Transfer Season! The guys break down the first half of the 2017 Serie A Summer transfer market - which has been one of the most entertaining ones in recent years. Big moves between Juventus, Milan, Inter, Napoli, and Roma, but we've got the whole league covered. PLUS - big news on the ICC! CurvAmerica will be at two games in the next two weeks. Be sure to find us and say hello!
July 19, 2017
06/14/2017- Serie A 2016-2017 Season Review
The guys complete a full season of the Italian Serie A by reviewing each of the teams and their seasons. Ahh, the memories!! Higuaín's departure from Napoli to Juve, Buffon sustaining the rage, an emotional farewell to Totti, Atalanta's Cinderella run, Crotone shocking the world on the final day, and so much more!!
June 16, 2017
6/8/2017- Chiesa Di Totti's Bren Interview
Pod Special! Tad interviews Bren of Chiesa Di Totti in a very Roma heavy special episode.  While Bren insists he is better w/ the pen than the voice, he gives CurvAmericans great insight into Mohammed Salah rumors, Spalletti v Eusebio Di Francesco (Sassuolo), and, of course, a lot of Francesco Totti.  ​
June 9, 2017
05/30/2017 - Serie A Week 38 and Champions League Final
The guys break down an emotional final week in the Serie A season as Romanisti around the world say goodbye to club icon, Francesco Totti in his final game. The Champions League Final featuring Juventus is also covered along with the rest of the Serie A action - including Crotone's miracle - staying up in Serie A!!
June 1, 2017
05/22/2017- Serie A Week 37
The guys go H.A.M. on the penultimate week of the season, breaking down Juve's 6th scudetto title, Roma v Napoli's down-to-the wire performances for second, Crotone v Empoli fight for Serie A survival, and the odds of a Milan revival following their qualification to Europa League. Tad also discovers he might be a redneck from Sassuolo, Marco has more travel woes, and Chris continues to try and keep the pod in line.
May 25, 2017
05/15/2017- Serie A Week 36 and Coppa Italia
Tad is back and tells a bunch of boring stories from #romaweddingderby. The guys discuss Roma's must win and the fallout of the Totti v Spalletti drama , Atalanta's entry to European competition, the Inter collapse and pray for a Crotone miracle. Plus predictions for the upcoming Coppa Italia match between OTFR and Juve.
May 18, 2017
05/08/2017- Serie A Week 35 and Champions League
The guys break down Week 35 in the Serie A: the Torino Derby, OTFR scoring a touchdown on Sampdoria, both Milan clubs stumble, and big wins for Roma, Napoli, and even Crotone! Special thanks to Sam for filling in!!
May 10, 2017
05/03/2017 - Serie A Week 34 Podcast Special: Richard Whittle and Marco Palmieri of BeiN
#RomaWeddingDerby continues for some - but fear not! We have a podcast special where we interview Serie A commentator and catch phrase maker - the legend himself - Richard Whittle! Richard and co-commentator, Marco Palmieri, graciously gave us some time at the Stadio Olimpico to discuss the Roma v. OTFR game, Serie A, and wedding advice. We hope you enjoy the "paceeee" of the interview!
May 3, 2017
04/26/2017- Serie A Week 33 and Champions League
Marco and Chris review Serie A Week 33 and Juve's Champions League Results while Tad starts off #romaweddingderby week in Italy! Big wins for Juve, Roma, Fiorentina, Crotone, and...EMPOLI? The end of the season is going to have multiple races throughout the table!
April 26, 2017
04/18/2017- Serie A Week 32 and Champions League
M-Dog, Christof, and Tadwick (Easter nicknames) are all together for the last podcast before #RomaWeddingDerby. The guys discuss the Derby della Madonnina, Juventus' massive Champions League result, Roma's end of their Scudetto challenge, and the rowdy games of the East weekend.
April 20, 2017
04/10/2017- Serie A Week 31 and Champions League
CurvAmerica are finally reunited in this week's episode where they break down all of the Serie A Week 31 action. The guys discuss Juventus' Champions League game against Barcelona, victories from Roma and Napoli, and a historic win for mighty Crotone over Inter Milan!
April 13, 2017
04/10/2017- Interview #2 with Matt Arrington of ATD
Marco sits down with Matt Arrington of Arrington Training and Development and discusses Matt's recent trip to Italy, where he spent a week shadowing Coach Roberto Breda of Serie B outfit Virtus Entella. Matt talks about the day-to-day life of a Serie B head coach and team, training for a two game week, watching an away and home match in small Serie B towns, and Italian youth development. Plus, Matt breaks down his experience going to the Sampdoria v Pescara Serie A match and gives his late season predictions.
April 10, 2017
04/04/2017- Serie A Week 30 Roundup and Coppa Italia
Chris and Tad are forced to go it alone with Marco stuck on the MARC train. The guys discuss another new American owner in Italian soccer, the Juventus v Napoli draw, Roma's midweek heartbreak in the Coppa Italia, whether or not Montella and Pioli should return to the hot seat and plans for CurvAmerica-Palooza at the ICC in Boston.
April 6, 2017
03/20/2017- Serie A Week 29 Roundup and Champions/Europa League
The guys break down Italy's Serie A Week 29 action, the Champions League quarterfinal drawings, and Roma's disappointing exit in the Europa League. Plus, who is this new Palermo President? Check out all the action on this week's podcast!
March 22, 2017
03/13/2017- Serie A Week 28 Roundup and Champions/Europa League Preview
Chris, Marco, and Tad discuss the controversial Juve-Milan GOTW, Spalletti's future at Roma, Inter's spanking of Atlanta, the new stadium project at Fiorentina and the entrance of another eccentric owner at Palermo. The guys also hand out week 28 awards and look ahead to Roma and Juve in European competitions.
March 15, 2017
03/06/2017- Serie A Week 27 Review and Champions/Europa League Preview
Juventus end their 10 game win streak with a draw to Udinese, Roma has a nightmare week losing 2 derbies, Bellotti scores a hat trick in 7 minutes, Immobile has a huge week capped with a brace against Bologna, Inter bounces back big, and Allegri rumors continue to swirl. Plus, the guys make predictions for the upcoming week 28 and Champions/Europa League games.
March 8, 2017
03/01/2017 - Serie A Week 26, Coppa Italia, and Champs/Europa League Review
Chris and Tad miss Marco while he is on his work trip, but welcome Chiesa Di Totti's Sam Eastwood as a guest panelist. The guys discuss Zamparini's exit, Ranieri's controversial firing, GOTW Roma vs Inter and the "approval" of the Stadio dell Roma.
March 2, 2017
02/20/2017- Serie A Week 25 Roundup and Champions/Europa League Review
Chris and Tad watch Marco take 2 shots of olive oil while the guys discuss Spalletti's desire to have Totti for another season, the debut goals of Deulofeu and Gabigol, Zeman's triumphant return to the bottom of the Serie A, and whether there is trouble in paradise for Juventus. Also, a recap of last weeks European games, a preview of this coming week's European games, the weekly awards and a happy birthday to the divine ponytail.
February 22, 2017
02/13/2017- Serie A Week 24 Review and Champions/Europa League Preview
Chris, Marco and Tad come at you with a molto sexy and romantico Valentine's day episode. The guys discuss the Serie A's ranking in the world's most entertaining leagues, the continued dominance of Juventus and the rumors surrounding their coach, the chances of the Italian teams in the upcoming European matches, and who holds sway over Serie A: Higuain, Dzeko or Belotti.
February 15, 2017
02/07/2017- Serie A Week 23 Roundup and Coppa Italia Recap
Chris leads the charge while Tad and Marco try and shake off Tad's bachelor party. Thankfully, this week the Serie A gave the pod plenty of material with Napoli dominating, Roma's record breaking home win, Juve's Derby D'Italia win and Marco Parolo's 4 goal banger.
February 9, 2017
01/30/2017- Serie A Week 22 Roundup and Coppa Italia Recap
Chris, Marco and Tad welcome Deulafeo to the Serie A with a new nickname, discuss the shocking upsets in the week 22 games, rate the #TruthOrTrash of the last day of the transfer window and reveal, in solidarity with those affected by the travel ban, that Chris is now the sexiest of all lawyers, an immigration lawyer. Also, the guys hand out their weekly awards and predict the big games of week 23.
February 1, 2017
01/23/2017- Serie A Week 21 Roundup and Coppa Italia Recap
Chris, Marco and Tad bring you the latest Serie A news fresh off the inauguration and the Women's March in DC. The guys discuss Juventus' new logo and formation, the Pjanic/ Sanchez swap, Roma's tough home victory, Napoli's continued beautiful play, Inter's 8th consecutive win and Chris and Tad struggle with some pronunciations with the ever judgmental phonetics expert Marco correcting all the way. Also, CurvAmerica reviews mid week Coppa Italia games, hands out week 21 awards and makes some bold predictions for week 22.
January 25, 2017
01/16/2017- Week 20 Roundup and Coppa Italia Recap
Chris, Marco and Tad cheers MLK day with a shot of olive oil. Well, Marco does anyway...The boys discuss Juventus' 4th loss of the season, Totti's appearance in another Roma win, the Chinese Super League's influence in the transfer market and make an exciting announcement about a new collaboration with The episode also includes a recap of last week's Coppa Italia games, week 20 awards and predictions for week 21.
January 18, 2017
01/09/2017- Serie A Week 19 Roundup
Chris, Marco and Tad are back for the opening episode of 2017 with some of the hottest topics in the Serie A! The guys go deeper into the transfer window after the Jan. 3 opening, Higuain's "abs", Roma's win over Genoa on a crappy field, and give out a whole bunch of new nicknames.
January 11, 2017
12/26/2016- Week 18 Roundup
Chris, Marco and Tad get merry with a little extra coverage for a very happy holiday episode. The guys discuss the shocking Supercoppa Italiana result, Roma's midseason ending win, Inter's waxing of OTFR, and "Feel The Bern" Bernadeschi's game against OTFR.
December 29, 2016
12/19/2016- Week 17 Roundup
Chris, Marco and Tad discuss the Juventus vs. Roma GOTW, Dres' incredible week, HDCT's second hot streak, the beginning of Palermo's comeback, the upcoming SuperCoppa Italiana, and if Tad would let Marco or Chris date his daughter. The guys also hand out weekly awards and look forward to the last week of the first half of the 2016/17 season.
December 21, 2016
12/12/2016- Week 16 Roundup and Champions/ Europa League Review
Chris, Marco, and Tad, fresh off a Roma Club viewing party for Roma v. Milan start #RomaDerbyWedding, lament a failed James Horncastle interview, discuss the return of Fatboy G in the Derby Della Mole and marvel at the unstoppable force that is Mertens/Hamsik. Also, the guys give out weekly awards and make their predictions for week 17.
December 14, 2016
12/5/ 2016- Week 15 Roundup and Champions/ Europa League Preview
​Chris, Marco, and Tad unbiasedly cover GOTW Derby della Capitale and the fallout of Senad Lulic’s post game comments, the reaffirmation of Juve’s dominance and the pinnacle of Italian soccer that was Chievo vs Genoa. Also, the guys hand out their weekly awards, respond to listener questions and make their predictions for next week.​
December 8, 2016
11/28/2016- Week 14 Roundup and Champions/ Europa League Review
Tad, Chris, and Marco break down games from a high-scoring week 14, review Serie A highs and lows in Champions & Europa League matches, and preview a "playoff like" like December. Also, CurvAmerica welcomes American Josh Perez to the Serie A as he makes his debut for Fiorentina against Inter Milan.
December 1, 2016
11/27/2016- Interview with SoccerSkyBox Founder Emile Karam
Tad sits down with Emile Karam, founder of SoccerSkyBox, America's one-stop-shop internet platform that is changing the way players and parents can personalize their youth soccer experience. Emile discusses the need for a modernized system that optimizes youth soccer participation while minimizing the headaches from tedious registration, summer camp searches, and team money management. Tad reflects on how this may benefit his future "soccer-dad" self and slowly begins the process of converting Emile into a Roma fan.
November 29, 2016
11/21/2016- Week 13 Roundup and Champions/Europa League Preview
Chris, Marco, and Tad discuss Thanksgiving in Italy, Atalanta's statement win, Berlusconi's antics, and the Derby della Madonnina. Plus- Champions/ Europa League Preview.
November 24, 2016
11/13/2016- Interview with Aaron West of FoxSports
Marco talks to Aaron West, European soccer writer for, in CurvAmerica's first coast-to-coast Skype interview. Aaron provides perspective on what it's like to wake up every morning to the dream job and insight into the state of the Serie A.
November 17, 2016
11/7/2016- Week 12 Roundup and Champions/Europa League Recap
Chris, Marco and Tad post a #MannequinChallenge featuring new podmate Pepper, discuss the rise of Atalanta and its young Italian stars, recap 2 GOTWs (spoiler: one is Pescara v Empoli) and continue to weigh in on the saga of Inter. Plus, weekly awards and questions from listeners. Check out Chievo v Juventus (14:24), Roma v Bologna (19:15), Palermo v Milan (23:20), Napoli vs Lazio (27:15), Sassuolo v Atalanta (33:50), Torino v Cagliari (38:30), Fiorentina v Sampdoria (42:28), Inter v Crotone (46:20), Genoa v Udinese (52:24), and Pescara v Empoli (54:20). Also, a quick breakdown of the week’s Champions/Europa League matches (12:45).
November 10, 2016
10/31/2016- Week 10&11 Roundup and Champions/ Europa League Preview
Fresh off a wild Halloween weekend, Marco, Chris and Tad discuss the best costumes before breaking down an action packed week 10&11 in the Serie A. The guys discuss the first six teams: Juventus, Roma, AC Milan, Lazio, Napoli, Atalanta (17:12); the Middle of the Pack: Torino, Fiorentina, Cagliari, Genoa, Chievo, Inter, Udinese (39:20); and the bottom of the table: Sampdoria, Bologna , Sassuolo, Pescara, Empoli, Palermo, Crotone (55:20). Also, Champions/ Europa league preview for the upcoming week’s games (01:15:00).​
November 3, 2016
10/24/2016- Week 9 Roundup and Champions/Europa League Review
Chris and Marco recap week 9 of the Serie A while Tad coughs and sounds like Buffalo Bill in the Silence of the Lambs (A movie reference Marco doesn’t get). The guys discuss #Dzeko2016, the reversal of fortunes of the Milan teams, and Derby day in Genoa. Game breakdowns include: Milan v Juventus (09:25), Roma v Palermo (15:20), Crotone v Napoli (19:25), Torino v Lazio (21:30), Empoli v Chievo (24:50), Atalanta v Inter (27:50), Bologna v Sassuolo (33:03), Cagliari v Fiorentina (38:17), Sampdoria v Genoa (41:32), and Udinese v Pescara (46:30). Plus Champions/ Europa League review (06:25).
October 26, 2016
10/22/2016- Interview with Ex-Italian Calcio Pro Matt Arrington of ATD
Marco sits down with Matt Arrington, owner of Arrington Training and Development, a youth soccer development academy in the Washington D.C. metro area. Matt talks about growing up playing in the states, taking the plunge in the lower tiers of Italian Calcio and how his experiences have translated to how he coaches and runs his business. Also, Matt provides some insights on the state of US youth soccer development and makes his early season Serie A predictions.
October 24, 2016
10/17/2016- Week Eight Roundup and Champions/Europa League Preview
Tad, Marco, and Chris go to their first networking event, discuss Roma’s big win and try and make sense of “Chapter one” of the Mauro Icardi melodrama. Game breakdowns include: Udinese v Juventus (12:48), Napoli v Roma (19:13), Chievo v Milan (25:55), Torino v Palermo (31:00), Lazio v Bologna (36:00), Inter v Cagliari (41:00), Genoa v Empoli (54:04), Fiorentina v Atalanta (56:45), Pescara v Sampdoria (59:00), and Sassuolo v Crotone (01:00:00). Plus, a look ahead of the upcoming Champions/Europa League matches and week 9 predictions. (01:05:06).
October 19, 2016
10/3/2016- Week Seven Roundup and Champions/Europa League Review
Chris, Marco and Tad recap week 7's Serie A games, the previous week's group stages of the Champions/Europa league, what to do if you are going bald and how the visit from Tad's family may have ended his marriage before it started. The guys discuss the Champions/Europa League group stage games (08:59), Roma v Inter (12:34), Atalanta v Napoli (19:41), Empoli v Juventus (23:25), Milan v Sassuolo (27:25), Torino v Fiorentina (35:04), Udinese v Lazio (38:48), Bologna vs Genoa (43:39), Pescara v Chievo (47:57), Cagliari v Crotone (50:50), and Sampdoria v Palermo (53:29).
October 5, 2016
9/26/2016- Week Five&Six Roundup and Champions/Europa League Preview
Chris, Marco and Tad tackle 20 midweek and weekend fixtures for the first time, highlighting every Serie A team and their success (or lack thereof) so far. The guys discuss Inter's attacking prowess, what to expect from preseason darlings Sassuolo and Torino, and the bewilderment of Marco Polo at a pool party. Juventus (07:36), Crotone (11:42), Napoli (15:10), Empoli (19:14), Inter (24:05), Palermo (28:18), Roma (32:30), Pescara (38:12), Lazio (39:53), Sampdoria (43:25), Milan (46:47), Atalanta (49:03), Chievo (50:57), Udinese (54:14), Bologna (55:56), Cagliari (58:36), Sassuolo (01:02:01), Fiorentina (01:05:28), Torino (01:08:40), and Genoa (01:12:01). Champions/Europa League preview (01:15:11) also included.
September 28, 2016
9/19/2016- Week Four Roundup and Champions/Europa League Recap
Chris, Marco and Tad discuss the surprising Derby d'Italia result, Milik and Callejon's ascendency to boss status, Cagliari's weekend transition into Barcelona, and who speaks more Italian, Chris or Joe Hart? The guys review Sampdoria vs Milan (09:35), Napoli vs Bologna (16:25), Udinese vs Chievo (21:20), Inter vs Juventus (GOTW- 25:06), Cagliari vs Atalanta (36:45), Fiorentina vs Roma (43:10), Sassuolo vs Genoa (49:42), Lazio vs Pescara (53:36), Crotone vs Palermo (55:55), and Torino vs Empoli (59:52).
September 21, 2016
9/12/2016- Week Three Roundup and Champions/Europa League Preview
Chris, Marco, and Tad break down week 3 of the Serie A, wine colored cleats and celebrate Empoli's stunning victory over mighty Crotone. The guys discuss Palermo v Napoli (08:47), Juventus v Sassuolo (15:10), Pescara v Inter (22:17), Roma v Sampdoria (27:17), Atalanta v Torino (42:25), Chievo v Lazio (47:42), Milan v Udinese (53:19), Bologna v Cagliari (56:12), Empoli v Crotone (01:01:07), and postponed Genoa v Fiorentina (01:05:25). Plus, a preview of the week's upcoming Champions and Europa League match ups (01:05:25).
September 14, 2016
8/30/16- Week Two Roundup and Close of the Transfer Window
Chris, Marco and Tad break down the second week of the Serie A while Tad looks for Higuain in his NFL fantasy football draft. The guys discuss Lazio v Juventus (03:30), Napoli v Milan (13:35), Cagliari v Roma (19:25), Inter vs Palermo (27:30), Crotone v Genoa (34:12), Sassuolo v Pescara (38:18), Torino v Bologna (42:03), Fiorentina v Chievo (49:31), Sampdoria v Atalanta (52:10), and Udinese v Empoli(54:10). Plus all the buzz surrounding the close of the transfer window and more.
September 2, 2016
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