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Fat, Fierce AND...

Fat, Fierce AND...

By CurvesWithKicks
...a podcast all about navigating this beautiful complicated world living in a fat body. Guests will join host Carrie Beth (CurveswithKicks) throughout the series to cover various topics like traveling, sex, relationships, self-love, the plus size industry and fat-liberation. Listening to this series does come with a couple cautions: Episodes will feature discussions that could be triggering for some. Topics like sexual trauma, self-harm, suicide and eating disorders may be discussed. Explicit language may be used.
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Spotify size inclusivity?
On this episode, Carrie Beth shares about her journey in the apparel industry and how she ended up doing what she loves most - creating product for plus sizes! She also explores what size inclusivity looks like across the apparel market as a fat-bodied shopper. This is just an introduction to the topic. To read more about her take on the Size Inclusivity Buzz Word & What Fashion Brands Just Don't Get, check out her latest blog post on
May 20, 2021
...Saying F*ck It!
On this episode, hear about how saying "F*CK IT" led host, Carrie Beth, to take on a couple of bold experiences in her life that transformed her confidence and independence. Did you do your homework since last episode? Hopefully this episode inspires you to make that list and tackle those fears! You never know what incredible opportunities are ahead of you when you say "F*CK IT" and just dive in!
April 28, 2021
...Facing Fear
This episode is all about recognizing where existing in a fat-phobic society has impacted my life by means of feeling shame and fear while preventing myself from experiencing moments of joy. We will focus on how to reclaim that joy and confront those fears! 
April 4, 2021
An Introduction
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Welcome to Fat, Fierce AND... a podcast all about navigating through this crazy world in a fat body while finding joy, gratitude and savoring every moment just as you are. This episode you will get to know host, Carrie Beth (CurvesWithKicks), and her personal story and history with body image issues and why she has started this podcast series. Trigger Warning: Discussion of self-harm, suicide, dieting and eating disorders will be touched on this episode.
March 29, 2021