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Customer Insight Leader podcast

Customer Insight Leader podcast

By Paul Laughlin
Helping you through the morass of language & hype surrounding Data Science, Analytics & Customer Insight. Each episode is an interview with a leader who is really delivering value from data. (Our music is "Being Happy" from Purple Planet Music)
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Episode 43 - Avis Easteal (Luxasia)

Customer Insight Leader podcast

Episode 60 - Laura Rodgers (NatWest Group)
For episode 60 I am joined by Laura Rodgers who is Head of Performance Insights for NatWest Group, one of the major banks here in the UK. She has worked within Royal Bank of Scotland (which became part of NatWest Group) for over 16 years, holding management roles responsible for data & wide range of Business Intelligence and reporting services. She also describes herself as passionate about championing diversity and inclusion within the data and technology communities.  During our conversation, Laura shares her background and how a grounding in IT & Data Engineering set her up for success in later roles. We also explore how the work of a BI or Reporting team can be so much more interesting & motivating than you might realise. Along the way, Laura shares her tips for introverts, those lacking confidence & those at the start of their data careers. We also extend the conversations that we have had about diversity in previous podcast episodes. In this conversation, Laura shares what she has experienced that helped support and get the best out of Neuro Diverse members of her team. We learn about the importance of empathy, curiosity & treating every person as an individual. Not an easy job when you lead 170 people. Well worth other BI leaders hearing & considering for their teams.
September 16, 2022
Episode 59 - Maryam Ramezani-Bartsch (Sky)
In episode 59 I have the pleasure of being joined by Dr Maryam Ramezani-Bartsch from Munich. Maryam is currently the VP of Data at Sky and will soon be joining GoStudent (Europe’s most valuable EdTech company and one of the world’s leading online tutoring providers). Before that, Maryam has lead data & analytics teams within businesses as prestigious as WPP & Adidas. In this episode we hear her career story all the way from a childhood in Iran, through a PhD working in US & German research labs, to creating & growing successful data & analytics teams for leading businesses. Along the way you will hear Maryam's commitment to following her passion & lifelong learning. There are also tips for those early in their career as well as facing the challenge of data leadership roles. Lots to learn from a fascinating life story (so far).
September 01, 2022
Episode 58 - Olivia Gambelin (Ethical Associates)
For episode 58, I am in conversation with Olivia Gambelin, who joins us from Brussels. Olivia has the exciting job title of being an AI Ethicist and is the founder & CEO of Ethical Intelligence.  As you will hear in this episode she has a background across organisations including CAKE Corporation, Save the Children, Springer and being an Advisory Board member on several influencial AI & Ethics groups. We explore more of her journey from an MSc in Philosophy to such critical roles in today’s use of data & AI. Along the way we consider the benefits of a broad interest in technology, wide ranging conversations with your network and how we need much more than GDPR compliance. An emerging theme from our conversation (one that has stayed with me) is the benefit of being a polymath. At least the benefit of gathering people together to share knowledge across disciplines. Olivia paints a compelling picture of Data & AI Ethics as being a field where you can think & work broadly. A great opportunity for those with many interests or wanting to connect more with their values as well as apply their technical knowledge. I hope you find Olivia's openness and many stories as fascinating as I did.
July 26, 2022
Episode 57 - Charlie Ballard (Meta)
For episode 57, I'm in conversation with Charlie Ballard who is the Marketing Science Enablement Lead at Meta. He has been a lifelong technology and data evangelist and shares with us on the basis of his experience working in and with firms including General Motors, American Express, BT, Tripadvisor & now Meta. Our conversation is wide ranging and includes plenty of tips from Charlie's experience. He is one of my guests whose background was originally within market research and who has developed into data & analytics & marketing leadership roles. As well as exploring Charlie's career story we discuss a number of topics that will be relevant to all such leaders. Charlie shares advice on speaking both business & technical languages, silent starts to meetings, going bigger on your projects & considering new data sources. Well worth a listen and prioritising which ideas could work for you in your role. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I did.
June 01, 2022
Episode 56 - Aparna Bharadwaj (Boston Consulting Group)
In episode 56, I'm in conversation with Aparna Bharadwaj, an MD & Partner at BCG who is also their Global Leader of the Centre for Customer Insight. During her interview, you will have the opportunity to hear why she is passionate about customer insight & the difference it can make in businesses. Prior to her very successful career in BCG, Aparna learnt her marketing trade at Coca Cola & has an MBA from Harvard Uni. So, she has a great commercial grounding for her perspective on customer insight & what businesses really need. Together we explore the power of focussing on empathy, simplification & impact. Aparna brings to life how this helps researchers & analysts deliver insights that actually drive sustainable changes. We also follow up on Aparna's highly praised talk for International Women's Day by exploring the benefits of diversity & more global awareness for both customer insight leaders and analysts. Aparna is my second guest from Singapore (following Avis Easteal in episode 43). During our conversation, she really brings to life how greater cultural awareness & empathy for people can improve the quality of the insights produced. Enjoy!
May 17, 2022
Episode 55 - Rob McLaughlin (Loop Horizon)
For episode 55, I am joined by Rob McLaughlin the founder of the Loop Horizon agency. Rob is an experienced digital marketing professional and a proven leader in the field of data & analytics, with a track record of bringing customer data into the complex marketing and technology landscape.  Prior to founding Loop Horizon, Rob has led data & decisioning teams at Sky, Digitas, Barclays & Canon. So, he has plenty of real world experience to share with us in both leading data teams and applying data to deliver improved marketing or customer experience. Some of which we are going to try and mine during this conversation. We start by exploring Rob's career story & the lessons he has learnt about where he was best to specialise. We discuss the benefits of working within the business & being close to the action with regards to your ability to 'activate' data. During our chat we also touch on the power of creating your own data & when you might consider the move to consulting or even setting up you own agency. Plenty of nuggets of wisdom and some controversial opinions along the way - I hope you enjoy it & can't wait to hear your thoughts. Thanks again to Rob for his time.
April 29, 2022
Episode 54 - Peter Jones (Legal & General)
For episode 54 my guest is Peter Jones, who is Head of Data for Internal Audit at the UK insurer Legal & General. During our conversation, we explore many lessons that Peter has learnt during his career. These include how he became a data leader without even a Maths 'A' level, as well as the lessons learnt from integrating identity systems, switching sectors & delivering a data warehouse. But what is most unique about this episode is our discussion about the growing use of data & analytics within Internal Audit functions. You may not of considered that department as a career opportunity for data or analytics. So, listen to Peter describe why it's "hot" as an opportunity with fresh challenges for those who possess the data & critical thinking skills needed. Well worth considering as a new opportunity area for analysts.
March 16, 2022
Episode 53 - Dan Kellett (Capital One)
For episode 53 my guest is Dan Kellett, CDO at Capital One in the UK. Dan has great experience to share with us, with many years of hands-on experience in leading & developing data & analytics teams. Unlike my well travelled guests, Dan has spent the vast majority of his career with one employer, Capital One. He shares why & the benefits that he's seen from such a choice. He also shares the value of focussing on practical commercial work rather than academic qualifications (so a contrarian view to that of my guests with PhDs). More importantly, Dan shares practical tips from his experience of bringing together diverse technical teams and developing commercial awareness as well as technical skills. We debate the added value of Data Science beyond the Statistical approaches in Analytics that pre-date that label. Dan is a humble and eloquent leader with much real-world proven experience to share. He also has a passion for developing his team, so I recommend that other data leaders tune in to hear his perspective.
February 21, 2022
Episode 52 - Adam Sroka (Origami Energy)
For episode 52 I chat with Adam Sroka. He is Head of Machine Learning Engineering at Origami Energy, an energy trading software start-up. During our conversation we explore the benefit of starting your data career in the culture of a start-up. Adam shares what motivates him as a gamer & self-confessed nerd, including the importance of the social impact that Origami is making.  Along the way we explore the branches of Data Science and the diversity of communities, meet-ups & mentors that can help you develop the skills you need. Adam brings to life the benefits of raising your profile to 'show your work' (recommending the book you can see via that link). Finally we also explore the benefit of having a commercial solution to meeting social needs. Worth hearing his balanced assessment of the importance of domain knowledge as well as technical skills, plus the benefit of adding commercial expertise to your team. Those transitioning to a management role from a technical doer will also benefit from a number of tips that Adam shares during our chat.  I hope you enjoy yet another different voice as together we hear from the wide diversity of successful data leaders in the world today.
February 08, 2022
Episode 51 - Stuart Hayes (OSN)
In episode 51, I chat with Stuart Hayes who is Head of Data & Analytics for OSN in Dubai (the Sky TV equivalent for that region). He has helped many businesses over his decades of work as a consultant and a data leader, from the FT to Sky Betting and many more. During our conversation we reflect on Stuart's career and wanderlust. He shares how so much travel has helped him develop as a data leader. he also shares his take on Data Science, the benefits of starting your career at a start-up & why you still need a SCV. Like me, Stuart has also led a Market Research team as well as data & analytics teams, so we explore that transition too. Plenty of practical tips and advice from a gent with the benefit of decades of hands-on data leadership roles, so well worth a listen to see what ideas Stuart may spark in your own thinking. Don't miss the Spice Girls analogy for a real groan/laugh out loud moment.
January 25, 2022
Episode 50 - Neil Richards (JLL)
For the milestone of episode 50, we return to the world of Data Visualisation. This time my guest is Neil Richards. Neil is a current 3 time Tableau Zen Master & Public Ambassador who works as a Business Intelligence Lead at JLL in the UK. He is probably best known as being very active in the UK’s data visualisation community. He’s a former Knowledge Director of the Data Visualization Society and current Editorial Director at Viz for Social Good. Neil also blogs at where he regularly discusses & demonstrates his personal (and often unorthodox) data visualisation projects. In our conversation we explore his data career & last 6-7 years learning data visualisation. We have opportunity to explore the benefits of data viz being a passion outside your working hours. Plus, how Neil has benefited from communities, inspiration and feedback. Plenty of tips to help those who are also working on improving their data visualisation skills this year.
January 11, 2022
Episode 49 - Ben Dias (EasyJet)
Episode 49 is back in the studio as I talk with Ben Dias who is Director of Data Science and Analytics at easyJet. Ben has previously worked at Royal Mail, Tesco and Unilever, so in total he has over 15 years’ industry experience. Having started his career as a hands-on Data Scientist, Ben’s more recently focussed on building and leading teams, applying the Lean Start-Up approach to Data Science and Analytics within large organizations.  During our conversation we explore Ben's career as well as his current focus on delivery of easyJet's data strategy. Ben is also experienced in setting up and managing research collaborations between universities (esp. UCL) and business partners. So, we explore how his academic focus has informed his approach & how pioneering through learning by doing (before there were Data Science degrees) aided his development. This also includes what Data Science leaders can learn from a stint in Data Engineering. We conclude a thoroughly enjoyable chat by considering Ben's lessons for Data Science teams from "The Lean StartUp" book, as well as his tips for those earlier in their careers. There are plenty of opportunities in this episode to learn from Ben's warm & open style, as well his many years of hands-on experience. 
November 23, 2021
Episode 48 - Roberto Maranca (Schneider Electric)
This is our third & last episode that was recorded live at Big Data London. Apologies for the poorer audio quality, but it is well worth persisting as my guest for episode 48 is the irrepressible Robert Maranca, Data Excellence VP for Schneider Electric. During our conversation we explore Roberto's career as a data leader, including roles across GE, Lloyds Bank & Schneider Electric. He shares lessons he has learnt through good times & bad. These include the challenges of GDPR, data strategy, data literacy, metadata & looking after your own mental health as a data leader. Plus, the importance of developing business empathy as a skill. There is much to be learnt here from Roberto's real world experience, for both new analysts & experienced leaders. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I enjoyed my time on stage with him. Back to the studio from our next episode.
November 11, 2021
Episode 47 - Souvik Saha (Citi)
Episode 47 is our second podcast recorded live in front of an audience at Big Data London 2021. My guest for this episode is Souvik Saha. He heads up the Consumer Data & Analytics teams of Citibank in the UK. He's also a member of their UK consumer leadership and data leadership teams. Starting as a data analyst 15 years ago, Souvik has been on an exciting journey living in 5 countries and managing various data verticals over the years. Even before commencing his journey as a data professional, he was passionate about data & says he considers himself extremely lucky to be working in his area of passion. He stepped away for 3 years from core data verticals and headed Sales Performance Management to experience the world outside data. There he managed to combine analytics and execution to drive a 30% increase in sales productivity. He’s now focused on building a team which can use the latest data techniques to drive business value along with effective data governance. In this conversation we explore both Souvik's career story and what he has learnt along the way. We explore how he benefited from moving into a business leadership role & working in other countries including Russia. Souvik also shares how he has got offshoring of analytics working effectively. Then we finish with his tips for others for their analytics & leadership development.
November 04, 2021
Episode 46 - Tom Spencer (Aviva)
A first for episode 46, our first-ever Customer Insight Leader podcast Live! This interview with Tom Spencer was recorded live in front of a studio audience at the Big Data London 2021 event at Olympia, London. Tom is the Head of Customer Data Science at Aviva. In our conversation, we hear his career story, including fourteen years’ front-line experience at Dunnhumby (yes another podcast guest who has been through that training). Tom’s career highlights include establishing Dunnhumby Korea as analytics lead, heading up the Asia region’s analyst teams, and leading the South Korea business as Country Head. We also explore the critical topic of culture & how to create a great place to work. Given Tom’s team at Aviva have won the ‘Best Place to Work in Data‘ at the DataIQ Awards in 2019 & 2020 he is well qualified to advise us on a winning formula. There is so much to enjoy in our conversation & I hope you find our first foray into taking the podcast on the road delivers some really useful insights.
October 26, 2021
Episode 45 - Peter Sueref (Empirisys/Centrica)
In episode 45, my latest guest is Peter Sueref. Peter has worked with data his whole career since graduating in Computer Science at Cardiff University. As the Data Science Director at Centrica he worked on some of the biggest problems in energy today.  While at Centrica he also launched their first Blockchain project, set up the first group-wide Data Science Team, built their Digital Accelerator Hub and set up the first Knowledge Transfer Partnership around data innovation. This year, he left Centrica to set up a Data Science startup, Empirisys, where he is the CTO and co-founder.  In our conversation we explore Pete's career story, how he leapfrogged from Data to Data Science and the power of honesty & transparency as a data leader. We even hear how Pete put this into practice with Bring Your Own Data days at Centrica. I hope you hear some tips to inspire your data leadership development.
October 12, 2021
Episode 44 - Gillian Docherty (The Data Lab Scotland)
For episode 44, I am in conversation with Gillian Docherty OBE. She is CEO of the The Data Lab Scotland and in this conversation we explore both the work of The Data Lab and other lessons Gillian has learnt during her career. Her background includes over 20 years working within IBM, but our conversation begins with a family row on the eve of her Maths O-levels. From there we track the course of Gillian's career journey towards data leadership and explore what her experience might teach other leaders and aspiring leaders. We consider the importance of both an IT background and sales skills for data leaders. We also consider why the Data Lab Scotland model has been so successful and what that could mean for other parts of the UK or other countries.  Finally, Gillian leaves us with some advice for analysts or data scientists on the skills they should develop, as well as what she has changed her mind on in recent years. Listen out for the Decision Diamond she has developed at the Data Lab, those 5 questions might help you prioritise too.
September 03, 2021
Episode 43 - Avis Easteal (Luxasia)
For episode 43, we hear from an experienced data & business leader in Asia. Avis Easteal is currently Head of Consumer at Luxasia (an omni-partner of many globally recognised luxury lifestyle & personal care brands). She joins me from Singapore. Avis explains her work as connecting people, data, marketing and customer experience, to translate business to IT and vice-versa in order to digitally transform companies.  During our conversation we explore her career history and what she has learnt along the way. We dig into the need to ask questions to get to the real business need and the challenge of moving from agency-side to client-side leadership roles. Avis also reflects on whether the role changes she has made along the way were brave or not. We usefully explore why data leaders can make very capable business leaders & the benefits of considering a move into CX, sales or marketing roles. We also explore Avis' passion for digital marketing and the difference that analytics-led personalisation can make. Then to close, Avis shares her answers to two of my perennial questions (advice for less experienced analysts & what she has changed her mind on). There is plenty to learn in this episode from a woman who has proven her ability to improve businesses through data-led thinking.
August 10, 2021
Episode 42 - Randy Krum (
For episode 42 we again venture to the USA and talk with Randy Krum the creator of the famous CoolInfographics website. Randy is a data visualisation designer with his own design agency (InfoNewt), teaches a University course and is a published author. His book is “Cool Infographics: Effective Communication with Data Visualisation and Design” and he's also active in organising Data Viz Meet-up groups. So, we had plenty to chat about. In this conversation we explore Randy's career story, including the role for blogs to visually share others' content & showcase your work. We also discuss the continued role for infographics, as well as solely effective data visualisations. Randy shares what has helped him through his career & we consider when firms might choose to bring in an external design agency. Well worth a listen, especially for those interested in the role of visual communication beyond just charts.
July 28, 2021
Episode 41 - Sarah Barr Miller (British Airways)
In episode 41, I have a great conversation with Sarah Barr Miller who is Head of Data & Automation for British Airways. We chat over her career history & what she too learnt from working at dunnhumby. During that we explore the continued relevance of single customer views & the benefits of a clear demarcation between data & analytics teams. Sarah shares what she learnt from working internationally & the challenges she overcame as a woman in a male-dominated data world. Lots to consider and a great opportunity to reflect on the skills both leaders and more junior analysts need to succeed today. What could you learn?
July 16, 2021
Episode 40 - James Blagg (Principality Building Society)
For episode 40, I chat with James Blagg who is the Head of Data for Principality Building Society. Based in South Wales, like your host, James shares with me his journey into a data leadership role and some lessons he's learnt along the way. Our conversation explores the importance of breaking down silos to help connect business & technical teams. We reflect on what James has learnt from his roles in risk & change leadership. He also shares how he has persuaded risk adverse leadership teams to invest in their data capabilities. Plus, James openly shares his own leadership challenges. Another opportunity to hear the reality, behind the spin, of data leadership in today's businesses.
June 29, 2021
Episode 39 - Graham MacDonald (The Urban Institute)
For episode 39 we cross the pond again to talk with Graham MacDonald, who is the Chief Data Officer for the Urban Institute (a US non profit dedicated to elevating the debate on social & economic policy). During our conversation we explore how Graham has successfully influenced his organisation to develop both a data visualisation and a data science capability. I quiz Graham on how he achieved those decisions and other lessons from his career story. We explore hiring decisions, the importance of developing domain knowledge and caring about your organisation's purpose. Graham also brings a fresh perspective to both how he is developing as a leader and tips for those earlier in their career. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed Graham's warm friendly company. Data with a purpose brought to life.
June 15, 2021
Episode 38 - Alison Williams (dunnhumby)
In episode 38 I'm in conversation with Alison Williams, Global Head of Data at dunnhumby. This is a wonderfully intimate and yet widely relevant chat about many of the issues faced by leaders in the data industry, especially women. We explore Alison's career story and why she has chosen to build most of her career at one employer. We discuss hiring decisions & the benefits of looking wider than data graduates. Alison also shares what she learnt from her time in Data Engineering and the benefits of gaining broad experience as a foundation. We also explore the use of account manager/translator roles. Alison shares her passions for both charitable work and achieving diversity, plus options to consider. We even learn how she achieved promotion when returning from maternity leave, with valuable lessons to consider. Finally we discuss the benefits & lessons to be learnt when working internationally and Alison's tips for those earlier in their careers. Many thanks to Alison for sharing so generously, her real life experience and practical wisdom is well worth hearing.
June 01, 2021
Episode 37 - Aaron Peck (MetrixLab)
For episode 37, I am in conversation with Aaron Peck who is the North American President & MD of the global Market Research consultancy MetrixLab. While the majority of people I've interviewed on this podcast are leaders in data, analytics or data science, this time we ring the changes. I am delighted to focus for a change on the world of Market Research and Customer Insight, including the sales side of that world. During our chat, Aaron and I explore his career journey and the continued need for Market Research in today's data obsessed world. We consider how an in-house research team can best work with their agency partners. Plus, Aaron has recently been promoted to President so we also explore his experience of that key leadership transition. As normal, we finish by hearing how Aaron is still developing as a leader, plus his tips for those who are starting out. We close with what Aaron has recently changed his mind about. I hope you find our chat insightful.
May 11, 2021
Episode 36 - Simon Kaffel (Sovereign Housing Association)
In episode 36 we hear from Simon Kaffel. He is Director of Data & Analytics for Sovereign Housing Association. Simon's previously held data leadership roles at Arcadia, Sky, NatWest, O2 & Zurich Global Life Assurance. He's also won numerous awards along the way and learnt a thing or two about what enables or prevents successful data transformations. During our conversation we explore Simon's career journey, including digging into the reason for his numerous successes at Sky. We consider his experience of what leaders need to do to succeed with data transformation. We also get honest about when & why it doesn't always work. This includes the need to get real about the roles really needed in data today. Lots to chew on for those tasked with leading data transformation in their own organisation. We close off with advice for analysts and other leaders. Thanks Simon.
April 27, 2021
Episode 35 - Richard Pugh (Mango Solutions)
For episode 35, my guest is Richard Pugh who is Chief Data Scientist & co-founder of the data science agency Mango Solutions. Richard has decades of experience in helping businesses make better decisions through data & is also a passionate member of the R & Data Science communities in the UK. In our conversation we explore Rich's career story & the reality of what Data Science offers over and above traditional Statistics & advanced Analytics. We also chat about what it takes for organisations to be ready to adopt Data Science, how Mango's 'Radar' helps them hire & the continued benefits of R as a language even as others grow in popularity. Finally he shares both his own development focus & tips for those starting off in the Data Science careers. A must listen for those wanting to learn from a man who has proven the value he can add to business through applying Data Science.
April 13, 2021
Episode 34 - Howard Barber (Golden Charter)
In episode 34, Howard Barber (Director of Data, Analytics & Insight for Golden Charter) takes up the challenge laid down by Firas Khnaisser in episode 25 (to appear on our show). Howard shares his experience of working across client & agency-side analytics roles. We also hear more about his commitment to people development & the skills he is developing in his team.  Like James Dunlop in episode 32, Howard shares why he has found Financial Services a great sector for applying data & analytics to marketing. We close our conversation by hearing Howard's personal development focus, tips for those earlier in their career & what he has changed his mind on. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did.
March 30, 2021
Episode 33 - Chris Bergh (Data Kitchen)
For episode 33 we get into the kitchen, in this case the Data Kitchen, with Head Chef & Founder Chris Bergh. During our conversation we explore Chris' career & passion for DataOps (so this episode is a great companion to episode 1). We talk about the leadership skills needed to lead DataOps functions & lessons to be gleaned from Manufacturing. Chris has published a couple of very accessible books on DataOps, so we chat about those & compare them to 'Practical DataOps' which I reviewed with Harvinder in episode 1. We also explore how DataOps teams can measure their success & the skills that analysts should develop in order to succeed in a career with DataOps. I hope you find that a tasty sounding recipe (just like Rob provided in episode 29) & tuck in for a listen. Enjoy & let me know what helps you.
March 16, 2021
Episode 32 - James Dunlop (NatWest Bank)
In episode 32, I'm joined by James Dunlop. James is the Head of Decisioning and Digital for the Wealth division in NatWest Group. Before joining Natwest, James has worked for financial services brands including AXA and Lloyds in various data and analytics roles. Plus, like two of my previous guests (Andy Sutton & Harry Wilkes) James previously worked as part of my leadership team at Lloyds Banking Group. As well as exploring James' career history & why working in Financial Services is far from dull, we explore his focus on decisioning . James shares why this branch of data work appeals & the biggest challenges he sees today for decisioning (or database marketing) leaders. Along the way there are also tips for leadership development & for those newer in their careers. So, sit back and enjoy this data leader wisdom from the West Country (with some very well behaved guinea pigs in the background). It might just persuade you to either work for a Bank or focus your career on decisoning.
March 03, 2021
Episode 31 - Steve White (Marie Curie UK)
For episode 31, I'm in conversation with Steve White who is the Fundraising, Data Strategy & Insight Manager for the leading UK cancer charity Marie Curie. During our time together we explore Steve's career from British Airways to agency side roles (including founding an agency) and then deciding to move into the charity sector.  We also explore why making a difference matters more to Steve than job titles & how to have a successful leadership career as a hands-on introverted leader who drives change through influencing. I hope it helps many others seeking such an approach.
February 17, 2021
Episode 30 - Harry Powell (Jaguar Land Rover)
At this milestone of episode 30, I have the pleasure of talking with Harry Powell, Director of Data & Analytics for Jaguar Land Rover. As well as hearing Harry's career journey, we explore a wide range of topics from graph databases to better thinking & team productivity to generating profit. Harry's wealth of hands-on experience shines through as we explore both technical challenges & the greater need for what Harry calls "imaginative thinking".  Lots of useful advice for data leaders & analysts. Lessons learnt about the need to prioritise skills in problem scoping (simplification & achieving clarity) as well why a more commercial focus may help your team. Harry ends with the benefits of putting yourself under pressure & takes the opportunity to be controversial a few times before then. A great opportunity to pick Harry's considerable brain, which I hope you find helpful. Apologies for the poor sound quality at times, but the practical wisdom Harry shares makes it worth persisting. Enjoy!
February 03, 2021
Episode 29 - Rob Barham (Gousto)
For our 29th episode, our thoughts turn to food, as I interview Rob Barham who is Data Director at the recipe & ingredients online retailer Gousto. Rob's role covers Data Science, Analytics & Data Engineering, so we discuss topics relevant to leading all 3.  After hearing Rob's career history, we learn more about what has worked for him at Gusto. We explore data products & analytics support for rapidly scaling factories, as well as optimising recipes for production & CX. We talk about the importance of domain knowledge, influencing, communication & career paths for your team members. We even touch on the benefits of growing the external profile of your data team. Rob shares a lot of his leadership experience & I hope this episode gives other data leaders the opportunity to reflect on what could work for their teams. Happy Listening & try not to get too hungry!
January 21, 2021
Episode 28 - Graeme McDermott (Tempcover)
In episode 28, I interview Graeme McDermott who is CDO for the insurer Tempcover. Graeme's another experienced data & analytics leader to join us for this series of practitioner conversations. With over 15 years experience of leading data & analytics teams, he shares his tips for other leaders & those earlier on in their careers. Along the way we discuss agile working, AI, questioning & the importance of cheating as a leader! Listen to understand why that's not as bad as it sounds.
December 11, 2020
Episode 27 - Rob Kellaway (Legal & General)
For episode 27, I am joined by Rob Kellaway who is Head of Data Ops at Legal & General Investment Management (LGIM). Rob has held a variety of IT & Data leadership roles within Financial Services. In this conversation we explore some of the lessons learnt during his varied career. We focus on data roles inside and outside IT. We also explore the rise of Data Ops as a function & the long view of the reality behind the hype surrounding Big Data & Data Science. Rob shares plenty of pragmatic advice from his experience as a hands on leader as well as tips for less experienced analysts. Enjoy.
November 24, 2020
Episode 26 - Ben Salmon (We are Crank)
For episode 26, I talk with Ben Salmon co-founder of the marketing agency We are Crank. We chat about his career across marketing & analytics. We focus on an article that Ben has published with the provocative title "Why analytics in Marketing never gets you anywhere".  Together exploring the skills, resourcing & culture that can help marketing analytics be more effective. Ben also critiques those businesses who have ignored the need for digital transformation and so are now struggling in lockdowns. Lots to learn from Ben's outspoken advice & lessons learnt from experience - especially for those working in marketing analytics. I hope you enjoy, are informed & entertained.
November 10, 2020
Episode 25 - Firas Khnaisser (Standard Life Aberdeen)
In episode 25 we travel to Scotland for my conversation with Firas Khnaisser. He is Head of Decisioning for Standard Life Aberdeen & Chair of DMA Scotland. In this interview, we explore his career history (starting in a Dubai DM agency) and how he was challenged to not be afraid of data. From there we confront the limiting belief that you can't effectively lead data teams without a data background. We also explore the reality of 'Decisioning' work & the difference that the DMA still makes as a force for change today. Finally, we explore the benefit of being different & being yourself, with an encouragement to listen to Firas' other passion, his music. My thanks to Firas for being so open.
October 27, 2020
Episode 24 - Kevin Crowley (Hodge Bank)
For episode 24, our attention turns to the practical realities of managing data & delivering Business Intelligence (BI). My guest this time is Kevin Crowley, Head of Business Intelligence at Hodge Bank. Kevin's a very experienced data leader, so we chat about his career history (including how starting in customer service helped). We also explore what BI means at Hodge Bank, how Kevin created his Data Strategy & how to engage business leaders about the need for active data ownership.  A great practical & honest conversation about the reality of managing a BI team in business today.
October 14, 2020
Episode 23 - Elizabeth Hollinger (Aggreko)
In episode 23, I talk with Elizabeth Hollinger, Director of Insight for Aggreko. A great conversation as Elizabeth is one of the most eloquent leaders I've had the pleasure of interviewing. As with other guests, we explore her career history (across Insurance, Management Consultancy & now working in Manufacturing). We also focus on how Elizabeth developed their Data Vision. She shares lots of proven tips to secure engagement & achieve progress on challenges like data governance, innovation & collaborative working. You can also learn how she is still developing as a leader. Well worth a listen, especially if you have responsibility for data leadership or transforming your organisation to embrace insight-led decision making. 
October 02, 2020
Episode 22 - Suresh Pillai
In episode 22, I have a wonderfully scientific conversation with Suresh Pillai who is working in Berlin. He shares about his background in theoretical physics, data science leadership roles (including in eBay) and why complex systems & simulations can help. A great opportunity to delve into a neglected approach compared to machine learning & other scientific methods, but still grounded in what will help today's businesses. I hope Suresh's tips for data scientists and data science leaders help you. Enjoy learning on so many topics in this polymath's delight.
September 04, 2020
Episode 21 - Andy Sutton (Endeavour Drinks)
In episode 21 we go international and hear from Andy Sutton in Australia. Andy heads up Data and Personalisation for Endeavour drinks, the largest drinks retailer in Australia & part of the Woolworths group.  He is part poacher and part gamekeeper - thinking of more inventive ways to use customer data to personalise their experience with us, whilst also leading on data governance and privacy.  He made the conversion to retail and Australia 4 years ago, having started his career working with the (his words not mine) almost legendary Paul Laughlin at Lloyds Banking Group in deepest darkest Newport, South Wales. In this episode we talk about what prompted Andy's moves to Australia and the Retail sector, plus what he has learnt from both as well as Marketing roles. We also discuss non-Data-Scientists leading Data Science teams, the benefits of Research & Analytics teams coming together, plus other controversial topics. With such an open & honest leader, I'm sure you'll enjoy this conversion and find something to which you can relate.
August 21, 2020
Episode 20 - Scott Logie (REaD Group)
For the milestone of our twentieth episode, I chat with Scott Logie, MD of REaD Group Insight. Scott has worked in the data industry for over 30 years on both the client and agency side.  He has also been Chair of the DMA and now runs the Customer Engagement Committee.  So, in this conversation we had the opportunity to take 'the long view' on use of data, regulation, leadership and skills development. What has changed & what's remained true. Lots of insights shared by Scott as we explored many common experiences and what they have to teach both analysts & data leaders today.
August 12, 2020
Episode 19 - Jason Bartram (when at Ombudsman Services)
In episode 19, I speak to Jason Bartram (while he was at the Ombudsman Services, prior to his new role at eBay). This is another recording from my archives, but a conversation well worth revisiting. In this interview we discuss his current role and career path, including lessons learnt in the hotel trade. He has a great anecdote involving the then Home Secretary and a fight in the kitchen. Jason also explains the importance of developing resilience as a leader and how different roles have helped him develop. We then talk about some of the interesting work that Jason is currently doing at the Ombudsman Services. This includes an interesting application of speech analytics to identify different personality types. The timely topics of measuring emotion and GDPR also make an appearance. Many thanks to Jason for his candour and for sharing his advice for developing as an analyst and a leader. Listen out for his advice on coping in the ‘panic zone‘, as well as focusing on analysis that can be actioned. Execution is key to making a difference, I agree with Jason on that priority. Hope you enjoy our conversation and it helps inspire you in your role.
July 29, 2020
Episode 18 - Alan Crawley (Optima Partners)
In this eighteenth episode, I chat with Alan Crawley, Founder & CEO of Optima Partners. As you hear in our conversation his boutique consultancy focusses on analytics for interaction optimisation, customer strategy & innovation. He also has a background as a marine biologist which we explore as a great starting point for his career in data science. We discuss the advancements in data, data science & AI that are really helping businesses. Plus, the need for commercial awareness & Alan's tips for leaders or those starting their career. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
July 16, 2020
Episode 17 - Harry Wilkes (RELX)
For our seventeenth episode, we turn our attention to Analytics and how analysts & their leaders can succeed in their careers. On this episode, I am joined by Harry Wilkes, Head of Customer Analytics for RELX. During our chat we discuss his current role and career path, including the value of commercial focussed Database Marketing or lead generation roles. We review both technical and softer skills that can help leaders effectively manage their teams and analysts develop the skills they need. Out chat also includes lessons learnt from the book that Harry recommended in this blog post. Harry shares his own experience and what is working for him and his team in their global consulting role supporting a wide range of businesses. A fascinating new perspective on common challenges. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed catching up with Harry.
July 03, 2020
Episode 16 - Gwilym Morrison (Royal London)
For our sixteenth episode, we return to interviews with Data Science leaders working in business today. I am joined by Gwilym Morrison who leads Data Science at the UK mutual insurer, Royal London. During our chat we discuss his current role and career path, including his transition from analyst to a people leader. Gwilym usefully shares the 6 skills that he has identified as needed within Data Science teams. These are well worth hearing and reassuring, as they map across to a number of topics we have already covered on Customer Insight Leader blog. He also calls out the Data Science Radar framework from Mango Solutions, who have previously shared their view on achieving Data Science readiness.  So, plenty of tips for other leaders and I hope you really enjoy our conversation.
June 19, 2020
Episode 15 - Jon Schwabish (Urban Institute)
In this fifteenth episode, we turn our attention to Data Visualisation. I'm in conversation with Jon Schwabish, economist, senior fellow at the Urban Institute in Washington DC & data visualisation author/trainer/consultant with his own firm Our wide ranging conversation explore the critical need for data visualisation skills, the generous data viz community and developments in the tools available. We also reflect on lessons for all analysts from Jon's latest book "Elevate the Debate", plus mention the collection of charts Jon shares online. I really enjoyed this conversation and encourage you to check out a number of the resources we mention via different sections of (including his recommended podcast).
June 09, 2020
Episode 14 - Ty Francis (Meus)
In this fourteenth episode, we go deeper into leadership & psychology. I interview Ty Francis, founder of Meus, Gestalt leadership coach, consultant and filmmaker. Together we explore the need for the work he does with leadership teams seeking development, transformation, culture change and communication. This blossoms into a conversation about human beings, real transformation, Gestalt principles and creativity. We consider, more deeply, how leaders (including technical leaders) can more fully express themselves and serve the wider organisation. This includes the role of filmmaking & poetry. A lot to enjoy in this longer episode, so settle down to savour this one.
June 01, 2020
Episode 13 - Kanika Chaganty (Vitality UK)
In this thirteenth episode, lucky for you, I interview Kanika Chaganty who is CDO for Vitality UK (a leading health insurer). Her background is both in Business Intelligence (with a technical understanding of operationalising data) and in strategy/innovation (with a Post Grad diploma from Oxford University). We talk about her career journey, including the importance of hybrid (business + technical) skills. We also explore the role of the CDO (perhaps CDO 2.0) as well as how Kanika has benefitted from working in different countries during her career. She shares useful tips for both experienced managers and those starting out in their data careers. I hope you find our very enjoyable conversation useful.
May 26, 2020
Episode 12 - Tom Lloyd (MetaMetrics)
In this twelfth episode, I interview Tom Lloyd who is the Managing Director of MetaMetrics. As you hear in our conversation, his agency focusses on applying Econometrics and helping clients measure what drives their sales. With so much experience of applying marketing analytics & modelling for clients, Tom has plenty of practical advice to share with us. During our conversation, we covered a number of topics that I know readers of our blog have raised. From econometrics to customer insight, analytics to marketing & business questions. His experience “in the trenches” with clients shines through when we discuss topics like entrenched hypotheses & managing analysts differently. Hope you enjoy this one.
May 16, 2020
Episode 11 - Orlando Machado (Aviva)
In this eleventh episode, I interview Orlando Machado who as well as having an academic background (PhD in Applied Statistics), also had an illustrious commercial CV spanning roles at WPP, dunnhumby, Money Supermarket & now Aviva. We talk about Data Science & where it adds value, as well as Orlando's tips on where to focus and the skills that are needed. Along the way in this conversation we touch on the need for commercial understanding, alignment to strategic priorities & not innovating in isolation from your main business. Lots to learn from this eloquent leader.
May 04, 2020
Episode 10 - Sameer Rahman (when at EDIT & CIM)
In our tenth episode, I share another interview from the archives. This one is with Sameer Rahman (who at the time was Director of Data Science at EDIT agency & Chairman of CIM Wales). He is now Director of Insight at the Royal Mint. In this interview, he shares his agency-side & especially Marketing take on Data Science & the skills analysts need. Lots of sensible advice on skills and the questions that analysts should ask themselves. Plus lessons from Sameer's career journey & how his book "Applied Predictive Modelling for Direct Marketing in R (or SAS)" can help you. Well worth a listen.
April 29, 2020
Episode 9 - Enda Ridge PhD (author of Guerrilla Analytics)
In this ninth episode, we return to our focus on Data Science & Analytics leaders. I interview Enda Ridge who is both an experienced Data Science leader (Sainsburys, KPMG, EY) and also the author of "Guerrilla Analytics". Following a rave review for that book on Customer Insight Leader blog, in this conversation we discuss Enda's career, tips for others & some of the themes from his book. Common themes proved to be the need for a scientific approach (including rigour & reproducible results) as well as the focus needed on understanding your problem, data extract/receipt/load & communication. A really enjoyable chat which I hope is useful for analysts at all stages of their career.
April 26, 2020
Episode 8 - Annette Franz (CX Journey)
In this eighth episode, we again respond to the challenge of needing to work from home productively. This episode is an interview with a globally recognised CX expert, who has been working from home for over 20 years. Annette Franz is CEO & founder of CX Journey, as well as being chairwoman of the CXPA, author of "Customer Understanding" and regularly recognised CX consultant & coach. In this conversation we discuss her experience of learning to work effectively from home, including habits, apps & environment. Lots of honest pragmatic advice to help many leaders who are making this transition in a less than ideal environment. We hope it helps you.
April 08, 2020
Episode 7 - Norma Dove-Edwin (Places for People)
This seventh episode is another from the archives (recorded for our blog back in 2018 and still worth sharing). Paul Laughlin interviews Norma Dove-Edwin who is still the Chief Data & Information Office (CDIO) for Places for People Group Ltd. In this conversation we discuss Norma's career journey, GDPR, data protection & ownership more broadly, as well as project management & agile working. That and much more for you to enjoy in this data  focussed conversation.
April 03, 2020
Episode 6 - Kevin Watson (working from home)
In this sixth episode, we again respond to the challenge many leaders are facing, of needing to work from home for an indefinite period. This episode responds to that challenge by interviewing a leadership coach who has been working from home for many years. Kevin Watson, founder of My Own Coach shares his tips for working from home effectively & finding your own rhythm. He shares how he enjoys working more flexibly and some tips (and apps) that have helped him become more focussed & productive working this way. I hope it helps you.
March 24, 2020
Episode 5 - Elsbeth Kottelenberg (UBM/Informa Markets)
This fifth episode is another from the archives (recorded for blog back in 2018 and still worth sharing). Paul Laughlin interviews Elsbeth Kottelenberg, at the time she was Senior Customer Insight Manager for UBM (she is now Head of Visitor Experience for Informalities Markets). An opportunity to hear a Customer Insight/Market Research perspective on the challenges of this role, including the insights needed by B2B and B2B2B businesses. I hope you find it helpful.
March 23, 2020
Episode 4 - William Buist (working from home)
In this fourth episode, we respond to the challenge many leaders are facing, of needing to work from home for an indefinite period. This episode responds to that challenge by interviewing a leader who has been working from home for 19 years. William Buist, founder of shares his tips for working from home effectively & how to overcome your initial difficulties. William shares how his home office evolved and the lessons he learned along the way, to more productively work from home. I hope it helps you.
March 23, 2020
Episode 3 - Martin Squires (when he was at HomeServe)
This third episode is another from the archives (recorded for blog back in 2018 and still worth sharing). Paul Laughlin interviews Martin Squires, at the time he was Director of Data, Insight & Analytics for HomeServe. In this conversation we discuss Martin's career journey, selling double glazing, chickens, football, the continued need for analysts & his tips for those starting out in their data careers. That and much more for you to enjoy in this open conversation.
March 16, 2020
Episode 2 - Ryan den Rooijen (when he was at Dyson)
This second episode is one from the archives (recorded for blog back in 2018 and still worth sharing). Paul Laughlin interviews Ryan den Rooijen, at the time he was Global Director of Data Services for Dyson. In this conversation we discuss Ryan's career journey, the need for people skills & visualisation, recommended leadership books & his tips for those starting out in their data careers. That and much more for you to enjoy in this open conversation.
March 10, 2020
Episode 1 - Harvinder Atwal (MoneySupermarket)
In this first episode, Paul Laughlin interviews Harvinder Atwal, CDO of MoneySupermarket Group. In this conversation we discuss Harvinder's career journey, his latest book "Practical DataOps", the need for such teams, why data products are more useful than insights & his tips for those starting out in their data careers. That and much more for you to enjoy in this open conversation.
March 10, 2020