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CVSI Conversations

CVSI Conversations

CVS Inverclyde is the third sector interface (TSI) for Inverclyde. Our mission is to connect and strengthen community groups and voluntary organisations in Inverclyde.

Our podcasts will focus on a whole range of topics relating to Inverclyde's third sector and we will bring together individuals and organisations from across the sector to hear their stories and experiences.
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Benefits of Volunteering

CVSI Conversations

Benefits of Volunteering
As part of our #VolunteersWeek celebrations we have recorded a two-part podcast series to look at different aspects of volunteering. In episode two we're joined by Sally and John from Ardgowan Hospice as they chat about what motivated them to volunteer and what they have learned and enjoyed about their volunteering.
June 3, 2021
Youth Volunteering
To celebrate #VolunteersWeek21 we have created a two-part podcast series focusing on volunteering in Inverclyde. In episode 1 we look at youth volunteering.   We are joined by two young volunteers, Faye and Chloe, and we discuss their volunteering experiences and get their thoughts on how to increase youth volunteering in Inverclyde.
June 2, 2021
Conversations about Spirituality: Belonging
In the final episode of Conversations about Spirituality, Ian Arthur leads a discussion focused on belonging.   Guest speakers:   Lynne Guthrie- Volunteer at the local mass vaccination centres  Rev Willi Nesbitt- St John’s Episcopal Church, Greenock
May 23, 2021
Conversations about Spirituality: Kindness
In the third episode of our podcast series, Conversations about Spirituality, guest speakers from faith-based and third sector organisations in Inverclyde share their stories of kindness.   Conversations about Spirituality is led by Ian Arthur from The Salvation Army in Port Glasgow and episode 3 guest speakers are:   Don Thomas - Lead Pastor, Inverclyde Vineyard Church   Laura Reilly - Manager, Belville Community Garden Trust   Alison Bunce - Senior Palliative Care Nurse, Ardgowan Hospice/Lead at Compassionate Inverclyde
May 14, 2021
Conversations about Spirituality: Hope
In the second episode of Conversations about Spirituality, faith leaders and individuals from third sector organisations in Inverclyde come together to share experiences of hope and what it means to them. Ian Arthur from The Salvation Army in Port Glasgow leads the discussion and this episode features: • Andrew Cameron - senior support pastoral worker, The Haven; • Michael Trail - unit manager, Jericho House; • Patricia Compston – CVSI community link worker
April 30, 2021
Conversations about Spirituality: Loss
How can spirituality build resilience and foster hope? In this 4 part podcast series, we will discuss this question by looking at specific themes: loss, hope, kindness and belonging. In our exploration of these themes, we have invited members of the Inverclyde faith community, as well as from third sector organisations, to come together for a conversation about spirituality. Episode 1 discusses loss, a poignant and emotional topic affecting many of us particularly over the past year. Episode 1 features: • Jamie Thirlaway • Mary Mooney - Family support service manager and psychosocial care development lead Ardgowan Hospice • Father Matthew - Parish Priest at St Francis' Church in Port Glasgow • Ian Arthur - Salvation Army  (*In the podcast intro Mary is incorrectly introduced as Margaret - we apologise for this mistake)
April 16, 2021