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Moment of Truth with D-Debunking Doctor (3D)

Moment of Truth with D-Debunking Doctor (3D)

By Kolade Temilola
This is a platform for clearing general misconceptions around health and medicine while establishing the truth about them in ways that can be easily understood and put to good use. Its main aim is to help you make an informed decision about health as it relates to you, your loved ones and your neighbour.

There will be new updates every saturday and the Yorùbá version of any episode will be considered based on the demand for it.

Disclaimer: This platform does NOT take the place of actual consultation with your doctor(s).

Hope to hear from you.
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The TRUTH and LIES about PUBIC HAIR REMOVAL #vaginalcareseries

Moment of Truth with D-Debunking Doctor (3D)

The TRUTH and LIES about PUBIC HAIR REMOVAL #vaginalcareseries

Moment of Truth with D-Debunking Doctor (3D)

Important Mental Health Myths debunked😲😎🧐! A Mental Health Expert has this to say.
The month of May is the Mental Health Awareness month, Phew💃😍🤗! This episode addresses very common, yet important myths on mental health with a mental health expert. Remember always, that knowing the truth sets free, indeed😊. We discussed some solutions in this episode, you're welcome to be a part of it😊🤗 and/or proffer some solutions from your end too, after listening to the episode. Remember to share with someone and send your comments to Hope to hear from you soon and always. Have a fruitful week Fam😍🤗🤭
May 30, 2021
It is not news that menopause marks the end of menstruation, but, it's also amazing to realise that people think that's all that is to it. NO, THERE IS MORE! And the 'more' is actually what makes menopause peculiar. This peculiarity demands preparedness and readiness for this phase in the life of every female. Question is, how do we prepare or get ready if we don't even know. A medical outreach I attended some weeks ago further opened my eyes to the need for health education on MENOPAUSE and that, is exactly what this episode is about. I hope you like it☺️. I'm extra positive you'll learn something😊. Kindly reach out to me here: d.debunkingdoctor2020@gmail, I look forward to your opinions and suggestions too☺️. Enjoy it☺️. Muchos🤗😍
April 11, 2021
This episode gives detail on the common causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding, why you should talk to a doctor about that bleeding from the vaginal. It builds on understanding of what is NORMAL and then explains what is abnormal. I should say it's a build up on a previous episode - MENSTRUATION. So, just in case you havent listened to that, you should☺️😘. I'd love to hear from you please. Check IG: or send an e-mail to me @ please stay safe and be SECURITY CONSCIOUS. Plenty love from over here, Debunkers❤️💚💙. Byeeee👋☺️
March 20, 2021
Beyond INTELLIGENCE! The truth about studying and practicing Medicine!
This 30mins chat (summarised in another 5mins of the episode🤭) with 3other colleagues at the Emergency Department during one of our night shifts aims to debunk the common myth that all that is needed to study or practice medicine is INTELLIGENCE. So, what are the other important virtues that we have come to know through our own experiences? Once you listen to our stories in this episode, you'll know them fully😊. I'll be glad to hear from you too, you know: what qualities are important to scale through medical school or be an excellent medical doctor (from your perspective?). Kindly reach out to me (Instagram), or email: Thank you, muchos🤗😘🤭
February 27, 2021
February 4 - World Cancer Day: My 'Cancer experience' in the Emergency Room - Breast Cancer chat.
Here's sharing my discussion with 3different patients with breast cancer that I met while working in the emergency room over the last 2weeks. One story particularly touched differently and so I thought to share. One important thing to pick from this episode is the importance of knowledge and being a channel too, giving correct information. Kindly tell people you don't know or you're not sure when you're actually not. DO NOT give false information or just downplay someone's concerns. Breast cancer is not boil! It is not kòkòrò! Hope you learn something from this episode and please share, please and please share. I still wish these women had this information but they didn't😢😭. I'll be waiting for your comments and additions. I'd love to hear about your own experience, should you have lost someone to breast cancer or you know of a survivor. How did they know? When did they know? What did the fight look like? Reach out to me here please d. Have an amazing week. Muchos😍😘.
February 6, 2021
Episode talks about preventing common emergencies at home - children and adults alike - and then proceeds to say more on the wrong things done in the event of an emergency. E.g. pouring water on someone convulsing or unresponsive! Ah ah😎! And much more... Hope you fine this useful☺️. Have a fruitful week Fam. Love ya🤗☺️
November 15, 2020
In the wake of the #ENDSARS protest that lasted more than a week in Nigeria, my attention was drawn to the many wrong things about first aid and response that needed to be corrected immediately and this episode is published with the hope of correcting them. A more comprehensive episode on the same topic will be worked on soon, but we should start from here NOW! Visit for a beautiful video that further helps to drive home the points shared in this episode. You can kindly send your messages to my e-mail: as I'll love to hear from you. What was your experience out there during the protest? I'd love that you share them with me. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amen
October 24, 2020
The TRUTH and LIES about PUBIC HAIR REMOVAL #vaginalcareseries
This episode lay bare the truth that pubic hair removal is a function of personal preferences and not necessarily for any medical reason(s). It further shares important tips about ensuring a significant reduction of complications that may follow shaving the pubic hair and of course, and to also give you a reason to be proud of leaving it alone☺️! Here's what I have to say then... You can reach me anytime @ Have a great week ahead then😍. Bye☺️🤗
October 3, 2020
#THE VAGINAL CARE SERIES - Establishing the 'Normal'
The first episode of a series of topics centered around caring for the female private part - the vagina. Today's episode is a talk about what is normal and how to maintain the 'normal'. The series continue next week with the debunking of other common myths as it relates to the vagina. Hope you find it interesting and educative as usual. You know your comments count always☺️😍, don't forget to drop them. You can forward any questions to me here: Have a fantabulous week😘🤭😍. Bye🤭
September 19, 2020
HEALTHCARE IS NOT CHEAP! Here's how to escape going BANKRUPT as a Nigerian!
I have shared my experience about how patients and their relatives suffered too extremely from the financial problem posed by taking care of a sick relative! I have discussed how this can be largely avoided, bearing in mind the peculiarity of our nation, Nigeria. Listen, learn and enjoy. Please remember to share with others. I salute you for being here🙌🙌🙌! Feel free to reach me here: You can also drop voice notes for me here. I'd love to hear from you - your opinions, questions and additions☺️. Have a great week🤗🤭😘
September 6, 2020
Talk about the PREVENTION OF COLON CANCER - a tribute to T'challa, Black Panther!
The focus of today's episode is on PREVENTION OF COLON CANCER with some attention on things that put people at risk of developing this deadly cancer and what to do to PREVENT it. Chadwick Boseman's death was such a big blow on me (can't even explain why), but, I had to pull myself to do this episode. I decided to talk about his cause of death, COLON CANCER while I sympathise with his family and send my condolence to them. #BlackPanther #T'challa #RIPChadwickBoseman😭
August 29, 2020
The Truth and Lies about TEETHING!
This episode is to all mums - upcoming, present and the grand ones☺️, and DADS too. Teething does not have to be that horrible phase we all have tagged it to be. The information shared in this topic highlights the important points to be noted to make teething a fabulous experience for our babies and reduce or eliminate the unpleasant experiences completely. I await your testimonies, before and after listening☺️. You can drop your voice notes here or send a mail to me @ I'll be so glad to hear from you. Muchos🤭😍😘
August 22, 2020
This episode highlights the various factors involved in wound healing, the absence of which can impair / stop wound healing altogether. It drowns ignorance in the ocean of knowledge with the information provided here. It DEBUNKS the common myth of a non-healing wound being a spiritual affliction to a Nigerian. Listen and learn, remember to share please and send in your comments. You can reach me on d.debunkingdoctor2020@gmail. Have an amazing new week. #muchos🤗🤭😍. REFERENCE:
August 17, 2020
Another episode delivered in Yorùbá to aid the understanding of the topic, Egbò Àdáàjiná (meaning 'The non-healing wound') in Nigeria. Here's to blow the common myth of attributing such wounds to spiritual afflictions and leaving out its medical care completely until very late, and sometimes too late perhaps. I'll await your comments please as I hope you gain a lot listening to this. P.S: The English version will also be published. Kindly listen, comment and share with your loves ones. You know you can talk to me via an email to: #begood
August 16, 2020
A quick run through the incorrect information about breastfeeding that has thrived (and is thriving) amongst Nigerian mothers. This episode is to set the record straight in a relaxed atmosphere. You know you can always reach out to me via an e-mail to: Have an amazing week. #hugsandkisses😘😍🤗🤭. To learn more, visit:
August 8, 2020
HEPATITIS - Debunking the myths!
So, I was hanging out with some friends (Daniel, Ayotunde and Debby) today and we decided to talk about Viral Hepatitis☺️. Cool, right😁? This conversation is aimed at sharing CORRECT information about HEPATITIS and DEBUNKING THE MYTHS! Here's 3D celebrating World Hepatitis Day 2020 with friends and Finding the Missing Millions☺️ while hoping to contribute to the achievement of a hepatitis-free future by 2030. Enjoy this amazing episode and remember to share with your loved ones. Kindly send in your comments to my e-mail: d.debunkingdoctor2020@gmail... ENJOY and remember to APPLY the knowledge☺️! Bye🤗🤭. REFERENCE: Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E Fact sheets, World Health Organisation (WHO)
August 1, 2020
An episode with Dr. Jokotade Adeleye - a Consultant Endocrinology at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria - AN INCREDIBLE TEACHER AND EXPERT! This episode addressed the common misinformations around Diabetes in form of a question and answer session and having her share her rich experiences on the episode. SHE OPENED EYES TO IMPORTANT THINGS!!! I hope to hear from you Dear Listeners as I am convinced this episode will add so much value to you. Be a teacher too☺️ and help share this podcast. Thank you🤗. You know you can reach me here: Have a great week ahead. Bye🤭
July 25, 2020
The Lies and Truth about SNORING!
This episode expatiates on the medical importance of SNORING, revealing important red flags that informs impending TROUBLE when someone snores. It goes beyond the noise-making, which in most cases is the concern of the snorer or their roommates or bed partners. This episode offers solutions to the noise-making associated with snoring while making clear the things to look out for to help make the decision to see the doctor immediately. P.S.: The illustrations made at the beginning of the podcast is just a way to help listeners follow the discourse better, I simply coined names for the story. While I hope this helps you a lot (and your loved ones too), I will love to hear from you. Your feedback are extremely important and I sure love to read them. Kindly send your messages to my e-mail address: All episodes are available on my blog too: Please visit, Listen, remember to drop your comment and comments☺️ and share please🙏. See you next week. #hugs🤗
July 18, 2020
A question and answer session on the subject of infertility. It is an episode of experience-sharing and seeing infertility through the eye of a gynaecologist.
July 11, 2020
Extensive talk on the subject of Infertility and how it takes its toll on various homes (especially in Nigeria). Today's episode serves to establish important things to note about Infertility, emphasizing that THE MAN AND THE WOMAN contributes equally to INFERTILITY and that both of them should be involved in finding solutions to it. It provides ways on how infertility can be prevented, treated and solutions gotten. It debunked very common and important myth about reproduction generally too. You can kindly send your questions for next week's episode to: I'll be waiting to hear from you. Have a fruitful marriage.
July 4, 2020
This episode is dedicated to making the topic of menstruation very clear and to help parents and adolescents come to a better understanding of this important topic. It debunked common myth around menstruation, defined key terms associated with menstruation while teaching on the meaning of Last Menstrual Period and how to calculate your Menstrual Cycle Length. This will serve as a source of education for your girlchild while also making you a healthier and caring mother and father (especially for single fathers). I will love to hear from you please. You can drop a voice message here on Anchor or send your message to my e-mail:
June 27, 2020
The TRUTH and LIES about COVID-19 - The diary of Nigerian Healthcare Workers
We told our COVID-19 stories! Though unpleasant, we were courageous to share them! This episode addresses the myth around COVID-19 Pandemic. It's aim is to be a WAKE UP CALL to every citizen in Nigeria and the world at large to NOT give up on observing protective measures YET. We share our stories with the hopes that people can better relate with them and believe in the reality of this pandemic - that it can be BEATEN when we act collectively. Here's my e-mail for your feeback:
June 20, 2020
The TRUTH and LIES about CERVICAL CANCER - the 2nd commonest cancer in females in developing world!
Why wait until trouble came if it could be completely prevented? Emphasis was laid on how to effectively prevent an important, sexually-associated condition - cervical cancer. It's an addition and a continuation of last week's episode - Before you get married! Feel free to message me on for your additions, questions and clarifications. Cheers. REFERENCE:
June 13, 2020
BEYOND GENOTYPES - Important medical tests to run BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED
Talks about important medical tests to be done by intending couples and anyone who hopes to be married some day. It clearly analyses these tests, their importance and how they should be interpreted and managed. You can send your messages to my e-mail: I look forward to hearing from you.
June 6, 2020
Increased SCREEN TIME - A doom for the 21st-century child!
Elaborating on the menace created by increased screen time seen with children in the 21st century... the adverse health effects of this on children and how to actively tackle it. Have an amazing week🤗. Kindly send your comments to Hope to hear from you. REFERENCES: Screen Media Exposure and Obesity in Children and Adolescents Thomas N. Robinson, Jorge A. Banda, Lauren Hale, Amy Shirong Lu, Frances Fleming-Milici, Sandra L. Calvert, Ellen Wartella Pediatrics. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2018 Jan 16. Published in final edited form as: Pediatrics. 2017 Nov; 140(Suppl 2): S97–S101. doi: 10.1542/peds.2016-1758K PMCID: PMC5769928; AND AND
May 30, 2020
An episode delivered in my native language because of the importance of the subject, Hypertension. It is aimed at reaching out to native elderly people, most of which are comfortable with the native language as it helps their understanding and can be a part of the movement towards a better BP control.
May 23, 2020
Clearing misconceptions about hypertension, calling people to act and not be complacent anymore! Reiterating the need to Check BP - in the young and the elderly.
May 23, 2020
IF DRUGS COULD TALK (non-split version)
Reiterating the importance of appropriate drug use.
May 17, 2020
DRUG RESISTANCE - Looming trouble! Here's one thing I LEARNT from COVID-19.
The reason COVID-19 has the power to shut down the universe is because of three (3) attributes: Infectiousness, Incurability and Fatality. Once curable, the other two attributes become less important. In this episode, I emphasised on appropriate drug use to prevent the world from entering a phase of DRUG RESISTANCE - when we lose control over what we've once had control of. Its incidence has started to increase worldwide and that is because of the irresponsibility of humans who take drugs ANYHOW and for the wrong reasons. Kindly listen to this episode to learn more and I'll be glad to know about what you have learnt so far from the pandemic. Share your stories with me here: Hope to hear from you and kindly remember to share with someone, especially someone you know is fond of taking drugs inappropriately. That's the way to show love. Thanks and have a great week.
May 17, 2020
IF DRUGS COULD TALK (split version)
Establishing the truth about drugs (specifically antibiotics and antimalaria)... letting listeners make an informed decision about drugs and handle them as the important chemicals that they are
May 16, 2020
MALARIA OR WHAT? - why do I have Fever? #Feverseries, episode 2
FEVER IS NOT ALWAYS MALARIA! This episode highlights other very important causes of fever (apart from malaria) while further establishing the fact that antimalaria does not answer the question of Fever all the time. It is a wake-up call geared towards seeking medical opinion for appropriate diagnosis when sick and discouraging self-medication.
May 9, 2020
May 9, 2020
May 9, 2020
The TRUTH and LIES about FEVER - #TheFEVERSeries
Let's learn about Fever.
May 8, 2020