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Treasure Talks

Treasure Talks

By Treasure Talks
A podcast that talks about numerous pockets of life with an emphasis on mindset- expect inspiration! Conversations fluctuate from consciousness to nutrition, martial arts and travelling the world. Enjoy tips on digital 'nomading' plus much more.
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Brian Morrison- Learning to Breathe - Ep 12

Treasure Talks

Regaining Power from Breathwork | Podcast w/ Brian Morrison / Breathing Project
Brian Morrison is a Wim Hof Method Instructor and breathwork instructor. We talk about the power of breathwork and cold exposure.   I discuss how this very breathwork has helped me during the grieving process and through uncertain times over the lockdown. Brian talks about the science, his journey, Wim Hof and we also try a quick breathing technique to help relieve stress in an instance.    The cold exposure tub that we discuss - You can find Brian's online classes here - Also, find him on social media here - Instagram - @breathingproject
March 12, 2021
Podcast w/ World Level Snowboarder (FWT) - Michaela Davis-Meehan on Treasure Talks
I spoke to Australian Snowboarder, Michaela Davis-Meehan. Michaela finished second in the Freeride World Tour.  She has travelled around Europe in search of her dream and is now a world-class competitor participating in major freeride events. We talk about how she chased her dreams, her future goals, what it takes to be a snowboarder, how to become a snowboarder and much more.. Follow Michaela on Instagram -
February 10, 2021
Fastest Female to Run the World w/ Marathon Runner - Fiona Oakes
Fiona Oakes is a world record marathon runner that broke the record to become the fastest female to run 7 continents. It's much appreciated :)   Fiona is a vegan advocate and started running to simply raise awareness for her animal sanctuary (with over 400 animals) and veganism as a whole. In the process, she realised her hard work was paying off and started setting trail records.    You can find my favourite vegan protein and wholefood supplement at Raw Sport here -  The inspiring runner has run all over the world including Marathon Des Sables, Atacama, North Pole and many other famous races.    Be sure to check out the documentary that she stars in - Running For Good.   Support Fiona and the great work she does with the Animal Sanctuary by:  - Liking, following or sharing her social media - &  - Also visit Fiona's foundation page - - Buy the book here -
November 24, 2020
Olympic Medal to Visually Impaired [OVERCOMING ADVERSITY] with Anthony Ogogo
Anthony Ogogo was an elite boxer that won bronze at the Olympics in 2012. The middleweight was largely touted as one to watch and many expected Anthony to go onto win world honours in professional boxing.   His career was cut short when he was visually impaired and told that he could not box again. The pro boxer went on to have 9 surgeries on his eye in hope to realise his dreams again.   We relive the trauma and also how he has managed to carve out an exciting career in pro wrestling as he represents AEW. The Pro Wrestler and Olympian is no stranger to adversity, winning bronze whilst his Mum was in a coma and suffering numerous injuries yet he bounces back time after time.   Let me know what you thought of this episode and if Anthony's courage has helped inspire you?  Please like, comment and subscribe to help the channel grow, thank you.    Find Anthony at: Insta  -  -  You can check out my blog and podcast on TreasureTalks.Net or listen/watch on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.
November 12, 2020
352 Days Walking the Yangtze River with Ash Dykes
Adventurer, Ash Dykes has set world records in the past but his latest accomplishment has taken the world by storm. Ash walked 4,000 miles in just under a year, becoming the first to walk the China's River Yangtze.   This broke a world record and during his exploration he was stalked by wolves, had to evade bears and was continuously questioned by the police.   In this Treasure Talks Podcast, I sat down with him to discuss his experience in China, how he was stalked by wolves and also past missions that led him to this path. The proud Welshman also revealed more on the Joe Rogan Experience and what it's like behind the scenes... ALSO NOW AVAILABLE IN VIDEO FORM - YOUTUBE/@DANIELTREASURE
November 03, 2020
The Real Health Coach Turns Down £1m & Talks Nutrition, Veganism & Lifestyle | Dean Howell - Raw Sport Owner
Treasure Talks to Dean Howell in this podcast episode.    Dean is an ex professional footballer and is the second ever to go vegan. Since then, he's opened two whole-food and plant-based businesses- Revolution Foods and Raw Sport respectively.  We discussed nutrition, lifestyle and his experience as a vegan footballer. The Raw Sport owner also reveals details about his successful business and why he recently turned down £1m for his shares.    Follow Dean's journey: Dean's Instagram - @RealHealthCoach  Rawsport Instagram - @Rawsportofficial Revolution Foods Instagram - @Revfoods   Rawsport Website - You can also visit my website - TreasureTalks.Net and listen to this podcast or use Spotify, Apple, iTunes or Google Podcasts.
October 25, 2020
Tom Davies / Geowizard | Walking a Country in a Straight Line
I managed to sit down and speak to Tom Davies, also known as Geowizard on YouTube. His Straight Line Mission across Wales garnered almost 10 million views and since then he's released a captivating second attempt as well as How Not to Travel Europe.   In this podcast we discuss details on the mission and he also reveals more on the making of it, he also tells us how it changed his life.    You can watch Crossing an Entire Country in a Straight Line (Mission Across Wales) on the YouTube - GeoWizard.  
October 12, 2020
Steed Woodall Signs with Frank Warren| Opens Up on US Career & Hopes for Future
British boxer Steed Woodall returns to the UK and signs with Frank Warren. He began his career in the States at the tender age of 19, after accumulating a wealth of experience, KOs and wins he's ready for the best in Britain. We discuss his journey thus far, his time in the US and what he has planned for his rivals in the UK. 
July 29, 2020
Brian Morrison- Learning to Breathe - Ep 12
I've recently been feeling the benefits of Wim Hof Breathing and a lot of that is owed to Brian Morrison. I invited him to come onto the podcast, he explained how breathing can help us take control whenever we feel helpless and some of the science behind these techniques. We also discussed what lead him to this path and more on the presence of the great Wim Hof.  Learn about breathing and how it allows us to immobilise our immune system and also bring clarity to your life. 
June 02, 2020
Lockdown Podcast with Ant
In this Treasure Talks Podcast, my good friend and I discuss our lockdown experience. It's been a tough time for many- we start this episode talking about great routines we have implemented and as the pod proceeds we discuss some of our own struggles and how we think we've coped thus far. We talk about nutrition, exercise, mental health and things that have kept us sane. I also touch on social media and some of my struggles with it.  Listen to the podcast and also check out my blogs on TreasureTalks.Net.  For more from Ant- visit where he provides many of his challenges as well as intriguing reads about his mental health and self improvement.
May 25, 2020
200 Miles Across Namibia Desert- With Ant Rogan #010
My best mate, Ant ran and cycled almost 200 miles across the Namibian desert in a 5-day adventure. He re-lives the challenge and the mental battles that occured. What makes a person want to do an extreme challenge of this kind? Ant's story is intriguing, he openly talks about what led him to this event and how he now turns on that "switch" that helps his mental strength.  Prepare for inspiration for your 2020. 
January 20, 2020
Being a Vegan YouTube Star with Jon Venus- #009
Jon Venus is a Vegan YouTube Star with over 350k subscribers. He is a huge inspiration that's been dispelling nutrition myths for half a decade.  In this episode we talk about how his brother encouraged him to go vegan, how different veganism was back then and the changes that we are now seeing. There's lots of knowledge in this episode, as he offers advice on going vegan and getting fit. It's not just about veganism, but mentality and nutrition as a whole.  Also, listen about his YouTube journey, how he deals with hateful comments and his plans to continue his influence. 
December 28, 2019
UK's Singing Prospect's Career So Far - Jaydonclover- #008
In this episode I'm joined by the talented Jaydonclover. She's a singer and artist from Birmingham. We discuss how she got into singing, her dream to break into America and how she came up with her ideas for recent tracks. She also touches on how she gets creative, her thoughts on the UK music industry and her pre-performance routine. Look out for Jaydon's latest single- Goodthing.
September 27, 2019
#007- Katy Jane- A Passion for Wildlife
It's only right that the first female on Treasure Talks, was my girlfriend Katy. She's worked in environmental education,  wildlife conservation and scuba diving. Her adventure started in Costa Rica and since then she's done various jobs in Thailand. We discuss some of the projects she's passionate about, her thoughts on keeping animals in captivity and how important nature is for kids.1
September 18, 2019
Cancer Saved My Life- Ste Foster- Episode #006
Personal Trainer Ste Foster overcame cancer and depression to create a life that he loves. He relives his trauma in a courageous episode, as well as talking about how he eliminates stress and keeps a healthy balance in his lifestyle.
September 15, 2019
Episode #005- Return of the Mak (Chris Facey)
We discuss social awkwardness, overthinking situations and where technology is going. It is a light hearted conversation between 2 friends.
July 20, 2019
Episode #004- Delicious Orie- International Heavyweight Boxing Champ on Mindset
In this episode I was joined by GB's latest addition, Delicious Orie. Dj is a star in the making and even has a name to remember.  Boxing fan or not, this is a great listen as the youngster has lots of wisdom, inspiration and a great attitude. He reveals why an athlete needs to have a set mindset, how he visualises his goals before carrying them out and his future goals of becoming a World Champion.  He's been touted as the next AJ, in regards to the route he is taking in the sport. We talk about his appearance on Sky Sports and future goals. 
July 13, 2019
#002 Chris Facey- Travelling the World
Chris Facey is a scuba diving instructor who's used this role to travel the world. That includes visiting the likes of Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Tobago. His next big venture is scheduled in Fiji. Chris talks about his experience to date and how he left his job at a supermarket. His outlook on working is different to many and he has a lot of inspiration that he brings to the table. Enjoy!
June 19, 2019
#001 with Gaz Lyden; Scuba Diving, Crossfit & Living Abroad.
After living in Koh Tao, Thailand for 9-months, I managed to catch-up with Gaz Lyden. The Dive (PADI) Course Director and Crossfit Gym Owner/Coach, told us how his five-days abroad soon became 15-years and how being a fork-lift instructor helped him draw comparisons when landing his dream job in paradise. In this episode we discuss the following plus more: Remaining open minded to opportunities Working abroad Entrepreneurship Self-development via education and information Fitness Routine & Goal Setting Tips to leverage skills and work from anywhere
June 02, 2019
An Intro
A short introduction revealing a bit about myself, why I have decided to podcast and what you can expect to hear.
February 18, 2019