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The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast

The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast

By Daniela G.
A podcast for innovators desiring to forge a new trail for their life and business.
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Episode 35: Making Bold Moves with Mandie Brice

The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast

Episode 35: Making Bold Moves with Mandie Brice

The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast

Episode 47: The Importance of Networking
In this episode we breakdown the importance of networking · Why being generous matters · Know your why · The importance of building your social capital Books mentioned in this episode The Memo by Mind Harts Never eat alone by Keith Ferrazzi Follow us on the web IG:@thelbtrailblazerpod Youtube: @The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast
January 28, 2021
Episode 46: (Rewind) Defining your Brand with Grant McGaugh
Welcome back to another episode Grant McGaugh is the CEO of 5 Star BDM, former president of NAHSE Florida, and has over 20+ years of IT experience. Grant is a super-connector and has mastered the art of telling his story and building his brand. In this episode, he breaks down the ingredients that comprise a brand.  Key takeaways Learn how to tell your story Learn how to share your story Learn how to build your story Links 5 starbdm Email us: Follow us on IG
January 20, 2021
SMART goals-The rules for setting meaningful objectives
“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes”-Andrew Carneige What are your goals for the new year? Do you plan on using the SMART acronym to accomplish your personal and professional objectives?  We want to hear from you S (Specific): Use action verbs to tell what you plan to deliver M (Measurable): Quantify or suggest an indicator of progress for measurable goals A (Attainable): Specify who will do it and how R (Relevant/Realistic): State what results can realistically be achieved, given available resources T (Timebound):When do you need your goal to be completed Book(s) mentioned: The Artist Way by Julia Cameron Support us on all social media platforms @thelbtrailblazerpod
January 13, 2021
Episode 48:Faith & Medicine with Dr. Brianna DeSouza
Dr. Briana DeSouza is a Florida native, proud University of Miami alumna, who is a beacon of hope and inspiration. Dr. DeSouza has been working in clinical research, specifically hair loss disorders, for the past two years and recently matched into Dermatology residency at Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Her hope is to continue to serve skin of color and hair loss patients, as well as mentor URM students in the future. In this episode, we pulled out our yoga mats, sipped some tea and got our entire lives back in this episode with our good friend Dr. B who discussed her journey following medical school and how committed she is to holding the door open for upcoming physicians and women of color. Follow Dr. DeSouza on IG: @petiteportenoire The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast Our youtube page: Link to the episode Our Instagram: @thelbtrailblazerpod FaceBook: @thelbtrailblazerpod
August 02, 2020
Episode 47: Why inclusion, diversity and equality matter for your business success with Dr. Colleen Batchelder
Dr. Colleen Batchelder is one of the leading experts in her field of intergenerational communication. She consults within companies, churches, and individuals, and helps them reach the next level of their leadership, increase team development, and construct values that engage all ages within the organization. Her passion for intergenerational understanding has also given her a powerful vision for her own generation. Dr. Colleen hosts LOUD Conversations, an inspiring podcast that equips listeners with practical resources and engaging interviews that gives listeners a behind-the-scenes look at the highs and lows of leadership. She is also the Founder and Executive Dir. Of LOUD Summit, a dynamic nonprofit that aids those in their 20s and 30s in their faith and their purpose. Dr. Colleen was named an emerging leader under 40 by the NYC Mayor’s Center for Faith and Community Partnership, presented with the Champion Award from Portland Seminary, and nominated for her work through LOUD Summit as a leading voice for mental health and suicide prevention in NYC. When she’s not poring over the books and developing creative ways to engage generations, she enjoys exploring Oxford, eating gluten-free pizza, and connecting with fellow dreamers and doers in NYC over a nice Chai Latte. Link to episode Connect with Colleen Social media: Instagram:@colleen_batchelder Her upcoming projects 30 days of hope: Connect with The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast IG:@thelbtrailblazerpod FB:@thelbtrailblazerpod Beginner SQL course(FREE) Advanced SQL course
July 26, 2020
Episode 46: Healing and setting boundaries with Stephanie Bonhomme
Healing and setting boundaries are vital for our emotional wellness. Join us at the table as we share personal stories on healing, setting boundaries, using logic versus our emotion and much more. Stephanie is a social/criminal justice advocate. Born in NY and raised in Jersey.She is also #CLOSErikers campaign leader for a nonprofit organization called Justleadership USA which is based out of Harlem N.Y. Prior to becoming a JLUSA #CLOSErikers campaign leader, she received a Bachelors's in Science degree in criminal justice at Rutgers University. She is driven and passionate about being a part of a culture and community that strives to build a system that provides fundamental resources, health, educational programs, and also committed to achieving a goal to end mass incarceration and injustices within the criminal justice system. Link to episode: Episode Support Stephanie Instagram:@bellisima_steph The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast IG & FB: @thelbtrailblazerpod our site: Stay connected, subscribe and join us
June 21, 2020
Episode 45: Trusting your Gut with Chelsea Haines
Chelsea Haines is a gut health coach, helping female entrepreneurs to heal their gut so they can trust their intuition and live the most down-stream and abundant life, whilst navigating all of the pressure of life with ease. In this episode, we pulled a chair and took good notes on how we can improve our gut health, and how the state of our gut affects more than just our physical health. Support Chelsea Check out her website Check out her upcoming projects Follow her Subscribe to her podcast HOST: Let’s Start Health, The Podcast “A life without cause is a life without effect.” ~Paulo Cohelo The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast Join our community on Youtube and Facebook Our website Download our episode on iTunes, Spotify, Tune etc. Link is also here.
June 08, 2020
Episode 44: Money Matters with Jen Fontanilla
Your mindset drives a number of things your health,  behaviors, and spending habits. Jen Fontanilla imparted much wisdom on this episode. Tune in. Jen is a speaker, a bestselling author who has published six books, and has worked with organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Warner Bros., Costco, Target, Goodwill, and the U.S. Air Force ROTC. She has appeared on radio and TV programs, podcasts and blogs, sharing her money management expertise and knowledge. She has spoken to audiences throughout the United States, including businesses, nonprofits, faith-based groups, organizations that support women empowerment and leadership development, and universities such as the University of Southern California, University of California, Irvine, and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Support Jen! Facebook and Instagram - or - Book Jen's free gift to our trailblazer community The Life & Business Trailblazer Community on IG:@thelbtrailbalzerpod FB: The Life & Business Trailblazer Pod Subscribe, Comment, and Suggest!
May 30, 2020
Episode 43: Your mindset matters with Tanya J. Miller
Tanya J. Miller is an author, speaker, coach, and strategist with a passion for helping people and organizations figure out how to do life and leadership unapologetically on purpose. In our episode, we discussed why your mindset matters and how important it is to leave this earth exhausting every single skill or talent that you were gifted with. Support Tanya: Her next project: 4th book project will be released soon: Motivated Effort: It All Starts With Me Shop TJMLLC - for shopping books and message merch: School by TJMLLC - Online courses on life and leadership, we got $FREE.99 courses too to join the TJMLLC fam and stay connected, plus 20% promo code for first order @ Talking with Tanya Mixtape, Vol 1 is on all digital outlets - Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, etc. The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast IG:@thelbtrailblazerpod
May 24, 2020
Episode 42: Resilience & Mindset with Makini Smith
Founder of A Walk In My Stilettos, Makini Smith, is an award-winning entrepreneur. She has successfully crafted a business in personal development as a mindset coach helping women reach their goals, a certified Proctor Gallagher consultant for her mentor Bob Proctor, and 4-time published author. Her first book is titled "A Walk In My Stilettos: How To Get Through The Struggle With Grace" with the foreword written by Linda Proctor (wife of Bob Proctor), her second book "A Walk In My Stilettos: 111 Affirmations To Help You Heal" was inspired by the encouragement of her readers. Makini created her third book "A Walk In My Stilettos: The Gratitude Journal" to share her success tools with other women which was followed by "The Couples Gratitude Journal" inspired by her relationship with her partner.  Makini joined us here at The Life & Business Trailblazer table where we discussed Support Makini Website  IG: @therealmakinismith Link to books A walk in my stilettos 111 Affirmations to help you heal Gratitude Journal Couples gratitude journal The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast Subscribe, and support IG:@thelbtrailblazerpod
May 10, 2020
Episode 41: Digital marketing and personal trailblazing with Roman Prokopchuk
Welcome Trailblazers, we had the pleasure of interviewing Roman Prokopchuk who spilled the beans on several tools that entrepreneurs should be using to build attraction towards one's brand or product. Roman also breaks down Search Engine Optimization(SEO), and more.  Here is a brief bio on Roman Roman has 11 years of experience leading digital teams in senior leadership roles on over 600 campaigns across many industries. He founded Nova Zora Digital in 2012. Roman is the host of the Digital Savage Experience Podcast, a Top 100 Podcast on Apple Podcasts for How To. He is a foster parent, and has had 20 kids in his home since June 2018. Support Roman: website: Digital Savage Podcast Social media:  IG:@romanprokopchuk @digital_savage_podcast The Life & Business Trailblazer Podcast @thelbtrailblazerpod
May 03, 2020
Episode 40: Dating in 2020
Dating, in general, is a struggle, but dating in 2020 is another bigger struggle. In this episode, Latoya and I chat about our experiences with dating and provide some insight on what dating should be. Our list is not inclusive but should give you a general idea of what to look for when in the dating scene. Join the conversation! Support us on Instagram, and Facebook @thelbtrailblazerpod Send us an Sponsor: Legacy Republik, Resume writing and interview coaching service Leave a review in iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts
April 12, 2020
Episode 39: Race, mass incarceration, politics, and writing with LeRon L. Barton
Race, Mass incarceration, Politics and Writing with Leron Barton LeRon L. Barton is a writer from Kansas City, MO currently living in San Francisco, Ca. A graduate of Paseo Academy of Fine Arts, LeRon is the author of two books, “Straight Dope: A 360 degree look into American Drug Culture” and “All We Really Need Is Love: Stories of Dating, Relationships, Heartbreak, and Marriage.” In addition to the books, LeRon is an essayist; whose topics cover racism, mass incarceration, politics, gender, and dating. These works have appeared in Black Enterprise, Salon, The Good Men Project, Your Tango, Media Diversity, Raconteur, Elephant Journal, East Bay Times, and MoAD. In today’s episode we are discussing race and its impact on mass incarceration, politics and writing. I really enjoyed my conversation with LeRon, who is a very talented and wise culturist shedding light on a necessary topic. Support and follow LeRon TEDx – How I Overcame The Fear of My Stutter - Podcast launching services: Levels to Launch Website: Resume Writing and Interview coaching Legacy Republik Website: Book we reference: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the age of colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
April 05, 2020
Episode 38: Overcoming Loneliness in entrepreneurship and relationships with Daree Nieves
Daree is an award-winning technical writer, speaker, certified life coach, podcast host and authorpreneur who has published articles on a variety of topics as a freelance writer and blogger. Daree is also the author of three books, including the teen mentoring book series entitled "What's Wrong With Me?," in which she discusses her own childhood dealing with self-esteem, media influence, premarital sex, family and personal relationships, and gives advice to teens about it all. Her latest book, "Ending the Blame Game," discusses relationship advice for Black couples based on interviews with numerous Black men, coaches and therapists. She is also a voice actor. Her poised, polished, and professional voice is perfect for clear, corporate communications such as commercials and promos for radio, web, voicemail, on-hold messaging and training courses. As a voice talent, authorpreneur & podcaster, she enjoys inspiring people and using her voice for good. Connect with Daree Podcast: YouTube: Voiceover site: VOcality e-course: Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter = @DareeAllen and Connect with The Life & Business Podcast IG:@Thelbtrailblazerpod FB:@Thelbtrailblazerpod Leave a comment and subscribe Get a FREE credit repair consultation by visiting referral source:Daniela 
March 29, 2020
Episode 37: Mastering business and networking with Tandee Salter
Tandee Salter, Master Business Success Coach and Consultant, helps to develop marketing strategies so you can gain more exposure and make more money in your business. Currently pursuing her doctorate, Tandee has helped small business owners learn how to navigate email marketing, copywriting, and editing content so they can get the maximum results from their marketing efforts. Unwilling to sit by on the sideline and watching entrepreneurs struggle, she is focused on making an impact and educating entrepreneurs and helping them move beyond frustration and not achieving their goals. Connect with Tandee Facebook:@TandeeSalter IG:@TandeeSalter Tools mentioned 1) Facebook content creator 2)Constant contact for email marketing
March 14, 2020
Brand Development with Grant McGaugh
Grant is a veteran information technology (IT) sales professional with over 20 years of experience and loves connecting with people with similar interests.  He attended DeVry Institute of Technology where he received a degree in Electrical Electronics & Communications Engineering. Throughout the years he has racked up certifications such as: Cloud Technology Associate, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, IT Business Conversations-HPE, Selling Business Outcomes – Cisco and Dell EMC certified Associate-Converged Systems and Hybrid Cloud Platforms. Grant, is the CEO of his life and business, 5 Star BDM, a brand development company. In this episode, we delve into brand development, what it is, how to build and sustain it.  Grant will be releasing his own podcast in the near future, "Minority voices in healthcare" stay tuned for updates.
February 11, 2020
Episode 35: Making Bold Moves with Mandie Brice
Mandie Brice passionately believes that if you look and feel better, you do everything else better. She is a makeup artist in California with celebrity experience. She is the host of the Bold Moves Podcast, which shares stories of people who've taken risks that have paid off, and she hopes that her podcast helps both inspire and educate people to go after their dreams. She's also created an online course to teach beginners to do basic makeup looks with practical skills, and has since released the course in an ebook format as well. She has also recently released a goal-setting and achieving ebooklet to help people set well-aligned goals in 2020 and beyond, and take inspired action toward making their dreams a reality! In this episode we discuss how to make bold moves in your life and business. Stay in touch with Mandie! Website IG FaceBook If you haven't leave us a comment on iTunes, and all other audio digital platforms
February 02, 2020
Episode 34: Being a first generation Haitian American with Darline Dugue
For those of us who were raised in a Carribean household we have many things in common our parents were either too strict, didn't display much affection, didn't have conversations with you about adulthood, and expected you to either be a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. In this episode with Darline we dive into the deep end of growing up in a Haitian household and being a first-generation American.  Leave a comment and review Want to sponsor Darline's idea? email us at If you want to learn how to code with SQL, sign up for our beginner level course here Follow Darline on IG:d2dugue, have specific questions for Darline? Email her here or here "Embark, Forge new trails, and Conquer"
January 20, 2020
Episode 33: Building community, and culture through honest dialogue-The Melanated Conversations
In today's discussion, I sit with the lovely ladies of The Melanated Conversations podcast, a space for black women to amplify their authentic voices. Our topics • Filling the void of positive representation of black women in society and culture • Creating space for black women to openly share experiences and drive our own narratives • Celebrating and shining light on our achievements (entrepreneurial, historical, etc.) • Avenue of community and support The Melanated Conversations details: The Melanated Convo website: Social media handles: @melanatedconvos @terrian4reel @literrallyyana
January 01, 2020