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Two And A Half Coins

Two And A Half Coins

By david wong
This series focuses on teaching you about cryptocurrencies from the very start! We'll start with databases, banks, distributed systems, and we will then go further with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Mina, and other cryptocurrencies that are making the world advance today.

About: David Wong is an engineer at O(1) Labs working on the Mina cryptocurrency. Prior to that, he was the security lead for the Diem (also known as Libra) cryptocurrency at Novi, Facebook. And before that a security consultant at the Cryptography Services practice of NCC Group. David is also the author of Real-World Cryptography.
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Cryptocurrencies from scratch: databases, the banking world, and distributed systems

Two And A Half Coins

51% attacks on proof-of-work chains and Merkle trees!
In this fourth episode I stick with Bitcoin to talk about 51% attacks and double spending in more details. In the second part of the podcast I explain what type of data structure merkle trees are, and why they are used in pretty much all cryptocurrencies.
September 07, 2022
More on Bitcoin: How does mining work? What are hash functions? And what is Proof of Work?
In this third episode we'll dig more into the tech of Bitcoin. But for that, we'll need to talk briefly about cryptographic hash functions and how they work. Once done, we'll talk about mining, proof of work, chains of blocks, and mining pools!
August 31, 2022
Bitcoin from scratch: The Bitcoin client, public keys and signatures, and the miners
In the previous episode we briefly talked about what cryptocurrencies fundamentally are, and what problems they attempt to solve. In this episode we'll dig int our very first cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. This will be a high-level overview that will cover what the software looks like, what cryptographic signatures are, and who are these miners who process transactions.
August 31, 2022
Cryptocurrencies from scratch: databases, the banking world, and distributed systems
This is the first episode of a series on cryptocurrencies. In this series I will tell you about cryptocurrencies from scratch. This first episode is quite non-technical and should be easy to understand for most folks. I will explain what databases are, how banks around the world move money around, and what cryptocurrencies fundamentally offer. In the next episode I will dig more into the first ever cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.
August 31, 2022