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The Dexter Project Podcast

The Dexter Project Podcast

By David
The Dexter Project Podcast, Hosted by Dex, will deep dive into the everyday Latinx lifestyle and controversial topics. He will expresses opinions on topics through his past and current experiences while incorporating special guests. No topics are off-limits.
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Return to "Normal"

The Dexter Project Podcast

Finding the Acceptance and Support
In a last-minute solo show, Dex goes through the rollercoaster of topics with the help of Thing One. The strange duo spiral through sensitive topics such as post Father's Day realization and bullying. Dex also engages on the topic of acceptance and support after Raiders Carl Nassib opens up about his sexuality.
June 28, 2021
Return to "Normal"
June 15 marked the day Californians would be able to resume "normal life" after being stuck with year long restrictions. Dex and Phlick deep dive into post-pandemic life and what the future will hold. The duo also chimes in on the lifted restrictions and how they will be returning to normal life. 
June 21, 2021
Pushing for Unity; Not Division
With several moments occurring in the past year, Dex and Phlick reflect on the different opinions that were voiced. The duo continues to share how the Latinx community is slowly lost during these movements and how the community itself continues to be divided. Sit with Orale Wey as they talk through the tough discussion of supporting each other despite race.
June 13, 2021
Living through the Pandemic
Dex and Phlick take you through their real-life experience of living through the COVID-19 Pandemic and how they are feeling now that the United States has begun to open up. Tune in to hear how the duo dealt with key issues that people all over the world experienced during these hard times.   
June 8, 2021
Growing Up Latinx
Dex and Phlick reflect on their upbringings in a hispanic household and touch on topics that are not normalized in the Latinx community. Join the duo as they go in-depth on their past and how that has taken them down the path they are on today. 
May 15, 2021