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The Recruitment Podcast With Rhys Jones

The Recruitment Podcast With Rhys Jones

By Davidson Gray
Join Rhys Jones on the ultimate recruitment podcast as he shares advice, tips and insights on the recruitment industry - from setting up your own business, to tackling the challenges of recruitment.

With years of experience building recruitment business from the ground up, Rhys is ready to share his expertise and know-how with the rest of the recruitment industry.
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Why do recruiters get paid so much?
Why do recruiters get paid so much? Good recruiters are entrepreneurial and can make money out of nothing. But should a good recruiter earn more than the Prime Minister, for example? In this podcast, Rhys looks at why recruiters are paid so much and why they deserve it! Rhys is Managing Director of recruitment start up backer, Davidson Gray. Book a chat with Rhys here.
July 19, 2022
An Introduction To Employer & Employee Branding
What exactly is employer branding or is it employee branding? They are terms that we use a lot in recruitment, both internally and when talking to clients. Employer branding is more than just your logo and assets, it’s about how you project yourself as a company to prospective employees - encompassing your core values, culture and working environment. A good employer brand starts with a clear and coherent EVP (Employer Value Proposition). In my new podcast, I introduce the basics of what an employer brand is and why, as a new recruitment business, you need one. I also look at how to start to develop your own EVP. You can contact Rhys about setting up a new recruitment business on LinkedIn or through the Davidson Gray Website. 
June 29, 2022
Why Setting Up Your Business Culture Early is Critical
It’s never too early to set your recruitment business’ culture... As a new recruitment start-up, you may think you don’t have to worry about company culture just yet. But, thinking one, two, or even three years ahead can save you a lot of problems further down the line. In this podcast, Rhys Jones will discuss how establishing your company culture early with help create a high-performing and happy recruitment business as you continue to grow. It’s never too early to set the tone and culture of your SME or new start-up recruitment agency - after all, changing behaviours and culture further down the line is much harder to achieve. What is good company culture? Recently, the term ‘company culture’ has become a bit divisive. But, we’re not talking about stifling creativity and innovation by hiring for narrow personality types. In this podcast, Rhys outlines how establishing core behaviours across your business early helps create a culture of high-performance, openness and greater personal development. Getting the culture question right from the earliest point possible makes it easier to attract big-billers, makes it easier for new starters to settle in and learn from their colleagues and reduces negativity. Listen to our new recruitment podcast and find out how you can establish a positive culture from the top-down as a hands-on business owner and create a solid platform to grow your team and business for years to come. Y9oiGZVVBUpIbx91FKqf
July 12, 2021
How to Get Your Recruitment Website Found on Google
Your recruitment website should be a cash generator. Having a great looking website that isn’t visible on Google is like having a great brochure advertising your company but keeping it stuck in a drawer.  Strong SEO performance is the key to unlocking the revenue potential of your recruitment website. In Rhys’ latest podcast, he explores some of the tips, techniques and tools you can use to help your recruitment website perform better across search engines and get it seen by clients and candidates.  There’s no quick fix to getting to the top of Google, but as most of the websites we build rank really high, you can trust that this podcast will give you some great tips to get started, along with some myth busting on SEO shortcuts that don’t work.
May 11, 2021
How I Used KPIs to Become a Massive Billing Recruiter
Recruitment KPIs have a polarising reputation across the industry, but use them correctly and they can massively increase your performance as a recruiter and even help you to build and manage a successful recruitment business. Join Rhys Jones in his podcast as he talks about how KPIs helped him to become a super biller in recruitment, from measuring the most successful recruiting habits to creating a road-map for future success. Then explore how you can utilise KPIs to help you make the most out of building a new recruitment business.
April 27, 2021
Do you get real value from me and my time, or is doing it yourself a better option?
What value can you get from a support company when looking to set up your own business? With many recruiters now going it alone, it’s tempting to think everything can be done yourself. Join Rhys Jones in his podcast as he explores the value you get from working with a business who can fully support you when building a recruitment firm from the ground up. From accounting, digital marketing, website building and all the small jobs you don’t even realise need doing – Rhys takes you through the many advantages of working with Davidson Gray.
March 23, 2021
Why Investing in Marketing is More Important Than Investing in Your Staff
Your business is your staff, and almost nothing is more important than investing in them. Except investing in marketing. Join Rhys Jones in his latest podcast as he discusses how real investment into your marketing strategy can make a transformative difference to your business, your growth model, and the sale-ability of your business.
February 15, 2021
Comparing the Risks of Moving Jobs to Working For Yourself
The risk of building a recruitment business might seem much larger than just moving jobs at first, but that isn't always the case. Join Rhys Jones in his podcast as he discusses the different risks and major rewards that come with working for yourself and building a recruitment business from scratch. With more and more people going the self-employed route, it's more important than ever to think about the advantages that come with it. 
February 08, 2021
Breaking Past the Five Staff Barrier
In previous episodes of the podcast, Rhys has discussed how to scale your business and how to make your first hire - but getting past the barrier of five staff is always a big task. Join Rhys as he discusses the reasons why, and how your business can achieve sustainable growth beyond the five staff barrier.
December 16, 2020
How to Write a Recruitment Business Plan
It might seem like a difficult admin task, but writing the business plan for your new recruitment business might be easier than you think. In this podcast, Rhys Jones draws from his experience building recruitment businesses to guide you through the process of how to write a recruitment business plan. 
December 08, 2020
Is Giving Away Equity In Your Business a Smart Idea
In this podcast, Rhys discusses whether it's a smart idea to give away equity in your business. From giving away equity to bring in more capital into your business, to giving away equity to bring in a new business partner, Rhys talks through the options, positives and drawbacks of doing so - along with what you need to be mindful of when giving away part of your business. 
December 02, 2020
How Much Value Does a Mentor or Experienced Business Owner Add to a Start Up?
With over 12 years of experience building recruitment businesses, Rhys has a thorough understanding of how a mentor or experienced business owner can help shape the future of a start-up recruitment business. In this podcast, join Rhys as he discusses the benefits and value of a mentor in a start-up business.
November 26, 2020
Can You Actually Scale A Recruitment Business?
With 12 years building his own recruitment firms to sale, and another 8 years solely building recruitment firms for others, Rhys knows a thing or two about scaling a business. In this latest podcast, Rhys discusses what people mean when they talk about scaling their business, and whether it's possible in a recruitment firm. 
November 11, 2020
How Much Does it Cost to Set Up a Recruitment Business?
One of the most common question Rhys is asked when helping people to set up a recruitment business - just how much does a recruitment business cost to set up? Join Rhys Jones in this podcast as he guides you through the process of creating a sales forecast and working out running costs and set up costs for your new recruitment business.  
November 06, 2020
What is it Like to Set Up in Business?
Setting up a recruitment business can be a big deal. With over 8 years of experience helping recruitment start-ups grow from an initial set up, Rhys Jones knows everything there is to know about getting started in recruitment.  Join him in his latest podcast as he discusses the excitement and difficulties of setting up a business. 
October 27, 2020
So You're Thinking of Building a Recruitment Business to Sell
After selling his own recruitment businesses and working solely with others to grow their firms - Rhys' knowledge on growing a recruitment business to sell is unmatched. Join him in the latest episode of The Davidson Gray podcast as he discusses how you can do the same. 
October 19, 2020
How to Hire Trainees
Rhys Jones talks about the important qualities you need to look for, along with the actions you need to take, to make sure you’re hiring the right trainees for your business.
October 14, 2020
How to Make the First Hires in Your Recruitment Business
In this podcast, Rhys Jones talks about the most critical and toughest hires you’ll be making in your business – the first ones.
October 14, 2020
A Recruiters Guide to Time Management
In this podcast, Rhys Jones discusses how recruiters can make the most of their time in work, giving tips and advice on how to prioritise tasks to be at your most effective. 
June 18, 2020
Time Management in the Recruitment Industry
In this podcast, Rhys Jones discusses the importance of effective time management, along with some tips on how recruiters can make the most of their time to maximise their work output.
June 15, 2020
How I Moved to Selling Search
In this podcast, Rhys draws from his years of professional experience as a recruiter to highlight a path for recruiters looking to move from contingency to search recruitment.
June 15, 2020