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13 | @ToyShiz Returns | NYCC Reveals & B v TMNT Figs | Birds of Prey Trailer | Joker Movie

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Talkin’ Action Figures and Collectibles from the DC Universe: Press interviews, convention coverage, reviews, and discussion. Hosted by writer/filmmaker/podcaster, Benjamin David (Above & Batman Beyond).
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Talkin’ Action Figures and Collectibles from the DC Universe: Press interviews, convention coverage, reviews, and discussion. Hosted by writer/filmmaker/podcaster, Benjamin David (Above & Batman Beyond).

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15 | Interacting with ActionFigureInsider.com | DCC
Benjamin interviews Daniel Pickett from Actionfigureinsider.com. The real deal in toy news reporting, going all the way back to mid 90s early internet coverage of animated Batman figs. Find Benjamin David’s own toy coverage at Collectible506.com and our show @dccollecticast on Instagram and Twitter.
November 1, 2019
14 | NYCC Pt 1 | DC Collectibles’ Jim Fletcher: Adventures Continue Figs, Batman v TMNT & Bombshells
Wielding a NY Comic Con 2019 press pass from Collectible506.com, Benjamin David interviews Jim Fletcher, Creative Director of DC Collectibles, LIVE from the DC booth at NYCC. Video version of today’s interview coming up on our ComicBookIntl Youtube channel. Part 2 and more NYCC coverage coming as well! Follow us @dccollecticast on Instagram and Twitter, @comicbookintl for our network and YouTube channel, Benjamin’s writing: Collectible506.com
October 16, 2019
13 | @ToyShiz Returns | NYCC Reveals & B v TMNT Figs | Birds of Prey Trailer | Joker Movie
Instagram toy reporter @toyshiz returns for NYCC reveals from NECA, Batman vs TMNT figs from DC Collectibles, and a bunch more. For DC News: Birds of Prey trailer, Todd Phillips’ Joker, and the state of the DCEU.
October 3, 2019
Ep 12 | @toyshiz | The Instagram Toy Reporter | DCC
Benjamin first met @toyshiz right at the DC Collectibles booth at NY Toy Fair this year! Today, the 2 toy nerds follow up with a collectibles talk about DC and what @toyshiz, the profile, is all about. Follow him on Instagram for minute by minute toy availability updates and reviews!
April 11, 2019
Ep 11 | New Batmobile Correspondent! | Forever Diecast Returns | @batman_forever_diecast | DCC
Forever Diecast returns! As do we, with a new bi-weekly episode schedule. Happy to announce our new Batmobile correspondent/Diecast expert Tim Jack: @batman_forever_diecast on Instagram, returning today with Batmobile and other DC updates. Benjamin touches on last episode’s live coverage of NY Toy Fair 2019; the boys talk DC Primal Age action figures, Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” and more from DC.
March 27, 2019
Ep 10 | LIVE NY Toy Fair 2019 Interviews! | DC Collectibles, Funko, & Cryptozoic | DCC
Part 1 of our LIVE NY Toy Fair 2019 coverage! From the largest international toy show on the planet, Benjamin David interviews DC Collectibles, Funko, & Cryptozoic right from their booths at the fair.
February 27, 2019
Ep 9 | @batman_forever_diecast | Every Hot Wheels Batmobile EVER! | DCC
Welcome BACK to DC Collecticast! New Interview format, featuring today’s Batmobile obsessed guest, Tim Jack, a.k.a. @batman_forever_diecast on Instagram. NY Toy Fair 2019 is ALSO upon us this weekend, Benjamin breaks down upcoming interviews and DC reveals coming out of this year’s LIVE NY Toy Fair coverage!
February 17, 2019
Ep 8 | Ben v BvS, Phantasm in Theaters, & Game Stop Batman Forever
Celebrate Turkey Day weekend with DC Black Friday talk of Game Stop, “Mask of the Phantasm” in theaters, Ben v Scott on “Batman v Superman” & back Eps of “Titans.” SUBSCRIBE/REVIEW DCC on iTunes, Anchor, Google Play, and more pod places. We DC Collectors are part of the ComicBookIntl.com network! (Please be patient with our ever improving sound quality)
November 26, 2018
Ep 7 | BTAS on Blu-Ray, QnA/DCAU Figure Wish List, Beast Kingdom Giveaway!  | DCC
Back from Florida, Ben and the collectors reconvene: BTAS on Blu-Ray, Our Beast Kingdom/DCC giveaway, QnA Figure wish list for the DCAU.
November 14, 2018
Ep 6 | Q&A n’ Dark Nights Metal Halloweeeen Interview w/ Diamond Select! | DCC
Happy collecta Halloweeeen special!! Celebrate with new spooky sound quality; our first Q&A; and a Diamond Select Toys Interview on Dark Nights Metal 9” PVC Diorama Statues
October 29, 2018
Ep 5 | Titans Pilot, New Multiverse Figs, Scott’s BATground | DCC
“Titans” pilot reaction/debate; New NYCC 2018 DCC interviews on our “Above & Batman Beyond” podcast; Being impressed with new & upcoming DC Multiverse figs (finally)
October 18, 2018
Ep 4 | NY Con Collector Recap | Meeting Heroes | DCC
Benjamin recaps his NY Comic Con LIVE DC Collectibles interviews from Funko & Diamond Select; meeting his childhood hero; making serious con press connections and Batfriends alike! (Please excuse minor audio/editing issues. We're still learning the new recording system).
October 11, 2018
Ep 3 | NYCC Cosplay Freeze | Con Pod Beyond Crossover! | DCC
We’re crossin’ the pods from NY Comic Con 2018, collectors! Today’s ep is a crossover with our network’s “Above & Batman Beyond” podcast, featuring Benjamin’s interview with the incredible Mr. Freeze cosplayer, Edward @bretzels.empire on Instagram. Next, tune into “Above” for a LIVE NYCC interview with Zach Oat from the Diamond Select booth at con.. Oh, and a minor story about meeting KEVIN CONROY, the voice of BTAS Batman/old Bruce Wayne from Batman Beyond!!
October 8, 2018
LIVE NYCC 2018 Funko Interview | Con Bonus Track! | DCC
LIVE from NY Comic Con 2018, Benjamin returns for an interview at the coveted and PACKED Funko Booth. Interviewing Cameron from the legendary Funko marketing team, talkin' DC: Gold Midas Batman & Harley Quinn DC Heroes, Arthur Curry Aquaman Pop! and the bonus of ALL bonuses: a FREE "DC Primal Age" Mr. Freeze from their new Masters of the Universe inspired DC line of action figures. Happy con, DC Collectors!
October 7, 2018
Ep 2 | NYCC Pre-Show | Ben’s Journey & Bat Toys Forever
Ben previews his NY Comic Con coverage; Tyler & Scott reminisce Batman Forever toys; Titans & DC Universe; Benjamin tells of his life's journey as a Bat fan/traveller/writer/podcaster in our new segment.
October 4, 2018
Ep 1 | DCC Pilot! | Diamond Select Batman Beyond Busts | DCC
Yay for our Pilot! Today, our co-hosts introduce DCC, Toy Photographer Updates, we hit Marvel vs DC cinematic, BTAS DC Collectibles, Diamond Select Batman Beyond busts for the segment: “ Building Ben’s Bat Collection”
September 27, 2018
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