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The DGDC - Deeply Graphic Designcast

The DGDC - Deeply Graphic Designcast

By Graphic Designers Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilson
The ultimate podcasts for creatives. Hosted by Nick Longo, Mikelle Morrison, and Jordan Wilson. A unique team of creative professionals, united together to bring unique inspiration and uncommon perspectives. We help creatives continually improve their careers and endeavors with in-depth interviews, round table discussions, and instructional lessons.
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DESIGNCAST | Dan Janssen of Lincoln Design Co | DGDC

The DGDC - Deeply Graphic Designcast

DESIGNCAST | Logo Trends 2022 with Bill Gardner | DGDC
Bill Gardner of Logo Lounge and Gardner Designs is back again for his intensive Logo Trends Report, 2022!  You can follow along with Bill's Report here. Or, you can watch the Video version on YouTube here.
July 12, 2022
Rethinking Your Meetings! Did you know workers lose nearly three hours per week to UNNECESSARY meetings! This results in FRAGMENTED schedules and video fatigue. Meetings are one of the biggest time sinks in organizations today. They consistently sabotage employees' productivity--especially in our new era of hybrid work. Why? They've become the cause for many other activities--coffee chats, brainstorming, happy hours, and more. Research by Harvard Business School professors found that as the pandemic unfolded, employees added 13 percent more meetings to their calendars. In this episode, the gang reviews an awesome article with tips and suggestions to help you rescue you and your team from meeting chaos!
June 08, 2022
We thought it was time for an honest-to-goodness, no holds bar, Hot Takes Episode. And there was no shortage of fun topics to debate! We definitely had a lot of fun recording this one!
April 25, 2022
Are you juggling multiple clients, falling behind on projects, and can’t figure out how to escape? Feels like we are all in the same boat lately, continually in the heat of the moment, catching up on emails, project changes, and never-ending zoom meetings. It’s time to get a grip, the DGDC team is here to help! We discuss organization tools and tips, job tracking software pros and cons, setting reminders, and knowing when to say no!
March 16, 2022
DESIGNCAST | Design Trends 2022 | DGDC
Here it is! Our predictions for Design Trends of 2022! We even prepared a Companion PDF to follow along with! Download our Companion PDF Here!
January 31, 2022
DESIGNCAST | Holiday Gift Guide 2021 | DGDC
Our annual review of great gifts for designers! Nick, Mikelle, and Jordan go over their wishlists for the holidays! To make things super festive and easy this year, we have two useful tools to make this a joyous holiday experience! One, Download Our Companion Guide including all the links! Second, you can WATCH the Video Companion on our YouTube channel! Cheers and Happy Holidays! -Nick, Mikelle & Jordan
December 07, 2021
TEST PILOTS | How Creatives Can Manage Mental Health Part 2 | DGDC
As a designer in a fast-paced and demanding position, it can be tempting to let your mental health take a back seat during stressful periods. However, those are the moments when it becomes even more important to exercise proper discipline. Mike, Rubaie, Steven, and Narek discuss how stress and work affect their mental health, as well as their process for staying in a positive mindset. They speak with Francisco Reyes Jr, also known as “Nevermade”, about his battles with mental health and depression, as well as with Mitch Goldstein about a “Maker’s Mindset” and why it’s important to allow yourself to feel a full range of emotions as a creative.
November 22, 2021
DESIGNCAST | You're Hired | DGDC
The job market is hot right now, making this a perfect time to advance your career. Employers are struggling to find and hire great talent—and as a result, they are offering increasing pay, perks, and opportunities. In this episode, the gang reveals their best tips to increase your odds of landing that new job, helping you take advantage of the tight job market to grow in your job and get on a path to your best professional success.  Follow us on Instagram: DGDC Nick Longo Mikelle Morrison Jordan Wilson
November 01, 2021
DESIGNCAST | Handling Impatient Clients | DGDC
We've all been there before. A frantic call, late in the day, from a client in desperate need of a rush job. Don't panic, we've got you covered. NIck, Mikelle, and Jordan discuss some tactical maneuvers to help you navigate these rough seas! We go over setting better expectations upfront, avoiding knee-jerk reactions, and even "homework" you can give your client to hopefully avoid future "red-alert" situations! Plus, we have a fantastic Listener Question as well!
September 27, 2021
Designcast | The Solo Entrepreneur - Jason Craig | DGDC
In this episode, the gang chats with designer Jason Craig, all about working autonomously in the design industry. It's a round-table discussion about working on your own as a solo entrepreneur. We compare notes on keeping the momentum going, initiating new business and endeavors, plus some fun questions we can all participate in. Jason specifically talks about being a solo entrepreneur in his town and what inspires him to be so motivated and enthusiastic all while running a design business. Some highlights include: How he plants the seeds for his own future Making cool events because there are no cool events Being from a small town has its advantages How anyone can set up monthly networking events in their town. You can check out Jason at the following links: Website Instagram LinkedIn This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
August 23, 2021
Designcast | Designers & Content Strategists - Jim Morris | DGDC
In this episode, we are joined by Jim Morris, author of "BADVERTISING: An Exposé of Insipid, Insufferable, Ineffective Advertising." We discuss the ongoing struggles of Designers and Content Strategists, trying to work together in both agencies and design firms. Jim shares his 20+ years of experience, highlighting everything from common failures to hugely successful working relations. Be sure to follow him on LINKEDIN here. (@tagline-jim-morris) This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
August 04, 2021
Designcast | Crushing Goals - David Jon Walker | DGDC
"Extra time equals extra opportunities" - David Jon Walker. In this episode, we are joined by David Jon Walker. A talented designer and Associate Professor of Art in Graphic Design. We chat about his experience over the last year and how he took advantage of 2020 to set new Creative and Personal Goals. We talk about how he set new goals, including: 1) Learning a whole new creative skill/talent he's always wanted to try. 2) Posting his work more regularly and with purpose. Getting over those hurdles. 3) Daily personal wellness and health. 4) Saying YES to opportunities. 5) Putting his work to the test by entering competitions as a "reality check." Be sure to follow him on Instagram here. (@davidjonwalker) This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
July 05, 2021
TEST PILOTS | How Creatives Can Manage Mental Health Part 1 | DGDC
After a difficult year in quarantine, The Test Pilots kick off with a new 2 part episode series on Mental Health in the Design Community and interview industry professionals Meg Lewis and Kate O’Connell. Tune in for the first episode of the series—filled with personal stories, helpful tips, and more! This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
June 23, 2021
DESIGNCAST | Logo Trends 2021 | DGDC
Our longest-running tradition here at the DGDC, Bill Gardner returns for the 2021 Logo Trends Report. Bill and the Logo Lounge team report what they have found by thoroughly scrutinizing the more than 35,000 logos submitted to LogoLounge since last year’s report. As always, this report comes with a disclaimer, "It is an observation of the trajectory and evolution of key design directions. Yours is not to imitate but to use these to inform you where our industry is going and if you are able to stand on the shoulders of these designs and push them to the next great iteration or a completely new level."  You can follow along with Bill's Trend Report as a companion to our conversation. In addition to the report, we also discuss: - How 2020 changed things for many small design studios. - What industries and businesses skyrocketed. - How designers are hired to tell stories and create meaning. Making the drama matter. - How consumers are looking for guidance in alien territory and we are the scouts and the guides. Sign Up for Logo Lounge at: This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
June 07, 2021
"Most people comment on logo rebrands as if they're judging a diving competition when they should be judging a swimming competition. It's not what kind of splash you make when you hit the water. It's how long you can keep your head above the water." Michael Bierut said it best. We should review logo rebrands differently. Logos need to have a long life, not win points in a discussion. So we decide to take a look at some of the most recent rebrands and discuss them with exactly this perspective in mind. The gang looks at Burger King, Cadbury, GM, and Kia. We've also included this Companion PDF so you can follow along with our chat. If the link does not work, we have it on our Instagram bio link as well!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram! The DGDC Podcast Nick Longo Mikelle Morrison Jordan Wilson
May 24, 2021
Designcast | Embracing Failure | DGDC
Despite running a profitable, successful design business, many of us have experienced a few failures. We see failure as the end result of our efforts, or worse, we see it as the definition of our character. In this episode, Nick and Mikelle reflect on our own failures – financial challenges, client relations, and communication dilemmas. Hopefully discussing these challenges can genuinely have an impact on our overall business and success. We cover the following: ·     Lessons learned throughout the years ·     Setting clear expectations for our business and ourselves ·     Building relationships with network contacts and clients – both current and potential ·     Failures mixed with successes that result in a healthy, balanced “secret sauce” anyone can achieve. This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
May 03, 2021
Designcast | Jeremy Slagle - The New Client Nextdoor | DGDC
The Potential New Client Nextdoor. Jeremy Slagle joins the gang to discuss all the wonders of working with small local businesses. With his vast knowledge working with Jeni's Ice Cream in its early stages, Jeremy shares some tangible insights including: Tips and Advice for listeners to find small local clients. How to align your business with clients who share the same values and goals. Discovering, developing, and spreading joy through your everyday work and talents. Sharing your gifts to better your community. And as a bonus, he talks passionately about the term "freelance" and why we should consider removing the F-word from your vocabulary! Check out Jeremy's website here! This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
April 05, 2021
DESIGNCAST | Outsourcing | DGDC
Every business owner’s goal is to scale their company into something bigger, something that can serve their clients better. Freelancers shouldn’t be any different. Outsourcing fits right into any scaling plan or expansion goals. Mikelle and the team discuss some of the pros and cons of outsourcing with personal stories and practical advice. From project kickoffs to revisions, we highlight different ways to incorporate outsourcing and other collaborative partnerships to increase productivity and build a strong team.
March 23, 2021
TEST PILOTS | Self Betterment | DGDC
EPISODE TWO! THE DGDC PRESENTS THE TEST PILOTS SELF BETTERMENT "We are the Test Pilots, 4 young designers exploring advice that “Senior Designers” are always giving. In the Design World, folks who have already been there, done that, are spouting soundbite suggestions that sometimes are unproven, and we are going to put them to the test! We might succeed or we might fail, no harm no foul, it’s all a test! " Comprised of Rubaie Jaffer, Mike Burpoe, Steven Overtrurf, and Narek Mughnetsyan, the Test Pilots were brought together by the DGDC, in hopes of expanding the diversity, opinions, and experience levels of the podcast. We gave them the mission to come up with a show concept they can really get immersed in, hoping to help younger creatives navigate through their design career paths. This idea of “testing” the advice from more senior designers really struck a chord with us. For the first episode, they challenged themselves to double their rates. Each designer explains their story, with updates and reactions. It’s super unique and unlike anything you’ve heard on a podcast before. Join the conversation and follow our new co-hosts! Let them know what you thought of the episode and feel free to suggest other “design myths” they can put to the test! Find them on Instagram at: Rubaie Jaffer Mike Burpoe Steven Overtrurf Narek Mughnetsyan This episode is sponsored by Skillshare. To take advantage of our promotion, click here or go to:
March 08, 2021
DESIGNCAST | Bill Kenney - Proceed with Courage | DGDC
Focus Lab's Bill Kenney joins us for an uplifting conversation inspired by their agency's slogan"Proceed with Courage." A perfect mantra to kick off 2021 with a better mindset, by being courageous and optimistic for the coming year! In this episode, we tackle: Tactical actions for better communication. Pricing and confidence in asking for more. Are you being authentic, putting your best foot forward? How to battle “second-guessing” yourself. Refreshing your business's collateral, marketing, and website to reflect this. How do we instill courage with clients? Helping them make the leap of faith. The importance of the “intangibles” too. Also, Bill and his team are offering the most amazing offer to our listeners! The entire product line-up of Sidecar assets is available for FREE!  Go to the Sidecar website and use the following discount code for unlimited downloads! DGDCALLFREE Every single asset... FREE! Go make something great, and be sure to thank Bill and his team for this amazing offer. Bill on LinkedIn Bill on Instagram
February 22, 2021
DESIGNCAST | Dan Janssen of Lincoln Design Co | DGDC
Agency Advice for the Freelance Designer - In this episode, we are joined by Dan Janssen, Creative Director of Lincoln Design Co. Dan's gives us an inside look at how their studio has grown into one of the leading design agencies out there. We cover a ton of great insight, stories, and advice for any designer looking to grow their own business! Topics include: The beginning stages of Lincoln Design Co. Setting up shop, finding the first clients, developing a team. Advice on time management. Workflow efficiencies that help propel the agency. Advice for freelancers on how do you juggle the current workload while prospecting new clients. Why their “company culture” is so important, and how the solo freelancer can cultivate some of that spirit on their own. PLUS - Lincoln Design Co is offering our listeners a 15% discount on any purchases from their online store. Head on over to their STORE and use the code DGDC.  Check out the following Lincoln Design Co. links: Website Instagram The Chop Up YouTube Channel This episode is sponsored by SkillShare Get a free trial to their premium membership! Click Here for more details! (That's
February 08, 2021
DESIGNCAST | Last Year Review | DGDC
The gang is back together having a candid conversation reviewing the changes and pivots of last year and how we can set the groundwork for a better year ahead! Some of the topics discussed: Did 2020 change or affect any goals you set for yourself back in2019? What was the top “Growth Moment” you worked through in 2020? Did you go off the rails at all last year? If you could go back to the beginning of 2020, what do you wish you could have told yourself? Then, we each select a “Power Word” for the New Year. This can be the ultimate goal you’re striving for, a personal call to action, a mantra! (Ex: Fearless, Balanced, Intentional, Proactive, etc…). We encourage you to post a graphic with YOUR Power Word with the hashtag #dgdcpowerword
January 25, 2021
ROUND TABLE | Virtual Learning | DGDC
Our first "Round Table" episode talking about Virtual Learning in the Design industry. Nick invites fellow Design instructors Meena Khalili, Victor Davila, Matthew Flick, Jorel Dray, and Mitch Goldstein to check-in and discuss their notes on the Fall 2020 semester. A compelling conversation not only for current design students or instructors but any creative who's curious about how our universities pivoted to an on-line, virtual learning environment.  Be sure to connect with our panel below: Meena Victor Matthew Jorel Mitch Nick
December 30, 2020
DESIGNCAST | Holiday Gift Guide | DGDC
The tradition continues! Even 2020 can’t stop the DGDC Holiday Gift Guide episode! Join in on the festivities as we present some great holiday gift suggestions we think any creative would be happy to receive! In addition to Mikelle, Jordan, and Nick, we have our colleagues Matt Dawson, Steven Overturf, Mike Burpoe, and Rubaie Jaffer joining in this year, with some recommendations of their own! We hope you enjoy this annual DGDC tradition! Links to Gifts from the show: Aarke Carbonator ErgoStool Razer Kiyo Baratza Encore Burr Coffee Grinder Topo Not-Flat Standing Desk Mat Elgato Stream Deck Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse with Hyper-fast Scroll Wheel SwitchBot Box Sharpie 1983255 Permanent Markers Ultimate Collection Pro Tech Toolkit Oxford Pennants Sakura Pigma Micron Pens and Sets I Told Her by  Timothy Goodman
December 15, 2020
Bert Monroy is an American artist best known as an early Photoshop expert. He wrote the first book on the use of Photoshop and became an established Photoshop educator. He was a frequent guest on The Screen Savers, where he gave brief Photoshop tutorials. In 2004 he was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame. Bert joins the gang to talk all about the digital revolution and how it forever changed our industry. Then we look forward, focusing on how we can learn something from a particular moment in history to help young creatives in today’s world! We thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Bert so much, we are already thinking of bringing him back on for a follow-up! Stay tuned. Bert's Website Times Square Project
December 06, 2020
An eye-opening discussion with Dan Stiles before his Meme Warfare: Design in the Age of Disinformation talk at Adobe Max. This is a timely conversation for all creatives. So WHY is he talking about THIS? Dan tells us about the inspiration for his talk, including an honest look at how digital media has played a huge role in false information and how we are just drinking it up. As disseminators of information, are we part of the problem, or the solution? To help understand, we discuss: The classic techniques of propaganda and how they have been repurposed for digital content How to follow the pathways of disinformation through the new digital media landscape Why traditional safeguards are inadequate to stop the spread of viral lies What we as content creators can do on the front lines of this dystopian war on truth You can watch his final presentation here! Dan's Website 
November 30, 2020
DESIGNCAST | Annie Atkins  | DGDC
Annie Atkins is a master forger, creating "fake" pieces of graphic design for movie productions all over the world. Annie has designed the graphics for four Oscar-nominated films: the animated feature The Boxtrolls, Spielberg’s Cold War thriller Bridge of Spies, and Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs and The Grand Budapest Hotel. We talk with Annie about designing graphic props for filmmaking and how she is getting through these times in good spirits. Annie's Website Annie Atkins | The secret world of graphic design for filmmaking Skillshare Offer
November 16, 2020
DESIGNCAST | Aaron Draplin | DGDC
Buckle up for a fantastic interview! Our conversation with Aaron Draplin is here after years in the making. It's a conversation about changing priorities and refocusing on what really matters. Aaron talks about some of the challenges he's faced over the last few months and how that's led to some newfound perspective as he continually takes on meaningful endeavors. This was a complete blast to record. Special thanks to Aaron for taking the time to record while traveling cross country. Also, a big shout out to Julie Luster at Adobe for making this happen. 
November 09, 2020
DESIGNCAST | How to Manage Scope Creep | DGDC
Changes are inevitable in business and in life. And every project will face moments when you need to rethink what you’re building and potentially adjust your process. Scope creep happens when you do more work than expected without increasing the project budget. The team talks all about past experiences, lessons learned, and solutions we've created to help eliminate scope creep from happening in the first place! Topics include: • Setting yourself up for success, at the very beginning. • Crafting your agreement and expectations upfront. • Setting boundaries and clarifying the requests. • When to be firm, when to be flexible. In Industry news, we cover a very specific "scam" both Mikelle and Nick have experienced! Plus, we preview our upcoming Adobe Max content! Stay tuned for future episodes! Shout Out Info: Jordan: Steve Giralt Nick: Logitech MX Master 3 Mikelle: Happy Birthday Jason! Free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership
October 19, 2020
TEST PILOTS | Double Your Rates | DGDC
PREMIERE EPISODE! THE DGDC PRESENTS THE TEST PILOTS "We are the Test Pilots, 4 young designers exploring advice that “Senior Designers” are always giving. In the Design World, folks who have already been there, done that, are spouting soundbite suggestions that sometimes are unproven, and we are going to put them to the test! We might succeed or we might fail, no harm no foul, it’s all a test! " Comprised of Rubaie Jaffer, Mike Burpoe, Steven Overtrurf, and Narek Mughnetsyan, the Test Pilots were brought together by the DGDC, in hopes of expanding the diversity, opinions, and experience levels of the podcast. We gave them the mission to come up with a show concept they can really get immersed in, hoping to help younger creatives navigate through their design career paths. This idea of “testing” the advice from more senior designers really struck a chord with us. For the first episode, they challenged themselves to double their rates. Each designer explains their story, with updates and reactions. It’s super unique and unlike anything you’ve heard on a podcast before. Join the conversation and follow our new co-hosts! Let them know what you thought of the episode and feel free to suggest other “design myths” they can put to the test! Find them on Instagram at: Rubaie Jaffer Mike Burpoe Steven Overtrurf Narek Mughnetsyan
October 13, 2020
DESIGNCAST | How to Choose the Right Fonts | DGDC
Font choice plays a crucial role in the success of a new design. That’s why selecting an appropriate typeface for text usage is an important step in every design project. Choosing the “right” font for your design determines how well your designs are perceived. Don’t fret, the DGDC team is here to save you from a font nightmare! We’re bringing in special correspondent Matt Dawson to help you be the perfect font matchmaker for your next project. And if that’s not enough, we’ve partnered with our friends at Type-Together, an independent type foundry that creates fonts for intensive digital and print editorial use. We tap into their expansive typography experience with helpful font tips all designers should be practicing. To help you achieve your font fitness gains, Type-Together is giving you, our listeners a free font bundle download! 17 free fonts you can use to exercise some font pairing magic! In fact, we would love to see what you come up with. Your first DCDG Challenge: Design a post for a fictitious company, a social cause, or an inspirational quote with the Type-Together fonts bundle. Post it on Instagram and tag @dgdcpod, @type_together with the hashtag #DGDCchallenge so we can what you’ve come up with! PLUS, Type-Together is offering our listeners a 40% discount to be used for purchases on their website Use the code DGDCfonts | Act now, because it expires October 15, 2020. Type-Together Website Free Font Bundle Matt Dawson Website Wordmark Website
September 28, 2020
DESIGNCAST | The Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Design Proposal  | DGDC
So you’ve got a brand new project lead! Congrats. Now you need to win them over and persuade them with a powerhouse Proposal. The perfectly crafted proposal is the key to getting new clients and we’re here to help you do just that! We run down all the pillars to a successful proposal while adding in our rock-solid advice, secret tips, and next-level suggestions! You’ll be 100% ready to take on a new project with greater confidence than ever before! We’ve even included a digital download process map chart to help ensure you don’t miss a thing. Plus, the gang kicks off two new program segments! First up, our Industry News, discussing the recent 2028 Los Angeles Olympics logo. Lastly, our DGDC Shout Outs, putting a spotlight on 3 inspiring, buzz-worthy, and notable creatives you should know about! Show Links: 2028 Los Angeles Olympics Logo Digital Download | Proposal PDF James Oconnell Pandr Matt Stevens | Good Movies as Old Books Skillshare Offer
September 14, 2020
DEEP DIVE | Jordan Wilson Rebrands a Brewery | DGDC
Welcome to the new DGDC! We are beyond excited to launch a whole new channel for you! Our mission is to bring you tons of inspiration, encouragement, information and fun as you get through your work week! Times have changed, and so have we. We’re building an exciting new network of diverse creative correspondents and fresh show concepts. Our first episode in a new feature we call “DEEP DIVE.” An in-depth look at what it takes to creative a comprehensive project. Up first, our very own Jordan Wilson showcasing his new project launch, 5440 Beer. Follow along with the PDF companion, found in the show notes. Plus, we include a sneak peak of a new feature we call “The Test Pilots.” 4 young designers in different markets and areas of design exploring advice that “Seasoned or more Experienced Designers” are always giving. Think of them as "Myth Busters" for the design industry! Companion PDF Adobe Max Registration Website Instagram Community
August 24, 2020
DGDC - The Brainstorm
Nick and Mikelle welcome our new cohost, Jordan Wilson, as we brainstorm some new, fresh and exciting plans for the future of the DGDC! We hopped on a Skype call to compile some thoughts. Stay tuned...
August 03, 2020
The 2020 LogoLounge Trend Report
The gang is back to talk Logo Trends 2020 with our friend, Bill Gardner from Logo Lounge. Fellow podcaster and friend of the program, Jordan Wilson, joins us to review Bill’s deep dive into all the trends and style of 2020! Check out the full report here!
July 13, 2020
Answering Your Questions LIVE + a Big Announcement!
We love you, our loyal listeners, so we wanted to have fun today and answer your questions, LIVE as they come in on Instagram. We got some great ones, and there is something for everyone in this episode! You’ll also want to stay tuned to the very end of the episode, we do have some big […]
June 29, 2020
Recurring Revenue & Passive Income for Designers
If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the value of diversifying your income stream in case something bad (like 2020) happens. So we decided to revisit the topic of recurring revenue and passive income. Each of us has a few things in place that help us round out where our money comes in from, so even […]
June 22, 2020
How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Design Biz (The Profitable Website)
If you’ve ever wondered how you can use the power of Instagram to grow your small design business into a bigger one, attract the right clients and start building a loyal following, this episode is not to be missed! Please enjoy the most popular episode of Wes’ other podcast, The Profitable Website, with special guest, […]
May 31, 2020
How to Adapt to the Pandemic at Any Stage in Your Design Career
Well, we’re still smack dab in the middle of this thing, and we know that all you listeners are at different stages of your design careers, and even on many different paths. So we wanted to give out specific advice to creatives of all walks of life, whether you’re a seasoned freelancer, or a corporate designer just starting […]
May 18, 2020
Making Lemonade Out of Lemons
As we reach the end of the first month of quarantine, we decided to do something a little different, and just shoot the s*** with you all. We’re all stuck at home, so what are we doing for fun? What life hacks and entertainment tips can we share? You’ll just have to listen to find […]
April 30, 2020
The House-Bound Home Office!
With the world on quarantine, we should all be staying at home as much as possible. So why not use this opportunity to really make your home office into a place you actually want to be? This week, we have a special guest Shane Whatley, a smart=home expert, who just went through putting together his […]
April 14, 2020
How We’re Getting Through This & How YOU Can Too
Since this is such an unprecedented time in our lives with Covid-19 disrupting the entire world, we think it deserves a bit more of a conversation. We’ve had some more time to sit with our temporary “new normal,” and we’ve begun to do things a little differently than before. Listen as we share what we’ve been doing […]
March 30, 2020
The Corona Crisis & Your Creative Business
There’s a lot going on this week in terms of the Corona Virus. We wanted to address it in a plain and candid way, since many of you are affected by it in one way or another. It can mean working from home (potentially without childcare,) even a major loss of clients and income. In […]
March 13, 2020
200th Episode Listener Question Spectacular!
We hit a major milestone today — 200 episodes! To celebrate that, and to celebrate YOU, our loyal listeners, we decided to answer as many of your questions as possible. Want access to all the classic episodes that are no longer on the podcast feed? Just click below, and post about the show and you’ll […]
February 28, 2020
How to Make a Graceful Exit (& Land on Your Feet)
Have you ever had a project that you just knew you had to walk away from? Projects can tun sour for many reasons, and while we hope it never happens to us, we should be prepared for the worst. In this episode, the gang talks about how to prevent this from happening in the first place, […]
February 14, 2020
The Design Doctor Is In!
Are you stuck in the trap of simply taking orders from clients? Or do you (and your clients) treat your services more like a prescribing physician? In order to make more money as a creative professional, it’s important to be able to diagnose, prescribe and treat the problems of your clients using your expertise. In […]
January 31, 2020
Forging Your Own Path as a Designer
Some take the road less travelled… and others, like today’s guest just build a whole new damn road from scratch! Listen as Nick sits down with Nike Senior Designer Edward Harber for a discussion all about doing your own thing. This is a discussion that’s sure to be inspiring to just about everyone — especially for […]
January 10, 2020
Graphic Design Trends to Pay Attention to in 2020
Goodbye to the ‘teens, and hello to the twenties! With a new year (and a new decade,) we wanted to share some predictions with you. Specifically, predictions for all the design trends that have been gaining traction over the past year, and that we can expect to see way more of in the new year. Want […]
December 28, 2019
How to Make a Name For Yourself as a Designer on Social Media
One of the very best ways to be successful as a designer, make good money, and earn trust with your clients is to make a name for yourself in the industry. Thank God we live in the age of social media, where we can actually make that happen — if we play it right. In this […]
December 13, 2019
The Designers’ Holiday Gift Guide 2019
Well Thanksgiving’s behind us, so you know what that means. Your parents are probably asking you what you want this year, and we’re here to help! So grab a cup of ‘nog, and your biggest, coziest sweater and listen in as the gang goes over their list of all the gifts designers should be asking for this […]
November 29, 2019
Best of AdobeMax
Wes & Nick had an amazing time at AdobeMax this year, but why should they have all the fun? We put this episode together to fill you in on all the best parts of the conference, key takeaways and all the fun stuff you may have missed. We’ll tell you all about the best “sneaks” […]
November 17, 2019
Balancing Work & Life as Creative Professionals
Working as a creative freelancer or small business owner can be incredibly rewarding — but it can also come at the expense of your personal life. In this episode, the gang has a frank conversation about how we try to balance our personal and professional lives… and the various ways we feel like we’re failing […]
October 27, 2019
What’s Coming Next to Creative Cloud?
In preparation for our annual trip to AdobeMax, the gang sits in with Adobe’s own Paul Trani and  Michael Chaize to discuss all the exciting new features coming to the Cloud (and a few that just dropped into your laps!) We hope you can make it to Max this year and hang out with us! […]
October 13, 2019
Your Online Portfolio
Maybe you already have a graphic design portfolio website — maybe you’re just planning yours out. Either way, this episode will get you on the right track toward building the best way to showcase your best work. Want access to all the classic episodes that are no longer on the podcast feed? Just click below, […]
September 28, 2019
Stop the Scope Creep!
If you’ve ever worked on a project that seems to never end… that keeps being pushed further and further away from the finish line… then you, my friend may have been personally victimized by scope creep. It all starts out innocently enough — an additional revision round here, another page there. But when you say […]
September 15, 2019
Why Your Consult Calls Aren’t Working (& How to Fix It!)
One of the best ways to get new design clients to sign up with you is to get them on the phone. This is where you can pitch your value, and get them to see you as the pro they wanna work with. So why, then, do so many of these calls fail so miserably? […]
August 24, 2019
Building Brand Loyalty With Johnny Cupcakes!
We’ve had many great guests over the years, but we were very excited to sit down with Johnny Earle, aka Johnny Cupcakes this week to talk about how he’s managed to master the art of building brand loyalty — and how YOU can do it too! This one was good guys… and we can’t wait […]
August 14, 2019
The DOs of Running Your Own Design Business
Last time around, we ran down the biggest mistakes and pitfalls that many creative entrepreneurs make when starting and running their design businesses. This week, we’re switching gears, and it’s all about what you actually SHOULD be doing — from mindset shifts, to practical steps you should be taking, this episode is a must-listen for […]
July 30, 2019
The Don’ts of Running Your Own Design Business
Whether you’ve been running your own design business for years, or if you’re just in the process of considering it, this episode is for you! Listen as the gang breaks down some of the most common mistakes designers run into as they get their creative business off the ground, as well as common mistakes they […]
July 21, 2019
The Downside of Big Fish Clients
While having a big client sounds like a dream come true for any designer, it can put your business at serious risk, often with little to no advance notice. What happens if/when they decide to go in a different direction, or go through a regime change, or just fold up shop altogether? In this episode, […]
June 29, 2019
2019 Logo Design Trends With LogoLounge’s Bill Gardner!
I can never believe it when a whole year has passed, and it’s time to once again sit down with our old pal Bill Gardner, founder of LogoLounge. Listen in as we talk all about the newest crop… what works, what doesn’t, and what might soon be on its way out. We had lots of […]
June 15, 2019
Client Off-Boarding & Project Wrap-Ups
A few episodes back, we talked all about how to properly onboard a new client, and kick off a project. But what do you do when the project is over? In this episode, the gang discusses what we’ve been doing wrong in terms of vague endings, and how we plan on wrapping up projects in […]
May 24, 2019
Design & Business Tools We Can’t Live Without
As a designer, we have a very particular set of skills. But what about the tools that we use every day that help us do what we do? In this heartwarming episode, the gang goes over their must-have tools in 3 categories: Business Design Inspiration Lots of fun stuff here, so gather round and give […]
May 10, 2019
Answering Your Questions: All Audio Edition!
We’re finally back to answering your listener questions, and this time, we had a bunch of audio questions to get through! They cover a wide variety of topics, and we wrap up answering a few last-minute questions submitted on instagram. Want access to all the classic episodes that are no longer on the podcast feed? […]
April 30, 2019
When Clients Don’t Pay
One of the toughest pills to swallow as a designer is when we run into that client who just refuses to pay you. I think we’ve all run into this at one point or another. In today’s episode, we’re joined by Steve Pomerantz, CEO of Freelance Collection, which is a collection service for creatives. He […]
April 18, 2019
How We Onboard New Design Clients
If clients are the lifeblood of any creative business, the way we onboard them matters. In this episode, the each of us talks about our specific process we use to welcome clients into our business, and how we set their project up for success. Lots of tips to be learned here! We also answer a […]
March 29, 2019
2019 Web Design Trends
A few episodes back, we covered all the latest graphic design trends to pay attention to in 2019. Now it’s time to focus on the trends that apply to websites and web design! We talk about design trends, as well as some interesting tech, tools and workflows that are trending now. Not only will these […]
March 12, 2019
Legal Tips & Takeaways for Designers
Over the years, we’ve gotten a bunch of legal questions submitted from our listeners. But we never feel very comfortable answering them — until now! In this episode, the gang sits down with Angie Avard Turner, a designer-turned-attorney for creatives. She answers all OUR questions, as well as a bunch that were submitted by you, […]
February 26, 2019
Niche Spotlight: Brand Strategy
In this episode, the gang sits down with Peter Stevenson from modern8 to talk about his career as a brand strategist. How he got started, what’s involved, and advice for anyone looking to start a fabulous career in the brand strategy game. We also answer a new audio question about getting started hiring extra design […]
February 13, 2019
2019 Graphic Design Trends
We love trends, you love trends — let’s talk design trends baby! In this episode, the gang talks about some of our favorites we can expect to see way more of in 2019. We also answer a new listener question about how to set clear boundaries between our clients and our personal lives. Want access […]
January 23, 2019
New Year, New Goals & New Processes
We made it to 2019! In this episode, the gang talks about what we plan to focus on in the new year, and what needs to change in our design businesses. While we’re talking about our own goals and resolutions, this conversation is going to be beneficial to everyone, as we cover some really interesting […]
January 02, 2019
When Good Client Relationships Go Bad (& What We Learned)
We love our clients! Ok, ALMOST all of them. Every now and then, we get a client who maybe doesn’t make things easy on us, but you know what? We’re GRATEFUL for those ones. Because there’s a lot to be learned from those failed relationships. Particularly: “what could we have done to have prevented this?” […]
December 17, 2018
The 2018 Designer Holiday Gift Guide Episode!
It’s that time again when the weather gets a little chilly, and people start asking “what do you want this year?” If that question’s got you stumped this year, we have your back! In this episode the gang shares all the cool gift ideas designers should be asking for this holiday season (or be buying […]
December 04, 2018
LinkedIn Strategies to Win More Design Clients
Last week we gave all our best advice for completing a desirable LinkedIn profile. This time, we’re showing you how you can use it to your ultimate advantage, and get more of your ideal design clients through the biggest professional network out there. The gang talks about their best pro-tips, best practices and strategies to […]
November 21, 2018
Creating The Perfect Designer LinkedIn Profile
We’ve talked a lot in the past about using Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to find new clients, but LinkedIn is all business — so it makes sense to use it if you’re selling design services TO businesses. In this pro-tip-packed episode, the gang covers every base to making the most of your LinkedIn profile, so […]
November 07, 2018
MAXin’ & Freelancin’
Well we finally made it happen — all 3 of us recording in the same room! Well, it was an Airstream to be exact, but who’s keeping track anyway? In this historic episode, the gang sits down live at Adobe MAX to talk all about creative freelancing with the girl who co-wrote the book on […]
October 26, 2018
When Your Side Hustle Wins!
A big part of being a designer is the art of the side-hustle. You know, when you have your 9-5 gig, but you freelance or work on a passion project business on the side. But what happens when that side hustle becomes more lucrative than your actual job-job? This week we have David Lesue back […]
October 13, 2018
Creating Client Personas
The first step to marketing ANY business is knowing exactly who your target client is. And running a design business is no different. In this episode, we break down every step of creating your ideal client persona — a fictionalized person that represents who you dream of working with. What are her goals and motivations? […]
September 27, 2018
Be More Efficient in Creative Cloud
As designers, using Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a must. It’s home to all the industry-standard programs, but are you using it to its potential? In this episode, we’re so lucky to have Adobe expert Paul Trani in studio to talk about what’s new and exciting in the cloud, as well as ways to make the […]
September 14, 2018
Email Marketing Tips for Designers
In our last episode, we talked about all the different types of lead magnets you can offer potential customers to get them on your email list. So let’s say you’ve got them right where you want them — now what? This week, the gang talks about the next steps: how to deliver the lead magnet, […]
August 24, 2018
Lead Magnet Ideas For Designers
No matter where social media goes, it’s still critical to keep an email list of client leads in 2018 — it’s the only means of communication you actually own. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter could go away tomorrow, but your list is yours. In this, the first part of a 2-part series on email marketing for […]
July 30, 2018
R.F.P.s: Time-Suck or Time-Well-Spent?
If you’ve ever gotten a request-for-proposal from a would-be client, you know the dilemma it creates. How much time should I spend on this? Will I even get it? Is it WORTH it? In this episode, the gang breaks it all down to a 10 point checklist you can run against every RFP you get […]
July 16, 2018
5 Ways to Increase Your Design Rates
I’m sure you love your design career. But you’d love it more if you were getting paid more, right? In this episode, the gang shares five strategies to make it possible to increase your prices. We also answer a new listener question that we just couldn’t resist. Show Links: AdobeMax Los Angeles (Use coupon code […]
July 06, 2018
DesignCast 160: Your Questions Answered!
We love these listener question episodes. Not only do we get to clear out the inbox, but we get to give directly back to YOU, our loyal listeners. This week, we have 6 new questions on a wide variety of design related topics. Truly something for everyone here, so be sure to listen in full. […]
June 22, 2018
2018 Logo Design Trends Revealed!
Well it’s June, and you know what that means — a brand new logo design trend report from the folks at LogoLounge! We invited Bill Gardner back to the show to talk trends, and what they mean to the state of logo design in general. We had a great time with this episode, and learned […]
June 04, 2018
Niche Spotlight: Hand-Lettering Design
Typography is one of the most important aspects in graphic design. While choosing the right fonts for the job can make a huge impact, this week’s guest takes that to a totally different level — he does it all by hand (and companies pay him quite nicely for his efforts!) There’s nothing cookie-cutter about Denver […]
May 22, 2018
How to Produce Pro-Level Branding Videos With Your Smartphone
By 2019, video will make up 80% of all web traffic. Besides, video is one of the best ways to brand your design business, build trust, and showcase the personality behind the business. This week, we have special guest Cielo de la Paz to walk us through the entire process: what you need, how to […]
May 09, 2018
Passive Income Ideas & Tips For Designers
As designers there are so many ways of using our talents to make money — so why do so many of us rely solely on client work? In this episode, we answer a recent listener question about the ins and outs of passive income. And since the three of us don’t do too much of […]
April 23, 2018
The Private Brand Niche
Long gone are the days of plain white packaging with bold black lettering. Nope, these ain’t your grandpa’s generics. Welcome to the era of “private brands.” When you shop, I’m sure you notice the proliferation of store brands in just about every category. And you may also notice that they look less like store brands […]
April 12, 2018
Plagiarism in Design
As designers, just about every single project begins with inspiration. But where does inspiration end and plagiarism begin? In this episode, the gang discusses the thorny issue of plagiarism in design. We offer some tips to make sure you aren’t accidentally ripping off someone else’s design, as well as what you can do about it […]
March 27, 2018
Niche Spotlight: Illustrative Branding
Rolling right along with our design specialty series, this week we got to talk to illustration & branding specialist Jordan Wilson. We talk about how he got into this world, and he’s got lots of great advice for anyone thinking about or trying to break into the niche. We also zag a bit — and […]
March 16, 2018
Will Design For Beer!
Remember how we said a few episodes back that it would be cool to highlight some cool niches that are out there for designers? Well we made that happen, and here’s our first such episode. This week, we’re joined by Ryan Wheaton, an independent designer who specializes in BEER! Specifically beer branding and packaging. Not […]
February 23, 2018
Making Your Own Luck
Do you run your design career passively, waiting for good things to happen, or do you grab it by the horns and make the good stuff happen? If you’re in the first camp, we’re going to try to change your thinking up a bit. Today, we’re joined by designer and conference organizer Matt Dawson. Not […]
February 19, 2018
DesignCast 150: Listener Questions LIVE from Adobe Max
We’ve reached a milestone — 150 episodes, and we have all of you, our loyal listeners to thank! As you know, the whole gang recently traveled to Las Vegas for the Adobe Max conference. We got to meet a bunch of listeners (and get drunk with a few too,) and we also got some fantastic […]
January 29, 2018
Here’s to being BRAVER in 2018
With every new year brings a new resolution — so what about being BRAVER in your design career? We are once again joined by the myth, the man, the legend, content specialist Aaron Wrixon. Aaron is here to talk about his brand new content framework that’s designed to make you stand out in the crowded […]
January 17, 2018
Web Design Trends Taking Off in 2018
Last week we looked at all the graphic design trends to look out for in 2018, so we thought we’d follow that up with all those trends that are specific to the web design world. In this episode, listen as the gang talks about everything we have been seeing pick up tremendous steam, and will […]
December 29, 2017
Graphic Design Trends to Watch in 2018
With 2017 winding down, it’s time to take a look at the year that was, and the trends that we predict will continue to dominate the graphic design world in 2018. So sit back, close your eyes and visualize all the trends we go over, and download resident overachiever Nick’s handy pdf guide of the […]
December 13, 2017
2017 Designer Gifts Wish List
Just in time for Cyber Monday, we present our annual designer gift guide! Listen as the gang lists off the things we’ll be asking for this year, because getting cool stuff is really what the holiday season is all about. And Nick will apparently be buying every. single. thing. We also answer a new question, […]
November 27, 2017
Positioning Your Agency (or Micro-Agency)
Have you ever wondered how to set yourself or your design agency apart from the competition? Wonder no more, because in today’s episode, we have a very special guest who will shed some light on the subject. Content strategist and copywriter Aaron Wrixon is in the house, and will show you how to stand out, […]
November 13, 2017
Our Biggest Takeaways From Adobe Max
Last week, the gang all got together in person to attend the 2017 Adobe Max conference, and we can honestly say it was incredible. Lots of new announcements, feature enhancements, and brand new programs that we’re all super excited to share with you. Mikelle couldn’t join in on this episode, but Wes and Nick are […]
October 30, 2017
Designer Fails
Any designer who’s made it will tell you they failed a LOT on the way up. It’s the best way to learn — at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves. And the Deeply Graphic gang is no different. Listen to our tales of woe, and what we learned from biting it over the years. […]
October 10, 2017
Clients From Hell
Working with great design clients is what makes our job so amazing. Then there are the OTHER ones. Clients who don’t value your work. Clients who give vague feedback, or who will “know it when they see it.” Most of the time, this is all on us as the designer — we haven’t properly communicated […]
September 25, 2017
What’s Coming to Creative Cloud?
Every designer basically lives, works and breathes in the Adobe Creative Cloud. So this week, we have Adobe’s Michaël Chaize on with us to discuss upcoming additions, as well as a few cool things you can currently use that you may not have known about. (We were all surprised by a few things that we […]
September 19, 2017
DesignCast 140: Listener Question Show!
We made it to 140 fun-filled episodes, and to celebrate, we’re digging deep into our mailbag to answer six new burning questions from listeners like you. Whether you’re a print or web designer, seasoned vet or newbie, there’s something here for everyone! Show Links: Freshbooks FREE for 30 Days Offer – Important: You must enter […]
August 29, 2017
Recurring Revenue Packages
Did you know it costs about five times as much to acquire a new client than it takes to maintain an existing one? Knowing that, why do so many designers “one and done” it with their clients? In this episode, the gang talks about some great ways to keep your existing customers by offering ongoing […]
August 14, 2017
Proposals: Put in the Work!
One of our very first shows was about proposals, but we’ve gained a lot of knowledge since those early days, and we have a lot of new proposal tips to share with you. Listen as the gang talks about all aspects of the proposal process, including the writing process, things to include, and how to […]
July 29, 2017
An Ad-ucation in Advertising Your Design Business
Unless you have all the business you can handle, AND you are making the kind of money you deserve, you should probably consider advertising in one way or another. In this episode, the gang discusses the various platforms available that work in 2017. We talk about paid options, but Mikelle has another method that she […]
July 14, 2017
Talkin’ 2017 Logo Trends in the LogoLounge
It’s that time of year again. The smell of freshly cut grass in your nose, the taste of vodka with just a splash of lemonade on your tongue, and the sweet sounds of Bill Gardner talking about this year’s logo design trends all up in your earbuds! That’s right kiddies, it’s time for the 2017 […]
June 28, 2017
The Mobile Optimization Checklist
I’ll bet most of you either specialize in web design, or at least offer it as a client service. Like it or not, in 2017 (and beyond,) this means you need to know how to design for mobile devices. With over half of Internet browsing taking place on mobile, we as designers can no longer […]
June 13, 2017
Designing with SEO in Mind
If you offer web design services, how well do you know the mysterious art of SEO? For any noobs out there, that stands for “search engine optimization,” and is usually a very important aspect to almost any website. Any SEO expert will tell you that it’s always better to plan your search strategy from the […]
May 30, 2017
Charging for Your Value
In the world of graphic design, most people charge one of two ways: based on time or per project. But let’s face it, both are usually based on some type of time-based calculation. The problem with this method is that nobody really benefits from it. Your client is ends up paying for the time you […]
May 12, 2017
Supplementing with Subcontractors
We love getting topic suggestions from our listeners, and today’s episode is one of those. We’ve talked a lot over the year about subcontracting work out to others. It’s a great way to fill in your skill gaps, or just have extra hands in order to focus on more important business-building tasks. In today’s episode, […]
April 28, 2017
Advice for the Graduating Design Student
With spring break well behind us, thoughts turn to summer, and maybe even graduation. Good thing we have our resident design professor Nick to dole out some awesome advice to all you grads out there. And in the spirit of not leaving the rest of you out, this advice is pretty great for any designer […]
April 14, 2017
DesignCast 130: A Good, Old Fashioned Listener Question Show
We’ve reached another milestone, (assuming 130 is indeed a milestone?) So we’re back to clear out the ol’ inbox and answer your burning questions. We have seven different ones, so there is really something for everyone in this episode. We know we’ve been doing live episodes for this lately, but we just forgot to tease […]
March 30, 2017
Qualifying Your Clients
Whenever you first meet with a new prospective client, they are sizing you up. And if you’re smart, you’re sizing them up right back. After all, you probably don’t want to work with everyone who comes your way. There are many things to consider: their budget versus your rates, their niche, their project, and their […]
March 17, 2017
Getting Our Mood Board On
If you’ve ever felt like your first client comps aren’t nailing it, you really need to give mood boards a try. Mood boards are a way to save time by quickly communicating an overall design direction to your client for approval. This can involve just one that they need to approve, or multiple variations from […]
February 24, 2017
Project Minimums to Maximize Business
Nothing can kill the productivity of a designer faster than a neverending barrage of small jobs. You have to wrap your head around a new brand, create invoices, and client interactions for a micro-payout. This is why it is so crucial to have a project minimum — the absolute minimum amount you’re willing to take […]
February 17, 2017
Be Your Own Trendsetter
We talk a lot about design trends, but when is it time to break away from the pack and try something totally different? And with a never ending supply of design inspiration out there, how do you turn down the noise enough to explore your own creativity? In this episode, the gang explores this idea, […]
January 31, 2017
Diving Deep into Discovery
Do you know the best way to deliver real value to your clients? Coincidentally, it’s the same thing that will allow you to charge much more than you’re charging now—Discovery. Discovery is the secret sauce to solving real problems in your clients’ business. When you stop simply taking orders based on your clients’ stated needs, […]
January 13, 2017
Web Design Trends We Can Expect in 2017
On our last episode, we covered all the biggest graphic design trends we predict for next 2017, and we wanted to follow it up with trends we can expect to see specifically in the world of web design. Listen as the gang goes over their favorite (and most promising) trends for 2017. Some are purely […]
December 29, 2016
Graphic Design Trends of 2017 Predicted!
With 2016 quickly approaching, let’s turn to what 2017 will likely have in store for us as graphic designers. In this episode, the gang talks about the trends we have all been noticing and are likely to spike in the new year. We talk creative trends, as well as a few trends in the creative […]
December 20, 2016
The Designer’s Holiday Gift Guide ’16
The holidays are upon us, and that means three things — some really bad Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel, getting drunk to avoid family, and the Deeply Graphic annual designer gift guide episode. Seriously, it’s one of our favorite yearly traditions, and this one truly has something for everybody. So strap in, spice up […]
November 29, 2016
Tips & Tricks for Designing Facebook Ads That Crush It
Facebook ads are one of the most cost-effective — and overall effective — forms of online marketing available today. This is because you can easily tailor them to the target audience. In today’s episode, listen as the gang schools you on the best ways to design killer Facebook ads, as well as some behind the […]
November 16, 2016
Live Halloween Spooktacular! Ask Us Anything
To celebrate our 120th episode, we decided to join forces with the darkest of holidays to bring you our first ever live Halloween Spooktacular! While the live event has come and gone, you can still listen to all the spookiness and listener questions we took during our live broadcast. We got to answer a bunch […]
October 26, 2016
Everything You Wanted to Know About Cinemagraphs* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)
One of the big forecasted web design trends for 2016 was the widespread use of cinemagraphs. So where are they? Listen in as the gang dissects the benefits or incorporating cinemagraphs into your web designs, email marketing campaigns and social campaigns. We also go over your basic options for making/purchasing one, and what you would […]
October 17, 2016
Hot Print Talk! The Latest Trends in the Print World
While we can sometimes get focused on web design, this one’s for all you die-hard print designers out there. Join us as we chat with Nicole and Katie from Tri City Printing about all the latest trends in the print world. We cover all the hottest new print promotional items you can use with your […]
September 30, 2016
Why Should Clients Choose You?
All designers want to get to the point in their career where they can call the shots and work with the clients they want to work with. But how do you get there? By being the kind of designer (and businessperson) that clients consistently want to work with. In this episode, we’re joined for a […]
September 07, 2016
Finding Design Clients Through Social Media
As creative solopreneurs or agency owners, there are no shortage of ways to find great clients. We can attend networking mixers, send out emails, or rely on good old-fashioned word of mouth. But one we keep getting one particular question time and time again — how do you use the power of social media to […]
August 31, 2016
When Your Clients Aren’t Feeling It
Have you ever had an unsatisfied client? At some point, I think every designer has run into this problem. It’s how you deal with it that matters. This episode was spurred on by a listener question we got from a designer who’s client went completely off-the-grid after things went south. Not knowing what to do […]
August 11, 2016
Apple Workflow Tips
If you’re like most designers out there, your work machine of choice is a Mac. And if you’re like most Mac users, you have a pretty good handle on your workflow, but there is always room for improvement. On today’s episode, we are joined by Apple consultant (and Mikelle’s new bff) Brett Nord. Brett is […]
July 28, 2016
Reality Checking Your Freelance Design Work
The life of a freelance graphic/web designer can be incredibly rewarding. The independence of working for yourself is alluring, but working by yourself comes with more than a few drawbacks. With nobody to bounce ideas off of, or show your works in progress to, how do you ever really know if you’re on the right […]
July 15, 2016
Our Newest Secret Weapons
One of the greatest joys of being a designer is when you discover something new that changes your life for the better. While change can be scary, it can also open you up to a whole new world of possibilities. In this episode, the gang each talks about one such discovery that they use to […]
June 28, 2016
2016 Logo Design Trends Report
What designer doesn’t love discovering the latest trends? And who doesn’t love a good tradition? Well hold onto your hats, kids, this episode has BOTH! Yep, sitting down with LogoLounge‘s Bill Gardner to discuss the latest trends in logo design has become one of Deeply Graphic’s most time-honored traditions. And this one doesn’t disappoint. Follow […]
June 08, 2016
DesignCast 110: The LIVE Show!
Our last live show was so much fun that we’re continuing the tradition, answering your questions live! But if you missed the show, no worries, you can catch up with it now. In this jam-packed episode, the gang answers an insane number of listener questions — some personal, some professional — all while saying goodbye […]
June 01, 2016