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"Grammi Life"

"Grammi Life"

By DErika Nichols-Woods
Grammi Life podcast is about one woman's adaption of becoming a young grandmother at the age of 38.
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YM, She Is!

"Grammi Life"

It Takes A Village to Raise Everyone
You've heard the saying "It takes a village to raise a child", in episode 10 let's discuss the origin of the village and its importance. How my village has molded me, throughout the years/decades, how that support has trickled down from generation to generation. As the village is particularly important in the black community, where the Big Momma's, church mother's, aunties and uncles, etc. played a significant role in children's upbringing. Who's in your village? Tune in as I share how my village has been supportive throughout my award winning journey of Grammi Life. Resources shared follow me on IG@derika.76 Fun Fact Moment: Soliloquy 101
April 09, 2021
No Shame, things happen!
Insightful thoughts on becoming a young grandparent, don't consider it the end of the world, but a chapter of your life that came Early. Learn to Adapt, make changes, make sacrifices, while holding your head up but most importantly live with your new title and accept the role of Grandma, G-Momma, Glamma, Paw Paw, Pop Pop, etc. whatever your grandparent name is, live to the fullest, being you! I've learned to accept the title and role of being a Grammi to the most loveable little peeps, while being sexy fly. Dating was a challenge, but I managed and succeeded. Adaption and an unconditional love goes a long ways. Life does get better, trust me! Resources mentioned come from
April 02, 2021
A Sister's Keeper
What's a big sister to do? In episode 8, my oldest gives insight on how she dealt with her younger sisters pregnancy, from humor to truth, how it affected her mentally, And her own teenage pregnancy experience. Direct and open dialogue between mother and daughter, no holding back. As always you are left with a fun fact moment about me. Enjoy and be blessed.
March 25, 2021
Adapting to More 102
More discussion of adaption that I had to do as a young grandmother, the head of my household. How things changed, the challenges and much more that I endured. Listen closely, as I continue to take you on an award winning journey of Grammi Life. My fun fact moment and favorite tagline. Until the next, be blessed.
March 18, 2021
Adapting 101
Correction episode 6! Time is flying as I discuss my award winning journey of Grammi Life! In this episode I discuss how I adapted to life from finances, vehicle, jobs and more. The struggle was real but through faith, I survived. My fun fact moment: My childhood nickname is Princess and Susie Queen.
March 11, 2021
YM, She Is!
Continual dialogue from a YM's (young mother) perspective, her concerns, friendships among her peers, challenges, working and adapting. Fun Fact Moment. Resources shared Statista Research Department, April 29, 2006 edition.
February 25, 2021
Her Story: The Beginning of a YM
A young mother (YM) shares her feelings about becoming pregnant at the age of 13. Open dialogue about that day, a true life changer, as her mother looks on stating "raising a child, with a child". Enjoy the fun fact moment shared by the YM aka Snuggz. #AwardWinningJourney
February 19, 2021
And So It Is, Grammi I Am!
Let's talk about categories and statistics, how society views teen parents. Why teen pregnancy is considered high risks. Rebellious teen(s) we all have been there! Resources mentioned in the podcast: U.S. National Library of Medicine Fruits of the Spirit Gal 5:22-23.
February 12, 2021
More of Me, before the News!
Wonders of the how, my thoughts, feelings and mixed emotions. Openess about what society calls abuse, but we consider discipline. With every decision there's a consequence(s).
February 05, 2021
Who Am I, Life before the News
Episode 1, is a brief bio of myself, D'Erika Nicole, the creator, the innovator, the poet, the coach, the teacher, the mother, the young grandmother with a classical swag. Listen close as I share fun facts, statistics and much more. Resources mentioned come from http:www.legacyproject.or
January 28, 2021
D'Erika Nicole presents: Grammi Life Podcast
Grammi Life podcast is about one woman 's adaption of becoming a grandmother at the age of 38. Tune in weekly as this Grammi opens up about life, love, laughter, trials, tribulations and how she has managed to be herself while navigating her new role. Special guests will be included, words of encouragement and plenty of laughs. ....this Grammi has a classical swag you don't want to miss out on, a whole smooth vibe, so get ready.
January 22, 2021