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Let's Get Some Answers

Let's Get Some Answers

By Devashish Sharma
This Podcast is made to bring out the honest and the most candid solutions and answers on some of the most prevalent issues, troubles, and choices that an entrepreneur, an employee, an activist, or a student goes through. It's not about highlighting the problem, but about giving the most reasonable solution without any fluff and jazz, that forms the core of this series.

So let's make the right choices with the right answers.
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Freelancing as a career and how to get it off the ground with Vanshika Mehta

Let's Get Some Answers

Freelancing as a career and how to get it off the ground with Vanshika Mehta

Let's Get Some Answers

How to set the right culture that gets you and your venture the right growth? Ft. Jennifer Becker
"Align Your Culture With Your Purpose" That's the vision behind Jennifer Becker and her firm Culturabilties extraordinary work.   She and her team are bringing focused and sustained growth for teams by strictly working on their culture!  She does that by following on certain principles for it, like setting up the right processes, identifying the right values to stick to, and then adapting accordingly.  And you just got to look at the client testimonials to see the kind of growth she's bringing with this.  I was amazed by her work and wanted to understand how new founders and entrepreneurs can set this up for their teams. Well, I got to know all that with this one, and it's time for you to understand the magic it could bring for you, your team, and your work.  No more wait, then.  Just hit the play button and get all your answers!  And don't forget to subscribe to the show. I appreciate it! 
November 1, 2020
Why you should never ignore Content Marketing in your Business? Ft. Manish Nepal
What's the actual definition of Content Marketing?  Major difference between B2B & B2C Content Marketing?  The KPI of Content Marketing?  And so much more!  You know, you can go to the depths of content marketing when you have a seasoned B2B marketer like Manish Nepal on the show. His 10+ years of experience in this field is quite evident in the examples he chose during our conversation, and this made this session so much more valuable.  We tried to find out the real reasons, why content marketing should never be ignored by businesses, and here are the 2 sources from his treasure trove of experience, that he gave out for you. 1) Superpath - 2) Sean Blanda's Blog - Wow, this session is a strict no miss for so many different reasons and you definitely don't want to do that.  Go on, then. I won't keep you waiting anymore.  Hit that play button, and get all your answers! And don't forget to subscribe to the show. I appreciate you. 
August 30, 2020
The Power of thinking small, state of the Indian Startup ecosystem, and more. Ft. Ramesh Kumar
The Power of Thinking Small, Frugal Innovation, the state of the Indian startup ecosystem, and so much more was in my mind for the past few weeks, as I was researching on the impact, this pandemic has brought on the startup space. Well, I got the perfect person in the form of, Ramesh Kumar, the CTO of Eduquity, to give interesting and thoughtful answers to all these questions. I've been following him on Linkedin for the past 2 months and his honest thought process on different topics has always piqued my interest.  I was made double sure of his supreme quality after watching his Ted video on Youtube, where he has discussed the power of 'Jugaad.' And I'm super glad he accepted to be a guest on this show in a single go despite his busy schedule, and you just got to hit the play button to listen to the complete episode here.  I won't keep you waiting anymore then. Enjoy the learning! But don't forget to subscribe to the show.  I appreciate it!
August 16, 2020
What's the right way to do freelancing and how should one approach it? Part - 2 Ft. Rishikesh Lokapure
This is Part-2 of our purpose-driven 2 episode series on Freelancing.  In this one, Rishikesh talked about: - Handling Failures - The right way to be vocal about your work. - And the full action 5 step plan for new or wannabe freelancers, that can give them a sustained growth in this career.  The examples he gave in all these were simply brilliant, and you certainly don't want to miss this out.  All you got to do is hit that play button, and get started with this superb session.  And don't forget to subscribe to the show.  I appreciate it!
August 7, 2020
What's the right way to do freelancing and how should one approach it? Part - 1 Ft. Rishikesh Lokapure
Freelancing.  It has indeed become the talk of the town from the past few months, and people are thinking of it as a lucrative career option to have.  And they're not wrong.  Freelancing sure is a great career choice, but you need to first know and understand the right way to approach it.  Everything has a process to it, and Freelancing is no different.  In order to address such an important theme, I had to get someone who's actually doing this the right way, and I couldn't look past Rishikesh Lokapure in this regard.  He's an Independent Creative Consultant, who has been in this industry for long enough to figure out the right ways to approach it.  An award-winning Content Marketer, and Advertising leader, Rishi has always focused more on the process rather than on the results, and he credits that for his immense success and recognition in this field.  He's just the funniest guy in the room, and I won't hold you back anymore from listening to Part-1 of this amazing session.  So just hit that play button and get all your questions answered.  And don't forget to subscribe to the show.  I appreciate you!
August 3, 2020
What it takes to turn ideas into business in just 30 days? Ft. Sam Kamani
Can you really turn your idea into a business in just 30 days? If yes, is it possible in all geographies?  I wanted to ask this question to Sam Kamani from the time I had read his ebook 'The 30 Day Startup.' The strategies, he had mentioned in the book got me absolutely excited, and I just wanted to talk to him about this. I'm glad I got the chance to finally ask him this on this episode of the podcast. Sam, is a serial entrepreneur, author of 2 superb books, and a renowned speaker in the startup space. He helps founders and young entrepreneurs in building the MVP for their business in his current venture ProductDone.  He and his team have built, and you just need to google it to know the huge popularity that this website has in the startup ecosystem.  Finally, he's on the show now, and he talks about, Paid vs Organic Marketing, Importance of solving people's problem, why user engagement is so more important than user acquisition, and so much more on this episode.  This particular session is a strict no-miss for anyone who has even the slightest ambition of running a successful business.  So just hit that play button and put your phone in the pocket to get started with it.  And don't forget to subscribe to the show.  I appreciate you. 
July 19, 2020
How to find a Unique Market for your Business and become a Market leader in it? Ft. David Kokai
LEGO Toys.  All of us have sweet memories related to it.  But have you ever thought about how big its market is? Or how can you run a successful business in this market space? Well, David Kokai's love for LEGOs made him find answers to these nagging questions, and this made him start a business that can service, build, rebuild, or sell revolutionary lego designs to people and corporates.  They are now the worldwide Market Leaders in this $1 Billion market of LEGO toys, and they're doing even better in these testing times due to their smart positioning and strategizing.  We discuss David's entrepreneurial journey, the role of data in his success, about his innovative MOCHUB space of lego toys, and the strategies he's using or will use to grow his company,, even further.  Let's not keep you waiting anymore. Just hit that play button, and get the answers to all these curious questions.   And don't forget to subscribe to the show.  I appreciate you! Visit the website at, WE LOVE WHAT YOU BUILD - And the unique LEGO creation is at, MOCHUB -
July 16, 2020
How to be a top-notch freelancer, and how to get financial stability out of it? Ft. Anmol Ratan Sachdeva
In this episode of Let's Get Some Answers, I hosted Anmol Ratan Sachdeva, who's a freelance writer and marketer of the highest pedigree.  He has 6+ years of experience in this industry and holds the tag of a top-rated writer on Upwork, but the road was not always smooth for him, and he had to face a lot of instability early on into his freelance journey.  This is exactly why we've teamed up, so that he can give you some amazing tips on how to get financial stability in this career. He also shared his secret, which is helping him gain immense success in Upwork. We also talk about Organic Marketing and the need of automation for a freelancer. He gave a highly effective automated flow for all your freelancing needs, as a bonus for all the listeners. Wow, this session was indeed very insightful, and let's not keep you waiting anymore.  Just put on your headsets, and hit that play button.  And if you enjoyed today's episode, then don't forget to subscribe to the show. That would mean the world to me.  Take a look at Anmol's website - And connect with him on Linkedin -
June 21, 2020
Writing content that gets attention, and positioning yourself effectively to make the most out of it? Ft. Simran Doshi
In this episode of Let's Get Some Answers, I hosted Simran Doshi. She's a master copy and content writer, who specializes in writing content that connects and converts.  Her freelancing career has been super successful in a very short time, and her smart positioning on a platform like Linkedin has played a huge role in that.  But her positioning comes second to writing. Yes, her writing is the key to everything good that's happened in her career so far, and this is exactly what this session is all about.  We talk about all the ins and outs that this field holds for us. What to do, what not to do, how to grow and make the most out of it and so much more is in store for you. So, it's time you put on your headsets, listen to this episode, and make the most out of it.  Connect with Simran on Linkedin - Here's her website - Connect with Aparna to know more about the Career Success Workshop - 
June 18, 2020
Sexuality, its significance, and why aren't we talking about it? Ft. Niyatii N Shah
Sexuality.  Is this word making you feel awkward? Well, if you're answer is yes, this episode is definitely for you because I invited Niyatii N Shah, a renowned Sexuality educator and author to talk about its significance, and break some myths along the way for this session.  What role does sexuality play in our productivity? How are relationships panning out in today's generation? Why is there a social stigma when it comes to menstruation? This, and so much more is what we have in store for you. This session is for everyone, so don't think twice before clicking on that play button, and I hope that you get some amazing value out of it.  And don't forget to subscribe to the show. I appreciate you! Connect with her on Linkedin - Follow her on IG - @niyatiinshah You can shoot her a mail at -
June 7, 2020
Why are you waiting for the right opportunities, when you can actually create them? Ft. Sourabh Goyal
In this episode, which happens to be the 10th one, I hosted Sourabh Goyal where we talked about how easy is it to create opportunities in today's world, and how can anyone do that. I also tried getting his secrets on becoming a "Connecter" of people that he definitely is, especially on the LinkedIn platform where he has more than 70k followers already. The examples he used to explain his points were phenomenal, to say the least, and all of you would absolutely acknowledge and agree to his action-based approach to achieving goals and results.  I think I've said enough and it's time for you to put on your headsets and enjoy the learning! And, if you like the session, please subscribe to the show. You can even download it and listen to it based on your schedule.  I appreciate your support! Here, connect with Sourabh Goyal on Linkedin -
May 31, 2020
What does a Sales-Ops guys do and why your business need one? Ft. Rajesh Bhattad
Sales-ops. What type of role is it, what do they actually do, how is it different from a regular sales role, and how to be a sales-ops guy? If you've heard about Sales-ops, then all these questions must be in your mind.  I myself wanted to get an answer to these, which is exactly why I hosted Rajesh Bhattad in this episode.  He's the go-to guy in this domain and he has successfully transitioned himself pertaining to the different industries he has worked in. He's currently working at Whatfix, as the Manager of Global Sales and Partner Operations.  He answered all my questions with superb examples and explained everything in the simplest of ways.  So, go and hit that play button to understand exactly why Sales Operation is a lucrative career option?  Don't forget to subscribe to the show. I appreciate you! Connect with Rajesh on Linkedin -
May 26, 2020
Can freelancing be scaled into a profitable business? What role does experimentation play while creating content? Ft. Hardik Lashkari
In this episode, I hosted Hardik Lashkari. His journey till now has been fascinating, to say the least.  A CA dropout, A freelance writer, and now a Founder! Yes, he's the Founder of Content Flavour, a content marketing, and advertising agency based out of Jaipur. They are a one-stop solution to all your content needs, and his posts on Linkedin proves that pretty well.  Now, we discussed his challenges during the career transition, understood the role of experimentation while writing, the complete action plan for a new freelancer, how can freelancing be scaled into a profitable business, and so much more! Excited? Just hit play, and the session is all yours. Connect with Hardik on Linkedin -
May 15, 2020
What's the scope of non-profit ventures in India? Is the education sector on the verge of a revolution? Ft. Anubha Maneshwar
In this episode, I hosted Anubha Maneshwar, Founder of GirlScript. It's a non-profit ed-tech venture that is helping beginners with technology.  They are revolutionizing the way students learn, adapt, and implement technology in their careers, and they have till now trained more than 40,000 students through their 1-1 sessions. They already have a presence in 56 cities, but Anubha and her amazing team are not stopping just yet! They have close to 7 different projects, that's about to get rolled out. All this, despite the ongoing lockdown. She's in the Forbes list of Asia 30 Under 30 in the social entrepreneurship category for 2020. Isn't that super amazing? I had an amazing discussion with her, on this amazing journey and we talked about her long-term vision, challenges, action plans to follow before starting out your own business, and so much more! Excited? Just hit the play button and let's get started Connect with Anubha on Linkedin - Check out GirlScript -
May 10, 2020
How to write tech. content that gets attention and why is it a great career option? Ft. Amrita Angappa
In this episode, I hosted Amrita Angappa, Technical Content Writer at Pattem Digital. She is a prominent figure on Linkedin, with a follower base of more than 18k. Her posts are amazing to read, and her influencer hashtag "fresherdiaries" has 250+ unique followers.  Apart from this, she's a fellow podcaster and her show "The Diamond Dreams" revolves around the subject of personal branding. In this one, we discussed all the ins and outs of the technical content writing space. Listen to Amrita, as she talks about the difference between tech. content writing from other forms of writing. How should a portfolio of a good technical content writer look like? What's the career trajectory in this arena? What action plans can a newbie follow? How important is storytelling in this space? All this and much more with Amrita in this episode.  So, put on your headsets and hit that play button! Connect with Amrita on Linkedin - Check out The Diamond Dreams -
May 7, 2020
Simplifying entrepreneurship with creativity and media. Ft. Durdana Simran
Durdana Simran is a Writer, Journalist, and Founder of "The White Letter." It's a creative arts group specializing in event curation and conceptualization, where the sole purpose is on self-expression of ideas and creativity by brands and individuals, without having to worry about anything else.  Now, don't be surprised when I say, that she and all the girls here are students pursuing their master's degree.  Her vision to empower creativity hasn't stopped during this lockdown, and they've taken an amazing approach to keep imparting values and promoting creativity. We discuss this in detail, her shift from a student to an entrepreneur, how can a student take that entrepreneurial leap and so much more! Ok, let's not keep you waiting anymore. Put on your headsets, and hit that play button.  Go, connect with her on:  Linkedin - And, follow The White Letter at: Instagram -
April 29, 2020
How to be a Content Writer that gets inbound clients with Arnab Ghosh
Arnab Ghosh is a Mechanical Engineer who's slowly making his presence felt in the world of "Content Writing." His passion for writing is evident through his posts and articles on Linkedin. People are now recognizing his quality, and are coming to him with lucrative writing opportunities and projects.  The best part is that everything is in-bound for him, and that's exactly what we're discussing on this episode. He talks about his Linkedin strategies and techniques to attract potential suitors and delves deep on the topic of content writing as a passion, and how to make the most out of it.  Here, connect with him on Linkedin - And, let's just jump right into our session. 
April 26, 2020
Career Growth that give wings to your wildest dreams with Aparna Gautam
Aparna Gautam is a marketer turned Career Growth Specialist. She has donned all sorts of roles and challenges in her decade long career till yet and has successfully fared her way in industries like education, media, fashion, and wellness.  Believe me when I say that, she is also a published author, and her book titled "Poetry and Heart" is available on Amazon and Flipkart. The best part about her is that she left all this to pursue her passion, her passion for helping people, especially millennials realize their true potential. She took the plunge and now she's not leaving any stones unturned in providing her help in the best way she can.  Now, these are testing times and confusion, de-motivation and skepticism regarding your career are pretty natural. Clarity of thoughts and actions is what you need now, and this is exactly what we're going to discuss through the different sections of this session.  Also, her posts on Linkedin are simply amazing, and her dedicated Career Success Mastermind group on Facebook is getting new followers every day.  Here, connect with her on Linkedin - And, be a part of her Facebook community - Ok, let's not keep you waiting anymore. Just hit that play button and enjoy the session. 
April 23, 2020
Freelancing as a career and how to get it off the ground with Vanshika Mehta
Vanshika Mehta works as a Brand Storyteller and a Communications Consultant for all her different clients and businesses. She started on her freelance career, after having worked in industries like Tech, SaaS, EdTech, HR, and FinTech for 5 years playing all sorts of different roles, from Brand Storytelling to an Inside Sales Consultant.  The one thing, that I could take from our session is the fact, that nothing comes easy. Even when you've got all the skills, you still got to give your best every day, and freelancing is no different, but it's absolutely fun and rewarding if done the right way. Our discussion had all these topics and she gave her honest opinions, hacks, and action plans on it.  Also, Vanshika is leaving no stone unturned to create value for her work and her sto-real sessions are just pure gold.  Go, subscribe to it, if you haven't by clicking on the link below.  Sto-real -  And, connect with her on Linkedin with this link.  Linkedin - All in All, It was an amazing discussion with her, and let's not keep you waiting anymore! 
April 19, 2020
From WFH to changing marketing strategies in a crisis with Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma is the Director for marketing and growth at Karix. A seasoned marketer with 12+ years of experience under his belt having worked in various digital marketing domains and verticals. He has successfully led teams of different sizes to scale, and his stint as a founder of a Marketing Automation agency adds up to his already impressive list of accolades.  In this episode, we started off by discussing the impact that WFH is having in our corporate setting, and how can it be used to our advantage? From action plans to tips for new graduates and students, he gave wonderful and brilliant insights on all of these.   The other half of this session was focused solely on the changes in marketing, that is taking place due to the crisis, and the strategies that can be implemented to get your marketing funnel back on track? All this and much more with Sid. Connect with him on Linkedin - Also, here's the link to his podcast, ReasonablyIrrational -
April 14, 2020