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Be Well West Chester, PA

Be Well West Chester, PA

By Devin Gage
Staying fit and healthy in West Chester, PA is easy... This podcast features Fitness, Food, Health and Wellness people and professionals in West Chester, PA to discover the amazing businesses and professionals in the area to stay fit and healthy!
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Food Sensitivities + Nutrition for Inflammation with Jen Mimkha

Be Well West Chester, PA

Food Sensitivities + Nutrition for Inflammation with Jen Mimkha

Be Well West Chester, PA

Gut Health, Stress and Learning About Your Microbiome with Christina Patel
Your Gut Microbiome controls so much of our health, happiness and fitness results. Christina Patel talks about how you can improve gut health, reduce stress and improve your health!  Learn more about Christina by going to to work with her! 
March 10, 2021
Growing up in West Chester with Matt Schaub
Today we interview NFL quarterback Matt Schaub as he talks about growing up in West Chester, PA. We discuss his youth sports career, influential coaches, his parents and what kids can do to be successful in their athletic careers!
March 8, 2021
Massage Therapy in West Chester, PA [You Are The Sun Massage]
If you're looking for an amazing Massage Therapist here in West Chester, PA then make sure you check out You Are The Sun Massage and Wellness Studio! Sarah Gooding talks about her approach to Massage, how she uses CBD for Massage and even her own handsome Epsom salts! Go too to learn more about Sarah Gooding! 
March 5, 2021
Health Coaching for the whole family! [Hallie's Healthy Living]
Join us today to hear about how Hallie Steinberg is helping local families improve their health and wellness! check out Hallie's Healthy Living to learn more! 
March 4, 2021
Mindfulness + Reiki for Athletes and Dancers with Siubhan Clark
Join us today to hear Siubhan Clark talk about her experience working with world class Irish Dancers on mindfulness, confidence and the mental side of their performance! You can learn more about Siubhan at
March 2, 2021
Food Sensitivities + Nutrition for Inflammation with Jen Mimkha
Are you looking for nutrition to help with chronic inflammation and bloating? Check out this conversation with Jen Mimkha, owner of Prana Nutrition as we discuss inflammation, and how she works with clients as a dietician here in West Chester, PA. You can contact her at her website: 
March 2, 2021
Overcoming Obstacles + Home Workouts with Corey Muller
Corey Muller talks to us about how Fitness has helped her overcome so many obstacles, kept her feeling positive and the community she relies on for it all! 
February 27, 2021
Functional Fitness with Zach Grim
What is "Functional Fitness"? Zach Grim is a personal trainer here in West Chester, PA and he talks about his approach to training, and how he connects with clients based on their behavioral style and personality style! 
February 27, 2021
Goshen Family Chiropractic and Dr. Raj
Are you looking for a Chiropractor in West Chester, PA? Dr. Raj is your guy! He takes a holistic approach to your health and fitness and can help you feel your best! Tune in to today's episode to learn what makes Goshen Family Chiropractic special! 
February 27, 2021
Life Coaching + Wellness with Edna Valentino
Are you looking to level up your life professionally and physically? Check out our podcast with Edna Valentino who has has an incredible career, and is now inspiring women with her Life Coaching business!  Contact her on Facebook at Edna Valentino! 
February 27, 2021
Seek Vibrance Health Coaching [Alysha Parker]
Are you interested in health coaching, and how you can approach your fitness, nutrition and mindset? Tune in to Alysha Parker's episode to learn about her company Seek Vibrance to improve your overall health and fitness! Learn more at 
February 27, 2021
West Chester Pa Youth Soccer [Penn Fusion Soccer Academy]
Today you’ll hear from Mark Thomas, general manager of Penn Fusion Soccer Academy! penn fusion has a great youth program, and you’ll hear all about it in today’s podcast!
February 25, 2021
Nutrition for Health + Wellness with Natalie Loschiavio
Natalie Loschiavo a Registered Dietician and  joins our podcast today to discuss her approach to working with clients at Balanced Nutrition and Yoga. She specializes in working with clients with a history of eating disorders, and is helping clients improve their health everyday! Contact Natalie by going to Balanced Nutrition and Yoga LLC. 
February 24, 2021
Kacy's Top 5 Non-Profits in West Chester, PA
West Chester is home to some amazing non-profit organizations, and today we speak to Kacy Witmer who is the head of GST Serves, the community outreach group here at Gage Strength Training and she goes over her Top 5 Non-Profit organizations to support here in West Chester, and how you can get involved! 1. West Chester Food Cupboard 2. Domestic Violence Center of Chester County 3. Chester County Food Bank 4. Keep PA Beautiful 5. Cradles 2 Crayons 
February 23, 2021
Fitness For Moms with Jenn Smith!
Join us today to hear Jenn Smith discuss her background in fitness, how she fell in love with group training and how she stays fit and healthy as a Mom of 2! You can find her on social media as Peace, Love, Health! 
February 23, 2021
Justin Dougherty + Sidebar and Restaurant!
Today we spoke to Justin Dougherty, the Co-owner of Sidebar and Restaurant to learn about their background, and hear about their commitment to supporting local WC businesses. Tune in to learn more about Sidebar, and make sure to have a meal there soon! 
February 23, 2021
Meet The Chef: Stephanie Gray [Kildares Pub WC]
Meet the chef of West Chester, PA's favorite Irish Pub Kildare's! Today we talk about her inspiration for the menu at Kildare's, their healthy options and also how they survived COVID.  Go to for your reservations and take out orders! 
February 22, 2021
Unite For Her [Supporting WC Women with Breast Cancer]
Today we speak with Sue Weldon, the founder of Unite For Her which is an organization that supports women with Breast Cancer in West Chester and more recently expanding nationwide! If you want to support Unite For Her or just learn more, go to www.UniteForHer.Org to learn more! If you're looking for a personal trainer in West Chester, PA you can also check out to see if we can help you get fit, lose weight and feel great! 
February 18, 2021
Kettlebell Training in Chester County [Precision Kettlebells]
Are you interested in Kettlebell Training? Mike Barbato runs a great facility in Malvern, PA specializing in kettlebell fitness for all ability levels. On today's episode, we talk to Mike about what they do at Precision Kettlebells and how you can get started with this life changing program!  Learn more at 
February 16, 2021
Hiking + Natural Lands in West Chester, PA
Join outdoorsman and conservationist Chris Heskett in discussing the best natural lands, hikes and places to experience nature here in Chester County. If you're interested in seeing the beautiful natural landscapes of our area, then listen to this episode to learn more! If you want to work with Chris as a personal trainer in West Chester, PA then you can contact us at
February 16, 2021