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Top Five Things To Do When You Detect A Cyber Attack!

An episode of The Digital Forensics Files Podcast

By Tyler Hatch, B.A., LL.B.
Interviews and discussions on the latest topics, developments and news in digital forensics, digital evidence, lawyers and other professionals who work with digital evidence, privacy and data security law and cyber security/incident response.

Guests will also include Vancouver entrepreneurs and personalities who pursue interesting businesses and professions that involve the use of technology to further their goals.

Hosted by Tyler Hatch, B.A., LL.B., CCFE CMFE, founder of DFI Forensics ( ), a Canadian-based digital forensics and incident response firm.
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This Episode Features Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics...wait...what? I Was Honoured to Be a Guest on Cyber.SC's Cyber Monday Podcast.
Since the inception of DFI Forensics in July, 2018, I have had the phenomenal support of my trusted colleagues, Dominic Vogel and Christian Redshaw of Cyber.SC.  They are my "go-to" cyber security professionals who excel at providing meaningful data security and information security solutions to businesses. Cyber.SC had a long running video series called, "Cyber Monday".  It was so good that it eventually caught the eye of a production team that wanted to turn their content into a video podcast series, also called "Cyber Monday".  You can subscribe to the program here.   My friends had me on their podcast to talk digital forensics, incident response and my background as a practicing litigation lawyer in Vancouver, BC!  It was such a great conversation that I wanted to publish it on this podcast. Connect with on all social media:
October 16, 2019
Josiah Spackman, DigiByte Brand Ambassador, Demystifies Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and Discusses the Responsible Application of This Technology!
Josiah Spackman is passionate about technology and digital information.  You can hear it when he speaks.  You can see the excitement on his face.  His expertise in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrency is impressive.  Josiah breaks down a concept like blockchain, which is difficult for many of us to understand, to its simplest form and expresses himself in a way that makes people listen.   It's no wonder then that he is perfectly suited to be a brand ambassador for one the world's most premiere blockchain organizations - Digibyte.  What is truly amazing is that he believes in what he does so much that he does it for free!  He voluntarily and very generously gave me his time on a Saturday from sunny Auckland, New Zealand.   I hope you will sit back and enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it with Josiah.  He is a rare breed in this world and it was an honour to chat with him. Please follow Josiah on LinkedIn, Twitter and, for more information on DigiByte, please check out Big thank you to Luke Ryan, of the DigiByte Awareness Team, for introducing me to Josiah for this podcast interview!
October 12, 2019
Derek Burbidge of Cardero Clothing Talks Men's Fashion and Custom Fit Suits and uh...Digital Forensi
Ok, full disclosure: we didn't actually talk about digital forensics but this episode is amazing! Listening to someone with passion for an amazing business is awesome, but talking fashion and great fitting clothes for men was fantastic! Thanks for joining me Derek and please guys, check out Cardero Clothing's website, all social media and reach out to Derek for your men's fashion and professional attire needs!
October 8, 2019
Justin Malcewski of CrowdStrike Discusses the Early Days of the Vancouver Information Security Scene, Modern Threat Detection & Response
Having held a variety of senior sales and business development roles with a number of security vendors, technology start-ups and Canada’s leading telecommunications providers including TELUS and Bell, Justin Malczewski is a 30+ year veteran of the technology industry in Western Canada. For the past 13+ years, the threats cyber-criminals, hacktivists and rogue nations pose to society, have led him to focus his career in the area of IT Security. Justin currently holds the position of Regional Sales Manager for CrowdStrike, the world’s leading provider of incident response, threat intelligence, endpoint protection, detection, & response solutions. Prior to CrowdStrike, Justin held senior cybersecurity sales roles with Cisco Systems, Fortinet and Forcepoint (formerly Websense). Justin is an active member of the Western Canada IT security community and is keenly interested in working within and outside of the security and privacy communities to foster a collaborative environment among like-minded professionals. To that end, he currently holds the position of Chairperson, Past President's Advisory Council for ISACA Vancouver (a professional organization with 650+ members representing the IT Security/Audit/Risk/Governance professions) where he believes strongly that the team ISACA Vancouver has assembled is in the best position to direct cybersecurity resources and training where they are needed most. It’s exciting to work collaboratively with industry peers, partners and customers to solve security problems and minimize organizational risk. There's never a dull day in the IT Security space!
September 25, 2019
Melanie Jordan from Sunshine Coast Health Centre Discusses Modern Residential Addictions Treatment,
Sunshine Coast Health Centre is a residential addictions treatment centre in Powell River, B.C., Canada.  It is led by scientific research and fueled by a passion for wellness and a desire to help its clients achieve an addiction-free and meaningful life. In this episode, Melanie Jordan from Sunshine Coast Health Centre joins Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics to discuss Sunshine Coast Health Centre's approach to modern day addiction treatment and how technology is being used to provide better, more effective treatment and intake initiatives.  Also, hear Melanie discuss the many amazing ways that Sunshine Coast Health Centre protects it's IT network from attack and provides a safe and confidential environment for its clients' private data.
September 16, 2019
Founder of Ukrainetz Workplace Law Group, Veronica Ukrainetz, Discusses Her Practice and Email Fraud
Veronica Ukrainetz is the principal of Ukrainetz Workplace Law Group, centrally based out of British Columbia's Okanagan. She helps unionized and non-unionized employers navigate through the world of labour relations, employment and workplace related human rights and privacy issues. Her mission is to enhance organizational effectiveness by developing and maintaining productive, accountable and respectful workplaces. She makes it a priority to understand her clients' organization and the particular employee or employment-related challenge. She provides practical and effective legal advice and knowledgeable human resources support. She coaches her clients to expect and be ready to respond to the unexpected. When clients face litigation, she provides strategic and cost-effective representation in administrative tribunal proceedings, private mediation, arbitrations and hearings, and before the Courts. She discusses openly her recent experience of being the victim of a significant email fraud and how others can learn from her experience to avoid a similar fate.  
September 11, 2019
Brooke Johnson Talks Law, Being in Court & Equal Treatment for Women in Professional Settings
Brooke Johnson is a highly intelligent, passionate, well-spoken criminal defence lawyer who practices at the law firm McDougal Gaulley LLP in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She has goals for her personal and professional lives, a rare vision that has her taking action to change the things in our world that could use some modern and fresh perspective and she's not about to keep quiet simply because her thoughts on a given subject may challenge traditional norms. Brooke talks about her practice of putting a lot of thought into how she expresses herself in order to be prepared for any negativity or backlash that she may receive. She is professional, bold and creative in all her pursuits, including blogging and her new Instagram feed "@themondaybest". Of course, we discussed the use of social media and digital evidence in Canadian Criminal Courts and Brooke and I's fear of not having possession of our smartphones. Enjoy this episode and subscribe to the podcast for more great episodes!
September 2, 2019
Jenson Leung, Employment Lawyer of Tevlin Gleadle Curtis talks Workplace Law, Technology, Privacy an
Jenson Leung is a very bright, talented and interesting young employment lawyer with Tevlin Gleadle Curtis Employment Law Strategies. Jenson and I connected through LinkedIn after he published an article there entitled, Data Privacy and Data Protection Considerations for Private Sector Employers in British Columbia (link to article is here). When I invited him on the podcast to discuss his area of legal expertise and his article, he graciously accepted and I really enjoyed our discussion. I hope you enjoy it too! Contact Jenson here or by email at and his firm, Tevlin Gleadle Curtis here.
August 25, 2019
@brittinvancity: From Working For Vancouver Law Firms to Social Media Influencer & Lifestyle Curator
If you don't follow @brittinvancity on Instagram, you should.  I'm certainly glad I did.  Her Instagram content is interesting, fun, beautiful, uplifting and inspiring - but most of all, 100% real and authentic.    On this episode of The Digital Forensics Files Podcast, I get real about life, love, compassion and inspiration for and in the World around us with one of the most amazing people I've ever spoken to.  Britt's high-level professional background in law is also fascinating and interesting.   Prior to meeting Britt, I only knew of social media "influencers" as reality TV castoffs who call themselves one after their 15 minutes of fame is up but they've amassed a sizable social media following.  That isn't what a true influencer is though.  Britt discusses how she saw the potential in the Instagram platform from the beginning and built her following through authentic and engaging content.  Hear her talk about how she uses her following in her business and as a key element of her brand.  When I was preparing to talk to her, I went to her website,, to learn more.  I didn't know what a "lifestyle curator" was at first, but listening to Britt talk about it and how she got into it was simply fascinating.   She's seen life's ugly side and conquered.  She helps lift up others and brightens the world around her.  Britt, you are amazing and I am simply honoured, humbled and extremely proud to now call you my friend!
August 24, 2019
Ben Baker of Your Brand Marketing Talks Brands, Cybercrime: The Ultimate Brand Killer and Employee Engagement!
Ben Baker is a terrific guy who also happens to be an author and brand specialist.  His business is called, Your Brand Marketing.  He assists businesses in telling their story and communicating their message to customers and clients.  Not only does he help businesses communicate more effectively, he has some important things to say about the dire costs of failing to have engaged employees.   Unmotivated employees can kill your brand and cost your business dearly!  Ben talks about the "disgusting" statistics of about half of all employees actively seeking greener pastures with other employers.  That's not a good thing.  Also, replacing key employees who leave your organization costs an average of $100,000!  Shocking stuff.   Ben recently wrote a great article called, "Cybercrime: The Ultimate Brand Killer" for BC Business Magazine. Find Ben on LinkedIn, Soundcloud and listen to his iHeart radio show, "Your Living Brand", here. Be sure to connect with Ben through his website at for loads of free resources and content!
August 20, 2019
Social Media in 2019. Top Tips for Safe, Secure Personal and Business Social Media Use!
How much is too much to share publicly on social media and what is the potential downside of doing so? Using social media safely requires you to consider the risks and consequences of having publicly accessible information about you available to anyone.   Sharing your life and information with others is perfectly reasonable and social media allows us to do it with ease and convenience. However, having your personal details available to anyone who may want to find the information is neither safe nor advisable.  Always consider your privacy settings to ensure you are only sharing information with those that you trust.   Business users need to concern themselves with security in the social media landscape or you risk losing your account as the Instagram Lip Model I refer to in the episode almost did.  See the full news story here.    I talk about top tips for security and safety in this episode.  Share on your social media to help spread this important message!  Contact me HERE anytime if you have questions about our services or anything discussed on the podcast.   **DFI Forensics Inc. is a Vancouver-based digital forensics and incident response firm serving lawyers and clients across North America with offices in Vancouver, Langley, Calgary and Toronto.
August 15, 2019
Carmen Cruz from the World Famous CFOX Talks Radio and All Things Awesome!
When I first starting listening to Carmen Cruz on the world famous CFOX, I always thought she would be interesting to talk to.  I didn't expect I would ever have the opportunity to talk to her on a podcast episode at some point in the future, but here we are and it was an absolute pleasure! Carmen Cruz is an intelligent, well-spoken, hard-working and entertaining on-air radio personality at CFOX radio in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  She also happens to be a pretty great person who tries to make people smile daily (spoiler alert: I think it's working!) and is proud and grateful to live in our amazing Country of Canada!  She's a proud representative of and leader in the Canadian-latino community.  She is of Chilean heritage, but born and raised in the (former) "City of Champions", Edmonton, Alberta.  She was educated at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, or "NAIT" as the cool kids say, where she graduated with honours and distinction from the Radio and TV Arts Program.  (Here us briefly bond on our tales of soul-crushing educational rejection!) Being a fan of her and her show, I followed her Instagram feed from our @dfiforensicsinc Instagram feed.  Earlier this year, there was a lot of devices and online accounts being hacked globally and it was affecting a large number of people in Vancouver.  I contacted Carmen through Instagram and requested a public service announcement to warn people of the threat.  She replied almost immediately because that's the type of person she is.  But I didn't stop there.  Emboldened by my recent interaction with her, I began to like and comment on her posts and stories and she always made a point of replying and responding with grace, class and hilarious comments.  She's good peeps.  Period.  Full stop.  'nuff said. Recently, after sending her a particularly humourous Metallica meme I asked her if she would like to chat with me on an episode of The Digital Forensics Files Podcast.  To my surprise, she agreed and almost sounded excited to generously volunteer her time to speak to a stranger from the internet.  Again, she's just simply good peeps! So listen and enjoy this episode everyone because Carmen Cruz has an interesting past, a cool job, she's hilarious and has a lot of love and support to give to her community, "peoplekind" and our four legged canine friends (woof!)!  What surprised me in an unexpected but pleasant way was her willingness to discuss and be open about her own mental health issues.  Anxiety and depression affect many people and it is a legitimate health issue that can and should be addressed without shame, stigma and guilt.  Good on you Cruzer! Check her out at and follow her on social media: Instagram - @thecarmencruz YouTube Twitter - @thecarmencruz Soundcloud - carmen_cruz Definitely check out the "Drunken Buddha" at 
August 9, 2019
Tech Talk with Real Estate Agent Kristy Masaro (spoiler alert: She's a ton of fun!)
Kristy Masaro is an exceptionally talented and highly decorated Fraser Valley real estate agent. She is an accomplished businesswoman and is dedicated to serving the particular needs of the First Responder Community that she is so proud to work with.  In this episode, Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics Inc. is joined by Kristy to discuss how she uses technology, social media and a no-gimmick approach to getting the job done right for her clients.  She's great fun and very insightful so be sure to check this one out!  **If you haven't seen Kristy's "sold sign dress" - check it out on her social media!**  Learn more about Kristy at and follow her on Instagram and like her Facebook Page!
August 3, 2019
Yes, we can unlock your phone when you forget your passcode...but please don't! Also, it depends...well, just listen!
DFI Forensics Inc. can unlock almost any smartphone or tablet if the passcode is lost, forgotten or a loved one has deceased, leaving behind a cell phone with their whole life on it.  Precious images and videos need to be recovered and communications like email,  texts and contacts can assist in dealing with the estate of the deceased. Plan for lost or forgotten passwords by writing them down and storing them securely.  Provide them to a trusted person in the event of your unexpected passing.  Another great option is to use a password manager in which you can designate a beneficiary for your important passwords and accounts. For questions, contact Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics Inc. at or call 604.880.1418.
August 1, 2019
Do You Fear Using The "Cloud"? Let's Talk About That!
Many users fear the "cloud" and stay far away from it.  Why?  Most likely because they feel uncomfortable with their email and data "floating around in the air somewhere". That, of course, isn't quite accurate.  The cloud is simply a term used to describe information and accounts that be accessed from anywhere, using a device or computer, or online through a web browser.  The data is ultimately stored on a physical server or in a data centre somewhere.  Rather than fear the cloud, users must learn to use it in a way that maximizes the security features offered such as strong passwords and two-factor authentication. In the episode, Tyler Hatch, of DFI Forensics Inc. offers tips for overcoming your fear of the cloud! If you have any questions for us, feel free to reach out at or call 604.880.1418/toll-free 1.888.892.2937
July 25, 2019
Digital Marketing and Internet Sales Specialist Daryl Oberg of AYD Internet Marketing
EP 06 - Digital Marketing and Internet Sales Consultant Daryl Oberg | AYD Internet Marketing Website development, paid ad campaign management and search engine optimization (SEO) are a few ways that most businesses connect with customers.  It's specialized and it's not a DIY project that most entrepreneurs should undertake.  Daryl Oberg discusses his thoughts on using the internet and technology to allow entrepreneurs to reach customers, generate sales and reinvest that revenue into the company's brand through high level digital marketing.  Daryl Oberg can be reached at and his Facebook groups are a must for Langley, B.C. entrepreneurs looking to network and get referrals! Discussing privacy and the balance between privacy and a valuable consumer experience was a fascinating topic.
July 23, 2019
Employment Lawyer Chris Drinovz Discusses Law, Workplace Disputes and Digital Forensics
On this episode of the Digital Forensics Files Podcast, Tyler Hatch of DFI Forensics Inc. is joined by Chris Drinovz, senior employment lawyer with Kane Shannon Weiller LLP.  Chris has a varied workplace law practice involving all areas of employment, labour and workplace disputes.  He discusses other dispute forums, such as Human Rights Tribunals and WorkSafe BC cases. Harassment cases can often involve evidence of the act being found on a digital device such as a computer or cell phone.   If you're an employee who has been wrongfully dismissed or a employer with questions about workplace policies and/or disputes, reach out to Chris Drinovz and the team at Kane Shannon Weiller LLP serving the needs of the Fraser Valley, in British Columbia, Canada.
July 17, 2019
Tech Talk With The Vegan Financial Advisor, Justin Manning
Justin Manning, The Vegan Financial Advisor (, stops by to talk about his role as a professional financial advisor and his decision to embrace a Vegan lifestyle. We discuss the use of technology in Justin's business and how he uses Advisor Stream and his top notch CRM to serve his clients more effectively. Finally, we discuss Justin's focus on protecting the sensitive information of his clients in his practice and what steps he and his organization follow to ensure that information is not exposed in a cyber attack or data breach.
July 15, 2019
Top 5 Tips For Lawyers To Follow When Engaging A Digital Forensics Expert
Hiring an expert isn't always easy.  In my experience, many lawyers don't have a digital forensics team that they routinely work with.  While the need is increasing as interactions with technology results in more sources of evidence to explore, it's not a regular need for many lawyers' practices. So, off to Google lawyers go and the search begins.  Most of time, it works out okay, but when it doesn't the consequences can be significant.  Here are five tips for lawyers to follow when engaging a digital forensics expert in a lawsuit: What's in a name? Perhaps everything - if it's clearly not what you're looking for.  If you're contacting the "Geek Squad" or "Nerds R Us" to be your digital forensics specialist, you are probably not going to find what you're looking for.  Legitimate experts don't use business names like this. Look for a "forensics" expert! Professionals in this industry either explicitly use the term forensics or identify with it.  The very word "forensics" is derived from language that means "for use in court".  Following strict protocols to ensure admissibility of evidence and verifiable findings is the name of the game so don't take chances with someone who calls themselves something like an "IT specialist" without ensuring they are what you need. Get a CV Ensuring that your expert has specialized training, knowledge and experience is the very thing that permits an expert to be exempted from the evidentiary rule against providing an opinion as opposed to a statement of fact.  This may seem like common sense, but I have seen so-called "experts" engaged without being asked for a CV or any explanation of their qualifications. The right tool matters. Ensure your digital forensics expert has the right tools for the job and ask them to explain what they will be using and why they are necessary.  I would even recommend asking if there are other tools available and why they use what they use.  You want to ensure the highest quality tool is used for best results.  There are hardware tools and specialized forensic software that relates to the proper acquisition of electronic evidence and subsequent analysis. Know the limitations of a digital forensics investigation before you hire your expert.  Nothing is certain in digital forensics and you never truly know what you are going to find until you acquire and analyze the evidence.  However, everyone should know that from the start.  If you are engaging an expert to determine a fact, it's important to know the variables that affect the outcome and to what degree there is a chance that the investigation will be unfruitful.  A true professional digital forensics expert will explain the benefits of an investigation and advise of known possible outcomes - including negative ones - to allow you to make an informed decision. See also, Tyler's latest feature post on this subject here.
July 11, 2019
Top Five Things To Do When You Detect A Cyber Attack!
Cyber attacks on business and government organizations are exceedingly common these days.  Not all cyber attacks are or result in a data breach.  More often than not, the objective is to encrypt the victim's IT network and demand that a ransom be paid in order to have the data decrypted. The top five things to do when you detect a cyber attack: Leave devices running and keep systems functioning and online.  You've already been compromised so you might as well provide an opportunity to the forensics responders to collect the available evidence before contaminating the scene.  Without evidence, there is little that we can determine in the aftermath of a cyber attack.  It is very important to understand precisely what occurred and how in order to prevent it from happening again. Contact the privacy and data breach lawyer that is part of your incident response plan. Your organization may be facing liability for exposing client data during a cyber attack so it's best to have a qualified and experienced lawyer involved from the start.    Have your lawyer (see #2!) engage a digital forensics team to collect evidence and respond to the attack.  A qualified incident response team will contain and eradicate the threat or malicious attacker.  Further, and perhaps most importantly, when engaged by your lawyer, all work, evidence and findings by your digital forensics team are protected under solicitor client privilege.  This prevents it from being used against your organization down the road if there is a lawsuit or class action claim. Report the matter to your cyber insurance provider, if coverage is in place.  Hopefully, you have coverage for the potential enormous losses that can flow from a cyber attack.  It is always recommended that you put your insurer on notice of a potential claim early.  Conduct a full and thorough investigation following a cyber attack.  Learn what happened in order to avoid having it happen again.  Changes may be required to your IT network.  Your personnel may need to be made more aware of risks related to cyber crime and your incident response plan may require updating following an attack.  This is only possible if you know what happened. For more information on Cyber Security and Incident Response Plans, contact DFI Forensics Inc.  If you need a contact for cyber insurance or an incident response lawyer, we can provide one in any North American area.
July 4, 2019
Introduction to the Podcast: What is digital forensics anyways?
When I tell people that I have my own digital forensics firm, they generally say, "Cool!!", then immediately ask, "What does that mean?" People don't tend to know what exactly digital forensics is until they have a need for our services.  In the case of lawyers, many of them are thankful they have someone to use after they've experienced a properly and professionally conducted digital forensics investigation.   With that being said, let's jump into what digital forensics is and set the stage for the topics and format of The Digital Forensics Files Podcast! Digital forensics is an investigative process in which digital forensics examiners collect evidence from electronic devices and digital sources and examine the evidence to determine a fact or set of facts, often in the context of computer crime or unlawful activity, for which the findings are reported to clients and/or presented in Court. Sources of evidence often include computers, cell phones, tablets, servers, email accounts, mobile device app data (Facebook etc.), cloud accounts/storage and the internet. Digital forensics examiners use digital evidence to answer  "who", "what", "where", "when", "how" and "why" during an investigation and report the findings to a client.  Sometimes, the findings and evidence needs to be presented in Court during a criminal or civil trial. My name is Tyler Hatch and I am hosting this podcast.  I am a former litigation lawyer, who practiced in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, prior to becoming a certified mobile and computer forensics examiner.  In July, 2018, I founded my own digital forensics and incident response firm, DFI Forensics Inc.  We serve clients across Canada and in the U.S. and have offices in Vancouver, Langley, Calgary and Toronto.  I hope you enjoy the podcast and provide lots of feedback to make it better!  Guest requests are welcome and can be submitted to
June 30, 2019
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