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Down for the Cause: The Pod

Down for the Cause: The Pod

By Down for the Cause
We’re just like you. Regular people staring at our TV and social media, feeling like we have a whole world of problems to solve. Well, we do. We asked ourselves, “Where do we even start?” And now we’re here with you! On this journey we talk about navigating the world and her growing pains to connect the dots on who and what makes a difference. We will be amplifying the voices, work and resources of leaders who are blazing a path, waiting for the rest of us to join. There will always be work to do. So let’s get going. Are you down for the cause? IG: @downftcause Music by @iamflipmagic
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Bonus Interview: Vicky Walsh, Sexeducation.Period

Down for the Cause: The Pod

Bonus Interview with Gaia Rattazzi
How could we not partner with one of the most impactful, social media advocates for sustainable change? Join our conversation with Gaia Rattazzi to learn more about what it means to be a conscious consumer and how we can hold brands accountable for their global footprint. Gaia even breaks down how sustainability efforts intersect with causes like racism and exploitation. Listen in and follow her on IG: @ssustainably_ for more info!
May 18, 2021
Bonus Interview with Sustainable Shane
This week we partnered with Sustainable Shane. Between educating people on the boardwalks of California beaches, gardening, and thrifting a new Hawaiian shirt, he made time to chat with us here at Down for the Cause! Shane gives us a sneak peek about his own journey of sustainability, and how you can learn about easy ways to adopt a joyful, impactful and sustainable lifestyle. Make sure you follow his journey on IG: @sustainable.shane for more!
May 18, 2021
Down for Sustainability
We know Earth Day should be everyday, but this week is dedicated all to the cause of sustainability. From large corporations to each individual, we all have a responsibility to practice caring for the world around us. Join Sydni and Moriah as they breakdown intersectional environmentalism, greenwashing, sustainable living and of course some easy steps we can all take to leave the Earth better than how we found her. Music by @iamflipmagic
May 18, 2021
Bonus Interview: TRUE FACT Co-Founders, Scott Goodman and Cisco McLaren
TRUE FACT is an organization that provides unbiased, scientific education on the therapeutic and recreational uses of cannabis while advocating for universal and safe access for everyone. We interviewed the Co-founders, Scott Goodman and Cisco McLaren, to talk about personal cannabis use, common misconceptions, and how we can all be an ally in the fight for cannabis justice.
April 20, 2021
Down for Cannabis Justice
It’s 4/20, and while we have a lot to celebrate, there is still work to do when it comes to Cannabis Justice. This episode breaks down how the history of cannabis prohibition has created disproportionate incarceration rates and inaccurate stigmas around cannabis use. Sydni and Moriah partnered with TRUE FACT, an organization that provides unbiased, scientific education on the therapeutic and recreational uses of cannabis to help break down what next steps we have to take to see Cannabis Justice through, dismantle existing misconceptions, and advocate for universal and safe access for everyone. Listen now and learn how we can all be #DownForCannabisJustice
April 20, 2021
Bonus Interview: Christine Soyong Harley (she/her), President and CEO of SIECUS
SIECUS, Sex Ed for Social Change is an organization that has been advancing sex education through advocacy, policy and coalition building since 1964. Christine Soyong Harley breaks down how we can contribute to the cause and achieve a vision of an equitable nation where all people receive sex education, are affirmed in their identities, and have power to make decisions about their own health, pleasure, and wholeness.
April 07, 2021
Bonus Interview: Lara Bennett
Lara Bennett majored in Gender Studies at the University of Utah, and soon began her journey in the adult retail industry in 2011 with HUSTLER Hollywood. She is now a freelance writer that publishes sexual health and wellness articles along with many other projects. Listen for her take on how media plays a role in traditional sexual stigma & shame, and how we can reframe the narrative to build empowering communities by embracing our own sexuality.
April 07, 2021
Bonus Interview: Vicky Walsh, Sexeducation.Period
Vicky has been teaching relationship and sex education for over 15 years. Her global experience, from the UK to Italy, gives a unique perspective on how we learn about these topics. Tune in to find out about some common misconceptions about sex, the adult learning curve and how diversity is key in driving progress in this space. Follow on IG: @sexeducation.period || Youtube: Vicky Walsh
April 07, 2021
Down for Sex Ed
This isn’t your typical birds and the bees talk. On this week’s episode, Sydni and Moriah break down what exactly sex education is - and is not. From identity, to birth control, to porn they reflect on just how much sex ed impacts everyday life. Joined by our partner SIECUS, with special guests Vicky Walsh, from SexEducation.Period, and Lara Bennett to guide us on how we can drive change and reframe how we all think about and approach sex.
April 07, 2021
Bonus Interview: Sara Gifford, COO and Co-Founder of ActiVote
Full Interview with Sara Gifford, COO and Co-Founder of ActiVote - an app that helps promote habits of daily democracy. Links to download available on
March 23, 2021
Down for Voting
Voting is undisputedly the most important part of driving change. So, why don’t people vote? Join Sydni & Moriah as they unpack the impact of local vs. federal elections, the influence of friends and family on how we vote, and how apps like ActiVote can help us integrate democratic acts into our daily lives.
March 23, 2021
Who We Are
Meet the Co-founders, Sydni and Moriah, as they break down what to expect from Season 1 and what values we all have to remember along the way.
March 08, 2021