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By dorothy's friends theater company
We started as a group of queer friends who wanted to do theater. Now, dftc is committed to telling positive queer stories in new and exciting ways. Find our collection of audio productions since our founding.

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Sibylla - LIBER I: What’s It Like To Go Back?


Sibylla: Talkback
Wanna hear about the process of making Sibylla come to life? Listen as Literary Manager Ginger Gordon discusses the journey from start to finish with playwright Lane Kittle-Kamp, director Rae Weiss, and sound designer Amelia Anello!
April 23, 2021
Sibylla - LIBER I: What’s It Like To Go Back?
John and Nate go back in time to Rome in 79 AD and talk with a Shepherd on his way to Pompeii. Marianne, Chris, and Jess discuss the affairs of office and home life. Nate’s simple mishap while time-traveling earlier has greater ramifications than he ever expected. Vic proposes a new research mission for John and Nate: a recovery attempt of the missing Sibylline Books. Marianne, Nate, and John come up with a plan to fix Nate’s mistake. Transcription of the episode available: Link 
April 22, 2021
Sibylla - LIBER II: Black As Death
Marianne, John, and Nate face minor difficulties as they prepare to execute their plan. John and Vic discuss time-traveling and prophecy. Marianne and Chris send Jess out to restock their Tylenol supply. John and Nate undertake their mission to recover the remaining Sibylline Books from the Sibyl, yet her appearance only portends troubles for both.  Chaos ensues in the office once John and Nate return to the present. Transcription of episode available: Link
April 22, 2021
Sibylla - LIBER III: Where Is Your Axe?
Following a tragedy within the office, John, Nate, and Marianne enact a plan to set things right again. Chris and Nate discuss their personal lives, while John and Vic discuss grief and other private emotions. After their original plan fails, John, Nate, and Marianne contrive and enact a new plan to set things right, leading to new troubling information from the Sibyl. Transcription of the episode available: Link
April 22, 2021
Sibylla - LIBER IV: Descents And Ascents
Tensions boil over in the office following John and Nate’s previous attempt to change the past with the Sibyl. John, Nate, and Marianne launch one final attempt to set things right, but upon John and Nate’s return to the present, they find reality has become something they no longer recognize. John tries one last time to talk with the Sibyl, leading to startling and tragic revelations. Transcription of the episode available: Link
April 22, 2021
Talkback: Black Queer Artist Celebration
To celebrate Black artists and the 50th  anniversary of LA Pride, join us for our 2-hour talkback event starring  actress and activist Alexandra Billings, playwrights Donald Jolly and  Roger Q. Mason, and Anita Dashiell-Sparks, actress and new Co-Head of  SDA's undergraduate acting program. Together, the four artists will explore what it is to be a Black Queer Artist, connecting it to our  collective histories and examining the intersections of race, sexuality,  and gender. We will be featuring actors and alum from USC to perform  short scenes from our guest playwrights' Black queer plays! Come be a friend!
April 22, 2021