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Diamond Prospects

Diamond Prospects

By Austin Alexander
#1 Coverage of High School Baseball
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Welcome to the DP Podcast

Diamond Prospects

Coaches Catch Up, a 2021 Crystal Ball
Our latest podcast of the new year recaps where we’ve been, how teams are preparing now and what they envision for the upcoming spring season. Also a discussion of variables that could arise and mention of some things most people have not thought about The panel joining DP's Austin Alexander was Bo Charpia (Summerville HS), Dale Nelson (Hillcrest HS) and Tim Perry from (Airport HS)
January 26, 2021
dp Chat: Geoffrey Gilbert
High-decorated prep star turned Clemson Freshman All-American LHP Geoffrey Gilbert joined the dp desk to discuss the following: What are you up to during down time? Now - Covid2020 - Next? Work habits, inner-drive, advice... Bishop England & High School vs College Goals at Clemson, future? Starter vs Bullpen How was Clemson the best fit for you?
August 19, 2020
dp Chat: HS Baseball - Spring vs Fall
July 28, 2020 - Season I, Chat #19 (1:01): On this Tuesday, DP had an awesome discussion with the President of the SCBCA & skipper at Dorman Jack Jolly, head coach/Asst. AD at River Bluff Mark Bonnette along with the skipper/AD at Cheraw HS David Byrd... Topics discussed:  Covid19 & how this became a topic/podcast The SC coaches Association stance Info for HS coaches, parents, players - Valuable! Sub-Varsity info Parting shots Probably some bloopers too?
July 28, 2020
DP's Summer: Past, Present & Preview
At the first of July, dp's Austin Alexander & Cory Welch discussed the status of where we have been, where we are & where we are going! Summer Showcase (CIU) & players who stood out Coaching demands by dp staff in last month-green light to play! Player Rankings - Always a difficult thing to publish! Palmetto Games - How it began plus site & date change (Players, video) Fall League update... 
July 10, 2020
dp Chat Carmen Mlodzinski
dp's Austin Alexander spent some time on Friday chatting it up with Wednesday night 1st Rounder Carmen Mlodzinski, the conversation went so well that it turned into our next podcast. During the time with the South Carolina RHP & Hilton Head HS product, we covered the following topics: How you got the word that you would be a millionaire, emotions Oldest brother of three pitchers, growing up in your home, competition Injuries & dp experiences, what led you to USC? USC, life there & word to recruits Different pronunciations of your last name? No social media, in 2020, really? What is next for you, your goals?
June 13, 2020
dp Chat Summer Covidcase20
After a ton of calls and work to create Plan B-Z, here is what we have arrived at for our Summer Showcase: June 10-11, Columbia International University, Government Guidelines Updated format FREE options for participants Waiver NEEDED, print + bring New deadline, May 31 Dedication to HS players in our state Info going forward on DP & social media
May 27, 2020
dp Chat with Landon Powell
North Greenville skipper Landon Powell joined dp's Austin Alexander recently to take us down memory lane, which was a long enjoyable ride with someone who has done so much in his life before the age of of 40. Some of the topics covered:  Family at beach during virus, his health & update on current team From Little League to Big Leagues, CWS, injuries, etc Draft loopholes, Scott Boras & Landon's draft experience The Perfect Game - a Mother's Day treat for the ages North Greenville baseball, transfer U Best baseball memories  Crystal ball for future
May 21, 2020
dp Chat with Lee Long
MLB agent Lee Long of The Ballengee Group & DP’s Austin Alexander recently Zoomed to cover an array of topics ranging from: Easter to Mother’s Day with family  Background & different hats worn  Spring Training pre + post Covid 19  MLB now, the future & upcoming draft  Role & differences between advisor + agent  Breaking News  Baseball stories & relationships over the years   Outtakes
May 17, 2020
dp Chat with Emilio Pagan
dp’s Austin Alexander & Will Cheatham had an awesome chat with San Diego closer Emilio Pagan in May regarding a myriad of topics, among those: EP with fam during downtime Cheat & AA history with Emilio Golfing Lies Rise to MLB & Puerto Rico in World Baseball Classic, plus throwing to Yadier What motivated, still drive him Philosophy on mentality ie toiling in the minors vs succeeding in The Show with various roles Now What?
May 13, 2020
dp Chat with Kevin Schnall
DP's Austin Alexander spent some time recently with Coastal Carolina Associate Head Coach Kevin Schnall to cover a lot of ground ranging from:  Downtime during Covid19 Childhood to Coaching Son of NFL Coach Update on skipper Gary Gilmore National Championship & family tragedy + triumphs Greatest memories in the game
May 11, 2020
dp Chat with Sawyer Bridges
Austin Alexander & Cory Welch discussed a number of topics with Student Assistant Coach at The University of South Carolina, Sawyer Bridges. The final week of college/exams Reflecting on roles/responsibilities of a student coach How Bridges' became a Gamecock Memories at Summerville HS & 2016 Title Various Roles in college career Mentors in Sawyer’s career
May 7, 2020
dp Chat with John Rhodes
DP's Austin Alexander & Barry Mabry had an awesome discussion with the 'Godfather of South Carolina Travel Baseball' himself John Rhodes, aka The Head Devil! Info about what got him into baseball & how travel ball abounded from his vision Impact he made on the two people interviewing him, plus countless others The Diamond Devil Way, expectations then memories too Closure with a blooper or two!
May 1, 2020
dp Chat with Tim Wallace
DP's Austin Alexander sat down with his mentor Hall of Fame skipper Tim Wallace at Spartanburg Methodist College. An array of topics spanned from: Tim's childhood & baseball background as a player How coaching career began What's going on now vision forward Best memories & stories in baseball on & off the field, including Bo Jackson Plus legit locker room pranks...
April 25, 2020
dp Chat with Jason Gross
Jason Gross - South Carolina Director of USSSA Baseball: In less than an hour with DP's Austin Alexander Gross covered topics spanning from-  Family & Covid19 / His team 11U team and what is NOW for them + others / Love of baseball & relationships that stem from it / USSSA Outlook,  what is the NEXT no one can answer...
April 22, 2020
dp Chat 2018 Dorman HS Team
Austin Alexander & Cory Welch discussed the “All-Decade Bracket Challenge” with members of the 2018 Dorman HS team: HC Jack Jolly, Tanner McCallister & Jack Hennessy. 16,000 total votes Key moments of the 2018 season Catchers X3 Memories from Jolly, McCallister & Hennessy Recognition of the Dorman roster Closing thought from Coach Jack Jolly
April 17, 2020
dp Chat with Monte Lee Part 2
Coach Monte Lee at Clemson University covers ground with DP's Austin Alexander. Groceries NCAA rulings on eligibility 35 man roster 11.7 scholarships MLB Draft Staff & Next / Summer Camps / Relationships on campus Dabo / Can't Miss Impersonations / DP Wrap
April 15, 2020
dp Chat with Monte Lee Part 1
Coach Monte Lee at Clemson University covers ground with DP's Austin Alexander. Family during Covid19 Path to Clemson History of HS career to Now / This Spring Now Next
April 14, 2020
All-Decade Challenge
DP's Austin Alexander goes through a poll revisit of something that no HS game had seen in our lifetime! We spoke to HC’s Brian Hucks & Barry Mizzell plus a guy who has spent a little time in both dugouts, Banks Faulkner. Upcoming Voting That Iconic 2013 Series Vote Away.
April 11, 2020
dp Chat with Charlie Wentzky
DP’s first guest of the “podcast” era is Assistant Commissioner of the South Carolina High School League, Charlie Wentzky. Austin Alexander and Cory Welch spent some time with Charlie discussing where the high school league is now and also touched on the pitch count rules and how they affect today’s high school game. 1. Path of Charlie Wentzky to where he is now 2. Current situation of high school baseball in South Carolina 3. Charlie and Cory’s hot take on pitch count 4. Wentzky discusses adjusting to quarantine
April 10, 2020
Welcome to the DP Podcast
In DP’s first podcast, Austin Alexander, Barry Mabry  and Cory Welch cover a variety of topics regarding “what now” for today’s baseball player, touch on the “All-Decade Team Tourney” and hit some top performances from the preseason tournaments in Columbia.. Welcome to the new DP podcast How to stay "ready" during the quarantine The Hunger All Decade Tournament Brackets Preseason Hot Takes Daniel Crenshaw - Thoughts for family Conclusion  Bloopers
April 7, 2020