High off what- fireworks


By Danielle Patoir
This is DIARYOFASONGWRITER... a new place where Patoirlove shares her phone recordings with the world. She sometimes rhymes in the flow, tells stories, & shares her "true" feelings; expressing herself without judgement. She is sharing what she has learned about "self- help" & "the law of attraction", while activating our imaginations. A twist of comedy is often added for laughter. She aims to show "the express lane"; to help the world communicate with honesty & openness.
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Rock 'n Roll 2
Patoirlove was making a #song in the flow again (lyrically on guitar).. without edits.. This "Diary of a Songwriter" podcast will be a bunch of raw phone recordings to give you a glimpse of Patoirlove as a songwriter. A behind the scenes type of thing.. sharing her live phone recordings. Learn the process of making a song.. or just enjoy as a listener to get your imagination flying & to line you up into that pure passionate dimension. Get taken away by the rhymes..  This time a familiar part "rock 'n roll" ended up showing up so she called this Rock 'n Roll 2 but again this is just a gem from the gold flow to take you on a rhyme ride. You never know where it will take you.. it is about trusting the unknown... sometimes things make sense later on. ;) Patoirlove as "The Song Rider" ;) #diaryofasongwriter
January 19, 2019
The Spread to Change This World
The Spread to Change the World talks about manifesting ideals. .. & believing in ourselves.. etc etc. Patoirlove has been studying self-help & the law of attraction for years now; listening to some of the greatest influences & top selling authors. She aims to help others as she continues to learn about succeeding in life.
July 5, 2018
High off what- fireworks
A phone recording where Patoirlove expresses herself.. sometimes in rhyme.. thoughts out loud.. etc etc..
July 5, 2018
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