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A podcast that centers Black women in the global game.
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Drafts, Crypto, A Sequel Nobody Asked For, and NWSL Holiday Gifts
Aaaaand we're BACK! Courtney & André found a bit of time in between an unexpectedly busy holiday season to go through the bevy of news that's dropped since we last recorded. We review some key moves in the NWSL on either side of both drafts before getting into the Courage rolling out a sequel no one was asking for. Then we look ahead to the next round of the UWCL and pick out the matches we're extremely hyped to see. Since the NWSL can't stop NWSL'ing, Courtney gives a lesson on all that's wrong with the infiltration for crypto partnerships in women's soccer. Then we spread a little holiday cheer by handing out presents (or New Year's resolutions) for each NWSL team. Many of them need a lot of help, so we turn to Black Santa to get the job done! Please share, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
December 23, 2021
Euro Update and Domestic Foolishness
Courtney & André are back with another episode! The end of a USWNT cycle plus the NWSL madness then playoffs made our last few pods very American woso-centric, so we take a moment to back off all that and chat Europe. We run through D1 Arkema, WSL, the Frauen Bundesliga and Primera Iberdrola to get you caught up on key title races and players to watch, including young stars like Selma Bacha, Léa Khelifi, Deanne Rose and Mary Fowler. We also have yet another chat about Gareth Taylor because why is that man still employed??? Then we dive into domestic nonsense like Tegan McGrady erasure, gettin the expansion draft out the paint, making sense of Gotham's moves so far, and USSF continuing its long and storied history of being hot dog water. Please share, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod Links: Léa Khelifi: The Rise of Paris Saint-Germain's dynamo, by Abdullah Abdullah Selma Bacha's BANGERRRRRRRRRRRRRR
December 07, 2021
Formiga, Our NWSL Footy Awards, and Vlatko's 541
Courtney & André had a LOT to talk about so get comfy and ride with us. NWSL trade chaos has already started so we run through recent trades, including one that dropped mid-recording. We then talk Ballon d'Or, PRO's refusal to properly recognize, categorize or train NWSL referees (and what they're doing about it), plus spotlight some recent international fixtures. #DiacreOut After the break we do a deep dive into the USWNT's two matches in Australia. We get into Lynn and Midge ballin out, Emily Fox and Sofia Huerta locking down left and right back, Alana Cook puttin people in her pocket, the problem with Lindsey Horan, and we beg Vlatko to chill with this 541 thing he's obsessed with. Whew, think we'd be done right? NOPE! Then we roll into our inaugural Diaspora United 2021 NWSL Awards in which we crown our most stylish player, most disrespectful player, comeback player, goal of the year, rookie, defender and attacker of the year, and of course the real MVP. After all that we move to Heated & Hyped where we're both still fuming about Brazil's weak ass farewell to Formiga, who deserved so much more and much much better. We tried to told y'all, ISSA LOT – please share, subscribe, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod Links: Nа̃o Aprendi Dizer Adeus - by Formiga, The Players' Tribune PSRA Statement Regarding the Successful Vote to Unionize PRO2 Officials Lauren James' no look ankle snatchin Ebony Salmon's disrespectful DU Goal of the Year
December 01, 2021
I Got Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes (DU x SBFC crossover, pt 1)
Due to the NWSL's refusal to stop NWSL'ing, we had way too much to talk about alone. So Courtney & André (or, per Courtney's request, Coach Stith & André the Giant), did another crossover pod with Skye & Sylvs, the good folks at Shea Butter FC! In Part 1 we discuss the NWSL Championship from the vantage point of two of us who were there and two who experienced the tv broadcast. We also discuss what it felt like for ALL of ERRBODY to witness a star exploding on the biggest stage, plus we give love to Sarah Gorden and Mal Pugh. Then each pod drops their respective and fully melanated Best XIs, we chat about the upcoming USWNT matches versus Australia and what/who we're looking forward to before finishing up with a crossover version of Heated & Hyped. Please share, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all! Follow Shea Butter FC: Twitter - @SBFC_Podcast Instagram - sbfc_podcast Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod (Don't forget to check out Part 2, where we discuss Rory Dames, call out USSF and Jill Ellis, talk about Angel City's primary kit, San Diego Wave trying to make waves, and much much more...)
November 24, 2021
THE KENTUCKY DERBY (haha get it also everyone go stan Courtney rn)
André grabs the mic to start the show in the only way the show needed to be started. After Courtney recovers, they talk about the NWSL semifinals, say some final works about OL Reign and Portland Thorns, and chat about (and make fun of) the NWSL's Best XIs. In Heated & Hyped, André unfurls a scroll of things that got him heated, and Courtney wants to fight George Hudson. Please share, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod Links: Jenna Hellstrom is ready to share her story - by Meaghen Johnson NWSL Best XIs Angel City's underwhelming primary kit CBS Sports's Five-a-side segment Ashley Sanchez's absolutely outrageously audacious semifinal winner
November 18, 2021
Courtney & André chat about some recent news around the woso world before diving straight into the two NWSL playoff quarterfinals, where we got a snoozer and a BANGER! Unfortunately, Courtney's squad was on the wrong end of the snoozer. We discuss the gameplan, what went wrong, Scott Parkinson's approach, and getting Red Stars'd. We also talk about Mal Pugh's impact and a much deserved, and absolute BANGER of a, goal! Then we move onto the BANGER of the weekend! André is still feeling the pure energy that emanated from the Spirit-Courage quarterfinal. We talk Debinha, Trinity Rodman, dueling nutmegs, the majesty of a versatile 6, and both goalkeepers showin out! It truly was a showcase of the talent in the league and we're both upset it wasn't on television. We then chat about the semifinals and, eventually, make our predictions. After that we get into Heated & Hyped, where we both have a Gotham-focused heated to share. Then we talk about what's got us hyped, including the return of the UWCL! Please listen, share, subscribe, rate and leave a review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod Links: How Hope Powell became a football legend - Tumaini Carayol, The Guardian Chicago perfected winning without the ball - Claire Watkins, The Equalizer CBS Sports acquires rights to Barclays FA WSL MAL PUGH BANGEEEERRRRR TRINITY RODMAN NUTMEG
November 09, 2021
And then there were six... (+ HOU, ORL, RL & KC season recaps)
Courtney & André return with an XXL episode! We start off by discussing the Portland Thorns' hiring of Karina LeBlanc as GM, the NWSL's lost-but-maybe-always-there-though-never-ever-enforced 'Rooney Rule', and the Kansas City Current (shoutout KC please don't hate us for laughing at one of your nicknames). Then....IT'S MF'N PLAYOFF TIME! We get into the last bit of the regular season that put the playoff picture into focus by going over OL Reign lookin filthy, Gotham struggling to score goals, and James Clarkson needing to learn that having learned isn't weakness. Then we look ahead to the first round of the playoffs where, surprisingly, Courtney is feeling MUCH more secure about one match than André is! But we don't stop there, it's not all about the six who made the playoffs. We talk about the four teams that missed out, how their season's went, and what changes need to be made ahead of the 2022 season. Then in Heated & Hyped we lament Virginia politics and say again, for the fifty-leventh time, do. not. let. Kaiya's. name. be. erased. from. this. moment! Then we switch over to what's got us hyped, which comes with a very important life hack that you need. Please listen, share, subscribe, rate and leave a review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod Links: Diversity Hiring Policy should be the NWSL's next area of progress - Pardeep Cattry, The Equalizer Kansas City Current announcement video Karina LeBlanc speaks on her new role
November 03, 2021
Vlatko, let love into your heart
Courtney & André hopped on the mics after the final whistle of the USWNT's last match this international break, a 6-0 win over South Korea. We discuss the issues of the first match, a 0-0 draw, and what changes in the second match that led to a much different result (hint: your 6 gotta 6). Then we look ahead to what the team could be, and Courtney drops some of her favorite lineup ideas for the future of the USWNT. Then we switch back into NWSL mode to review Gotham's latest match versus KC, and marvel at the last place team in the league being on a 7-game unbeaten run at home. We also look ahead to the wild weekend that awaits in which playoff seats will be won and lost, as well as a first round bye potentially being up for grabs. In Heated & Hyped, André expounds on his recent tweets about the Carli Extravaganza U.S. Soccer decided to put on, and Courtney talks about her frustrations for women footballers all over the world, brought on by listening to Attacking Third's interview with Cedella Marley, Global Ambassador for the Jamaican Women's Football Team. We also both discuss the recent nonsense a particular broadcast team got themselves into over Jennifer Cudjoe. We move on to what's got us hype, including Courtney being excited about the return of Insecure and André congratulates the recipient of the extra ticket to the NWSL Championship game that he accidentally bought. Also, Courtney drops a dope surprise that everyone should get hyped for! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod Links: Cat's nutmeg Attacking Third - Cedella Marley Interview: Football is Freedom, Forcing change for the Reggae Girlz Black Women's Player Collective
October 27, 2021
Open for a surprise 👀👀
Courtney & André are back with another new episode for your earholes! (sidenote: why does the word 'earholes' sound so deeply disgusting? anyway... ) Your hosts discuss the new NWSL interim CEO, Marla Messing. We run through her credentials, the tasks she has in front of her, and what we're hoping she does and does not do. Then we discuss Lynn Williams and Sam Mewis' latest episode of Snacks, in which they interviewed Midge Purce. They touched on the Black Women's Player Collective and how it was formed, and we recall a conversation we had with Ify Onumonu, Imani Dorsey and Estelle Johnson on the GOTHAM FAMILY REUNION episode. After a short break we dive straight into NWSL madness. We review the latest slate of games and ask the question: Is Ebony Salmon good? #IMPACT We also have some words for folks dancing on Orlando's regular season grave. Courtney also breaks out her protractor, sundial, and TI-85 to deliver multiple playoff scenarios from Gotham's ~900 games in hand. After our brains are good and fried from NWSL playoff math, we shoutout some of the matches we're looking forward to during this international break. And stay tuned all the way through Heated & Hyped because we have a fun opportunity and YOU could win! After Courtney shares what's got her heated, and we both cackle at the Chicago Sky trotting out the broken door, you get to hear how André was a big idiot and how you can potentially benefit! Please listen, share, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod Links: I am just such a Fall person ft. Midge Purce (Snacks) GOTHAM FAMILY REUNION (w/ Imani Dorsey, Estelle Johnson & Ifeoma Onumonu) Black Women's Player Collective
October 20, 2021
BWPC, Malard’s BIKE, and NWSL Madness
Courtney & André return with another fresh episode! We start off by acknowledging and elevating NWSL players' words, requests, and instructions for support. We also read poignant words from Imani Dorsey, Black Women's Player Collective board member and Gotham FC outside back. With their blessing, we move forward and always in solidarity. Then we discuss recent NWSL news, and wonder if this is another okey doke from Steve Baldwin (#SellTheTeamSteve #SellToMichele). Then we talk about the drop of the Black Women's Player Collective's new logo, website, and ADIDAS partnership. Courtney is already dreaming of an Ivy Park collab, and both of us are hyped about the board and members. If you can, please donate to the BWPC directly at After that we get into the USWNT roster, shoutout Christen Press & Crystal Dunn for protecting their peace, then move onto the madness that is the playoff race at the end of this NWSL season. We discuss the recent games, how much the table shifted, how much it's likely to continue to shift, and ponder how Gotham always seems to have at least two games in hand. We take a quick break then come back to talk about the UWCL, including Melvine Malard on her bike and Selma Bacha ballin. Then we move to the WSL where we check-in on Hope Powell's Brighton, and drag Gareth Taylor for that nonsense he said about Ellen White and Bunny Shaw. In Heated & Hyped we reminisce about THAT Gotham goal, talk Venezia shirts, and André has some words for the white players in the NWSL. Please listen, share, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
October 15, 2021
What the Hell NWSL
CW: Sexual coercion Courtney & André depart from the normal pod format to discuss the NWSL, Paul Riley, Richie Burke, Farid Benstiti, Christy Holly, and Lisa Baird. We also look at what the league's attempts to move forward tell us, and demand not only protection for the players, but immediate and substantive empowerment – which is long overdue. Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
October 05, 2021
A Diaspora United Special Investigation: Is Catarina Macario good at soccer?
The international break is over but it left plenty for Courtney & André to #discuss. We start off with a quick review of some key scores and goalscorers from the international break, including France dominating then struggling, Marta doing a(nother) madness, plus the Aisha Buhari Cup and more. Then we talk about the USWNT's two matches versus Paraguay and attempt to answer the question that seems to vex many a U.S. soccer fan: Is Catarina Macario good? We investigate! We also talk about the slew of bad takes that follow every big win by the USWNT, Casey Krueger being amazing, Crystal Dunn being disrespected (again), Sophia Smith being incredible, and Mal Pugh back and ballin out! After that we do some quick hits on the potential chaos of Kansas City's draft exemption becoming a tradable asset and FIFA22 getting it all the way wrong with their Top-22 rankings. Then we hop into things that really got us heated, from geoblocking to the foolish idea of a biannual World Cup that refuses to die. But we end on a high note and talk about things that have us hyped (shoutout to the WNBA!). Please listen, subscribe, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
September 22, 2021
UWCL, WSL, NWSL, USWNT, and Syd Leroux Supremacy
The soccer never stops so Courtney & André do their best to keep you up to date on what to look for in Europe and the Americas. We start out by discussing the UWCL draw that just dropped, and pick some of the matchups we're looking to the most. We then check-in on the WSL where Hope Powell's Brighton continues to impress while Gareth Taylor's Manchester City does the opposite. Then we stop in France to shoutout some favs, including Yung Gawd Catarina Macario! After that we hop to the NWSL to review the latest slate of games, including The Baby getting the Thorns their first regular season win in North Carolina, Casey Krueger rescuing points for the Red Stars (plus more Sarah Gorden supremacy), and we remain in absolute awe at every note of the SYD LEROUX REVENGE TOUR. Then we turn our attention to the international break to review the USWNT squad and note key World Cup Qualifiers for France and England, plus two-legged "friendlies" between Brazil and Argentina (seriously, if you have a link, slide it to us). We also beg Vlatko to actually field a good USWNT lineup. In Heated & Hyped Courtney is annoyed at USMNT ticket prices and USSF's thin excuses for them while André is upset at one-night-only Washington Spirit Insider, The Rooster. We close on a high note though, while André is hyped for Emma Raducanu going on another incredible run in her second major event and winning it all, Courtney blesses us with a delightful surprise that will improve your day by at least 37%. Please listen, subscribe, rate and review! We appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
September 15, 2021
"The NWSL got dragged internationally."
Anti-Black technical difficulties couldn't stop us! We sat down for the second time this week and STILL had plenty to say, plus we added some new topics cause the news, football, drama, and as Ben Olsen would call it, "noise", never stops! Courtney & André start the pod with a review of European national squads, key matches and top performers, plus we ask the question 'Is Catarina Macario good?'. Then we jump to the NWSL to run through scores, highlight some performances, and Courtney breaks down Gotham's attack with and without Midge (hint: MidgeVP)! Then after a break we get into the mess. We talk about how messy the NWSL Expansion Draft will likely be, then we turn to the absolute mess that is the Washington Spirit and that Ben Olsen interview. We wrap up by discussing the massive L that didn't need to be an L, the announcement of a 9am kickoff for the league's penultimate match, and the international dragging that ensued. We offer some solutions and, again, hope the league is listening. Then we roll into Heated & Hyped, where Courtney has some words for Mr. Serena Williams and André is hype about two young tennis stars killin it at the U.S. Open. Please listen, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
September 09, 2021
[Insert Black Ass Title Here], w/ Shea Butter FC (part 1)
~ C R O S S O V E R    P O D ~ Between coaches getting the boot, owners actin up, Black players being disrespected, plus actual games, there was just too much to talk about by ourselves. So we linked up with the homies at Shea Butter FC for another crossover pod! In Part 1 we rundown the latest NWSL scores, then Skye and Sylvs tell us what a Cascadia Rivalry is like in-person, and how dope it was to see them play at Lumen Field. Then we get COACH STITH's notes from the Gotham vs Orlando match, plus her overall read on a suddenly turbulent season and the new coaching hires. We also get into Washington Spirit ownership falling on their face (again), look ahead to the start of the WSL season (the three Chelsea supporters take a break to have a little therapy sesh), then hear Shea Butter FC's superlatives of the week. We wrap it all up with a roundtable of what's got us heated and what's got us hyped! Please listen, share, rate, review and subscribe! Make sure you're following, subscribing and listening to Shea Butter FC for their content, and for the full crossover experience! Follow Shea Butter FC: Twitter - @SBFC_Podcast Instagram - sbfc_podcast Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
September 02, 2021
WICC, AD to KC, ACFC and CP23
The news be newsin y'all! We dropped an episode last week, but so much has happened that it feels like it's been weeks since we hopped on the mics! So Courtney & André broke from their usual flow to dive into NWSL regular season results first, including Courtney's take on what happened to Gotham in their 3-2 loss to Reign and André's reaction to Ashley Sanchez's match-winning B A N G E R. We also take a moment to tell you why you should attend an NWSL game if you have a chance. Then we get into all the news! We recap The Women's Cup (JORIAN!) and WICC (THE BABY!) tournaments, talk about AD to KC, and about ACFC transitioning from startup to actual football team. Courtney talks about the feeling of losing Freya Coombe to ACFC but faith in interim GM Yael Averbuch-West. And of course, we talk about the homecoming queen, Christen Press returning to L.A. as Angel City's first player. Nike, we ain't playin, triple your stock, then double it, and triple it again! Please listen, share, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
August 25, 2021
Listen to us, NWSL (w/ Douglas Reyes-Ceron)
We had to get into it y'all. The NWSL refuses to get it, so we decided to help in our own special way. First, Courtney & André start the episode with some quick news and notes, then Courtney runs through the latest NWSL results, including a breakdown of Gotham FC's shiny new 3-5-2 formation (also #FREECUDJOE). Then we welcome Douglas Reyes-Ceron, co-founder of Rose Room Collective, an independent supporter group for the Washington Spirit and D.C. United by, and for, people of color. We delve into Richie Burke's reassigning/firing/suspension in the wake of more revelations of verbal abuse, the coverup attempted by prominent members of the front office, and what must happen if the club is serious about shifting the culture away from what it has become. Then we broaden the scope and discuss the NWSL as a whole. With CBA negotiations underway, we talk about the league's flawed approach, massive blind spots, and how this is a crossroads moment for the league – and its ultimate survival. We also identify steps the league can immediately take to improve, such as protecting players through actual vetting and accountability measures, paying living wages, identifying their true fanbase by engaging with and listening to supporters' groups, understanding that the league doesn't have a monopoly on women's soccer and isn't entitled to the labor of its players, and following the blueprint the WNBA and WNBPA have already created. Please listen, share, rate and review. We appreciate y'all! Follow Rose Room Collective: Twitter - @RoseRoomCo Instagram - roseroomcollective Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
August 18, 2021
The Diaspora is Pleased
Whew, we had A LOT to cover! Courtney & André reflect on the Bronze and Gold medal matches of the Olympics. Courtney shares her conspiracy theory on what happened to Abby Dahlkemper and we break down a CONCACAF masterclass by Canadian goalkeeper Steph Labbé, plus the straight up ice in Deanne Rose's veins. Then we review the weekend's NWSL matches, including dispatches from matches we covered live. Courtney dishes on Gotham FC vs. North Carolina Courage, and André goes in on Segra Field again before recapping Washington Spirit vs. Portland Thorns. They also seek to answer whether this is finally The Real OL Reign, give a shoutout to a match with all Diaspora scorers, and talk about the dangerous refereeing in Chicago Red Stars vs. Orlando Pride. They finish up with their newest segment: Heated and Hyped! Get into it y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
August 11, 2021
And Nary A Lesson Was Learned
Welp y'all, that was disappointing! Though it had been coming for the USWNT, we didn't expect it to end with Crystal Dunn playing RCB. Vlatko my guy, what is you doin?! Courtney & André try to answer that and many other questions in their deep dive of Canada's 1-0 victory. We discuss substitution patterns, hockey line changes, the problems with the midfield, Lindsey Horan's role, lament that we never saw Christen Press and Lynn Williams on the pitch together, react to shocking minutes totals, and then shoutout Canada on a tournament well-managed and a gameplan well-executed. Then we take a quick break before discussing the weekend's NWSL matches, including our reaction to witnessing a murder, spicy Pride postgame comments, love for Mal Pugh, Trinity Rodman, Jasmyne Spencer, Simone Charley and Sophia Smith, plus we offer our knees and ankles to Midge. Please listen, share, rate and review! We appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
August 02, 2021
OLYNNPIAN (Thank you, Sarina Wiegman)
And that's that on the quarterfinal round of the Olympics, with Canada, Sweden, Australia and the United States moving on to the semis! Courtney & André return to talk through the results and bemoan the football gods pitting diaspora against diaspora in Canada and Brazil. Then we get into the USWNT's great escape over the Netherlands. We spotlight concerns about some performances and decisions being made, but celebrate the players that balled out to keep the L away! We also give a special shoutout to Sarina Wiegman, who helped Vlatko overcome the silly mistake of naming Lynn Williams as an alternate. Also shouts to Crystal Dunn for locking her flank DOWN despite all the isolation, and Alyssa Naeher for saving not one, not two, but THREE penalties! Please listen, share, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 30, 2021
Lavender Js (w/ Ally Watt)
Yes it's us again but this time we brought a friend! Courtney & André welcome in Texas A&M, Melbourne City and OL Reign star Ally Watt! Ally discusses the devastating injury she suffered twelve minutes into her NWSL career and her difficult path to recovery. She also talks about the mental strength required to reteach and re-train your body, and sheds insight on the long road back that people on the outside never see. Then – y'all know us – we go all over the place! We talk about angry kangaroos, scoring a goal with pneumonia, stanning Zendaya, Game of Thrones s8, the ridiculous athleticism of Olympic athletes, her love of Js, and so much more! Get into it! Listen, share, rate and review! We appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 30, 2021
RERELEASE: Go Girl Give Us Nothing!!
Courtney & André try to process waking up at 4am for *that* USWNT performance. Before we get into it, we talk about how the real potential banger of the day – Brazil vs. Zambia – was marred by injuries and VAR deciding to insert itself for no good reason. Still, the overall story of the group stages is Barbra Banda and Zambia, who balled out and showed real resolve to keep it 1-0 for 80+ minutes versus Brazil. Then, well, we get into it. We ask many questions about that USWNT performance, such as 'Why?', and 'But why?', and also 'WHY?'. Pragmatism is one thing, Fred Flintstone'ing a Ferrari is another. We talk about what it means for the U.S. to be heading into the group stages without much confidence at all. We also ask, if their next match was at 4am, and after what happened today, would you get up for it? One of us would! Please listen, share, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 30, 2021
Go Girl Give Us Nothing!!
Courtney & André try to process waking up at 4am for *that* USWNT performance. Before we get into it, we talk about how the real potential banger of the day – Brazil vs. Zambia – was marred by injuries and VAR deciding to insert itself for no good reason. Still, the overall story of the group stages is Barbra Banda and Zambia, who balled out and showed real resolve to keep it 1-0 for 80+ minutes versus Brazil. Then, well, we get into it. We ask many questions about that USWNT performance, such as 'Why?', and 'But why?', and also 'WHY?'. Pragmatism is one thing, Fred Flintstone'ing a Ferrari is another. We talk about what it means for the U.S. to be heading into the group stages without much confidence at all. We also ask, if their next match was at 4am, and after what happened today, would you get up for it? One of us would! Please listen, share, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 27, 2021
Banda, Brazil, and Embarazzing Defending
Need to get caught up on everything that went down on matchday 2 of the Olympic Women's Football Tournament, don't worry, we got you! Courtney & André run through all of the results on the day and go wild over Zambia striker Barbra Banda's second consecutive Olympic hat-trick, which has never been done before in the history of history! We chat through all the matches and talk about how each group is looking as we head into the final matchday of group play. We also take a bit of time to wonder if the USWNT truly turned things around versus New Zealand (hint: ehhhh). Please listen, share, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 25, 2021
And I Oop...
WHEW! The USWNT made us get up before God and morality for THAT?! Courtney & André had to hop on the mics to react to the USWNT's 44-match unbeaten streak ending in emphatic fashion as they were mollywhopped by Sweden, 3-0. We talk about what went oh so wrong, what Sweden did to cause it, how the USWNT never adjusted, those pre-Olympics matches not being the smokescreen we thought they were, and adjustments we would've liked to see (and what we hope to see moving forward)! There was a lot to cover! tl;dr - We hope lessons were learnT! Please listen, share, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 21, 2021
Are we...rooting for Canada?
Let's get it! Courtney & André are back with a fresh episode, and get this y'all, this is episode TWENTY-FIVE! First off we wanted to thank y'all for listening, sharing, following the pod account and showing us love, it truly means a lot to us! In this episode we start by running through the latest results in the NWSL, including a breakdown of the #DiasporaUnitedDerby plus shouts to Midge Purce, Sydney Leroux, Sophia Smith, Trinity Rodman and Mal Pugh! Then we shift our attention to the Olympics, where we grapple with 'Should they even be happening?' and 'I gotta get up at what time now?'. We discuss how much the move to change alternates to full squad members changes, and how it probably saved U.S. Soccer from itself. We also run through the groups and call out the diaspora on every team, and talk about the two ways Canada are running circles around the U.S. Please listen, share, rate and review! Links: Lessons From the Parents Who Raised the World's Top Soccer Sisters - The Wall Street Journal Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 20, 2021
Let's get it! We have a brand new episode for you in which Courtney & André talk through what it might sound like if they called an NWSL match. Then they do a quick wrap-up of some recent transfer news from across the women's football landscape, and do a rundown of the most recent NWSL results. After that they dive deeper into each match to discuss SYD LEROUX'S REVENGE TOUR, Ebony Salmon: Wife Hunter, Gotham's defense coming up huge, Jas Spencer ballin, and Jessica Silva pullin the okey doke on Sarah Bouhaddi. Then we introduce a new segment! We take turns discussing what's got each of us hot, and end with something that got us hype! Stick around for our thoughts on the EURO 2020 and Eni Aluko and Angel City FC, then hear us shine the spotlight some people and/or things that deserve to be celebrated. Let us know what you think of the new segment! Please listen, share, 5-star, and review! We appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 14, 2021
Mexico, Matcha, and a Masterpiece
What's good y'all? It's Courtney & André back with another episode! First we run through the latest NWSL headlines and latest results, including a new leader at the top of the table, the oddness of the Benstiti resignation, and the only way to expel the hex Gotham FC has on their goal is to hit BANGERS. Then we talk about the USWNT completing its Send Off Series with Mexico. We dive into what we learned after the two matches in Hartford, including how Mexico impressed us, Christen Press's exquisite finishing, plus THAT MASTERPIECE OF A GOAL! We also talk about the worrisome fact that none of the white players publicly stood up for Christen and Crystal after conservative trash bags tried to use them in their never-ending culture war. Lastly, we start to come to terms with 4:30am kickoffs, and it does not go well (lol seriously tho help). Please listen, rate, review and subscribe – we appreciate y'all! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
July 08, 2021
You (Midge, Lynn, Casey) Don't Deserve This
We're back with some fresh new podness for your earholes! That sounded weird and I'm not sure I like it but anyway, Courtney & André return for another episode! They run through results from the NWSL's Super Saturday and hit one some key topics of discussion in each match. Then, what you all have been waiting for... At ~32:30 they delve into the disappointment that is the USWNT Olympic Roster. We ask such questions as 'When does NWSL performance matter?', 'When does it not?', 'What criteria is used?', 'Does versatility still count if one of the jobs isn't done well?', and 'How much will Christen Press's back ache from carrying that attack?' – plus so much more! Join us as we lament what could have been, but for some reason with USSF never is (yet!). Follow Us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
June 28, 2021
Shrosses, Ebony Salmon, and Juneteenth
What's good!? We're back with yet another fresh episode for your earholes! First, Courtney & André do a quick review of some international woso news, including Marta and Formiga going to their fifth(!!) and SEVENTH(!!!) Olympics respectively. Then we dive into the past weekend of NWSL matches to kickstart the #StartIFY campaign, bask in Crystal Dunn's amazingness, ponder what one thing KC seems to be missing, LOSE OUR MINDS OVER EBONY SALMON'S DEBUT GOAL, and shoutout baby goat Trinity Rodman's first NWSL regular season goal! Then we move onto the Courage-Reign match to discuss Lynn Williams becoming the NWSL's all-time assists leader and Jessica McDonald scoring. After, we talk about the calamity of broadcasting a Black child that was supposed to be McDonald's son but wasn't, what that means, who's at fault, who should apologize (and to whom), plus the absence of public accountability measures to help us trust that it won't happen again. This error being made on Juneteenth led us to the Houston Dash, who missed a significant opportunity given that Houston is less than an hour away from Galveston, Texas, where Juneteenth originated. Please listen, subscribe, rate and review. Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
June 22, 2021
Living in Christen Press Glory
What's good!? Courtney & André turned their mics on immediately after the USWNT's 2-0 win versus Nigeria in the final match of the 2021 Summer Series for a chat about the competition overall and where the USWNT stands ahead of the Olympics. Naturally we begin in the right and proper place and do a little stanning over Christen Press's 1 goal and 3 assist performance across three matches in six days! Then we talk about the rare opportunity to see a #FreedMidge for the national team, the somewhat frequent disjointedness in attack, Lindsey Horan as the 6, and ponder if the tournament was a missed opportunity for Vlatko to experiment more with different lineups, players and formations. Please subscribe, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
June 17, 2021
Ancestral Goalposts (w/ Sandra Herrera)
What's good my people!? Courtney and André are back with another fresh episode and this time they're joined by the one and only – and Southside Trap Pod's own – Sandra Herrera! Sandra joins us to talk about the upcoming international break, including why we're all excited to see Catarina Macario and the non-USWNT matches we're hyped to watch. Courtney and Sandra also offer their takes on that extremely CONCACAF'y Nations League Final, and advocate for a similar (but not too similar) tournament for women's teams. Then we jump to the NWSL for a quick review of the league table before asking some key questions such as 'Are a handful of teams really a clinical finisher away from challenging for the championship?' and 'Are ethereal forces protecting Gotham's goal?' – hint: obvs. Please don't forget to subscribe, rate and review! Follow Sandra: Twitter - @SandHerrera_ Follow Southside Trap Podcast: Twitter - @SouthsideTrapod Instagram - southsidetrapod Patreon - Southside Trap Podcast Follow Us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
June 09, 2021
A Worldie in Wolfsburg (w/ Jorian Baucom)
What's good y'all and Happy Pride! We have a great episode for y'all this week! First Courtney & André talk about the NWSL standings and why (surprise!) Orlando is in the top spot, we then get to some Syd Leroux supremacy, chat PSG vs. Lyon, Midge playing right back again (boooooooooooo, #FREEMIDGE), and Barca losing their undefeated record in the league. Then we're joined by Racing Louisville forward Jorian Baucom! We get into her path to Louisville, which included stops in Louisiana, Colorado, Prague, and Duisburg. We also talk about representation and why it matters, particularly for Black women and particularly in soccer. We then shift gears to chat about Jorian being a huge gamer and shedding tears after receiving a PS5, we also discuss her struggles as a sneakerhead, plus her passion for customizing shoes! We also can't stop watching and talking about the absolute WORLDIE she scored against Wolfsburg in the German Cup and we have no choice but to stan live on the pod! Please listen, subscribe, rate and review! Follow Jorian: Twitter - @joriannicole Instagram - jorianbaucom Follow us: Twitter - DiasporaUtdPod YouTube - Diaspora United Instagram - diasporautdpod
June 03, 2021
Crossover (w/ Shea Butter FC Podcast)
We done did it y'all! Before you could even ask, here it is – Diaspora United and Shea Butter FC Podcast are the only two podcasts that exclusively cover women's soccer from a Black perspective and celebrate Black women in the global game, so of course we had to do a crossover! Skye & Sylvs of Shea Butter FC Podcast join Courtney & André for Part 1 of this two-part crossover special. In this half we discuss the upcoming bout between Lyon and PSG, the Liga MX Femenil Final between Chivas and Tigres, all the games from week 2 in the NWSL, DC United being trash, plus chat about footwear and say what we really think about Racing Louisville's home shirt. Please subscribe, rate and review – and be sure to check out Part 2 exclusively via the Shea Butter FC Podcast feed (if you haven't already, subscribe and check them out)! Follow Shea Butter FC: Twitter (Skye) - @skyfyefutbol Twitter (Sylvia) - @SouthernSylvs Twitter (Podcast) - @SBFC_Podcast Instagram - sbfc_podcast Follow Us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
May 25, 2021
Refs, Nil-Nils and THE BABY
WHAT'S GOOD MY PEOPLE!? We are back with another fresh episode of Diaspora United! Courtney & André deliver a very important Public Service Announcement, then discuss new arrivals in the NWSL including Sam Mewis, Rose Lavelle and Ebony Salmon, Casey Stoney leaving Manchester United and what it means (#GlazersOut), and the NWSL's insistence on continuing to play the anthem. Then we take a quick break before returning to talk about the #UWCL Final before getting into the weekend of NWSL action. We chat about Midge being MIDGE, AD Franch deciding to spark TWO Portland attacks, Jess McDonald absolutely ballin, and Trinity Rodman continuing to snatch ankles! Please listen, subscribe, rate and review – we appreciate y'all!
May 18, 2021
Challenge Cup review, NWSL regular season preview #BARS
Welcome to another episode of Diaspora United! The footy is flowin and Courtney & André are here to keep you up to speed with stories, analysis, projections, and -- of course -- laughs! First, we do a quick spin around the world of women's football to chat about interesting topics, shoutout league winners, spotlight some players and more. Then [17:00] after a quick break we dive into analyzing the Challenge Cup Final between the Portland Thorns and NJ/NY Gotham FC! We break down Gotham's performance and talk about how close they got to beating the mighty Thorns. We also big up the Thorns on their win, drop a ridiculous Crystal Dunn stat and laugh about THE BABY drinking Pedialyte. We also deliver massive shoutouts to DEBINHA THE GAWD on picking up Challenge Cup MVP! After that [46:00] we get you set for the NWSL regular season with analysis on all teams across the league, who we're excited to watch, and get into a discussion about if a dark horse candidate even exists this year. We also talk about Paul Riley being a walking Jordan meme, OL Reign loading up on Lyon players, Racing Louisville potentially being better than expected, plus a lot more! Please subscribe, rate and review! Links: Going for the Gold: Team USA Eyes $100m+ in Legal Fees Since Rio Games - Sportico Gotham FC needs to change the way they play Carli Lloyd - AllForXI Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod YouTube - Diaspora United Instagram - diasporautdpod
May 12, 2021
Racismo returns with Pace and Power
Courtney and André were all hyped and ready to talk about all of the great football that happened, but the #racismo just wouldn't stop. So before we dove into the matches, we had to discuss the NWSL's hollow statement on their investigation and ultimate failure to believe the Black women in its league and protect them and their families. We also have words for Kaylyn Kyle's silly use of "pace and power" in multiple matches, and her misguided attempt to make up for it in the next match she called. THEN, we finally get to talk about soccer! We discuss the Challenge Cup overall, ask if the five 0-0s mean anything, identify our surprises of the competition and name our tournament MVPs. We also talk about some recent NWSL rumors and how — if true — they might impact the regular season and rival everyone's (ours too) presumptive favorites, the Portland Thorns. We then hop over to Europe to chat about the Champions League semifinals and give our initial thoughts about the UWCL Final! Subscribe, rate and review! Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod YouTube - Diaspora United Instagram - diasporautdpod
May 05, 2021
Roll Call!!
Courtney & André catch you up on all the melanated excellence that's been happening on pitches across the U.S. and in Europe! We talk about Grace Geyoro's goal, Catarina Macario ballin, Midge Purce being outrageous, Debinha scoring bangers, and Jorian Baucom's edges. Then we get into a discussion about the new #UWCL format beginning in 2021/22, discuss UEFA being so late to secure centralized television rights for the tournament, and get in on completely roasting the failed European Super League as a staff, record label, and mf'n crew. Subscribe, rate and review (we just may read yours on air, so long as they don't directly compliment either one of us 😂😂). Follow us: Instagram - diasporautdpod Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod
April 27, 2021
GOTHAM FAMILY REUNION (w/ Imani Dorsey, Estelle Johnson & Ifeoma Onumonu)
WHAT! IS! UP! We have an amazing treat for y'all with this episode, Courtney and André are joined by *LeBron voice* not one, not two...but THREE players from Gotham FC! Imani Dorsey, Estelle Johnson and Ifeoma Onumonu stop by to hang out and chat with us about any and everything! We get the players' reaction to the Sky Blue rebrand to Gotham FC and how excited they are about it, what it's like playing for a majority woman-led organization, the Black Women's Player Collective, slide tackling technique, beluga whales, scoring multiple worldies in the same match, the endorsement deals they would love to secure, plus so much more! This was such a fun conversation and we cannot thank Imani, Estelle and Ify enough for chopping it up with us! Please listen, subscribe, rate and review! Follow Imani: Instagram - imdorsey Follow Estelle: Instagram - estellejohnson24 Twitter - @EstelleJohnson Follow Ify: Instagram - ify_22 Twitter - @ify_on22 Follow the BWPC: Instagram - blackwplayercollective Twitter - @BWP_Collective
April 20, 2021
Ah Sh!t, Here We Go Again
Courtney and André are back! The NWSL is back! And racism in WoSo is back! Sigh. We discuss the racial discrimination and targeting that happened to Sarah Gorden's boyfriend after the Challenge Cup opener in Houston. Then we hop up to the Pacific Northwest where the Portland Thorns managed to turn a scuffle between two players into a racist incident of their own. We talk about much of Portland refusing to log off, or, instead, celebrate a win in front of fans -- something they hadn't been able to do since September 21, 2019. Then we shift our attention to the USWNT and breakdown what went oh so horribly wrong against Sweden, plus what needs to happen (and who does and doesn't need to start) to make sure that performance isn't repeated versus France. Thank you for listening and please subscribe, rate and review! Links: Sarah Gorden's tweet thread on the targeting of her boyfriend at BBVA Stadium Houston Dash's first awful statement addressing Gorden's comments Houston Dash's second statement apologizing for their first statement but still failing to apologize to Gorden for what happened Portland's terrible tweet on the Kristen Edmonds-Morgan Weaver confrontation (which, somehow, still hasn't been deleted) Sandy Baltimore's outrageous strike versus England Follow us: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
April 13, 2021
NWSL Got It All Wrong (w/ Sara)
On International Transgender Day of Visibility the NWSL released its Policy on Transgender Athletes. The policy was billed by the league as inclusive, and the tweet announcing the policy even mentioned how the league wanted to 'celebrate' trans and non-binary 'friends and fans' – except the policy itself fails to mention non-binary athletes at all (even though one out non-binary player already plays in the NWSL). Unfortunately, that was just the tip of a very large and unnecessarily terrible iceberg. To discuss that and all of the other ways the policy fails – and endangers – trans and non-binary athletes, Courtney and André are joined by Sara, a non-binary football fanatic and longtime NWSL supporter, to break it all down and demand better from the NWSL. Please listen to and share this episode. Links: NWSL's transgender player policy needs work - Steph Yang USA Ultimate Gender Inclusion Policy - USA Ultimate Take Action - Support Trans Athletes - The Coordinated Attack on Trans Student Athletes - ACLU Trans Women and Trans Girls Belong in Women's Sports - Burn It All Down CeCé Telfer, Andraya Yearwood & how to support Black trans sportswomen - The Black Sportswoman Follow Sara: Twitter - @heysmb Instagram - heysmb
April 07, 2021
WoSo So White (we have the receipts!)
Fresh new podness! Courtney and André chat about the first legs of the Champions League quarterfinal (with a special shoutout to Gareth Taylor's mediocre white man confidence), then discuss the USWNT roster and the upcoming matches against Sweden & France in their backyards. After, Courtney unveils the findings of her weeks of research trying to quantify the number of Black woman footballers in the top-5 European leagues and NWSL. We then discuss what it all means, where the deficiencies are, and what teams need to do to identify, recruit and develop talent, as well as create a safe and actively anti-racist environment within their clubs. Plus, André geeks out about the potential of a Club World Cup. Please subscribe, rate and review! Links: Gareth Taylor: "No problem at all." Casey Stoney: Man Utd Women boss says WSL is 'very white' and calls for greater diversity Find us at: Twitter - @DiasporaUtdPod Instagram - diasporautdpod
March 30, 2021
Setting the Foundation (w/ Angela Hucles)
Courtney and André are joined by two-time Olympic gold medalist, GOAT of the USWNT, pillar of U.S. women's club football, author of UVA's record books and Angel City FC part-owner, Angela Hucles! Angela talks about her career from youth soccer to high school to college to the Hampton Roads Piranhas to her Olympic experiences in Athens and Beijing. We ask her to relive some of her most important goals, discuss the mentality required of a USWNT player, and talk about her time in the many leagues that paved the way for the NWSL. We also chat about how her opportunity for part-ownership of Angel City came about, what she's seeking to accomplish with the club, and which artist she most wants to do a brand collaboration with. Subscribe, rate and review! Follow Angela at: Twitter - @angelahucles Instagram - angelahucles Support her work at: Angel City FC You Can Play Project Fueling Dynamic Leaders
March 23, 2021
Magpies and Tie Dye (w/ Jasmyne Spencer)
Courtney and André comb through the NWSL Challenge Cup schedule and highlight the matches they're most looking forward to, including the Diaspora United Derby. Then they're joined by OL Reign forward Jasmyne Spencer! The crew chat about Jasmyne's path into soccer as a young Black girl, playing in Cyprus, scoring a Champions League goal, the creation of the Black Women's Player Collective, when to expect the full release of the BWPC docuseries 'The Call Up', magpie swoop zones, her sustainable lifestyle brand Jas It Up (plus a sneak preview of the upcoming collection), a shared love of tie dye, plus so much more! Please subscribe, rate and review! Find Jasmyne at: Twitter - @Jas_it_Up Instagram - jayspence3 Additional links: Support the Black Women's Player Collective You Can Play Project Jas It Up
March 16, 2021
Providing A Path (w/ Maggie Ntim)
WE BACK! First up, Courtney and André talk about the final two matches of SheBelieves Cup, get lost in a discussion on VAR and apologize profusely, then celebrate Christen Press reaching sixty (60!) national team goals! Then we're joined by sports agent Maggie Ntim, of Trinity 3 Agency, to discuss the horrifically racist rant that U.S. Soccer allowed at their "sUcCeSsFuL" Annual General Meeting, providing a path into soccer for Black and Brown kids in inner cities, her journey toward becoming an agent, plus how to get Megan Thee Stallion in a Houston Dash shirt. Subscribe, rate and review! Follow Maggie Ntim at: Twitter - @AgentMaggieNtim Instagram - maggie.ntim
March 05, 2021
Dunn, Debinha, and White Apathy (w/ Bria Felicien)
Courtney and André are back with another episode, and this time they welcome in special guest and Mother of the Pod, Bria Felicien of The Black Sportswoman! The three of us discuss #SheBelievesCup so far, including the case of the missing midfield versus Canada, Christen Press' "signature" goal, and Crystal Dunn's absurd cross-pitch goal-saving run and tackle (and why it was NOT handball!). We also ask whether Casey Krueger should be getting more match time. Then we react to the surprise of all players suddenly standing for the anthem, what it likely means for the Black players on the team, plus a conversation on the substantive and exhausting weight of white apathy. Subscribe, rate and review! Subscribe to and follow Bria Felicien's work at and across social media, on: Twitter: @blacksportswoman TikTok: @theblacksportswoman Instagram: theblacksportswoman
February 23, 2021
We Hate Snow (w/ Tegan McGrady)
We kick off this episode with a quick chat about what, and who, we're looking forward to seeing during SheBelieves Cup, then Tegan McGrady of the Washington Spirit joins the pod! We talk to Tegan about breakfast sandwiches, hating cold weather, how she gets herself in the zone on matchdays, and if she can beat her grandma in tennis yet (hint: no). Tegan also dishes on life as a three sport athlete and lets us in on the intense rivalries she had with her sister -- then we all complain about the cold again. Subscribe, rate and review! Follow Tegan McGrady on Twitter: @teganmcgrady9 Follow Tegan McGrady on Instagram: @teegs19 Follow us on Twitter: @DiasporaUtdPod
February 19, 2021
Livin the Pinto Life
Courtney and André celebrate the Blackness of the NWSL Draft, challenge collegiate programs and NWSL front offices to be less white, look ahead to the upcoming SheBelieves Cup, and shoutout Asisat Oshoala, Bunny Shaw, THE ETERNAL FORMIGA and Syd Leroux! Subscribe, rate and review!
February 04, 2021
Was It All A Dream?
🚨 EMERGENCY POD 🚨 Catarina Macario got her first USWNT goal! Alana Cook and Western Sydney's own Lynn Williams balled out! CRYSTAL DUNN GOT AN ASSIST AND MIDGE PURCE SCORED A GOAL PLAYING AS FORWARDS FOR THE USWNT!
January 23, 2021
We're Tired Y'all (w/ Kaiya McCullough)
Courtney and André talk about the USWNT match versus Colombia. We spotlight a tweak Vlatko seems to be making with Crystal Dunn to take advantage of her central abilities, establish ourselves as charter members of the Lynn Williams Hive, #FREEMIDGE, and react to the debut of Catarina Macario. In the second half of the pod we're joined by Kaiya McCullough for a discussion on kneeling, what it's like being a Black woman footballer during these times, and the emotional toll of not feeling — or seeing — support. Please listen, share and subscribe.
January 20, 2021
Trailer - Welcome to Diaspora United!
Welcome to a brand new soccer podcast! Join your hosts Courtney and André as they center Black women footballers and discuss the latest news from the world of football. (tl;dr - If you're a Crystal Dunn Stan, you're in the right place.)
January 17, 2021