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Data Protection 101

Data Protection 101

By DigiLaw
Welcome to Data Protection 101 with Victoria Oloni, your host. In this podcast, Victoria and her friends will be cutting data protection soap in bits and pieces for everyone and anyone. They will be shaking tables, maybe breaking a few. They will be debunking data protection myths in fun and engaging ways. Get ready to listen to episodes on cookies, consent, telephone number recycling, cybersecurity, and so much more. The Data Protection 101 Podcast has curated content that will not only educate, enlighten, but also entertain (triple threat)!
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EP#7 - Reduce, reuse, recycle: Telephone number recycling | Moses Faya

Data Protection 101

EP#10 - Closing this chapter | Abosede Hassan & Precious John-Adeyemi
Its been a great run, discussing topics across the data protection spectrum; lawful basis for processing data, privacy notices, cookies, cybersecurity, and more, this podcast has sought to provide data protection knowledge in the most relatable way with our host, Victoria Oloni, and her amazing guests. But like all good things, the show must come to an end. As we close this chapter, Victoria recalls previous episodes with two random members of our audience, Abosede Hassan and Precious John-Adeyemi. Abosede is a final year law student, while Precious is a startup lawyer. We hope that this podcast has been inspiring for you, educative, and encouraged you to take real steps towards managing your personal data better. Hopefully, this isn't goodbye, See you soon...
November 03, 2021
EP#9 - Domino Effect: How our actions affect the privacy of others | Ridwan Oloyede
What would you do if your mother or mother-in-law kept uploading pictures of your newborn baby? Probably nothing. But for a woman in Netherlands, it was a big deal. So big that she reported her mother to the Dutch data protection authority. This episode discusses how our actions that we count as nothing, affect the privacy of others, creating a domino effect that puts many others at risk. It involves things as simple as uploading someone's picture, tagging them, failing to blur CCTV camera footage or positioning it in public, sharing document templates without redacting personal details, sharing location and genomic data. Its not just about you. There are others who could be exposed because of things you don't do right. The discussion features Ridwan Oloyede, our guest from EP#6 - The Cookie Episode. Ridwan is the Co-Founder of Tech Hive Advisory where he leads the technology policy team. He advises on the global aspects of cybersecurity policy, data protection and privacy laws, digital health and digital ethics.  Ridwan is a Fellow of Information Privacy with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and a Research Fellow at the African Academic Network on Internet Policy (AANOIP). To read more about the grandma that got sued, click here.  Listen to the EP#7 - The Recycling Episode To download the lending report, click here. PS: Like you heard at the beginning, this is the penultimate episode for the season. Thank you for taking this ride with us
October 13, 2021
EP#8 - Cybersecurity for Businesses | Simbiat Sadiq
Following up on EP#5 - Cybersecurity 101 with Confidence Staveley, this episode with Simbiat Sadiq focuses on cybersecurity for businesses. The discussion covers: why small businesses should take cybersecurity serious cyberinsurance tackling cybersecurity breaches cybersecurity tips for businesses Simbiat Sadiq is an active member of Nigeria's cybersecurity community. As part of her significant contribution in inspiring women and promoting cybersecurity in Africa, she was honoured as one of the Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity (Africa) in 2020. She has a keen interest in promoting cybersecurity awareness which led to her active contribution to Africa's first Storied Cybersecurity Awareness handbook by the team at NoFallMaga. Simbiat is also the Program Lead for Cyber Girls.
September 25, 2021
EP#7 - Reduce, reuse, recycle: Telephone number recycling | Moses Faya
Did you know that all phone numbers in Nigeria are the property of the Federal Government and no one can own a number in perpetuity? This episode of the podcast with Moses Faya covers something we all have experienced at least once. Someone calling you out of nowhere, asking to speak to someone else. Your response likely was, 'wrong number'. What happened is that your phone number was recycled.  In this episode, you'll learn: the dangers posed as a result of phone number recycling tips for avoiding these dangers controversy of recycling phone numbers that are now linked to unique National Identity Numbers (NINs) and Bank Verification Numbers (BVNs) Moses Faya is a lawyer working at the intersection of technology, policy, and law. He leads the technology policy team at the Advocacy for Policy and Innovation where he advises on ICT laws and compliance. To read Victoria's Medium article titled, “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle”: Are we running out of phone numbers?, click here. To read more about Anthony Okolie, the man arrested by the Department of State Security (DSS) for using a phone number used by the President's daughter, click here. To read more about the 'killer' Bulgarian phone number, click here.
September 10, 2021
EP#6 - Too many Cookies, I have a stomach ache | Ridwan Oloyede
In this episode, Victoria discusses cookies (the internet type, not the edible type) with Ridwan Oloyede. He is the Co-Founder of Tech Hive Advisory where he leads the technology policy team. He advises on the global aspects of cybersecurity policy, data protection and privacy laws, digital health and digital ethics. Ridwan is a Fellow of Information Privacy with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and a Research Fellow at the African Academic Network on Internet Policy (AANOIP). Cookies are simply tiny text files that are installed on your device to improve user experience on the internet. When you visit a site and don't have to fill in your username and password everytime, cookies are involved. Cookies can be used to track user behaviour and for ad targeting. The categories of cookies include: first party cookies third party cookies session cookies persistent cookies zombie cookies necessary cookies The uses of cookies are also discussed, privacy issues raised by them, dark patterns and best practices for cookies. If you'd like to play the game on dark patterns that Ridwan and Victoria referred to, head to 
August 26, 2021
EP#5 - Cybersecurity 101 | Confidence Staveley
'Using 'Password' as your password is like wearing a net during winter'.  A survey has shown that 'Password' is the most popular password used. If you fall into this category, we made this episode for you. Victoria Oloni has a chat with Confidence Staveley, a cybersecurity expert and founder of the CyberSafe Foundation Her wealth of experience garnered across diverse sectors, including consulting, education, banking, and government, has distinguished her as a leading female voice in the African technological space. Confidence has achieved many professional certifications and industry recognitions. She is a Cybersecurity Woman of the Year 2021 Finalist, and a Top 50 Women in Cybersecurity Africa 2020 Finalist. Through CyberSafe Foundation and its flagship #NoFallMaga initiative -, she is combatting digital fraud perpetrated through social engineering, by delivering simple, relatable cybersecurity education across Nigeria and beyond.  The discussion in this episode covers: How she got into tech, then cybersecurity what cybersecurity is the importance of using unique passwords and strong password practices forms of cyberattack the risks of giving personal details for online giveaways safe practices for public wi-fi staying safe while using VPNs To find out more on the CyberGirls Fellowship, check If you'd like to donate laptops for the CyberGirls, you can reach Confidence on any of her socials.  You can follow Confidence Staveley on social media.  Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn -  PS: Since the last episode, our dear host, Victoria Oloni, passed the Bar Finals and finished and was one of 20 students to finish with a First Class out of a class of over 5,700. She has been called to the Nigerian Bar. So cause trouble, Victoria has your back - prepare for billing though :)
August 13, 2021
EP#4 - Why Patrick Obahiagbon should not draft your Privacy Notice | Tojola Bilqis Yusuf (CIPP/E)
In this episode, Victoria has a discussion with Tojola on privacy notices and several related topics. The discussion covers: the difference between a privacy policy and privacy notice the role of consent forms content of an ideal privacy notice whether we can use the same privacy notice across several related websites or mobile applications terms of use cookie notice Tojola is a skilled and competent compliance attorney, with specialisation in privacy, data protection, data ethics, and tech policy.  She is a Certified Information Privacy Practitioner in European Data Protection Law. She is an Associate at Tech Hive Advisory Limited
July 23, 2021
EP#3 - Data Subject Rights | Temitayo Ogunmokun
In our first episode with a guest, Victoria talks to Temitayo Ogunmokun on the subject of data subject rights. Temitayo is a Legal Counsel at Alaw International Law Firm in Belgium, and specializes in Privacy, Data Protection, and Privacy. The conversation on data subject rights is taken from the Nigerian and the EU perspective. As a prelude, Victoria and Temitayo discuss the following foundational issues: - Privacy v. Data protection: are they the same - The inaccuracy of the term 'data protection' - Personal data - Data subject The rights of a data subject include: 1. Right of information 2. Right of access 3. Erasure/right to be forgotten 4. Restriction of processing 5. Portability 6. Rectification 7. Right to object 8. Right against automated decision-making The first 3 answers to the question at the end of the episode will get an airtime reward. Just follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn and reply with your answer.  If you'd like to read more about the cases referred to, here are the names: 1. Google Spain v. AEPD & Mario Costeja Gonzalez 2. Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative v. Unity Bank (Suit No: FHC/AB/CS/85/2020) 3. Laws and Rights Awareness Initiative v. National Identity Management Commission (Suit No. FHC'/AB/CS/79/2020) 4. Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative v. National Identity Management Commission (Suit No. AB/83/2020) 5. Digital Rights Lawyers Initiative v. LT Solutions Media Ltd (Suit No. HCT/262/2020)
July 09, 2021
EP#2 - Lawful basis for processing data
In this episode, Victoria talks about the lawful basis for processing data, as provided by the EU GDPR. The 6 lawful basis are: consent fulfilling contractual obligations fulfilling legal obligations vital interest public interest legitimate interest The Nigerian NDPR provides for all the above basis except legitimate interest. However, the Guidelines for the Management of Personal Data by Public Institutions in Nigeria refers to legitimate interest of the data subject. The GDPR speaks only of legitimate interest of the data controller.  Victoria sheds light on all these and more. She also provides the answer to the question asked in the first episode about the first country to enact a data protection law. You can connect with Victoria on LinkedIn and on Twitter
June 25, 2021
EP#1 - The Welcome Episode
In this maiden episode, you get to see our host, Victoria Oloni, in all her colour, or a good part of it. She tells us how she got into (or stumbled) data protection, winning the first edition of the Adavize Alao Data Protection Essay. We also get a sneak peek at some guests and future topics for discussion. She also provides a working definition of personal data, data processing, the EU GDPR, and Nigeria's NDPR.  If you stick to the end, there's a question. The first three correct answers will get free airtime. To give us your answer, follow us on any social media (DigiLaw) and tell us your answer. On Twitter/Instagram - @digilawng LinkedIn - DigiLaw
June 11, 2021
June 7, 2021
June 07, 2021