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Digital Marketers Nairobi

Digital Marketers Nairobi

By Kangethe Mbugua
A podcast from a leading full service digital marketing consultancy in Nairobi Kenya. We cover all matters digital marketing to help you grow and maximise your digital web presence
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Eliminate Guesswork From Your Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers Nairobi

How To Speed Up Your Website And Improve Visitor Expereience
Great User eXperience, often abbreviated to UX, is a major component of sell designed and implemented websites and an important factor in high search engine ranking criteria. One of the biggest problems for users online is slow performing and slow loading websites. In this episode we take a look at the major reasons for slow loading websites and how to remedy the problems. Digital Marketers Nairobi can help improve your website load speeds for better UX and higher ranking websites. Visit for full service offerings.
October 24, 2021
Create Your Own Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy
Many small businesses do not have the budgets to hire consultants and agencies for their digital marketing needs. In this episode we show budget limited Kenyan businesses how to create a powerful digital marketing strategy in house. Follow these steps and you are off to a great digital marketing start which will evolve over time. If you would like help with your business digital strategies, visit for our full services and contact details.  
October 10, 2021
Eliminate Guesswork From Your Digital Marketing
Human beings have always been social animals. They love to engage and interact and nowhere is this more true than in business transactions. eCommerce is not a touchy feely type of environment and building a sociable relationship between the customer and business is never easy. This is a major reason why eCommerce enterprises often fail to succeed. In this episode of the Digital Marketers Podcast we show you how in the absence of social contact, you can eliminate guesswork from your digital marketing strategy and connect with prospects turning more of them into paying customers. Visit for details on our services
October 03, 2021
Stop Wasting Money With Paid Advertising
How do you know if your paid digital marketing budget is producing an adequate Return On Investment (ROI) ? How do you know id your digital marketing spend is working for your business ? How do you know if you are wasting or using money efficiently and effectively in your paid marketing campaigns ? In this episode we tackle these questions and provide answers as to how you can verify if your money is being well spent in paid digital marketing and advertising Visit to see our full service details and pricing
September 26, 2021
Increase Social Media Followers and Engagement Rates For Your Business
Social Media is all about where brands get to interact and engage with their prospects, customers and clients.  Social interaction is complex and must be handled with respect and understanding if the brand or business is to acquire a following and high engagement rates. In this episode we look at how to increase followers and raise their engagement levels with your brand Visit for full details on our Social media services
September 19, 2021
Grow Your Business With Digital Solutions From Digital Marketers Nairobi
Stagnant or declining sales and business fortunes are a problem for businesses especially during this pandemic.  In this episode discover six vital ways (plus a bonus) in which Digital Marketers Nairobi can grow your Kenyan business. Visit for full service details and pricing  Listen and subscribe to our podcasts at all good streaming services.
September 12, 2021
The Differences Between Digital Marketing Agencies and Consultants
Does your digital marketing strategy need updating ? Are you unsure whether to use an agency or a consultant ? In this episode of the Digital Marketers Nairobi Podcast, we take a look under the hood and find out how these two organizations differ and what they bring to your business. Be better informed about digital marketing by visiting to view our full services and other content.
September 05, 2021
This Is Why Your Website Is Not Converting
No, we are not psychic but we have analyzed enough website fails over the years to know within a reason or 10 why conversion rates are low In this episode of the Digital Marketers in Nairobi podcast we lift the hood and tell you what those 10 reasons are. We also give you solutions and invite you to engage with us to do a complete website audit and identify the precise reasons why your website is not converting
August 29, 2021
Nine Critical Steps To Create A Successful Digital Marketing Strategy
Create a successful, working digital marketing strategy by following the steps in this clearly laid out blueprint from Digital Marketers Nairobi Based on experience from our successful digital marketing consultancy services, this episode of our podcast is a condensed yet complete map of the steps you need to take to create a digital marketing strategy that will successfully transform your business. If you want us to consult and help with any aspects of your digital strategy contact us at
August 22, 2021
Key Display Advertising Pros, Cons and Strategy Considerations
In this episode we look at digital display advertising, what it is, its advantages and drawbacks We examine key strategy considerations for a display advertising campaign and how you can implement this in your business. Digital Marketers Nairobi is a consultancy well versed in digital display campaigns
August 15, 2021
How To Create A Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works
In this episode we deconstruct social media marketing strategies to answer a question we often get at Digital marketers in Nairobi from client. "How do we create an effective social media marketing strategy ?" This is the unvarnished, truth of the necessary requirements for an effective and efficient social media strategy. If you would like help with your social media marketing strategy or other digital strategies contact us at
August 07, 2021