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Digital Mayors Podcast

Digital Mayors Podcast

By Ryan Rowell
Welcome to The Digital Mayors Podcast. This podcast is dedicated to hosting individuals who are dominating within their individual business niche . Each week I interview entrepreneurs, founders, freelancers etc.. and discuss some of their tactics and strategies to run a success business. The core theme of this podcast is to teach you marketing strategies to implement into your business today.
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Creative content is the variable of success with Hayden Cashion

Digital Mayors Podcast

Guest John Henry - Building Depth over Width - 2020 Personal Branding
Hello people of the web, this is episode 4 of the Digital Mayors Podcast, my guest today John Henry aka Mr. Hustle. Before I say anything else I want to give a thanks to John for being on the show. John is a very gifted entrepreneur, but what I am most inspired by is his EQ and humility. I've learned a lot from this man just by watching how he treats people who look up to him, it's obvious to me he listens to what people have to say and cares about helping them. Today we will talk about why he has a full time videographer, importance of building depth over width in your community, and how he would get a job in today's work environment. If you have read this far, I'd love to know what you liked in todays episode. Shoot me your thoughts, thanks again, Ryan out. 
August 25, 2019
Creative content is the variable of success with Hayden Cashion
What is up everyone welcome back to the Digital Mayors Podcast, the show that is still in it's infancy and we will decide exactly what the show is about in the coming weeks as we progress. However, today I am super stoked to bring you an electric conversation with Hayden Cashion the owner of Cashion Marketing based in Ottawa. Today we will talk about the importance of quality content as well as having a distribution strategy behind that content. We will also discuss tactical advice for running ads online if you own a resort and a handful of other things. Hope everyone enjoys the podcast and we will see you next week on the show!
March 19, 2019
Lead Generation with Real Estate "Rockstar" Chad Goldwasser
Hey everybody, welcome back to the 2nd episode of the Digital Mayors Podcast. Today on the show I am super excited to bring you Chad Goldwasser. Chad has been selling real estate in Austin Texas for the past 20+ years. In 2007 and 2008 Chad was named the #1 agent worldwide for Keller Williams realty before launching his own brokerage, Pure Gold Realty.  Chad is still passionately selling real estate while running a very successful brokerage. Chad is also in the midst of selling his second book "restart" which can be pre-ordered today at if you want to reach out to Chad you can find him on social media or shoot him an email Thanks again for listening and have a spectacular day. 
March 10, 2019
Christopher Watkin Interview - A 2019 Guide to Marketing yourself as a Real Estate Agent
Hi everybody, welcome to the first episode of The Digital Mayors Podcast. In this episode I had the pleasure of sitting down with Christopher Watkin who is a ghost writer for real estate agents based in the UK. Today we will discuss modern day marketing tactics for real estate agents and the power of creating hyper local content that is relavent and valuable to your audience. Thabks for listening and we will see you for episode 2.
February 22, 2019