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Being Nice is Good Business - The ROI of Online Politeness_EP005

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By Mayowa Aderogbin
On Digital Avenue we are exploring today’s digital shift and its potentials for People, Business and Ideas. #DA exists for the business owner, career person, student, job seeker and anyone who seeks to create anything for himself using the instrumentality of this online thing. Powered by
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Why You Shouldn't Just Ignore or Delete Spam (Scam) Emails
A lot has been said on how to stop spam(that leads to scam) from reaching your inbox, in fact tools and services are being created and sold to people daily to achieve this same goal; some work, while some even open you up to more spam. Many of us simply ignore the emails in the spam folder and treat the entire lot as one singular unwanted entity...and in one default move, we trash them all! In this episode of #DigitalAvenue #Podcast, a different approach is given to help make the email spam/scam situation altogether better for all of us. 
July 8, 2019
Being Nice is Good Business - The ROI of Online Politeness_EP005
The virtual nature of Social Media makes bad behavior easy, and in fact, putting up the wrong attitude might feel like a good defense mechanism to help you cope with your insecurities in the mean time, but in the long run, positivity and good manners will pay you better ...especially if you are trying to sell something...Yes, online 'Savagery' is only funny in memes, if you will make money from this online thing, you've gotta learn how to talk to people...some of them are not your mates! Literally. Enjoy Digital Avenue 5 as I touch on this very critical issue; why you need to be better behaved online and how to start!
April 26, 2019
Improving Your B2B Sales through LinkedIn
People join LinkedIn with a hope to cultivate their careers and businesses; hence, it is the most viable online space to achieve business results. This is so because every user on that platform enlisted with the aim of achieving some kind of business or career mileage. This episode shares seven simple tips to help increase your chances of closing more deals with the help of LinkedIn this year.
March 13, 2019
How to Get a Job Through Online Cold-Calling
Cold-calling as a strategy applies beyond sales or business. It applies to any area of human endeavour where one intends to draw results from new sources. Even in job hunting, it works.  You do not have to wait until there is a job advert calling for CVs relating to your skills, you can begin to break new grounds and establish vital contacts that can sometimes turn into an interview or a job offer for you soon. This episode narrates an effective method to land your next major job this way.
March 8, 2019
The Winning Approach to Online Cold-Calling
Cold-Calling is one of the classic strategies when it comes to generating direct traction to your business or product; phone calls being the default method, then Email. With the advancement of various Digital Media platforms, Cold-callings has been seen to have moved to an all new plane over the past few years. In fact, Social Media is becoming one of the biggest cold-calling channels today. However, it has its own pros and cons and so replicating any offline strategy in the social media space requires some new learning for it to be effective. Access to people of all status and stature has become incredibly easy, so is it also easy to quickly earn a bad reputation for your brand on social media if care is not taken. This Episode x-rays the adaptation needed for Cold-calling to become efficient across even the most informal of all online channels.    1
February 28, 2019
Performance in search engine results has increasingly become cardinal to your overall business success. We can agree that any seller or service provide that doesn’t win on that ‘search and find’ space has ultimately lost! Again, If you do not win in S.E.O, You Lost! This episode of #DigitalAvenue debunks 6 Popular SEO Myths that will do you more damage than any good.
February 26, 2019
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