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Digital Know How

Digital Know How

By Digital Works Group
Welcome to Digital Know How, a digital education series brought to you by Digital Works Group. Our experts share straight-talking, no-nonsense, practical information and advice on successful digital transformation.
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How to make your Digital Transformation quicker and smoother

Digital Know How

The Legal sector must innovate: Can Intelligent Automation help?
In this episode, Clare Carroll chats with digital experts Damon Harding at Digital Works Group, and Dave Horton from Triad to discuss the challenges facing the Legal sector as well as opportunities and potential solutions. For many years the Legal sector was generally recognised as a closed profession with traditional business structures, the billable hour and somewhat outdated processes and practices. Post the Legal Services Act (2007) and the emergence of the Alternative Business Structures,  new ways of operating and investment opportunities are slowly opening up but adoption is slower than expected. Now, some areas of Law have really suffered from Covid related lockdowns whilst it’s fair to say a few have flourished, but overall, a survey by the Law Society’s Law Management Section suggests that firms are forecasting a 10-20% drop in revenue for the 2020/2021 financial year. Surely now, more than ever, the Legal sector must innovate: Can Intelligent Automation help? Speakers in this episode:  Damon Harding, Partner at Digital Works Group, is an established strategic business transformation leader and non-executive director (NED). He has been successfully transforming complex businesses in highly competitive and fast-moving markets for over 20 years for the likes of TalkTalk, World Vision and many more. He has delivered numerous large-scale integration and transformation programmes; helping clients achieve immediate short-term change and focus on their long-term goals and objectives. As a process re-engineering expert he can drive improvements to front and back-office processes, using a customer-first and business model need approach to target rapid improvements in customer experience, commercial efficiency and operational performance. Dave Horton is a principal consultant at Triad, responsible for providing IT strategy and architecture services to clients. With extensive experience defining and delivering IT, Dave has helped companies including the Department for Transport, Highways England and UK law firms with the technical assurance of their IT delivery projects. He also heads up Triad’s Intelligent Automation practice, which is committed to helping every department in businesses secure the benefits automation offers. 
November 26, 2020
Innovation in Utilities and the role of Intelligent Automation
The Utilities industry is facing a lot of challenges and needs to Innovate to reduce costs, be environmentally friendly and stay competitive. What role can Intelligent Automation and other digital solutions play to help bring about a successful transformation and sustained growth? Joe Wheatley from Triad joins Damon Harding and Sophie Fraser from Digital Works Group in this episode to discuss the challenges and opportunities.    Joe Wheatley, Principal Consultant at Triad has a passion for tech-enabled change and transformation and he leads Triad's Automation and AI practice. Joe brings hands-on experience of delivering a range of projects and programs for diverse businesses which have enabled him to develop a holistic view on the transformation of operations, leveraging emerging technologies. Joe understands what it takes in reality for businesses to deliver the promised benefit from intelligent automation programs.  Damon Harding is a Partner in the Strategy, Leadership and Innovation team at Digital Works Group and is an established business transformation leader and non-executive Director. He has been transforming complex businesses in highly competitive and fast-moving markets for over 20 years for the likes of Carphone Warehouse, Talk Talk and World Vision. Although Damon's main focus is Digital strategy one of his key specialisms is process re-engineering and he has a track record of driving improvements to front and back-end processes.  Damon likes to use a customer-first approach to target rapid improvements in customer experience and operational performance, aligned to organisational value drivers.           
June 25, 2020
Transforming Marketing Communications - Case Study
Communications, marketing and business transformation expert, Gianluca Bregoli, shares a case study of a Marketing Communications transformation at an international Law firm. Gianluca discusses the objectives, challenges and solutions put in place to transform the Marketing Communications during a brand refresh.  Gianluca is a Senior Consultant at Digital Works Group in the Strategy, Leadership and Innovation team with over 15 years experience helping businesses during times of transformation including large-scale, cross-continent mergers and acquisitions. He has managed major global and cross-function projects and is a strong believer of customer-centricity and the alignment between customer and employee experiences.  
March 4, 2020
Why storytelling is critical for marketing and user experience design
Social media and digital integration expert, Garret Keogh, talks about why storytelling is so important and is critical to the success of good marketing campaigns and user experience design. Garret, a highly creative leader and strategist, draws on years of knowledge and experience with big names in the media industry including MTV, Sky, ITV and the BBC.  
January 22, 2020
Who should own Digital change?
Who should own Digital change in an organisation? Learn how to prepare and empower your business for successful Digital transformation and understand who needs to drive it. Andrew Salmon shares his expertise and experiences of who needs to be onboard and how to keep on track, including case studies of transformation success and the organisation structure pitfalls to avoid. 
November 15, 2019
Top tips on improving website visibility on search listings
Search Engine Optimsation expert, Paul Lawrence, shares some top tips on how to improve your website's visibility on search listings. Discover what actions can help boost your ranking and get more people looking at your website.  
October 24, 2019
The rise of Reg Tech in Onboarding and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance
Industry expert Manny Cohen chats with Clare Carroll about the evolution of Reg Tech in Business Onboarding and Anti-Money Laundering compliance.
October 11, 2019
Is your business ready for innovation?
Richard Morecroft, Senior Partner for Strategy, Leadership and Innovation at Digital Works Group, chats with Sophie Fraser about what business innovation is, the benefits it can bring and where to start.  
June 25, 2019
How to create a clear Digital vision and strategy
 "Your vision and strategy allow you to cement and communicate who you aspire to be, set your objectives and targets and provide you with a company-wide focus and roadmap for how you're going to get there."  Elise Korolev, explains why a clear Digital vision and strategy is essential,  discusses some key considerations to undertake first and a shares a methodology to develop and deliver your own strategy, that will ultimately lead to a successful Digital Transformation.   
June 5, 2019
How to make your Digital Transformation quicker and smoother
Digital Transformation is a complex yet 'must-do' activity to fend off disruption and increasing competition. Not developing a clear path for what and how to change is often what causes digital transformation efforts to fail. Our expert, Damon Harding, shares a proven framework that will bring clarity to help deliver successful transformations quickly and smoothly. Damon discusses the critical success factors needed and shares some top tips and advice.    
May 9, 2019
Breaking Down Digital Transformation
Breaking Down Digital Transformation: Looking at the ‘digital big picture’ and the effects it’s having on markets, customers, organisations and staff. Sharing case studies and providing some top tips, Richard explains why Digital Transformation is relevant to all companies and how to get started with the right approach.
April 11, 2019