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At DirectShifts, we connect clinicians (Physicians/APPs/Nursing/Allied Health) directly to employers for short term or full time clinical opportunities through our online platform. Using AI based technology, we make healthcare recruiting far more 1) convenient, 2) transparent and 3) cost-effective.

We deeply care about empowering clinicians and hospitals to deliver the best care to their patients. Through our platform, we are eliminating some of the inefficiencies in the healthcare system that prevent clinicians on focusing on what they do best: seeing patients.
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EP-037- “Everyone has the potential to transform their lives simply by finding their inner power and believing in themselves.” ~ Dr. Najmun Riyaz | Psychiatrist, Mental Health Coach, Writer, & Speaker


EP-038 -Healing America from the inside out: Building stronger mental health support networks : Madeline Maldonado, LCSW-R | President: Madeline Maldonado, LCSW Consulting P.C 🔹 Adjunct Professor
This is a conversation with Madeline Maldonado, LCSW-R ’s in the latest episode of DirectShifts.   As a mental health professional, if you’ve ever aspired to heal America from the inside out through structural change, you will not want to miss this!   Madeline has been in the field for over 2 decades and has 15 years of experience in Program Administration and Consulting. She has extensive knowledge on building and running social programs that have benefitted recipients immensely.   Her areas of focus include; assessment and diagnosis of mental health disorders, program management, policy development, clinical supervision, and professional development. She strongly believes in making the behavioural health system stronger from within by imparting her extensive knowledge to her clients on how to navigate the behavioural health system while keeping their own mental health intact.  Her aim is to help her clients be their own therapists and to be better allies in the mental health revolution! #directshifts #directshiftsstories #webinar #mentalhealth #leadthechange #therapists #socialworkers #therapy #lcsws #mentalhealthprofessionals
June 10, 2021
EP-037- “Everyone has the potential to transform their lives simply by finding their inner power and believing in themselves.” ~ Dr. Najmun Riyaz | Psychiatrist, Mental Health Coach, Writer, & Speaker
It’s Mental Health Awareness month and it’s time we shifted the focus from surviving to thriving. While mental health suffered a big blow last year during the pandemic, many of us are yet to figure out how we could settle ourselves into the new normal and reinvent ourselves for the better. In our upcoming episode of DirectShifts Stories, Dr. Najmun Riyaz – Practicing Psychiatrist & Coach, will help us understand how we can take back control of our mental health and tame stress in our daily lives. She currently serves as an Adult Attending Psychiatrist at Jefferson Hospital in New Jersey and also provides individual and group coaching to professionals from the healthcare and tech workforce. She has helped individuals deal with a range of issues such as work-life balance, relationships, alcohol abuse, workaholism, work, and financial pressures, lack of productivity at work, and more. We can’t wait to share screen space and learn from her rich experience. Don’t miss this rare and insightful webinar to be held on the 22nd of May, Saturday. #worldmentalhealthmonth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #covid #mindfulness #selfcare
May 22, 2021
EP-036- TeleTherapy: Transforming your in-person practice to a virtual setting | Panel Discussion | Sai Kumar Thumuluru, PhD, MBA | Fay-Louise Hayden | George Anderson | Ori Balaban | Sarah Joyner |
Insights from leading industry experts on how to grow & transform your Therapy practice from in-office to virtual home office.    About this event  We may be physically distant from each other, but now it’s more important than ever to be helping those in need to take care of their mental health.   The COVID-19 pandemic has brought industry-wide attention and sweeping legislative initiatives to telehealth as a means for care delivery in a safe, secure and socially-distant environment.   We encourage you to take this unique opportunity to future proof your practice and further your professional growth and advancement in TeleTherapy.   This is in a discussion with leading industry experts in TeleTherapy to learn more about the ways you can connect with your patients & grow your practice from the comfort of your home.  DirectShifts Team: Sai Kumar Thumuluru, PhD, MBA &  Fay-Louise Hayden Panelists:- George Anderson MSW, LCSW, BCD, CAMF |  Ori Balaban | Sarah Joyner, LMSW | Steve Herbst, LMSW/CASAC-2  #webinar #teletherapywebinar #betterhelp #freewebinar #mentalhealthawarenessmonth #healthcare
May 14, 2021
EP-035- How to reduce work-related burnout, and promote a culture of wellness and resiliency? ~ WellNurseapp | Charlene Platon, MS, RN, FNP-BC
How to reduce work-related burnout, and promote a culture of wellness and resiliency? This episode of DirectShifts Stores  Vamshi speaks to Charlene about her journey so far and on nursing innovation and nursing hackathons.  Charlene Platon, MS, RN, FNP-BC is Director of Ambulatory Nursing at Stanford Health Care (SHC), where she collaborates with operational and clinical partners to advance, develop, refine, and innovate ambulatory nursing clinical delivery operations throughout the enterprise. Previously, Charlene was a Manager of Advanced Practice in the Center for Advanced Practice at SHC, with a primary role of leading process and quality improvement initiatives to optimize practice for advanced practice providers (APPs). Charlene pioneered and facilitated SHC’s first APP Administrative Fellowship program to mentor and position expert clinicians as future healthcare leaders. In addition, Charlene’s passion for technology led her to spearhead the creation of electronic medical record workflows to accurately measure APP contributions. Passionate about healthcare innovation, Charlene is a founding member of the Technology, Research, and Innovation Steering Committee at SHC, representing innovation in ambulatory nursing. Charlene is also one of 12 inaugural Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellows. As a Fellow, Charlene aims to bring nurse-led innovation to the forefront of healthcare and is developing a digital solution to promote the well-being of nurses, clinicians, and organizations across the healthcare industry.  Charlene graduated from the University of California, Irvine, where she received both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Nursing degrees. She is a licensed registered nurse and board-certified family nurse practitioner. Charlene’s overarching goal as a healthcare leader and nurse innovator is to transform healthcare delivery and operations at the intersection of compassion, innovation, and technology, ultimately improving the healthcare experience for patients and professionals. She is passionate about utilizing creativity and interdisciplinary collaboration to address organizational and industry-wide challenges.
April 26, 2021
EP-034- The Fight for Multiculturalism : Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging | Coming Together as a Community | Kathleen McLean (she/her/hers) MBA, CSW |
Leave No One Behind : Coming Together as a Community  The Fight for Multiculturalism | Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging   Please Join us on the next episode of our DirectShifts stories with our COO Vamshi &  Kathleen McLean MBA, CSW on The Fight for Multiculturalism | Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging . Kathleen is a sought-after consultant, motivational speaker, trainer, facilitator and executive coach who serves organizations and her community with compassion and integrity, inspiring each individual to be more, do more and follow their passion.  Kathleen McLean is President of The McLean Group – a New York State certified Minority Women Owned consulting firm that partners with organizations to create customized solutions that specialize in diversity/inclusion, team building and leadership development.   Kathleen received her Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Buffalo State College, a Master's Degree in Social Work (Management Concentration) from the State University of New York at Albany, and a Master's in Business Administration from the State University of New York at Empire State College. She received a Diversity Training Certificate through Diversity Training University International in October 2017. She is also an Adjunct Instructor at Russell Sage College.  She teaches WORLD 401, a course which engages students in an examination of how women influence and change their world with an emphasis on racial identity development.  Presently, Kathleen is a volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York and the Capital Region Woman of Color Professional Network.  She is a member of the Leadership Advisory Board of Directors on behalf of The Free Your Mind Forum located in Dallas, Texas, and she is on the Advisory Board of Mission Accomplished and the Resourceful Women’s Leadership Steering Committee for the YWCA – GCR. In addition, Kathleen mentors multiple women throughout the Capital Region and beyond.  Kathleen formerly served on the American Marketing Association Board of Directors as the Secretary and Chair of Programming/Events.  In addition, she has served on the Advisory Board of the Lunn Foundation, the Schenectady Foundation Youth Allies Council, Sister to Sister Keeper Inc., and The Cultural Diversity Business Council. She was a Foster Parent with Albany County Department Children for Youth and Families.  Kathleen was recognized as a Community Star (2017) by the CEO of Mission Accomplished for her volunteerism and support of work in providing support for millennials to enter the workforce.   Kathleen was selected as an Adult Achiever (2017) for her dedication to improving the lives of young people across the Capital District for the YMCA Black and Latino Achievers Program.  Kathleen was selected to receive the Harriet Rifkin Leadership Award (2017) – this award is given to an individual who personifies leadership, volunteerism, and professionalism as a way of life.  This awardee demonstrates leadership in every aspect of her life, professional and personal. She has a clear vision and a distinct purpose. Her core values govern her day-to-day choices and she has a reputation for being a champion for women. She has created or been actively involved in women’s initiatives in the Capital Region.  These initiatives have resulted in women being increasingly independent both personally and financially.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 25 years and they have four amazing children ages 22, 20, 16 and 13. Kathleen is fluent in Haitian Creole and conversant in French.  Kathleen’s motto in life is she came her to LOVE, LIVE and LEAD out LOUD!
April 24, 2021
EP-032-How Video Marketing Is Influencing the Future of Healthcare? Promote Your Practice & Attract more!
Healthcare Ads Are Going Hollywood:   In a recent McKinsey report, 80% of physicians surveyed saw a drop in patient volumes, with 62% reporting a “significant” drop. Even with the explosion of telehealth, physicians across the country still reported seeing half as many patients as they did before the pandemic.   With consumers, patients, and–yes–healthcare providers stuck in their homes, digital marketing and communications are playing a vital role in delivering health information to a population spending a growing amount of time in front of their devices.     How should healthcare marketers adapt their strategies and which channels are best-suited to effectively reaching their audiences? Tune-in Live as we speak to @Dustin Schultz about the Live Action & Animation content that achieves marketing and sales goals.     Find Ways to Magnify Your Healthcare Marketing and explore How Video Marketing for Healthcare Can Help Bridge Trust
April 24, 2021
EP-033-Healthy habits to use amid Covid pandemic: Why we Shouldn't Obsess Over Your Quarantine Weight Gain? | Sherry Khachatryan, RN, BSN, AADP Founder at Luv-Health, LLC | Coach | Speaker | Yogi
We are Excited at this new opportunity to lead, co-create, and build with our talented team of  Snehaa Kumar & Bhairavi K.S .   Our next episode of DirectShifts Stories for our LinkedIn LIVE, we would love to have you join us  with Sherry khachatryan with   as speak about Health and Nutrition : Healthy habits to use amid Covid pandemic and Why we Shouldn't Obsess Over Your Quarantine Weight Gain?    Sherry khachatryan is the founder of the private health coaching practice, Luv-Health. She specializes in health and wellness, mainly with busy professionals who want to create a healthy lifestyle but may be overwhelmed with too much information on what being healthy really is. Sherry has been a nurse for three decades.   Her experience in this field and her desire to embrace the shift towards holistic healing inspired her to start a health and wellness practice.  Sherry wants to arm people with the knowledge of how to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle so they don’t feel forced to reach for medication or widely marketed weight–loss products.   Sherry holds A Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from New Jersey City University. She is a functional practitioner, which allows her to delve into the root cause of existing conditions.  She also furthered her training by becoming a certified weight loss coach.   Sherry received her initial health coaching training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. In the course of her training, she was privileged to study over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and innovative coaching methods with some of the world's top health and wellness experts. Sherry received coaching from Tony Robbins.  Sherry enjoys yoga, nature, books, and trying new fitness activities.   we Can’t wait anymore to see what the this episode has in store!  
April 23, 2021
EP-031-The downside of strong growth in health care jobs : Higher Costs What are the reasons for Inflation? Christina Bailey Chief Executive Officer at Folium Medical
We have lots of reports on "Healthcare Jobs growth soars" & " Healthcare Job Growth Booms"  But inside that report is a dark cloud that went largely unnoticed:  Health care added more jobs than either information technology or retail sales last month and last year and health care jobs are said to be “good” jobs — they tend to be high-paying with benefits.  Health care is also counter-cyclical: People get sick regardless of consumer  confidence or economic conditions.  Unlike manufacturing or retail sales, during a recession the demand for health care does not decrease  very much, and health care jobs tend not to disappear. Hospitals and physician offices are often among the biggest employers in cities and states.   This is a huge problem because more health care jobs mean higher health care costs.  Catch me Live on the Next Episode of DirectShifts Stories as we speak to the CEO of Folium Medical, Christina Bailey on the The downside of strong growth in health care jobs : Higher Costs.    What are the reasons for  Rising Medical Inflation?   Christina Bailey has overcome great odds as a legally blind woman from a rural Appalachian community  with limited access to healthcare, rampant malnutrition, and the commonality of death caused by an inability to obtain treatments for illness and disease due to inability to pay.    Her career has been focused on uplifting small businesses and advancing corporations through improved  sales strategies, establishing international business plains, and managing all aspects of marketing and  public relations.    She was the first in her family to obtain a college education, combined with the honor of being named Cum Laude, a member of the prestigious Omicron Delta Kappa Society, and numerous awards for global leadership.   She is a multilingual mentor to the disabled community empowering disabled youth across the globe.  Member of the Omicron Delta Kappa honors society Recipient of the National Who’s Who award
April 17, 2021
EP-030-Back to the future: How Pandemic is transforming Healthcare Hiring? | Rollis Fontenot III | Chief Innovation Officer, Founder HR Maximizer Inc.
Back to the future: How Pandemic is transforming Healthcare Hiring  We are pleased to extend an exclusive invitation to participate in a Live conversation with our special guest Rollis Fontenot III & our COO Vamshikrishna gunukula    Rollis Fontenot, III is a national speaker, live stream host, author and founder of Ascend HR Corp & HR Maximizer Inc, the only subscription based talent acquisition service of its kind in the US.   He has appeared in Forbes Magazine, ASHHRA’s Pulse, Locum’s Life and other publications.  He has spoken at the 2016 & 2017 FIME Expo, 2018 HR Maximizer Conference, 2019 ASHHRA National Conference, 2019 & 2020 HHHRA / HR Maximizer Conference, 2020 IAFP Monthly Meeting, the 2020 Missouri & Tennessee Hospital Association Monthly Meetings, and the 2020 CHAHRM Annual Meeting.  He hosts live weekly shows called hashtag#perspectiveslive / hashtag#livewithrollis that reaches thousands each week. He has a network of over 200k in direct connections and groups on and runs one of the largest healthcare executive groups on Linkedin with over 112k members.   His company has received multiple awards over the years including the “Best and Brightest Companies to Work For” and focuses on helping hospitals and healthcare organizations . hashtag#healthcare hashtag#hiring
April 14, 2021
EP-029-Envision a successful and prosperous future! Live your life! & Love your story! with Shakiya Morris | Keynote speaker |Student| Biophilic Visionary #thepowersofher ✅Podcast Host|Author|Produce
Live your life!  Love your story!  Acknowledge who you were or the decisions you made  Embrace who you are and have become  Envision a successful and prosperous future!  #buildup​ your communities and your connections.  Take some time for yourself, get your head space right and everything else will fall into place much smoother.  Share today, and everyday with those who helped guide you along your path.  Be magical, be colorful, and be who you are no matter what. This journey in life is incredibly rewarding when shared with friends and family who inspire and give from their hearts!!!     Keynote speaker |Student| Biophilic Visionary #thepowersofher ✅Podcast Host|Author|Produce  Founder+ |  The Powers of HER (TPOH) is a student-led non-profit platform that offers creative sustainability solutions. ​ It is about delivering creative and innovative ideas that bring engaging community involvement. While increasing participation in accomplishing sustainable development goals (SDGs)of 2030 that can apply to businesses, large cities, and small communities. ​ It is offering solutions that enhance awareness about topics such as environmental and social development, renewable technologies, reduced inequities, and innovations, etc.
April 13, 2021
EP-028-How to Create Rawsome Results & Uncover your true potiental? with Diepak Kasi. Does Healthcare managers & HealthCare executives need to improve their Personal Leadership skills?
How to Create Rawsome Results & Uncover your true potiental?  Does Healthcare managers & HealthCare executives need to improve their Personal Leadership skills Attitude of Gratitude, Live to Give, and The Time Is Now.   You may want to become successful in achieving your goals, but you’re looking for the strategy to make it possible.  You might be at the top of your game at the moment, but you’re looking for ways to get to the next level.   Please Join us on the next episode of DirectShifts Stories with Diepak Kasi who is the founder of Rawsome Life.   Getting coaching with Rawsome Life means being directly coached by Diepak Kasi himself, to empower you with the vision, strategy, focus, insight, mind set and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you demand.   He just loves being around people and has created his own training program to help people to improve their leadership skills and the quality of their life by teaching them to become aware of what is needed to get to the next level in their career, health, finances, relationships and any other area where they really want to make a change.   Diepak started his career over 13 years ago by being a student in various areas. He has attended several Personal Development and Leadership programs, Spiritual Development courses and Health Improvement trainings in various countries over the world.   After having studied the different areas and applied it to his one life, he has made a major shift in the quality of his life. Since 2008 he is doing presentations, seminars and workshops himself for the corporate world and for individuals, helping people to improve the quality of their life.   Join him online or offline and " Be Rawsome! " to get what you need to get to the next level in life.
April 11, 2021
EP- 027 - How to Prepare for the post-pandemic life? | JOAN E. CHILDS, Psychotherapist, Author & Speaker | I HATE THE MAN I LOVE: A Conscious Relationship is Your Key to Success
How to Prepare for the post-pandemic life and How To Deal With Unexpected Anxiety?     Please join us on the next episode of DirectShifts stories with rajmeesa our Biz Consultatnt  & our special guest JOAN E. CHILDS, LCSW.    Joan E. Childs, LCSW is an experienced, renowned psychotherapist, author and inspirational speaker whose work and skill is recognized regionally and nationally. She has been in private practice since 1978.  Her resume in brief includes:   Her new book I HATE THE MAN I LOVE: A Conscious Relationship is Your Key to Success is currently released as an e-Book and paperback  Two published books, THE MYTH OF THE MAIDEN: On Being a Woman and WHY DID SHE JUMP? My Daughter’s Battle with Bipolar Disorder, soon to be a movie  TV producer, host and guest on national radio and television shows including Oprah  Inspirational Keynote Speaker  Member of National Speakers Association & Florida Speakers Association
April 09, 2021
EP- 026 - What are the Secrets from the Science of Persuasion for Exponential Success? with Michael F. Schein | Author of The Hype Handbook (McGraw Hill) Founder & President : MicroFame Media
Know the Smart Strategies to take Your Marketing to the Next Level as our Innovation Strategist @Fay-Louise Hayden  will be speaking with  Michael F. Schein.  Michael is the founder and president of MicroFame Media, a marketing agency that specializes in making idea-based companies famous in their fields. His client list includes eBay, Magento, The Medici Group, University of Pennsylvania, Gordon College, University of California - Irvine, United Methodist Publishing House, Ricoh, LinkedIn, and Citrix – just to name a few.  Before that, Michael was the VP of Solution Development at The Results Companies, where he developed and launched the company's first content marketing campaign. During his time there,the company's revenue grew from less than $20M to over $100M. His writing has appeared in Fortune, Forbes, Inc., Psychology Today, and the Huffington Post, and he is a speaker for audiences spanning from the northeastern United States to the southeastern coast of China.  Michael graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with Honors and got his start at Spin the Bottle, the production company behind VH1 hit show Pop Up Video. He also created, ran, and moderated the New York Tech Alliance’s Interactive Marketing panel series. His new book The Hype Handbook: 12 Indispensable Success Secrets From the World’s Greatest Propagandists, Self-Promoters, Cult Leaders, Mischief Makers, and Boundary Breakers, to be published by McGraw Hill, will be available everywhere books are sold on January 12, 2021.
April 08, 2021
EP- 025 - What is the current state and future use of artificial intelligence in pathology? | Dennis Strenk | peopleofpathology
Please join us on the next episode of DirectShifts stories as we speak to @Dennis about his journey so far and his experience in the world of pathology . Lets explore as to  what is the current state and future use of artificial intelligence in pathology?.     Dennis Strenk, PA (ASCP) has been a pathologists' assistant for 17 years. For the past three plus years , he's worked at Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Dennis serves on the Board of Trustees for the American Association of Pathologists' Assistants and is the CFO of the Board of Trustees.  He added one more task to his plate in late 2019. Dennis is the man behind the People of Pathology podcast, handling everything from planning, research, interviewing, editing, and publishing the show.
April 08, 2021
EP-024 - How to synchronize and manage the different areas of your biz, while you focus on growing it? with Shyera McCollough, OBM
With more and more entrepreneurs taking their business to scale, there has been a huge demand for Online Business Managers. Find out how to synchronize and manage the different areas of your biz, while you focus on growing it . Join me on the next episode of DirectShifts stories as we speak with Shyera McCollough, OBM Shyera is an Online Business Manager who is dedicated to helping generational and family-owned business owners and coaches sustain their legacy and accelerate their business growth. She has been featured on LinkedIn Live interviews, the Bookish Chatter podcast, and The B.O.S.S. Digital Magazine. Using her small-town upbringing and her 10+ years of customer service, customer experience, and team management skills, she helps create, maximize, and implement customer experience processes, team management and experience processes, and strategic plans that bridge the gap between customers, team members, and the business owners. She is passionate about taking her clients from overwhelmed business owners to reinvigorated CEOs. Shyera currently resides in Sanford, FL with her husband and three children. She is currently obtaining her Master’s in Forensic Psychology from North central University. #obm #onlinebusinesscoach #onlinebusinessmanagement
March 25, 2021
EP-023 - 2021 Healthcare : The year of tele-everything | Join us for a high-level strategic discussion with Steve Sullivan Founder & CTO Confidence Rediscovered
The year of tele-everything : Healthcare & Beyond. COVID-19 spurred a wave of telemedicine adoption, but how much is just hype, and how much will truly deliver sustained transformation to healthcare? What changes will actually endure after the dust from the pandemic settles?  Join us for a high-level strategic discussion of 30mins designed for health plans, employers and health system leaders with our COO Vamshi and Steve Sullivan on Wednesday, March 24th at 1pm CDT . Steve Sullivan developed a broad background in Healthcare IT through managing applications, information security, and infrastructure teams.   His passion for healthcare stems from his family; his father was a physician, his mother holds a PhD in nursing and his RN sister worked for the Red Cross. He understands the challenges clinicians face in providing patient care and has a passion for improving clinician productivity, patient safety, and cost-savings.  With over 20 years of experience in building teams, mentoring staff, and implementing healthcare solutions, his operational knowledge extends to service areas throughout a teaching hospital system. As a hallmark of his career, he built strategic relationships with board members, C-suite executives, directors, managers, and frontline staff, who valued his focus on excellence in addressing customers' IT needs.
March 25, 2021
EP-022 - How to find the best Substance Abuse Counselor & find the Essentials for Recovery with Thurman Brown Life Coach, Drug And Alcohol Counselor at Therapist for Blackmales, CASAC-M, TOT
How to find the best Substance Abuse Counselor & find the Essentials for Recovery with Thurman Brown  Life Coach, Drug And Alcohol Counselor at Therapist for Blackmales, CASAC-M, TOT on the next episode of DirectShifts stories, we speak to Thurman Brown, who is a Versatile and insightful Mental Health Program Leader and Innovator with a history of driving change and integrating cutting edge programs for individuals with substance abuse and in need of counseling services.   Thurman Brown  is extremely proficient at administering a variety of evidence-based treatment approaches and training others to provide high-quality care. An accomplished, senior-level professional with demonstrated expertise in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment, Career Development, Treatment Groups, Workshop Facilitation, Supervision, and Management in Sex Offense.   His Areas of Expertise Substance Use Disorders (SUD), Mental Health Counseling, Social Services, Case Management, Community Outreach, Program Management.  Motivational Interviewing, Criminal Thinking Models, Domestic Violence-Duluth Model, Behavior Modification, Medication-Assisted Recovery  Care Coordination, Substance Abuse Evaluation and Assessment, Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Case Conferencing, MICA and Domestic Violence Training, Problem Solving and Analysis
March 19, 2021
EP-021 - A pandemic year in review Insights with Iman Saymeh, M.Ed.,MSW, ACSW | Home Alone under quarantine
Iman Saymeh completed her Masters in Social Work degree and her internships in Clinical therapy from Cal State Fullerton, class of 2020.  She is also a graduate of the IOK Seminary holding an Associate’s degree in Islamic Studies and Arabic.  Additionally, she holds a Master’s in Education prior to joining IOK and has served in the education sector for over a decade.Ms. Iman hosts dynamic all-women halaqah across Orange and Los Angeles county communities where she combines her knowledge of mental health with her Islamic studies background to provide women a nurturing environment of learning and support.  She is the loving mother of two boys and a dedicated Community Chaplain serving the IOK Community.As a summary Iman is a Clinical Social Worker (ACSW) providing a range of social work services, including treatment for mental illnesses through individual, couples, and group therapy. As per Iman, The mental health field is a new shift after serving in the education field as a public and private school teacher and a school principal for the past 15 years utilizing my masters’s degree in Instructional Leadership in Education. Iman serves as an executive member to her local interfaith chapter where she often engages in panel discussions with different faith leaders. She is honored to be a community spiritual chaplain as well offering first-respondence mental health support through the Institute of Knowledge (IOK) where she obtained her associate degree in Islamic studies through IOK’s seminary program.
March 19, 2021
EP-020 - Adventures in Mentoring: Successes & Struggles of Being a Mentor, demystifying the LinkedIn Dynamics with Scot Johnston, Health System Director, Indivior treatment services.
Everybody who runs a business through Linkedin knows the posts you are sharing should be filled with content.   People don’t want to see every day the same. People are on Linkedin  because they want to learn something new or they want entertainment, or they want to network with others.   People follow you because they feel inspired by you or because they learn something from you.  If you post the same thing every day they feel bored and they will stop following you.Be a role model for your target audience.  Take them to dream and let them develop visions.    ➡️ Make a plan, execute it daily, and start building the life you really  really want.     Please Join us on the next episode of our DirectShifts stories with our COO Vamshi & Scot Johnston on "Adventures in Mentoring:  Successes and Struggles of Being a Mentor, demystifying the LinkedIn Dynamics "  on 12th March | Friday 11am EST | 10am CST .     Scot Johnston has got more than twenty three years of award-winning bio-pharmaceutical business experience.  Scott is a consistent top performer with an extensive knowledge in Cardiovascular and Respiratory Health System Business Management. 
March 12, 2021
EP-019 - Become the Leader You Need to Be, Lead People and Manage Things. Work is Hell Suffering is Optional with Barbara Goldman CPC, CELC, CAC, RMT, Executive Leadership Advisor
Have you ever noticed that two people with similar backgrounds (education, cultural, economic) will have vastly different careers? Happy accident, or strategic planning?  Yes, you might be at the right place at the right time. More likely a successful career requires strategy and planning.    Please Join us on the next episode of our DirectShifts stories with   Barbara Goldman on 11th March Thu,  3pm EST | 2pm CST    Work can be fulfilling or work can be hell. Often on the same day. Suffering is optional. During her career  as an executive recruiter, Barbara has worked with executives to help them access opportunity and build successful careers.  Her clients learn to maneuver the finer points of office politics. Career moves matter, Barbara's clients plan their careers and make calculated moves using a professional headhunter, industry expert approach. As an RMT graduate coach,  (Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes) Barbara's coaching uses strategic intervention techniques to bring meaning to work, and to life. By focusing on the client's six human needs, and the manner in which the client satisfies those needs, meaningful and lasting change is achieved.  Positive Psychology Coaching techniques help clients understand and appreciate their worth and experience joy.   Executive Leadership and Communication skills that convey strength, trust, and confidence in the workplace can be learned. As a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Barbara conducts group and individual training that increases productivity and overall management effectiveness.   A Certified Professional Coach, (CPC) and Certified Addiction Coach (CAC) she is a member of the International Coach Federation, the globally recognized  coaching standard.
March 12, 2021
EP-018 - The Chronicles of Indigenous healers : Journey of healing & empowerment | Rosaana Conforme LMSW MSEd
"The Chronicles of Indigenous healers:- Journey of healing and empowerment "   Please Join us on the next episode of our DirectShifts stories with  @Rosaana Conforme, on  10th March, Wednesday at 11.30am EST .   Rosaana Conforme is an experienced Indigenous Latinx Psychotherapist, Clinician, Manager, and Social Justice Spiritual Leader with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization management industry. Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Program Management, Emphatic and Reflective Supervision, Trauma Therapy, MSW Student Field Instruction, Student Counseling, Direct Service Practice, Crisis Intervention and Case Management.    Rosaana is Experienced in diverse therapeutic approaches that are culturally tailored and include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Supportive Psychotherapy and Problem Solving Therapy, particularly focused on Complex Trauma, Intergenerational Trauma, Sexual and Family violence and the Intersect of Culture, Poverty and Immigration, PTSD symptomology and inner child work.    Rosaana is a strong research professional with a Master of Social Work - MSW from Fordham University and Master in Education-MSEd focused in Rehabilitation Counseling from Hunter College. Currently a PhD Student at Fordham University.
March 10, 2021
EP-017 - Celebrate the essential role of Empowering more people and be a service to others | Sinika Calloway
Sinika Calloway, a licensed social worker, therapist, author, and career coach, currently serves as Baker Fellowship Program Manager at the University of Pittsburgh.  For over thirteen years, Sinika has been committed to the profession of social work.  She has worked to empower students and professionals to continue their social work education and to obtain licensure.     Sinika is a native of Gadsden, Alabama, who earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from historically Black Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University in Normal, Alabama.  Her social work experience ranges in child welfare, non-profit management, medical social work, workforce development, and clinical counseling.   She earned a masters degree in social work with a concentration in family & child welfare also from Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical University in Normal, Alabama.    She has contributed articles to The New Social Worker Magazine and was a contributing writer, featured in the hospice and palliative care section, of The Changing Faces of Healthcare Social Work: Fourth Edition. She was also a contributing writer, featured in the African Americans and End of Life Issues section of Health and Wellness for People of Color: An Encyclopedia of Issues, Problems, and Solutions.     In January 2017, Sinika published How I Passed the Social Work Licensure Exam And How You Can Too in hopes of inspiring social work graduates and professionals to never give up on their dreams of becoming a licensed social worker.   In December 2019 and in March 2020, she donated money to two social workers to help cover a portion of their social work licensure registration fees.  Through a social work Facebook group, her social work licensure registration giveaway inspired other social workers to donate money to other aspiring social work licensees as well.   In November 2019, she started a business, Grief Tees & Things, to help connect those who are grieving and to help start conversations surrounding grief, loss, and adjustment. Sinika recently completed clinical hours toward the licensed clinical social work exam.   Sinika is an active member of the National Association of Social Workers, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and previously served as the Northern Representative and Board Member of NASW-Alabama Chapter.    She was voted Social Worker of the Year by her employer in 2014.  She has presented at social work conferences and has served as a mentor to social work students and graduates.
March 10, 2021
EP-016 -How to Start Talking about End-of-Life Care? Revitalizing clinical care
From bugs to rocks, it’s not unusual for kids to bring home interesting things they find in nature. Dr. Forrest W. Jones MD was no different. It was that curiosity for what makes a living thing thrive, or decline, that directed his path to medical school.  Today, Dr. Jones is providing compassionate care to a specific group of people he greatly respects and wants to see thrive—seniors.    Mr. Jones has been a Family Physician for over 40 years. He earned his doctorate in medicine at the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine and completed his Family Medicine residency at Cook county Hospital in Chicago.    You as a clinician face barriers to having end-of-life conversations.  You recognize that without an advance care plan, your patients and their loved ones can be overwhelmed with emotion, and can be dissatisfied and confused by poor communication.   The Caring End approach helps clinicians overcome knowledge, time, and lack-of-readiness limitations in themselves and in their patients.     #endoflifecare #compassionatecare #ageingpopulation #longtermcare #healthcare #patientcare #medicine #awareness
March 10, 2021
EP-015 - The Doctor Will See You Now : The ever-expanding role of the Chief Medical Officer with Dr. Brent C Jackson VP/Chief Medical Officer at Dignity Health/Mercy General Hospital
This is an exclusive LIVE podcast with our COO Vamshikrishna gunukula  and Dr. Brent C Jackson, MD, MS, MBA, FACS Dr. Brent C Jackson is the VP/Chief Medical Officer at Dignity Health/Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento, California.  Dr. Jackson is a physician executive experienced with leadership in the areas of pandemic management, organizational change, quality/process improvement, and inpatient/outpatient Utilization Management.  He has Broad clinical background with experience as a full-time General Surgeon spanning 14 years with practice in solo, small, and large medical groups operating out of both medium and large community hospitals. He is Effective at team-building, conflict resolution, and developing institutional influence.   
March 03, 2021
Ep-014 - Transforming Health Care through Nurse Leadership during a crisis | Dr. Alisha Cornell
Nurses can help transform the nation's health care system, create healthier communities, and build a Culture of Health. But what are the keys to nurse leadership? From stepping outside of your comfort zone to finding a mentor, explore the leaders from the Future of Nursing. DirectShifts is working to promote nurse leadership and join us live with our COO as he interviews and find out how you can get involved,   Dr. Alisha Cornell is an experienced nurse leader, nurse educator, clinical consultant, and nurse informaticist, who understands the role of executive nurse leaders as well as the impact of healthcare on the lives of nurses.    Her combination of formal education and lived experiences provides a platform of inspiring others through self-awareness and a purpose driven life. Her commitment to impacting the lives of nurses through servant leadership is driven by her history of managing dynamic nursing teams and conquering life one day at a time.    She is a strong advocate for improving self-care among nurses, equal access to healthcare in underserved populations, and improving community health education concerning mental health and social determinants of health.   Cheers to Nurses! Join us Live.     #nurses # #nurseleaders #nursepractitioners #mentalhealth #nursesonlinkedin #nursesrock #nursing 
February 26, 2021
EP-003- "Smile! It's Saturday with Sai" & Dr. Akankasha Goyal, MD
Smile! "Its Saturday with Sai " & Dr. Akankasha Goyal, MD Inspired by her Grandfather, Dr Goyal became an endocrinologist. Her advice to young clinicians: “Life is short. Do what you love!” Dr Akankasha Goyal, MD is Clinical Assistant Professor, at the Department of Medicine at NYU Grossman School of Medicine . Her Board Certifications include American Board of Internal Medicine (Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism), 2014 American Board of Internal Medicine - Internal Medicine, 2012 She holds a Fellowship of Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, Endocrinology, 2014 and Residency, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, 2012 MD from Maulana Azad Medical College, 2008 . #endocrinologist #healthcare #Clinicians #jobs #DirectShifts #saithumuluru #AkankashaGoyal
February 20, 2021
EP-002- "Smile! It's Saturday with Sai" | & Dr.Nandini Yadav, MD | Happy National Donor and Valentines Day
National Donor Day (Feb 14)  is an observance dedicated to spreading awareness and education about organ, eye, and tissue donation. By educating and sharing the Donate Life message, we can each take small steps every day to help save and heal more lives, and honor the donor’s legacy of generosity and compassion. National Donor Day is a time to focus on all types of donation—organ, eye, tissue, blood, platelets, and marrow. It's also a day to recognize those who have given and received the gift of life through organ, eye, and tissue donation, are currently waiting for a lifesaving transplant, and those who died waiting because an organ was not donated in time.   At DirectShifts we always strive to make the perfect match between medical professionals,providers Clinicians and healthcare organizations, employers across the country - our clients and employees truly are the heart of our business. We love our staff,clinicians,employers and all the healthcare professionals out in the field! Thanks for all you do!!!  ~ Sai Kumar Thumuluru, PhD, MBA #HappyDonorDay​ #DonateOrgans​ #SaveLives​ #DonateLife​     #ShareTheLove​ #healthtech​​ #community​​ #FiresideChats​​ #smileitsSaturday​​ #sai​​ #saithumuluru​​ #SaturdayswithSai​​ #DirectShifts​​ #Clinicians 
February 17, 2021
EP-001- Happy Saturday Clinicians! "Smile! It's Saturday with Sai" | Dr.Shruti Tiwari MD
Happy Saturday Clinicians!.  Here is our "Smile! It's Saturday with Sai"    And today we had Dr.Shruti Tiwari MD as our Surprise guest on the Show. One of our First Physicians who signed-up on the DirectShifts platform.  Dr. Shruti Tiwari, MD is a Psychosomatic Medicine Specialist in Elmhurst, NY. She graduated with honors in 2007.  Having more than 14 years of diverse experiences, especially in PSYCHIATRY, Dr. Shruti A Tiwari affiliates with Elmhurst Hospital Center, cooperates with many other doctors and specialists in medical group New York City Health And Hospitals Corporation.  Dr. Tiwari was board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry.     Psychiatrists diagnose and treat mental illness, such as depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and schizophrenia. Most psychiatrists rely on a mix of medications and psychotherapy.    Specialties : Psychosomatic Medicine Specialist     Hospital affiliations : Elmhurst Hospital Center  Board certifications  American Board of Psychiatry Certification in Psychiatry  American Board of Psychosomatic Medicine Certification in Psychosomatic Medicine
February 06, 2021
Ep-013 - The Pandemic Parenting : How can parents help kids' mental,emotional well-being during the pandemic?
Parenting is a challenge even during the best of times. Get tips on navigating conversations during a pandemic.  Build stronger relationships with your families — and save your sanity — by understanding and harnessing temperament.   From listening to a child’s feelings and providing quality time, to taking care of yourself and staying calm, discover ways to increase your impact, and find calm and positivity in challenging times. Get tips for working through a crisis with children with all ages.   BRYAN is here to provide tips, resources, and insights to support our wellbeing and help us thrive during these challenging times with Emotional Learning and Social Skills for All Children.  Discover ways to teach new things to your kids with games and activities  Tune-in for the next Episode of DirectShifts Stories as our COO Vamshikrishna gunukula interviews Bryan Anderson,MSW,LCSW   #pandemicparenting #angrykids #angermanagement #parenting #children #parentingtip #parenthood #behaviormanagement #anger #parentingadvice #parentingtips #freeresources #parentingteens #parenteducation #parentingonlinecourse #parenting #positiveparents #parentingcoach #positiveparenting #consciousparenting #mindfulparenting #parentingwithpurpose
February 06, 2021
EP-012-How is Healthcare's evolution changing everyone's role? How can you Emerge as Leader in Healthcare? by Dr.Clayton Ramsue
Tune in Live with our Coo Vamshikrishna gunukula as he interviews   Dr.Clayton Ramsue, M.D., CPE, CHCQM, CCHP-P, FAAFP  Physician Executive|Healthcare Leadership/Career Coach Diversity & Inclusion Consultant| Speaker| Author   on Mon 1st February 01:30pm CST  on the topic "How is Healthcare's evolution changing everyone's role? How can you Emerge as Leader in Healthcare?  "    Dr.Ramsue helps organizations and individuals create the best versions of themselves to succeed in the healthcare market. He is a native of Philadelphia, PA.  He is a veteran of both the U. S. Navy and Air force, retiring after 25 years of service as a Lieutenant Colonel. He received his Bachelors’ degree in Biology from South Carolina State University, his medical degree from Morehouse School of Medicine and residency training from Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. He holds a Masters’ in Healthcare management from Troy University and is a Fellow with the American Academy of Family Medicine.     Dr. Ramsue has held progressive leadership positions during his career including Senior Medical Officer, Medical Director, Chief of Staff, Regional Medical Director and Vice President of Medical Affairs.   He has distinguished himself by obtaining additional certifications including Certified Physician Executive (CPE), Certified Healthcare Quality Management ( CHCQM), Certified Correctional Healthcare Professional – Physician ( CCHP-P), Master Project Manager ( MPM), Certified International Project Manager ( CIPM), Six Sigma Black belts – Professional and Lean Healthcare,  Certified Executive Coach  ( CEC), Board Certified Coach ( BCC) and specialty niche Coach in Healthcare Leadership Development.
February 01, 2021
EP-011-The Future of Family Medicine & What doctors wish patients knew about? with Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke
US health system continues to evolve, advocate for the specialty that has a proven track record of improving our health outcomes here and around the world.   Choose prevention, choose community, choose FAMILY MEDICINE!  Tune in Live with our COO Vamshikrishna gunukula as he interviews  Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke on The Future of Family Medicine & What doctors wish patients knew about? at 12:30 pm Central Time (CST) on 30th Jan Saturday  Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke is Certified Physician Executive with nearly 20 years of leadership experience and and is an Assistant Professor in Family Medicine at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He is also the co-founder and Chair of WONCA Polaris, an international group of new and future family physicians that promotes Family Medicine across the Americas.  Speaking 4 languages, Kyle has mentored professionals in over 120 different countries. He has worked with organizations of all sizes – from startups to multi-billion dollar companies.   He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and has over 80 peer-reviewed publications across 5 continents in 8 languages. His expertise includes technology, leadership, and improved systemic efficiencies as applied to all aspects of an organization.  Beyond being board certified in Family Medicine, his additional studies include four master degrees in business, public administration, leadership, and telemedicine.
February 01, 2021
EP-010- Dealing With Depression & Ending Mental Health Stigma in the Communities, How Should it Be Addressed? by Joel Kouame
Stress, grief, anxiety and fear associated with the pandemic are immense and have affected people of all ages. One in five U.S. adults were living with a mental illness and one in ten youth suffered major bouts of depression. So why aren’t people seeking care and treatment? In one word: cost. Mental-health care and treatment are expensive. America’s unfortunate reality is that citizens most in need of mental-health care are often unable to pay for it, and this burden is disproportionately high among ethnic and racial minorities Dealing With Depression &  Ending Mental Health Stigma in the American Communities , How Should it Be Addressed? In this episode we speak to @Joel Kouame on 27 Jan,Wednesday,09:30am (CST). Joel Kouame's counseling style is based on a culmination of different interventions (cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic, motivational interviewing, etc.), that have clinical evidence of their effectiveness. He will increase your mindfulness, and develop the tools you need to reduce the stressors that are interfering with your goals. We must recognize that mental and physical health are interconnected.  If not Yes! : Stress literally can kill you.
January 27, 2021
EP-009- Why is the system deeply flawed & understaffed? The Hidden crisis : Health care workers' mental health?
Why is the system deeply flawed & understaffed? The Hidden crisis:Health care workers' mental health   This is our next Episode of DirectShifts Stories as our COO Vamshi Gunukula interviews  Dr Karen Bullock PhD, LCSW  who is an Author/ Professor and  Head of the School of Social Work at  North Carolina State University. Dr Karen Bullock is an Experienced Professor with a demonstrated history of effective higher education administration, mental health research and motivational speaking. Experience in Nonprofit Boards and Organizations Management, Oncology, Diversity Training, Grant Writing and Fundraising. Strong education professional with an undergraduate degree in social work, from NC State University, and a Master of Science (MSW) degree from Columbia University in NYC with a Clinical Social Work concentration, and PhD in Sociology and Social Work from Boston University. #socialwork #mentalhealth #happiness #dreams  #life #linkedin #philantropy #share  #DrKarenBullock #KarenBullock  #NorthCarolinastateUniversity #ncsu
January 27, 2021
EP-008- Why is Social work is so much more than paperwork? by Sarah Joyner, LMSW, The Social Social Worker!
Hey, Y'all!  People often try to fit into certain "boxes," but the beauty and real fun in life happens when we embrace all parts of ourselves and live authentically! as mentioned by Sarah. Tune into our next episode as our COO Vamshikrishna gunukula interviews  Sarah Joyner, LMSW, The Social Social Worker! on  21 Jan Thursday,  10:30 am (CST) The goal of a social worker is to be an empathetic listener and educate people on resources that are available to them.  Social work is so much more than paperwork, working with clients, and CEUs! Every day is an opportunity to learn something new! We have to adjust our mindset to see the positives that come from a not so great situation and take those positives to add to our growth and ”toolbox” to help us successfully overcome obstacles when other  problematic situations arise.  Celebrate those small wins, and before you know it you'll be celebrating BIG victories.  #thesocialsocialworker #socialwork  #therapy #mentalhealth #stories  #Directshifts  #VamshiG  Disclaimer : This content is not a replacement for mental health services or therapy.
January 25, 2021
EP-007- The Life, Work, new Perspectives on Legacy from the Dr.Chris Stout ,Best Selling Author | Clinical Psychologist & Adventurer | Angel Advisor | International psychology's rock star
Our Coo Vamshikrishna gunukula Interviews Linkedin Influencer Dr. Chris Stout, who is a licensed clinical psychologist and has a diverse background in various domains. He is the Founding Director of the Center for Global Initiatives (  Dr. Stout is a Fellow in three Divisions of the American Psychological Association, past-President of the Illinois Psychological Association, and is a Distinguished Practitioner in the National Academies of Practice. He has published or presented over 300 papers and 30 books/manuals on various topics in psychology . . He’s traveled the world, published 38 books, won a wide range of accolades, including four additional doctorates (honoris causa), and invitations to TEDs, Davos, Renaissance Weekends… He's been faculty in the University of Illinois' College of Medicine and Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine.  He served at the UN and was appointed to the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders of Tomorrow and an Invited Faculty at Davos. He is the founder of GordianKnot, LLC, and is Emeritus VP of Clinical Research and Data Analytics at ATI. Dr. Stout is a Fellow in the APA, past-President of the IPA, and is member in the National Academies of Practice.  He is a best selling nonfiction author whose works have been translated into 8 languages. He has been awarded with 4 Humanitarian Awards and is in 3 Halls of Fame. He has served as C/E/O/I/Officer. He has traveled to over 100 countries and founded a kindergarten in Tanzania. He is listed in TED-Founder Richard Saul Wurman’s “Who’s Really Who 1000: The Most Creative Individuals in America.” Purdue has named a scholarship in his honor. He was noted as being "one of the most frequently cited psychologists in the scientific literature" in a study by Hartwick College. He is the 2004 winner of the American Psychological Association's International Humanitarian Award, the 2006 recipient of the Illinois Psychological Association's Humanitarian Award, the 2008 recipient of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility's Humanitarian Award, and the 2009 winner of APA's Division on International Psychology's Outstanding Psychologist Award. He has served as Chief of Psychology, Director of Research, and Senior VP of an integrated behavioral healthcare system during a 15 year tenure.  He served as Illinois' first Chief of Psychological Services for the Department of Human Services/Division of Mental Health-having made him the highest ranking psychologist in the State of Illinois and a committed reformer of psychology within the governmental setting. He also served as Chief Clinical Information Officer for the State's Division of Mental Health in 2004-a Cabinet-level position. He is the first psychologist to have an invited appointment to the Lake County Board of Health  He has been interviewed on many radio, cable, local, and national television programs (e.g., CNBC, CNN, WGN, NBC, PBS, NPR, Medical Rounds, Chicago Tonight, CL-TV, Oprah, Eye On Harvard, Christina, Bertise Berry, et al), and by numerous publications (Time, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Women's Day, Modern Healthcare, Associated Press, Child Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, Windy City Sports, NorthShore Magazine, Monitor on Psychology,  Full bio:  & and  Wikipedia:
January 19, 2021
EP - 006 - How to overcome Post-Pandemic Anger & Fatigue? and Why is COVID-19 making me so angry? by George Anderson
Everywhere you look, you're probably seeing messages to "Be Positive" and to let go of your anger and basically to teach yourself to never feel angry.  But, the truth is that you will feel angry sometimes. You don't need to feel guilty about it either. It's okay to feel angry and being able to feel this particular emotion is a healthy thing for you to do.  Emotions like sadness, guilt, fear, envy, and anger are an important part of your "emotional intelligence". They are just as important as feeling joy, happiness, and contentment. It's important that you don't deny your feelings or stuff them down because you consider them "negative" or feel like you "shouldn't" express those type of emotions.  Just as you want to feel happy sometimes, it's important to allow yourself to feel sad sometimes and yes, even angry sometimes. It's part of the natural flow of human emotions.  "Anger is your worst enemy” When you are in a fit of anger, you loose your capacity to think. Your mind refuses to act. You loose your mental balance and say such things that can never be taken back. How to prevent yourself from "blowing up" on others? (especially when you have a "short fuse") When you get angry or jealous, are you in control of your feelings and thoughts? Or do these feelings control you? Find the process of awareness, not only will you meet your own standards, but you will also raise it with every new revelation.  The goal isn't to never feel Angry the goal is to understand your Anger and to choose healthy ways to respond to it Tune in to our next episode of DirectShifts Stories as our COO @Vamshi interviews @ George Anderson.  George Anderson is a Board Certified Diplomate in Psychotherapy, A Fellow in the American Orthopsychiatric Association and, the first global provider of Anger Management training, workbooks, videos, DVDs and interactive CDs. He is the author of “Gaining Control of Ourselves”, “Controlling Ourselves”, “Parenting in A Troubled World”, “The California Domestic Violence Intervention Curriculum, and “Depression, Awareness, Recognition and Intervention”.Mr. Anderson received Post Graduate training in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from the Harvard University School of Medicine (1971) and previously taught in the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Pepperdine University, and Simmons College School of Social Work. Currently, he is the major provider of language and culture specific curricula in Anger Management and Domestic Violence Intervention. His workbooks are published in English, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish and Russian.George Anderson was the technical consultant on the popular Jack Nicholson/Adam Sandler Movie “Anger Management”. He also appeared on the Cover of the Los Angeles Times Magazine in its August 28, 2005 edition titled “The Least Angry Man”. This article is listed on their website as “The Storm’s Quiet Eye” at Anderson & Anderson Online Resources. A sitcom on his anger management practice is currently in the works Anderson & Anderson is a global provider of virtural Anger Management Facilitator Certification as well as EI coaching for "disruptive behavior" 360 Leadership Assessments and leadership as well as physician burnout. All services are available virtually worldwide. The Emotional Intelligence curriculum used is evidence based with Pre and Post EQ-i-2.0 assessments. The Anderson Executive Coaching Program is used as a resource for "disruptive physicians" by Credential Committees, Medical Quality Assurance and Hospitals worldwide. It is his specialized expertise and commitment that led George Anderson to be the technical consultant on the movie, Anger Management. Licensed #socialwork Clinicians with Certifications in Anger Management, Parenting, Substance Abuse or Batterer's Intervention can offer virtual courses nationwide. For more information Please visit
December 30, 2020
EP - 005 - Final Episode of "Teach Your Children They Are Enough" 3 Proven Steps To Help Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem by Veenu Keller as DirectShifts COO @Vamshi gunukula interviews her.
Veenu Keller has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their personal goals. This life-long desire became a reality after years of extensive studies, specialized training, and her own journey of personal growth and self-development. While the road to success was not always easy, her journey has made her who she is today-- a charismatic Motivational Speaker, an inspirational Life Coaching Strategist, successful Behavioral Specialist/Educator, and Founder of the In Home TurnAround. Veenu currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, Brian Keller, and their 6 children. Growing up in California, Veenu was the first generation of her family to be born in the United States. Her parents, originally from India, divorced when she was just a toddler. She decided to marry at age 18 and moved to North Carolina, had 2 children and began pursuing her degree. In 1999, Veenu received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Honors, from Campbell University. She began working with children ages birth to three years old and became certified by the state of North Carolina as an Infant-Toddler Family Specialist. Veenu continued her education and to hone her skills by becoming a Behavioral Educator who specialized in working with children on the Autism Spectrum and extensively trained in ABA therapy. 
December 29, 2020
EP - 004 - As our COO Vamshi Interviews , Veenu Shares " Teach Your Children They Are Enough: 3 Proven Steps to Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem "
Self Esteem is how we see ourselves, and Self Worth is how we feel about ourselves.  When we ourselves as parents don't know our own worth or see our own greatness, how are we going to raise our children to know their worth and see their greatness.  Working with families for over 22 + years and having 6 of my own kids, Veenu shares with you in this book the 3 proven steps that others have used to raise their child's self esteem.  When using these steps, you will discover that teaching your kids that they are enough is not as though as one might think. Its about being present with them, celebrating with them, and not blaming or shaming...
December 25, 2020
EP - 003 - Coaching Vs Therapy :- Which help do you seek first ? & Dr. Internet may be completely wrong in the actual diagnosis So Don't Even Try to Self-Diagnose
These are extraordinary times. The pandemic has suddenly and significantly changed the way we live, work and study. Corporate offices, classrooms and even our homes are not the same anymore. The challenge is to adapt to this altered environment. We have to learn new ways to cope and achieve work-life balance. The best thing to do for yourself is to do the thing that will make you feel happy, Seek medical help first rather than Coaching.  Many of us are feeling the emotional weight of the world right now, which means it’s just as important to look out for symptoms of seasonal affective disorder  #therapy #mentalhealth #stories #veenuinspires #veenuKeller #Directshift #VamshiG In everyday life we usually find many symptoms, signs or information to us as if we are experiencing depression, which we have indirectly done SELF DIAGNOSE.  So this is a  reminder to not self-diagnose, as it may lead to harm, instead of helping yourself.  In this digital age, anyone can research on anything, particularly on the status of their mental health. People may act, depending on what results the search engine will provide, without consulting any professionals on the matter.  Many people still find peace of mind in Googling health symptoms. Being able to check your symptoms online can equip you with much-needed knowledge and empower you to make better health choices, but if you try to diagnose yourself based on what you read, think again. What is the danger of self diagnose? Self-diagnosis can also affect mental health by causing you to experience real unnecessary worries. For example, you often feel dizzy lately. Then, you find out for yourself approximately what is the cause of symptoms of dizziness that you often experience through the internet. From search results, you apparently find that frequent headaches can indicate serious brain disease, such as brain tumors. Then, you feel worried and stressed about thinking you have a brain tumor. Whereas, not necessarily you have the serious illness, but you already feel very worried.
December 25, 2020
EP - 002 - Where Should One Start for Seeking the help ?
It’s not easy, but it’s worth it... - The clarity of what you want, and believing you can actually attain it...  - The endless nights of wondering how you are going to pay this months bills - The wondering if I’m screwing up my kids - All the “no’s” yet you have to continue believing..  - And then.... - Life turns, you take baby steps along the journey... - You start to create, receive & celebrate... - It didn’t happen over night - I’m still not where I’d like to be... - I’m proud of who I’ve become & yet to become... - Life is a journey, full of struggles...  - See them as problems, or opportunities...  - That will change the outlook in this journey. Follow for more Insights as shares more with our COO Vamshikrishna gunukula . We all need help at work from time to time, but it's not always easy to say so. No matter how far you've come in your career, you may worry about seeming incompetent, weak, or simply annoying if you ask for assistance. But seeking support isn't a weakness. In fact, it's often the difference between failure and success. It can prevent costly or embarrassing mistakes, and mark you out as someone with self-awareness, confidence, and an understanding of shared goals.  #parenting  #helpneeded #Networking  #DirectShiftStories   #veenuinspires
December 25, 2020
EP - 001 - DirectShifts Coo Vamshikrishna Gunukula interviewing Veenu Keller a Behavior-Coach,Family-Consultant
DirectShifts COO Vamshikrishna gunukula interviews Veenu Keller. Veenu Keller has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their personal goals. This life-long desire became a reality after years of extensive studies, specialized training, and her own journey of personal growth and self-development. While the road to success was not always easy, her journey has made her who she is today-- a charismatic Motivational Speaker, an inspirational Life Coaching Strategist, successful Behavioral Specialist/Educator, and Founder of the In Home TurnAround. Veenu currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, Brian Keller, and their 6 children. Growing up in California, Veenu was the first generation of her family to be born in the United States. Her parents, originally from India, divorced when she was just a toddler. She decided to marry at age 18 and moved to North Carolina, had 2 children and began pursuing her degree. In 1999, Veenu received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, Honors, from Campbell University. She began working with children ages birth to three years old and became certified by the state of North Carolina as an Infant-Toddler Family Specialist. Veenu continued her education and to hone her skills by becoming a Behavioral Educator who specialized in working with children on the Autism Spectrum and extensively trained in ABA therapy. VEENU INSPIRES: Have you ever felt guilty after yelling at your children, despair for not being able to get through to your defiant teenager, or a divide so great that it felt like your spouse was on the other side of the Grand Canyon yet, in reality, they are right next to you in your house? Do you need to regain order in your home? Do you feel as successful at home as you do at work? This doesn’t have to be your reality any longer. Veenu Keller is known as The Family TurnAround Expert, Certified Life Coach, & Behavioral Consultant and a bestselling author featured on ABC, NBC, CBS FOX & CW. But more than that, she is a heart-centered family interventionist who possesses deep and abiding wisdom that allows her to come into any family experiencing dissonance and crack the code needed to bring them peace and harmony. An expert in her field, Veenu has the unique ability to get to the root of any issue and bring lasting change into the lives of families once riddled with turmoil and despair. Through repairing relationships, guided self-discovery, and understanding the needs of all, she helps each member unlock their purpose, creating a path for individual success as well as growth for the family unit. She is known in her circle as the Family/Kid whisperer, the Super Nanny of all thing’s children, the founder of the In-Home TurnAround, where Veenu creates an individualized road map for success for all the members involved. Creating lasting changes for the best possible future, Veenu is the answer. Veenu Graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology with Honors, from Campbell University. She began working with children ages birth to three years old and became certified by the state of North Carolina as an Infant-Toddler Family Specialist. Veenu continued her education and to hone her skills by becoming a Behavioral Educator who specialized in working with children on the Autism Spectrum and extensively trained in ABA therapy.
December 24, 2020