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Come under Tom's wing and discover Holochain and this emerging peer to peer ecosystem.
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HolochainPodcast #5 - Siddharth Sthelekar (Sid) - Sacred Capital

Holochain Podcast

HolochainPodcast #5 - Siddharth Sthelekar (Sid) - Sacred Capital
Sid is the founder of and they are building out A Formal Economic Language for Reputation. The interview was conducted back in April 2019 and Sacred Capital are evolving fast so for the latest definition of portable reputation visit the sacred Capital GitBook:
November 26, 2019
HolochainPodcast #4 Lisa Jetton - HoloHost UI Lisa Jetton - HoloHost Front End developer Talks us through the main components of HoloHost, the hosting company built on holochain. The components she is working on are: HoloFuel - A dashboard that shows you how much holo credits you have available. Holo Hosting & HT Admin - A way to pay for hosting of your apps and a Service Log Application View - which allows you to see your service logs to be redeemed for holo fuel credits.
May 1, 2019
HolochainPodcast #3 - Emaline Friedman - Commons Engine
In this episode we had the pleasure of talking Emaline Friedman from the Commons Engine. Emaline is a network activist, cultural critic and teacher, and is currently a PhD candidate in Consciousness and Society in the Psychology department at the university of West Georgia. You can contact Emaline at:
March 30, 2019
HolochainPodcast #2 - Pospi (Sam) - Holo REA (Resource Event Agent)
Holo-REA Demo: In this episode we interviewed Sam, known online as Pospi. He is one of the lead developers from the infamous Holo REA project. Pospi (or Sam) is a career web and games developer who has built everything from safety training simulations to national news websites and weather data systems. Since 2016 he has worked in the blockchain industry, and created many of the supply chain tracking systems at Everledger which is supply chains for diamonds before moving on to ConsenSys, where he contributed to a range of Ethereum-based enterprise applications and pitched a venture aiming to make conscious consumerism more conscious. His interest in blockchain stems from a deep desire to create a more ethical planet, and this same desire drew him towards the world of "resource accounting" and attempts to create economic models which focus on what's real, rather than operating through the lens of money. His current work in the Holochain ecosystem is another step on this journey.
March 26, 2019
HolochainPodcast #1 - Jean Russell - ICO Project Lead
Jean Russell was the project lead for the first holochain Initial Community Offering to build She is also a co-founder at In this podcast we dip our feet into the holochain world and learn from horses mouth the current state of the tech and predictions on where this technology stack will take us. You can get in contact with Jean at:
March 13, 2019