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Diverse talk

Diverse talk

By Angie
This is a space where we unpack topics and discussion that create divides in the Neurodiverse community. There's work that is being done by people who are bringing it all full force on the injustices put on their identity, human rights and overall health.
We are here to dismantle ism's, create support for disabled Bbimp and preserve and balance ourselves as listeners and learners of this community and its diverse people.

Bbimp is term meaning Black, Brown, Indigenious, Melinated, People coined by Louiza "Weeze" Doran.
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Embracing the stims & validity in self-diagnosis
Support this podcast: Wanting to be accepted or heard is a universal experience and desire.  Understanding ourselves can be one of the ways we start the process of embracing ourselves. My next guest Justin, that is exactly what he is doing. He created his own space in the Autistic community and creates and shares how stimming is completely natural along with words that are felt and create awareness of the neurodivergent experience. We talk about being parents, social challenges and relationships. This was a really flowy talk! Justin (@intoautistic) • Instagram photos and videos Blog piece for parents: Starting assessments in Canada: Starting assessments in the United States: Leave me a message commenting on this episode and what diverse talk you'd like to hear on Diverse Talk! If you would prefer to write or use an AAC device or sign the message, leave me a dm here: Angie Elena (@discoverspectrum) • Instagram photos and videos Disclaimer: Please note that from these sites there maybe a general directory of centers and places that are recommended. Please do your own research to ensure the safety of yourself or a loved one seeking services, as a lot of these orgs only want to exploit you and your family and may cause long term damage to your mental health by working with centers and places who try to surpress behaviors, and recommend harmful methods based off the belief that diagnoses like Autism needs a cure and believes a different neuro type is something you can change.
June 4, 2021
The Neurodiverse Perception of Creating: Inspiring your own thoughts
Support this podcast: Being the first episode of Diverse Talk, I wanted to have Owen Nichols(my fiance) with me, to have one of our many talks about some of our beliefs, and stands as neurodiverse individuals who like to spark up conversations about unpopular topics such as, capitalism. We dive more into capitalism, the uprising of "Thee Influencer" and how it can eventually muddle the value of the content being produced(hear this out), the seemingly odd belief of civil rights for all humans in minority groups and one of my favourite parts explained in this episode by Owen, being that "art is not art yet, unless it's been viewed."  Social links:  Also this is where you can check out the post for supporting our fundraiser for ASAN(Autistic Self Advocacy Network) to raise $100.00 for the next 30 days. $1.00 from each listener can really help the ongoing funding this organization has created to provide thing's like employment, Autistic identity, college, supports and services.   If you'd like to inquire about being on Diverse Talk, email me at:
April 27, 2021
Facing cultural stigma being Neurodiverse
Support this podcast: The functioning labels of low and high are rattling in conversation throughout the disabled community. If there are any doubts that these labels are harmful, listen to our guest who wishes to be anonymous. Our guest is a South Asian American women who was overlooked for the diagnosis of Autism & Adhd due to her parents having one view point of what Autism is since there son, who our guest describes as an Autistic individual who speech isn't verbal. Later in life, our guest would come to use  medicine but was told that she doesn't display certain behaviors like her brother therefore, she would become dependent on them. This was invalidating her need for them for ADHD. We talk more about how she came to a diagnosis and her journey of understanding, accepting her needs and how important it was to make the connection with the stigma within the South Asian community surrounding mental health and where it stunts a lot of individuals to address their true identity.  Being the second episode of Diverse Talk, it was truly an honor to have our guest on and can't wait to hear from you listener about what you felt with this episode!! Our guests. Blog: ADDitude magazine article: Binuaral Beats Playlist: To be interviewed as a South Asian/South Asian American: To further support this podcast: Send in a voice message:
April 25, 2021
Learning from different perspectives
Support this podcast: There's many non-Autistic parents who find their kid's diagnosis separate from who they are and it's said that there must be a way to cure Autism thus labeling Autism to be something of a disease. There's plenty of stigma but through getting diagnoses for her toddler and baby in 2020, Tabitha Cabrera (Women, Mother, Wife, Lawyer, Author, and Advocate) decided to learn past the stigma.  We talk about her starting a talk show that rooted from her expressing herself when it was discovered her son is Autistic, the journey that her and her brother (Animator) had creating an amazing children's book together, and some of the future projects that have rooted from her opening up to listening to Autistic adults and the families who are raising Neurodiverse individuals. Her show has given me insight and I am honored to show case a parent who is an ally to the Autistic community and desires to learn about thing's and mainly love and embrace her children and family with all that she has. To purchase "Do you talk the way i talk?":  Table for five no reservation Podcast: Tabitha's published article:  Tabitha's Blog: Tabitha's social media pages:    We are giving away one copy, signed to one person!   How to enter: Leave me a message commenting on this episode and what diverse talk you'd like to hear on Diverse Talk!  (If you would prefer to write or use an AAC device or sign the message, leave me a dm
April 2, 2021