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Steady Monday: Stop Start

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By Disree Shaw
This is an introduction to Disree Shaw and the therapy based tools used to promote positive healthy lifestyle changes. www.disreeshaw.com I podcast on mental health and wellbeing. Providing tips and advice to manage conflict stress anger and many more human emotional turbulent experiences. Visit my website to uncover your own personal scores in your own mental health health disreeshaw.com/
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This is an introduction to Disree Shaw and the therapy based tools used to promote positive healthy lifestyle changes. www.disreeshaw.com I podcast on mental health and wellbeing. Providing tips and advice to manage conflict stress anger and many more human emotional turbulent experiences. Visit my website to uncover your own personal scores in your own mental health health disreeshaw.com/

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Why MUST You Win?
Winning. We live in a fast paced life trying to get ahead trying to prove trying to beat something someone somewhere. We bustle about forcing the next step why. Are you so stressed that you must win and you don’t know what you have to to win https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/
December 6, 2019
What’s Your Motivational
This segment is on the motivational system what drives you to do what you do. To feel and think as you do. If has a focus on mindset with an added extra of a simple motivational mindset mindfulness at the end. Learn more about your emotions visit https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/
December 4, 2019
Mindful Monday
How do you wake up? Waking up the most important part of your day. How do you do your waking up. Is it anxiety fuelled or self care orientated. This proceeds a set of guides soon to come on my website www.disreeshaw.com
December 2, 2019
The Morning Dread
Mornings can be the worse time for anxiety and depression to flourish the worry about the fleas possibilities of mayhem and Disaster. How do you feel in the mornings find out here https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/
November 29, 2019
Shame, The Humiliating Truth
Shame so harsh and unforgiving yet we all hold our own versions of it. What is your shame what are you hiding from yourselves. Find out if shame is causing you to feel uncomfortable visit this link and place your self in the position of control https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/
November 27, 2019
Anger How Do You Store Yours
Anger a natural human emotion which we try so hard to not show or do we. We push it down seeking to avoid or we explode on every and anyone https://youtu.be/O8YMCxFfV4c. Or maybe you push your feelings down https://youtu.be/Yg0mXkMTRTc
November 25, 2019
Conflict Bias
How biased are you? Cognitive bias the process of our unconscious bias the discrimination the gender bias. Are you affected by bias what do you do? Find out if you are affected by bias https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/.
November 22, 2019
Are You Right or Wrong
What is right and wrong? How do we quantify between the two. We get stuck in our feelings if we think that we have been wronged. Can you handle being wrong must you always be right l. How do you respond at with one. Are you emotionally uneasy at being wrong. Use the questionnaires to find out how you react https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/. Men And Mental-health Awareness a movement to understand the emotional conflict of men. Are meant prone to having to be right. Today I will be on COLOURFULRADIO https://www.colourfulradio.com/ to discuss mental health and how we are affected
November 20, 2019
Hide and It Won’t Happen
We do like to run from the obvious discomfort even though we know we will pay for it one way or another. What are you hiding from what is secretly underlying your reasons for procrastination. Find out how you are set with your feelings by visiting this link https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/ and What is happening for you? So you push down your feelings https://youtu.be/Yg0mXkMTRTc
November 18, 2019
Get out of Your Way
Get out of your way. The resistance we bring to stopping our own change. Refusing to look or experience the uncomfortable.. it’s common to refuse help even when we need it most find out if you are pushing your feelings down. Check out my website https://youtu.be/Yg0mXkMTRTc www.disreeshaw.com and become a part of the change you want to be https://disreeshaw.com/. Visit my YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvdGBRUORLyc9SCNbMKwaNw
November 15, 2019
Men and relationships
The other side of relationships what men go through and how it triggers their emotional mental wellbeing. In this podcast we hear from a man the impact of relationships. I explore the concept of. M.A.M.A and how this platform could aid men to begin the concert and open up more. Follow this link to check your jealousy and If it’s causing you problems in your https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/jealousy/ look out for my M.A.M.A segments on YouTube https://youtu.be/jJW-Ib9eCOo and the tortured superhero interviews with men
November 13, 2019
Birthing M.A.M.A
Men And Mental-health Awareness M.A.M.A. The platform and direction of generating a nurturing caring and understanding concept towards men and their emotional needs. Recognising that men do have feelings and those feelings seek to be understood. To measure the extent of stress in your life please visit this link https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/ check out the Tortured Superhero the segment linking the emotional vulnerability of superhero Spider-Man and men’s mental health https://youtu.be/Pt7L6n4pJNY
November 11, 2019
The Right Relationship
How do you know if your relationship is right? What is a right relationship. All these rules and regulations of a relationship create so much stress when in one. How do you get it right? Is your relationship stressing you out or the lack of being in one. Do you find your partner jealous or are you. Relationship season of my podcast is here. https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/ take the questionnaires and find out how your relationship is.
November 8, 2019
Breaking up Or Breaking Down
Relationships and the pitfalls. Life can be complicated but only if we make it so. Relationships how is yours? Are you going through a break up or are you broken down by one. Follow my YouTube vlogs for the break up diaries. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvdGBRUORLyc9SCNbMKwaNw. If you want to know how you are coping use my questionnaires on this link and find out with clear psychological questioning about your emotional wellbeing https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/
November 6, 2019
Don’t Live in Regret
Regret really hidden shame and guilt about something that you can not change because it is in the past. Is shame regret guilt triggering you to feel anxious, depressed, anger and stressed. Check here https://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/ use the questionnaires to understand you levels. Check out my recent vlogs https://youtu.be/NFYgDWNsTPc. Follow the Tortured Superhero segment https://youtu.be/nKZfNzb_clE the intro https://youtu.be/hH1e8LyMjV4. Stayed tuned for more podcast Monday Wednesday and Friday
November 4, 2019
You can’t Stand it? Really?
When we tell ourselves that we can not stand it. We limit our true potential and loving experience. You could feel stressed anxious or angry but standing it is a possibility. Find out if you can stand it http://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/
November 1, 2019
Are You An Imposter
Imposter Syndrome the inability to see your achievements. The fear of being exposed as a fraud. To find out if you are suffering with address anxiety relating to how you feel visit http://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/ and check on your mental health and wellbeing m.
October 30, 2019
You Think as You Feel
You can not think greater than how you feel. It’s important to notice if your feelings are leading you towards where you want to go. Check your behaviours how are you feeling http://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/
October 28, 2019
Unplug Reload & Focus Inward
How do you unplug what do you do to improve your mental wealth? http://disreeshaw.com/ visit my website and check your stress levels here http://disreeshaw.com/questionnaire/ maybe you want to see where you are at. Choose a questionnaire and take control
October 25, 2019
Embrace the Unexpected
It’s Wednesday again and life continues to flow. Are you flowing today or are you stuck in how things should be? Are you missing out on some experiences? Do you stress about what you can’t change. Visit www.disreeshaw.com go to questionnaires and check your stress level
October 23, 2019
Face it: Cos You Can
Tricky times in our lives often leave us wondering and stressing about ow we will cope in the situation. Truth is we can face it it’s just that we often don’t know how. www.disreeshaw.com
October 21, 2019
Set Your Mind
Be the growth you want to see. Create your own mindset. Plant fruitful thought and generate the happiness that you desire www.disreeshaw.com
October 18, 2019
Are You The Joker?
Are you a product of what has happened to you. Does trauma define you? Arthur Fleck defines by his trauma are you for more information visit www.disreeshaw.com
October 16, 2019
Pay Attention
Your attention is a currency how do you spend it? Weekly podcasts Monday Wednesday and Friday tune in on Spotify Ser your alerts www.disreeshaw.con
October 14, 2019
WeekEnd Intention
The importance of down time. Recouping relaxing letting go of the week and replenishing. www.disreeshaw.com
October 11, 2019
Recognise your Worth
Happy day to you. Not recognising our work takes up two thoughts and actions that do not support our growth. www.disreeshaw.com
October 9, 2019
Assert The Day
Taking control of the day at the start the very beginning of the day. Deciding and planning. Taking the awareness and focus on to your needs. For more information about what I’d do please visit www.disreeshaw.com
October 7, 2019
The end of the week. The prize for having got through the week. The comfort that it is Friday and the weekend is here. How many times do we rush through the week just for Friday. Check me on www.disreeshaw.com
October 4, 2019
Hump Wednesday: Stop Wasting Time
Wednesday hump day, the mid week blues. Two more dreaded days till glorious Friday. Or is it. We do waste a lot of time wishing time away. www.disreeshaw.com
October 2, 2019
Steady Monday: Stop Start
Monday the most hated day besides Wednesday. How to steady your Monday take control and manage the pain that Monday’s can come with. How to over come the pain and deal with the now. For more info on your thoughts emotions motivation and life visit www.disreeshaw.com
September 30, 2019
Emotions The Body In Motion
Emotions are the language of the body. Releasing negative is good for your mind body and whole being. For more helpful tips of emotional wellness visit www.disreeshaw.com
September 27, 2019
Jealousy and Envy
The root meaning of what causes jealousy and envy. To find out more visit my website www.disreeshaw.com
September 25, 2019
Shame and guilt
The most debilitating unhealthy negative emotions. Explained and examined
September 5, 2019
Why Anger, Hurt & Anxiety
Explanation of what anger hurt and anxiety look like the traits the reasoning and the understanding within them.
August 22, 2019
All About You: Emotional Responsibility
All about you identifying how emotional disturber has a self centred focus and can create distance and emotional discord due to the nature of the emotional disturbance
August 21, 2019
Taking Control of You: Changing the thought
Explores how to modify the belief. Transitioning from a negative belief to a flexible more humanly self loving belief
August 19, 2019
Why You do What You Do: Beliefs
This episode explains why we experience the thoughts emotions and behaviours that we deem uncomfortable or upsetting. Explaining how the core belief system is created
August 15, 2019
Cognitive Dissonance Ep 2
The explanation of cognitive Dissonance and how it affects us. The symptoms and why we experience it
August 14, 2019
Episode 1 Who is Disree Shaw? What is REBT
Introducing Disree Shaw and what the point is of the podcast and further podcast to come. What is REBT it’s CBT and it’s solution focused therapy that is scientifically proven to work effectively for emotional and behavioural change
August 13, 2019
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