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Danish Gamechanger

Danish Gamechanger

By Startup42 Media
The Danish Gamechanger podcast is a weekly show that follows the journeys from all of the stakeholders and actors that make up the Danish startup universe.

We’ll share insights and learnings from founders, community leaders, VCs, leading figures from corporate tech giants and the governmental sector to hear about the driving forces that will change the game for this evolving ecosystem.
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#3 - Attila Sukosd and streaming the dream

Danish Gamechanger

#7 - Michael Bak and the journey through tech entrepreneurship 1.0
In this episode we sit down with Michael Bak, the former CEO of Venture Cup, #CPHFTW and now Head of Innovation at telco We get to hear his journey into the startup universe from university and his view on the evolving ecosystem and what lies ahead for the Danish startup scene. From the launch of the iPhone to where we are today, it’s all covered in this one interview. Enjoy the conversation!
November 13, 2019
#6 - Anders Hoffman Larsen and running (+swimming and biking) into the unknown
In this episode, we’re joined by Anders Hoffman Larsen, who has set a goal to complete the first-ever ironman triathlon on the last remaining continent remaining - Antarctica. We get to hear why Anders got the idea in the first place, and what he’s doing in preparation for his record-breaking feat next year, and how he’s changing the game to do something never achieved before. Find out more about the mission at 
November 06, 2019
# 5 - Bjørn Glavind and taking life’s chances to saving lives
In this weeks episode, recorded live in association with TechBBQ 2019, we are joined by Bjørn Glavind, head of business development at Neurescue - where he shares his journeyman story of doing projects in Malaysia, and New York, through to coming home and working with one of the leading medical minds in Denmark. It was a fascinating session that shows the true highs and lows of entrepreneurship and what can come from perseverance. Bjørn's bio: Bjørn Glavind is the Director of Business Development in Neurescue, a leading European medical device and technology startup. Since graduating with a degree from Copenhagen Business School’s renowned IB bachelor program, Bjorn has since built an impressive track-record by building ventures in the US, Europe and Asia. This journey has given him findings on what he believes make startups successful, but what actions are needed to make our planet successful on the long-term.  On the side of building ventures, Bjorn is today an advisor to other startups, investors, funds and growth ecosystems, within impact technology and life sciences.
October 30, 2019
#4 - Victor Riparbelli and how deep fake is changing our perceptions one pixel at a time
In this episode, recorded live in association with TechBBQ 2019, we are joined by Victor Riparbelli from Synthesia, and guest co-host Alex Felman from Startup 42. Victor, a native Dane, currently based in London - shares the story of how his company is working with deep fakes created by AI, and we get to delve into the power of deep fakes - and wether or not if this is a technology for good or evil. This episode is a great insight the future of content creation
October 23, 2019
#3 - Attila Sukosd and streaming the dream
In this weeks episode, we’re joined by Attila Sukosd, the CTO and co-founder at AIRTAME, sharing the story of breaking things - from early mechanical devices to crowdfunding records in Vegas. We get to hear what it’s like being a technical co-founder with all the trials and tribulations of growing and scaling an international company from Denmark, and the story of AIRTAME from it's conception to future growth plans.
October 16, 2019
#2 - Cirkeline Ask and the demands of creating a community
In this weeks episode we got to sit down with Cirkeline Ask, the former head of community at Rainmaking to hear her thoughts and experiences of building up a vibrant startup scene from an empty shell. Taking a reflective look into the Danish startup ecosystem, we delve into what can make or break a thriving community.
October 09, 2019
#1 - Sherry List and building communities to support the passion in the product
On our inaugural show, we sit down with Sherry List, the Azure Developer Technical lead at Microsoft, where Sherry gives her honest and frank views on life as a female developer expat in Denmark. This episode was recorded live in association with TechBBQ 2019, where Sherry shares with us how if the passion is in the product, it WILL ALWAYS LEAD to great communities.
October 02, 2019