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Digital Nomad Experiences Podcast

Digital Nomad Experiences Podcast

By Carlos Jonay Suárez Suárez
Digital Nomad Experiences is a network to learn knowledge and experiences from experienced remote workers and digital nomads.

We want to change the vision about remote work, for this reason, you could find great content related to remote workers and digital nomads.

From Digital Nomad Experiences, we want to share with you interviews with great remote workers. Through these micro-interviews, we share their experiences, knowledge, and tips with you.
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Interview with Luca Mossini

Digital Nomad Experiences Podcast

Interview with Luca Mossini

Digital Nomad Experiences Podcast

Interview with Denis Hiller, co-founder of NoFace Records
Last week we had a very interesting interview with Denis Hiller, co-founder of NoFace Records, a platform to learn electronic production & music business, grow your audience, distribute your music, and more.  During the interview, Denis shares with us some advice and opinions about the remote work, and he comments us how NoFace Records was born. NoFace Records
July 22, 2020
Interview with Yuko and Lorenzo, Timo and Maaria
In this podcast, we share with you the Interviews with:  Yuko and Lorenzo, founders of Sake Company Srl and Mirai Internacional Timo Rongas, Distributed Team Coach and Agile PM in Transfluent Maaria Tiensivu, Clarity Coach at Tiensivu Coaching and co-founder at Remote Innovation Coach. I also take the opportunity to say why we have not been able to upload the podcasts individually and to explain that we are going to take a break with Digital Nomad Experiences, as we are putting our focus on a new project: Escuela de Trabajo Remoto. Thank you very much for being there and I hope we hear from you again, soon. 
June 18, 2020
Interwiew with Fer Martín, founder and CEO of Reboot Academy
Fer Martin is the founder and CEO of Reboot Academy, a new concept of an academy where you can learn code and programming skills. Also, Fer is an entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience obtained in Europe, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong within a wide range of industries. Fer Martin is the founder and CEO of Reboot Academy, a new concept of an academy where you can learn code and programming skills. Also, Fer is an entrepreneur and technologist with over 20 years of experience obtained in Europe, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong within a wide range of industries.
February 27, 2020
February 19, 2020
February 19, 2020
Interview with Marina Fuentes Corridan, founder of Home and Holidays
Marina is the founder of Home and Holidays, and agency to help and  advise you that you can acquire a home or vacation home in Tenerife  (Canary Islands) Also, she is Internacional Brand Consultant and freelance and has a fantastic marketing profile. 
February 13, 2020
Interview with David Puttemans, CEO and founder of Canariassistance
David is the founder and CEO of Canariassistance and based in Tenerife,  Canary Islands. Also, he is an Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer,  Experienced Logistics and Assistance Provider, and Open Networker. "In the twenty-first century to say that if you work harder, you will make more money is false, you will make more money if you work smarter, not harder." You can watch the video interview on our website, too: Digital Nomad Experiences. 
January 30, 2020
Interview with Ale Cabrera
Ale work as Sales and Change Consultant from Gran Canaria (Canary Islands) He has an amazing background working in companies like Cisco, Google or Microsoft. In this interview, Ale shares with us his experiences and vision about remote work.
February 27, 2019
Interview with Clinton Donelly
Clinton is an international tax problem solver. He solves tax problems for American living abroad and internationals doing business in the States. During this interview, Clinton talk with us about his experiences with remote work.
February 21, 2019
Interview with Luca Mossini
“I Think We’re Going Into A New World Where You’ll See Creasing The Minds Of People That Work Remotely” Luca Mossini is entrepreneur and digital nomad with homebase in Tenerife. After of work in interesting companies as European Space Agency or Open Circles Academy, Luca has decided to start his own project: Millennialogic. In this interview, Lucas will share with us his vision about Remote Work and Digital Nomads Lifestyle.
February 9, 2019
Interview with Jordi Muñoz
In October 2016, after a deeply rewarding 11 years at Microsoft, Jordi decided to take a break and start a sabbatical period. During this time he has had the opportunity to travel around the world, covering South America, the Caribbean, the west coast of the US , Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. In this interview Jordi shares with us his tips and advices about remote work.
January 30, 2019
Interview with Iwo Szapar, CEO and founder of Remote How
Iwo is founder and CEO of Remote How, a company to help other companies and people to work remote. He is passionate about helping companies everywhere successfully implement remote workforces.
January 23, 2019
Interview with Mark van der Heijden
Mark is the co-founder of Wanderbrief, a social platform with the mission to give everyone on the planet the freedom to work remotely while travelling the world. In this interview Mark shares with us his tips, advices and opinions about Remote Work.
January 16, 2019
Interview with Laïla von Alvensleben
Laïla von Alvensleben is a remote work coach and UX designer. Nowdays she collaborates with MURAL and other clients to consult and deliver workshops and training on digital transformation and virtual collaboration. In this interview, Laïla shares with us her experiences and tips about remote work.
January 11, 2019
Interview with Niall Doherty, Founder of Disrupting the Rabblement
Niall is the Founder at Disrupting the Rabblement, he has been making a living from his laptop since quitting his office job in 2010. In this interview, Niall shares with us his experiences and tips about remote work.
January 4, 2019
Interview with Shane Pearlman, CEO of Modern Tribe
Shane is the CEO at Modern Tribe Inc managing over 100 people doing UX/UI, web, mobile & product design and development. In this interview, Shane share with us his experiences as remote worker and how he manages his team.
December 24, 2018
Interview with Bogumil Baranowski, Partner and co-founder of Sicart Associates.
Bogumil is a partner and co-founder of Sicart Associates, a boutique investment firm catering to families and entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific. He is a TEDx Speaker, and a published author (Outsmarting the Crowd) In this interview, he shares with us some tips and advice about Remote Work.
December 18, 2018
Interview with Tammy Bjelland, CEO at Workplaceless
Tammy launched Workplaceless to provide learning and development programs to remote professionals and teams. In this interview, Tammy share with us her experiences and advices about the remote work.
December 11, 2018
Interview at Marcus Wermuth from Buffer
Marcus is the Mobile Lead at Buffer and based in Munich, Germany. In this interview, Marcus share with us his experiences, tips and advices to become a Remote Worker.
December 3, 2018