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Do What you Love and Love What you Do

Do What you Love and Love What you Do

By Jacob Crane
Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Networking, and Personal Development
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Episode 4-Odell Bizell - Refuse to Lose

Do What you Love and Love What you Do

Episode 4-Odell Bizell - Refuse to Lose

Do What you Love and Love What you Do

Marketing and Building a brand with Braxton Byerson
From the Basketball Court to Entrepreneur Coach Byerson embraces the the entrepreneurship journey. Coach is married and has 3 sons so he understands the importance of legacy. Coach specializes in brand building for companies looking to scale their business. This podcast is full of gems that you can apply now to your life and business.
September 02, 2020
Episode 23 -Get your money right w/ Angel Rich
Angel Rich - CEO Wealth Factory -    Angel has contributed a lot to the financial literacy world. She was named the next the Steve Jobs when it comes to her research and knowledge on the subject of financial literacy and growth.  She formally was a Global Market Research at Prudential Financial and General Agent at Globe Life Insurance Company    Author of: History of the Black Dollar, Wealthy Life Financial Literacy Textbook, Black Woman Politics  The History of the Black Dollar   The History of the Black Dollar YouTube Channel  - Angel Rich Creator   Credit Stacker available on google play store and apple store
May 14, 2020
Episode 22- Mr. & Mrs. Network Marketing
Is Network Marketing a scam? Is Network Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?  Can anyone be successful in Network Marketing?  Can I become financially free by joining a network marketing Company? Do I have to know a lot of people to be successful in Network Marketing?   In Episode -22 we dialogue with the Vash and Jamila Johnson. The Johnson at one point we’re working 6 jobs in between them and raising 6 kids. They were introduced to a business model that has the potential to create residual income through leverage. The rest is history!   Jamila is the author of He was always my husband, I wasn't always his wife. A relationship book that takes you on a journey through the good and the bad of becoming ONE with your spouse.    Visit the website     Follow us on IG @DreamchaserAcademy    Like our Facebook Page   Subscribe to DCA iTunes channel   Visit our website at
April 30, 2020
Episode 21- Protect the Brand w/ Lamont Taylor
In this Episode we talk to CEO/Founder Lamont Taylor about how to build a national recognize brand. GET ME RECRUITED uses its platform to help student athletes get the exposure they need to have the chance to earn a collegiate athletic scholarship.
April 17, 2020
Episode 20- The New Entrepreneur: D. Brooks (Good Counsel)
In this episode we talk to Daniel Brooks MSW, LCSW-E. He made the decision January 2020 to turn in his resignation with his current school district to focus on building his business full-time. Although he is at the beginning of his journey he has already experience failures that would make the average person give up. […]
March 21, 2020
Episode 19 – Interview with Mansfield Chamber of Commerce in Mansfield, TX
New Author, Jacob Crane, answers questions from Lori Williams who represents the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce. In this short interview Mr. Crane shares his thoughts and inspiration that led him to writing Dream Chasing 101: 5 things you must do in order to make your dreams a reality.
August 16, 2018
Episode 18- Dream Chasing 101: 5 Things you must do in order to make your dreams a reality
A special episode before the exciting release of our first published book. Jacob Crane answers frequently asked questions. You can pre-order the book by by using this link Anyone who Pre-Orders the book will receive an additional signed copy to give away to a friend. Also, all Pre-Orders come with FREE shipping and handling along […]
June 25, 2018
Episode 17 – Shine Hard with Johnny Bailey
2014 Johnny Bailey founded the Shine Hard Family whose mission is to recognize and connect the nation’s top black millennial leaders, then unify them to educate and inspire the next generation of Black leaders. Johnny is quickly becoming a brand name as a social entrepreneur. Johnny talks about his journey of entrepreneurship and shares some […]
June 08, 2018
Episode 16- Funding for Entrepreneurs w/ Nasir Qadree
Nasir Qadree has a wealth of knowledge dealing with funding start ups and small businesses. He believes that small businesses drives the economy and serves the communities at large. He shares with us what he sees from his perspective from being on the cooperate side of things when it comes to investing in individuals and […]
April 24, 2018
Episode 15- Entrepreneurship w/ CEO Jeff Martin
This is a very special episode. Jeff Martin is the CEO of University Recruiters and Jeffery Agency both are which multi-million dollar companies in the Baltimore, MD area. Jeff is a leader in the staffing industry and has HUGE heart to help as many people as he can reach their professional goals. Listen and take […]
January 29, 2018
Episode 14- Building a Brand w/ Fred Cannon
Fred Cannon shares how he has he built a National Brand as the director of Team Felton Basketball Organization and has use those skills to build his own business, Cannon Ball Inspections, a real estate assessment company with business that stretches across the United States. 2:00 Background 4:30 Do what you love 7:00 Sacha Killeyah […]
January 18, 2018
Episode 13- Started From the bottom w/ Donovan Jackson
Coach Donovan Jackson started as a high school coach and worked his way up to the highest level of coaching in which he has been selected 2 years straight to the NFL Coaching Internship. Coach Jackson shares his journey and how he overcame obstacles. Coach also share the importance being physically fit in order to […]
December 30, 2017
Episode 12- “Anything you can do I can do better” special guest Sgt. First Class Michael Smith
Sgt. First Class Michael Smith is a world class athlete who serves in the US Army. Sgt. Smith shares his incredible journey with us as he prepares for the 2018 Olympics. Sgt. Smith has overcome adversity in his life and continues to knock down barriers that stand in his way. Take a listen to this […]
December 28, 2017
Episode -11 My life is a Movie w/ Michelle McKissic
Screen Play/ Film script writer Michelle McKissic shares her journey to becoming a film writer. She kept going after her dream and her movie debuted on TVONE "Downsized" featuring the couple NICOLE ARI PARKER and BORIS KODJOE. She talks about balancing working a 9 to 5 and still having time to make her dreams a reality   3:25 Job Security  8:30 Passion vs Purpose  13:00-Surround yourself with your passion  18:25-Summer Internship  25:20 Black Film Festival  30:00 Top 3 finalist   36:00 How to stay motivated    Suscribe to DCA iTunes channel  Visit our website at
November 29, 2017
Episode 10- Focus and Discipline w/ Quentin Myers
Quentin Myers is a National Rank and Record Holder as weight lifter. He also is a International Pilot for a major airline. He represents less than 5% of Black pilots in the industry.    2:00 How it all begin  6:00 Hybernation Mode  11:50 Building Wealth   16:40 Core Values  22:00 Kaepernick
October 21, 2017
Miss Consultant - Sherimika Lemon
Special Guest Shermikia Lemon shares how she is able to build her brand by being one of the most sought after corporate trainers in North Carolina. She is also a personal productivity coach for those looking to maximize their time.    5:40 Why go into business for yourself  9:00 Walking away from the "JOB"  10:40 Knowing your purpose  15:00 Balance in Life  19:00 Strong Woman  23:35 One Word Answer http:/  Suscribe to our iTunes channel  Visit our website at
October 07, 2017
Episode 8 - Own Yourself - Cary Hokama
Cary Hokama is best selling author and public speaker who impacts lives all over the world. He drops some serious nuggets on the show.   Introduction 2:30  Self-Mastery 4:50  Inner Conversation 7:30  Passion 11:20  Oprah Show 13:45  Own Yourself 15:45  Racism?? 18:35  A season of life 23:30   Purchase Book  - Own Yourself Cary's Podcast   Suscribe to DCA iTunes channel   Visit our website at
September 22, 2017
Episode 4-Odell Bizell - Refuse to Lose
We spend time with published author and motivational speaker Odell Bizzell II! He has been able to grow his business by inspiring others through his comedic approach.    Refuse to lose    Suscribe to our iTunes channel   Visit our website at    Sponsors include   Adrian Howard   Derey Alston   Justin Alexander
August 15, 2017