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Dominique, Engineer

Dominique, Engineer

By Dominique Mojay
Don't Try, Do.
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Shop Talk | Episode One | I'm Crowdfunding Soon!

Dominique, Engineer

Shop Talk | Episode Four | A few Updates
In this episode, I quickly go through some major updates and thank those of you who have already donated to our crowdfunding campaign which can be found on ifundwomen! Thanks for listening!
August 13, 2022
Shop Talk | Episode Three | Patent Pending
Hello everyone! In this episode, I ramble about my patent and why I believe it is important to our mission! I also speak on the importance of flexibility in sustainability and why it is so important to be ready to bend. Please click the following links to be brought to: Our Website Our Newsletter Subscription Signup
June 20, 2022
Shop Talk | Episode Two | HazelAero Introduction and the Grand Scheme of Things
Hello everyone! In this second installment of Shop Talk, I go over the big picture of HazelAero and try to get the point across of just what we're doing here. Special ShoutOut to my Intern and VP of Engineering! You guys rock! Please click the following links to be brought to: Visit our Website Download our Info Pack Subscribe to our Monthly Newsletter 
May 16, 2022
Shop Talk | Episode One | I'm Crowdfunding Soon!
In this episode, I talk shop and cover the things I will be giving away as awards for the crowdfunding round at the end of May 2022! Thank you so much for listening 
May 14, 2022