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Talking with Donna

Talking with Donna

By Donna P. Smith
Hi Im Donna of Talking with Donna, I will share with you a weekly meditation technique and monthly mental health information.
I have provided mental health services for over 30ty years, in private practice, contractual and goverment. In providing these services I have found that for some people wheth they are dealing with difficult life issues or mental health issues meditation as an additional tool is very helpful. So , I am offering to you various types of meditation techniques as a tool for your toolbox.
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Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Talking with Donna

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Talking with Donna

Preparing to move
Today I ramble on about my feelings and moving....every now and then sharing my processes with others not only helps also helps me. I am currently preparing for several life changings activities. I will periodically post my process of this process 😱. So come join me on this path to change.
October 2, 2019
What would you do....
Hi all at this time I am involved in a lot of life changes and I need to make a do you think
September 17, 2019
Happy Tuesday
Join me on my travel to work.
September 3, 2019
Give me life
Energizing meditation. As some of you know I was having technical difficulties with the music on this pod cast well I have choose to publish this one music free. I hope you enjoy it. “Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issuses, please get help and know you are not alone.” You can continue to support me ny sharing, liking, rating and following me here at “Talking with Donna” and on my monthly post on mental health information, also named.....”tada” you guessed it “Talking With Donna on Wordpress” I hope to see you soon....leave a comment or two maybe three any way just say something....
August 18, 2019
Gotta do better
Explanation of the problem
July 25, 2019
"Give Me Life!"
Today I am sharing with you and energy building breathing technique, use it when ever you are feeling sluggish, distracted and tired...or in the morning when you get up before you start your day....Thank- you.
July 25, 2019
Happy Rainy Day
This was a live podcast brought about by the weather, you will hear the rain in the background. It was raining and I know for some people that deal with symptoms of depression it leaves you feeling drained, tired an yucky....So I hope this helps. Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issues please get help and know you are not alone.
June 20, 2019
Every now and then some one will take information and use it to self diagnose, don’t, it will impede your healing process. If you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issue please get help. Thank you for listening. Stay tuned for more information
May 29, 2019
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
This month plus is mental health week I have choose to highlight the various anxiety disorders and today I share information on Generalized anxiety disorder or G.A.D., what it is, some causes, treatment, information on self care and referrals. This is followed by a 2-3 minute breathing exercise. “Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issues you are not alone.” Also check out my blog at where you can find information and articles on mental health, some referral information, information ion how food affects mental health...Thank you for joint me. Please support me by likening sharing and rating to stay informed of the next episode hit the little bell in the corner. You can also leave me a voice note right here on anchor you never know you could end up on this pod cast. Again thank you see you next week.
May 22, 2019
Welcome everyone and thank you for visiting. Today’s episode is concerning Anxiety Disorders, the featured disorder is Social Phobia. I share what it is,, some symptoms, causes, treatments, self care and referral. I also learned a new technique and share a little information on that along with a different process called mental Imagery by Dr. Gerald Epstein. “Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with mental health issues please get help, and know you are not alone.” Please support me by sharing, rating and liking.
May 14, 2019
Heavy Heart
Yesterday on the news was a story of military service men committing suicide on the veterans hospital site I share my opinions on it. Thank you for listening, please share, like, rate and comment.
May 9, 2019
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder better known as AADD or ADHD
I share brief information on this Disorder what it is, symptoms, causes. I share some self care and referral information. I follow this with a meditation. Remember if you or someone you know are dealing with this mental health issue please get help and know you are not alone. Please show your support by liking, sharing and rating. You can press the little bell in the right hand corner to tell you a new episode has been published. Thank you and enjoy
April 17, 2019
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Today I will share information on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), where did the term come from, what it is, causes, symptoms, treatment, self - care and a referral, it will be followed by a meditation. “Remember if you or anyone you know are dealing with mental health issues please seek help”. ....Enjoy
April 3, 2019
Seasonal affective disorder
Today I will discuss seasonal affective disorder [SAD], what it is, symptoms, causes and treatments. I offer some self care information. One of the symptoms in SAD is sleeplessness so I have included a meditation to assist in sleeping. It is revised from Mr. Highsteen [who has not asked or offered any compensation, ]thank you Mr. Highsteen “Sleep Well Tonight Comfy City Home.” Enjoy
March 21, 2019
This episode will explain what talking with donna has been doing and what is coming for my listeners. I am currently transitoning my podcast to include, my blog where you will be able to find articles, resources, puzzles like word of the day any much more, so bare with me and check back periodically....thank you and talk with you soon
February 23, 2019
3 minute guided meditation
basic guided breathing meditation anyone can use.
January 5, 2019
Talking with Donna: stress
Stress, what it is and what you can do to alleviate and or deminish it.
December 17, 2018