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By Donald Piccione
DonnyPod is a channel about practical day to day things in life, thoughts, ideas. This channel has been created first to try #anchor , then to contribute with audio podcast episodes who might inspire you or stimulate your ideas. We invite you to send us messages and audio clips so we can play on our channel.
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04 - Random Thoughts


04 - Random Thoughts


08 - How to change your mindset when you loose your job or you are too way procrastinating
Years ago I were let down by a company so I lost my job and had plenty of free time. So, instead of spending my free time doing things to improve my status, I was actually doing nothing and feeling that all was harder to do. In this episode I share what advice I would give to myself at that time I was procrastinating and let down by myself
December 27, 2019
07 - Updates on my Anchor channel
In this episode I tell you what has my channel reached so far and how many external channels Anchor published. Plus some extra info
July 07, 2018
06 - Data Protection Ireland & motorbike - I was right
In this episode I update you on Data protection act and service history of motorbikes from previous owner. You can ask and get it if the bike is now yours.
June 20, 2018
05 - Data protection Ireland: Applies to Motorbikes?
I recently purchased a new second hand motorbike from a mechanic. I then contacted the original dealer by email, asking for service history. They replied...
June 09, 2018
04 - Random Thoughts
In this episode I am gonna share some random thoughts and give some further feedback on my experience with Anchor.
June 02, 2018
03 - Does it worth buy a used motorbike online?
Last year I experienced a bad experience buying off a private seller a second hand motorbike. After few days the bike broke down....
May 19, 2018
02 - Does Luck exist? Do you feel lucky? [DonnyPod]
Getting Lucky. Do you think luck plays a key role in our life or are just ourselves that we write our life? Does luck exist or it is just the way we act every day that helps us to create positive vibes? Have you ever won anything in your life? Feel free to comment or contact me at I like to hear what you think
May 18, 2018
01 - My Feedback on Anchor
In this episode, I give my hands on feedback while using Anchor. I am new to #Anchor so I think it is good to record my first impressions for you guys and guys. Hope this may help you. Feel free to reach me here or at
May 18, 2018