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YouTube Platform Abuse News

An episode of Tech for Content Creation Podcast with Doug Hewson

By Doug Hewson YT
This podcast covers thoughts, interviews, and more discussing the tech behind content creation. Whether it's gear, apps, software or platforms, we talk about it!

Doug Hewson brings a unique flavour to the podcast, from his Doug Hewson YT YouTube channel, to his wealth of knowledge in areas of IT, technology, videography and leadership. He also has over 25 years experience in live video production, focussing on switching, directing and camera operation. And has technology changed over that time? YES!
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YouTube Updates Creators Again
This episode of the Doug Hewson YT Podcast, we look at YouTube’s new rules and penalties for larger YouTubers who bring the platform harm.
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YouTube Platform Abuse News
Join Doug from Doug Hewson YT as he discusses the recent blog post from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki regarding YouTube Platform Abuse.
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YouTube Monetisation Updated!
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