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Downtown Chamberphiles

Downtown Chamberphiles

By Downtown Chamber
Learn something new for yourself and your business from the expertise, education, and tips from Des Moines Downtown Chamber member businesses. "Downtown Chamberphiles" is hosted by Sid Juwarker, Vice President of the Downtown Chamber Board of Directors, and recorded and edited by Des Moines Radio Group.
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A Win for All

Downtown Chamberphiles

The Business of Construction
Meet Josh Miltenberger, construction executive for Greiner Construction. Josh began his construction journey by building a log cabin on a farm with his father. In this episode: 1.) Working with clients to make their projects come to life. 2.) Greiner’s history and moves into new markets. 3.) How the pandemic has affected the construction industry. 4.) Josh’s favorite things to do in Des Moines.
April 16, 2021
The Art of Digital Marketing
Meet Andi Fagen, founder of Creative DSM, a full-service marketing company. Contrary to popular belief, the "DSM" does not stand for Des Moines, as you’ll find out by listening. In this episode: 1.) Andi’s road back to Des Moines and her entrepreneurial journey. 2.) The importance of multi-prong marketing and how the pandemic has changed things. 3.) Benefits of coworking and networking. 4.) A piece of marketing advice from Andi.
April 09, 2021
Comedy as a Business Tool
Meet Josh Chamberlain, co-owner of Des Moines’ first and only independent comedy club Teehee’s Comedy Club in downtown Des Moines. In this episode: 1) Entertaining and improvisation and its benefits for business. 2.) An improvisation demonstration! 3) Lessons in failure. 4) Taking comedy classes at Teehee’s Comedy Club.
February 26, 2021
The Fun of Science!
Meet Emilee Richardson, director of marketing and public relations for the Science Center of Iowa. In this episode: 1) The impact of the Science Center — now and for 50 years. 2) How people of all ages can enjoy. 3) The importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). 4) Get involved with the Science Center. 5) Emilee’s role as a NASA Solar System Ambassador!
February 12, 2021
Introducing Staci Bennett!
Staci Bennett is the new Des Moines Downtown Chamber Executive Director. She sits down with host Sid Juwarker to chat and introduce herself! In this episode: 1.) Learn about Staci's background.  2.) Hear some of her favorite downtown amenities.  3.) Listen to Staci's excitement and plans for the new role.  Read more about Staci here. Thanks for listening! 
January 29, 2021
The Time is Now
Explore Systems Theory and Design with Fred Darbonne, Principal at Strategy by Design. In this episode: 1) Discover what this recent Des Moines resident loves most about our city. 2) Understand how working with congregations led to Fred's current work. 3) Hear why now is a perfect time to review your strategic plan. 4) Gain insight on why the strategic plan document is actually the least important part of the planning process. 5) Identify the biggest barriers to great planning.
December 21, 2020
The Art of the Ask
Meet Eric Heininger from EDEN+, a local company that assists with non-profit campaign management and feasibility studies. In this episode: 1) Be on the inside and know what the acronym EDEN stands for. 2) Know how a background in engineering guides fundraising strategies. 3) Learn why they are sometimes referred to as "The Mary Poppins of Fundraising." 4) Listen to why the effects of covid may not be as hard on fundraising as you may think. 5) Gain some advice for donors.
December 07, 2020
The Magic of Listening
Bonfire Strategy was co-founded by Lisa Rossi and she is applying her unique skills toward a powerful way of thinking. In this episode: 1) Learn how media and journalism skills play a role in listening. 2) Gain a powerful tool to unlock creativity. 3) Understand what makes up design thinking. 4) Hear local examples of design thinking in play. 5) Know how design thinking and comedy actually merge. 
November 16, 2020
From Idea to Reality
Megan Milligan is CEO at the Iowa Center for Economic Success, which helps businesses start and grow. In this episode: 1) Know about the myriad of services available to new and prospective business owners. 2) Hear about Megan's own journey from television and film to becoming CEO of this non-profit. 3) Listen to a story about one local Des Moines business and how they've adapted to the times of covid. 4) Thinking about quitting your job and pursuing your business? Get this 1-piece of advice first. 5) Gain insight about the Women's Business Center and it's impact locally.
November 02, 2020
The Future is Change
Explore how Roxanne Pals, Lead Curator at Trilogy Change Collaborative, is giving people the power of managing change in their lives. She provides listeners with tips and tools, and provides insight about the changes we are experiencing now.   In this episode: 1)  Discover 3 tools every leader can use to manage change. 2) Learn how Roxanne's previous career led to creating this impactful training. 3) Gain knowledge about the upcoming January cohort and how to get involved. 4) Learn about a 3-step process used in changing mindsets. 5) Know why Des Moines is the global hub for Trilogy Change Collaborative.
October 19, 2020
The Life of the Party
DSM Dance Party DJs owner, Martin Botts (aka DJ Marty McFly) discusses the event industry and how he's adjusted his DJ business and his non-profit, Conscious Crew, to the times.  In this episode: 1) Find out how DJ Marty McFly began his career. 2) Hear examples of how this business has evolved during the pandemic. 3) Gain insider knowledge on DJ event strategies. 4) Know about Conscious Crew and their local impact. 5) Understand how youth mentorship and music combine.
October 05, 2020
Business On The Road
Shawn Delleman, VP of Operations at Land Jet, discusses on how Land Jet is coming up and giving people another option for travel. In this episode learn:  1) How the set up in the environment inside the Land Jets is conclusive to teams meetings. 2) How the service is mobile accessible. 3) What makes Land Jet a unique Midwest company. 4) Get a glimpse into the interior and modern tech setup. 5) Rethinking how business trips can be done.
August 10, 2020
Mural Morale
James and Bridget Neely, owners of Bottle & Bottega, want people to uncork their inner artist. Is this an art class..? Looks more like a party to me! Brushes down, glasses up!  What does "Bottle & Bottega" mean exactly? "Art Uncorked" Everyone has an inner artist bottled up. Art-gistics, hours, and clients. Art-tertainment & instructor auditions.  See the big picture: from an individual 6x6 to a company mural. 
March 16, 2020
Growing Benefits
The Greater Des Moines Botanical Gardens recently celebrated their 40th birthday! Kelly Reilly, Director of Marketing, and Laurie Haeder, Events and Venue Coordinator, discuss the wide range of services the gardens has to offer that benefit your business, staff, family, and overall well-being. It's not a plant museum, it's a destination wedding, a lively boardroom, and a dynamic ever-changing adventure.  From City Management to Non-profit, learn the history of the gardens and a summary of services designed for everyone.  So many spaces, venue spaces are available from small office meetings, to large conferences, and weddings.  Educational classes: Vegetable Gardens 101, Ecologically Minded Advanced Classes, Youth and Family Classes, and the Botanical Break. A meeting or retreat interactive workshop to energize your group! Concert Series: Summer and Winter Series. Botanical Blues, January - March, Sundays 2-4 PM blues music. Free with admission.  Trellis Cafe: Open for lunch Tuesday - Sunday 11 AM - 2 PM. Menu changes every month. 
March 02, 2020
SHYFT Your Beliefs
Brandon Foldes, Founding Partner and CEO at SHYFT Collective, talks about challenging the way we think about design. SHYFT Collective seeks to focus on the reasons, gets to know their clients, and understand their why. In this episode: 1) Ever wonder about the "Y" in SHYFT? Learn why. 2) Hear about their decision to locate their office Downtown. 3) Learn how Des Moines differs from other cities in their thinking about design. 4) Understand the influence of office use and workplace culture on attraction and retention. 5) Find out why Des Moines needs to foster more start-ups and tech companies.
February 17, 2020
A Win for All
Karen Ligas, Executive Director at Everybody Wins! Iowa, discusses how reading to a child is a win for students, volunteers, schools, and companies.  Everybody Wins! Iowa is centered on increasing a child's success in school and life through one-to-one reading and mentoring experiences with volunteers. In this episode, learn: 1) Why reading aloud is preferred over independent reading. 2) The effects of digital vs. traditional reading formats. 3) How National Mentoring Month is celebrated. 4) An easy way for busy professionals to volunteer. 5) The significance of receiving books as gifts and building home libraries. 
February 03, 2020
Food for Thought
Matt Unger is CEO at DMARC (Des Moines Area Religious Council), an interfaith organization with a core membership with nearly 130 congregations from five faith traditions who come together around human needs. DMARC manages a Food Pantry Network consisting of 14 separate partnering food pantry sites, a Mobile Food Pantry, two food warehouses, and numerous community supporters. Last year, DMARC served over 55,000 individuals.  In this episode learn about: 1) What it means to be food insecure. 2) Partnerships with local groups and initiatives for housing and other services. 3) How you can help and be involved in the cause. 4) The 3 basic food donations that are always needed. 5) The Super Bowl of Caring - a friendly competition with a great cause.
January 15, 2020
Why I Chamber
Sid Juwarker, host of Downtown Chamberphiles and current Downtown Chamber Board Vice President, interviews Scott Seeliger, the 2019 Board President. Scott also represents Cognizant Technology Solutions as their Corporate Affairs Lead and Des Moines Site Leader. In this episode: 1) Catch up on the changes and progress that led to a successful year, including the Chamber’s 1st golf tournament at Wakonda Club. 2) Explore the dynamic programs that influenced the Downtown Chamber’s 2018 Chamber of the Year award. 3) How the mission of the Downtown Chamber is influencing civility, and developing greater relationships among members and the community. 4) Learn how Chamber volunteers are connecting with other members to help them maximize their membership. 5) Hear stories of impact.
December 16, 2019
The Pressure to Succeed
Cassie Sampson, Owner of East Village Spa in the East Village downtown, shares insights about the industry and why a spa is more than just a place for relaxation. The spa opened in the East Village in Des Moines in 2008 and has grown from 1 person to over 25 employees today.  This episode sheds light on why this small business has been voted Cityview Readers' Choice winner for Des Moines' Best Spa every year since 2011. In this episode: 1) Know the variety of purposes spas serve, in addition to stress reduction.  2) Understand the different skills of a Massage Therapist and an Esthetician.  3) Hear how the industry is embracing a place in medical treatment plans. 4) Is there a license on the wall? Learn why this is critically important. 5) How the East Village business setting has changed in the last decade.
December 02, 2019
It's Skating Season
Robbin McClelland, Manager of Brenton Skating Plaza, discusses the plaza and all its amenities. The Brenton Skating Plaza is a true asset to Downtown Des Moines. It's open for ice skating in the colder months and hosts a variety of events, including concerts, weddings and more all year.  In this episode: 1) What exactly is the Brenton Skating Plaza?  2) What we can expect for the upcoming skating and concert season.  3) The magic of the 2019 East Village Holiday Promenade.  4) The vibrant hockey and skating culture in Des Moines.  5) What you can do to support the Brenton Skating Plaza and enjoy the fun.  Bonus: Sid shares some of the best skating puns you'll ever hear.  The podcast "The Chamberphiles" is hosted by Sid Juwarker, Vice President of the Downtown Chamber Board of Directors, recorded and edited at the Des Moines Radio Group studios.  Visit to learn more about their podcasting services, or contact Michael Hope at or call 515-309-4313.
November 19, 2019
We Have Mercy
Doug Fiore, President at Mercy College of Health Sciences, discusses the college’s rich history in Des Moines, where they are going next, and how you can be a part of it. In this episode: 1) Find out what program is in high demand right now. 2) Hear about the next expansion of the college. 3) Learn why the college connects with Downtown businesses & the community. 4) Find out how almost 800 students can benefit from being located downtown. 5) Know why finding a job is easy if you’re a student at MCHS.
November 04, 2019
What's the Catch here?
Greg Edwards, President & CEO at Catch Des Moines, talks about how they increase the number of visitors to Central Iowa and how businesses can benefit. Episode bonus: Greg, Sid, and Calvin share a few bad jokes in the studio. Catch the fun with this trio! This episode includes: 1) Why the Convention & Visitors Bureau is named Catch Des Moines. 2) About the new campaign – “The S’s are Silent”. 3) The local return on investment for hosting when over 300 new conventions & events were booked in Des Moines metro last year! 4) Beyond NCAA and soccer – hear about the next big bid. 5) Tips for business owners on how they can use Catch Des Moines to grow their businesses.
October 21, 2019
Gravitate To Business Success
"Gravitate To Business Success" (Episode 5) interviews Geoff Wood, Founder and Community Builder at Gravitate, a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, startup team members and more in Des Moines. Gravitate is also home of the Des Moines Downtown Chamber of Commerce office! This episode includes: 1) Who benefits from coworking spaces. 2) The start-up dress code - a new business casual. 3) About Hercules, the office dog. 4) How to refer to Des Moines, according to Suku Radia. 5) Events at Gravitate and why you should check out the space. The podcast "Downtown Chamberphiles" is hosted by Sid Juwarker, Vice President of the Downtown Chamber Board of Directors, recorded and edited at the Des Moines Radio Group studios.  Visit to learn more about their podcasting services, or contact Michael Hope at or call 515-309-4313.
October 07, 2019
We're Talking About Taxes
"We're Talking About Taxes" (Episode 4) Blake Crow, partner at Eide Bailly LLP, a regional accounting and business advisory firm, discusses some of the dying questions around taxes and accounting. Eide Bailly is headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, and opened a Des Moines office just two years ago. It's been a strong supporter of the Des Moines Downtown Chamber of Commerce.  This episode includes: 1) Accounting firm services outside of taxes. 2) The tax code and its complexities. 3) Some of more absurd tax laws throughout history. 4) Accounting tips for small businesses. 5) Crow's favorite things to do in Des Moines.  The podcast "The Chamberphiles" is hosted by Sid Juwarker, Vice President of the Downtown Chamber Board of Directors, recorded and edited at the Des Moines Radio Group studios.  Visit to learn more about their podcasting services, or contact Michael Hope at or call 515-309-4313.
September 23, 2019
Read Between the Lines
"Read Between the Lines" (Episode 3) Sue Woody, Executive Director at the Des Moines Public Library, shares how your local library can be used for both personal and business needs in a digital age.  Des Moines Public Library offers half a million items for circulation, and September is national Library Card Sign-Up Month. Find out why 98,000 people from all over are card members. This episode includes: 1) Business resources to help you get ahead on your sales goals 2) How libraries are not just hard copies anymore 3) Free access to the New York Times and movie streaming on your device? Know what your library card gets you. 4) Simple steps to success for working with our new generation of readers 5) Find out what special gem exists in this building, designed by world-famous architect David Chipperfield The podcast "The Chamberphiles" is recorded and edited at the Des Moines Radio Group studios.  Visit to learn more about their podcasting services, or contact Michael Hope at or call 515-309-4313.
September 09, 2019
Shine the Spotlight
Matt Kiernan, Director of Strategic Development for CLE Productions, a national event production company, shares insider tips & tricks for how to have a successful corporate meeting or event. This episode includes: 1) The secret to a professional event that most people don't know. 2) Budgets or vision? How to make the most of both. 3) How to use event timing to your advantage. 4) The 4-second attention span audience. 5) The event is done... now what? "The Chamberphiles" is recorded and edited at the Des Moines Radio Group studios.  Visit to learn more about their podcasting services, or contact Michael Hope at or call 515-309-4313.  
August 19, 2019
Keeping it Green
Andrea Metzler, owner of Art Terrarium in Downtown Des Moines shares her knowledge of office and household plants and tips for keeping them alive and healthy, despite your level of plant care abilities.  This episode includes: How to be a better plant owner, or "Plant Parent." Finding the plant that fits you and your style - are you an over-waterer or do you forget to water? Discovering the therapeutic effects of plants and how the can improve your environment and health. Avoiding non-toxic plants if you're a pet-owner. Why Andrea named her store, "Art Terrarium," her favorite plant, and what makes this business successful. The podcast "Formerly Known as Chamber Chat" is recorded and edited at the Des Moines Radio Group studios.  Visit to learn more about their podcasting services, or contact Michael Hope at or call 515-309-4313. 
July 31, 2019