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The Human Context

The Human Context

By Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry
Timeless Questions in the Present Tense
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Hitchcock: Film as Philosophy
An exploration of the philosophical dimension of Alfred Hitchcock's classics (including Rear Window, Vertigo and Psycho) with renowned philosopher Robert Pippin (University of Chicago).   Further Reading (direct links at Alfred Hitchcock, Robert Pippin, François Truffaut, André Bazin, Douglas Sirk, Cahiers du Cinéma, French New Wave, Stanley Cavell, Henry James, Plato's theory of foms, Pauline Kael, The Lady Eve, Jean Renoir, James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Raymond Burr, Henry Fonda, 
January 09, 2021
Exploring Gentrification with Marc Lamont Hill
A discussion of the history and impact of gentrification in cities across the US with Marc Lamont Hill (Temple University, BET News) and Devon Wright (MSU Denver).   Further Reading (direct links at Marc Lamont Hill, Devon Wright, Gentrifier, Five Points, Denver cafe 'happily gentrifying', Ruth Glass, West Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, South Florida, Great Northward Migration, Late Capitalism, Immigration, white flight, urban development, housing crisis, Evacuations in East Jerusalem. 
December 27, 2020
Cornel West on Justice, Democracy and the Humanities
A special 4th of July episode featuring Dr. Cornel West.  Dr. West talks about American democracy and how the humanities can inform the ongoing struggle for justice and equality. Further Reading (direct links at Full text of Frederick Douglass's speech "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?", The Heroic Slave, W. E. B. Du Bois, James Baldwin, Paideia, Curtis Mayfield, Socrates, William James, African American Spirituals, The Isley Brothers,  Samual Beckett, the rightwing nativist party mentioned in the introduction, the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Dr. West's canonical books, Race Matters and Democracy Matters. Thanks to Kelsey Percival, Hannah Warner, Julia Archer and Gabriel Grinsteiner.  For more about D-phi and our live events, visit
July 04, 2020
Ethnohistory and Empathy
On the craft of historical writing and the process of expanding our understanding of American history by incorporating an ethnohistory of its native peoples, with Drs. Elizabeth Fenn and Matthew Makley.  Further Reading (direct links at Washoe, Go Fast Turn Left, Shop Class as Soulcraft, Whither the Rest of the Continent?, Mandan, Ethnohistory, Virgin Soil Epidemics, There There. The Plague, Horsemen on the Roof. By our guests: Cave Rock, The Small Shall be Strong, Encouters at the Heart of the World: A History of the Mandan People, Pox Americana.  Episode Image Thanks to Kelsey Percival, and Hannah Warner, and Gabriel Grinsteiner. For more info on D-phi live events, visit
June 28, 2020
Pandemics & the Proletariat
On the socioeconomic changes caused by pandemics throughout (and before) recorded history with Drs. Walter Scheidel, Andrew Monson, and Adam Graves. Further Reading (direct links at Thucydides, Peloponnesian War, Roman Egypt, Antonine Plague, Spanish flu, Black Death, Plague of Justinian, Great Depression, New Deal, Financial crisis of 2007 and of course, Dr. Scheidel's The Great Leveler. Episode image. Thanks to Kelsey Percival, Hannah Warner, and Gabriel Grinsteiner. For more about D-phi and our live events, visit
June 06, 2020
Solitude & Social Distancing
On the meaning and history of solitude, and how thinkers from the past 2500 years weigh in on the Coronavirus quarantine with Drs. Melissa Lane and Adam Graves. Further Reading (direct links at Sikkim, Sannyasins, Sadhu, Athanasius, St. Augustine, Montaigne, Plato, Aristotle, Desert Fathers, Desert Mothers, Phaedrus, Transcendentalism, Romanticism, Praktikos, Nicomachean Ethics, Epicurus, Machiavelli, Emerson, Thoreau, Rousseau, John Cassian, Anchorite, Episode Image  Thanks to Kelsey Percival, Hannah Warner, and Gabriel Grinsteiner. To learn about D-phi and joining our live events, visit
June 02, 2020