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The Drag & Drop Show

The Drag & Drop Show

A bi-weekly podcast series by, The Drag & Drop Show aims to inspire both creatives and critical thinkers to achieve their goals in marketing, advertising, design, or business in general.
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How to Rebrand a Company With Millions of Users – With Barbra Gago, Former Miro CMO
Taking on a rebrand of a company and product that has millions of users is a really bold move. In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, Barbra Gago, former Miro CMO and current founder and CEO of Pando, takes us through the process of how RealtimeBoard, a company with over 3 million users, became Miro in just under four months, and how the lessons she’s learned have impacted her experience of founding a new company. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
June 16, 2021
How to Make a Tech Company More Human Through Rebranding – With Emily Hsiao From Auth0
Humanizing your brand is one of the most effective ways of differentiating your company and product from your competitors. And yet too many tech companies are still struggling to balance high functionality with being intuitive and approachable. In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, Emily Hsiao, Brand Design Manager at Auth0, talks about how the company’s 2021 brand update made it more human and approachable, why your team members are your best ambassadors, and why it’s important to give yourself the freedom to experiment in order to figure out the right direction for your brand. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
June 02, 2021
How a Rebrand Embodies a Company’s Maturity Level - With Ionuț Băibărac From Bitdefender
Branding, as an element of trust, is critical in cybersecurity - it teaches consumers to first recognize unauthorized sources and then protect themselves from them. In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, we are joined by Ionuț Băibărac, Manager of Brand Design and Production at Bitdefender. We discuss how to draw from your local roots while creating a global image and why spending two years to align assets across the company is not that long. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
May 19, 2021
How Intuition Can Tell a Brand Story That Data Can’t – With Peep Laja From
If today’s data-driven world has taught us one thing, it’s this: trusting your intuition has never been more important. In branding, tapping into your intuitive intelligence means taking control of the narrative, making your own decisions, and taking responsibility for them. In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, we unpack how and why CopyTesting evolved into so early in its development. Moreover, we’ll cover how customer development plays a fundamental role in a rebranding process and what can happen if you don’t take control of your brand narrative.  The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
May 05, 2021
How to Find True Value in Rebranding – With James Thomson From Unbounce
In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, James Thomson, Senior Art Director at Unbounce, joins us in taking a look at the company’s critical rebranding decisions. Discover why it’s not uncommon to get cold feet in the final stages of a brand update, see how company culture and rebranding support and strengthen one another, and find out how Unbounce used an internal launch to empower the team to roll it out to the public with a deep commitment to it. Let’s dive in! The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
April 21, 2021
A People-First Rebranding Process Explained – With Alex Antolino From Typeform
In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, we’re exploring how Alex Antolino and the Typeform team approached their "people first" rebranding process, balancing the rational and emotional, through data collection and conversation. In 2019, 7 years after launch, Typeform underwent its own rebrand, under the guidance of Alex, Creative Director at Typeform. Let's take a look at which stage unlocks the path to brand alignment, discuss the importance of allowing yourself to change your mind, and learn how to balance emotion with logic when rebranding. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
April 07, 2021
When A Company Outgrows Its Brand – with Gabriel Ciordaș and Ciprian Robu
Welcome back to The Drag & Drop Show! We're excited to launch our third podcast season with a special episode, featuring the founder and CEO of Creatopy, Gabriel Ciordaș, and Ciprian Robu, Senior Designer at Brandient.  Bannersnack was founded almost 13 years ago. Over the years, the online banner maker outgrew its name and capabilities. Therefore starting fresh was the only option. Creatopy was born not only to elevate the company's presence in the industry but also to reflect the platform's evolution and current positioning.  Let's dive into the rebranding process behind Creatopy and learn how the team worked with Brandient to develop a brand that looks as great on the outside as it feels on the inside.  The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 24, 2021
Season 3: The Drag & Drop Show
In the third season of The Drag & Drop Show, our host, Andra Zaharia, walk you through some of the most challenging rebrands in the SaaS industry. Why? Because we just went through a rebranding process ourselves.  Find out how rebranding transforms an organization, what makes the process successful, and why companies choose to rebrand.  The first episode goes live on Wednesday, March 24. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 23, 2021
Empathy Is Trending Because It's Rooted Our Need For Connection – with Britney Muller
Britney Muller believes empathy is rooted in awareness and our human need for connection. We can see it everywhere these days, from ads to campaigns to every other email in our inbox. Britney Muller, Senior SEO Scientist at Moz, shows us where data-driven actions meet empathy-driven decisions and the incredible results this confluence creates. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
May 06, 2020
The Human Experience Makes Empathy Timeless – with Hillary Weiss
Whether we realize it or not, empathy plays a huge role in all of our lives and experiences,  especially when it comes to creative work. It shapes our perception and our approach to work, relationships, and expectations. It makes the difference between seeing the online world as a global market, where there’s room for everyone, and acting out of scarcity. In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, Hillary Weiss openly shares her guiding principles that shape everything she does. Listen to the full episode to learn how you can attract the right people for your business, how to convey emotion and nuance, and how to send the right message through everything you do - empathy-first. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
April 07, 2020
Overcome Self-Doubt And Build A Career That Suits Your Needs Through Self-empathy – with Lisa Glanz
Empathy gives each of us the ability to create a more peaceful and kinder world, even on the worst of days - especially on the worst of days. That’s why today we’re going back to innocence! Lucky for us, there are illustrators like Lisa Glanz in our community, who show us it’s possible to reconnect with that part of us on a daily basis. In this episode of The Drag & Drop Show, Lisa opens a door into a fairytale kingdom that overflows with innocence and tenderness. She shows us how empathy plays a huge role in making magic happen and how it can become the cornerstone of a rewarding career. Get ready to be amazed by her wonderful illustrations and the delightful stories behind them! The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 30, 2020
Empathy Allows You To Work Towards Something Greater Than Yourself – with Meg Lewis
"My naturally empathetic state really allows me to work towards something greater than myself in trying to help others identify these things for themselves." Meg Lewis is a designer making the world a happier place through books, talks, writing, podcasts, workshops, and videos. Her signature mix of performance art, design, and comedy creates experiences that help both people and brands shine in their unique way. In today’s episode, Meg shares key ideas on empathy that loosen up the brain and unlock our creativity in unexpected ways. We talk about what society teaches us from a young age, how we’re programmed to fit in certain boxes, and practical steps we can take to allow ourselves to draw outside the lines in a way that feels less risky and more rewarding. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 23, 2020
Self-Empathy Is Knowing You'll Meet Your Goals & Accepting It'll Take Longer Than Planned - with Brittany Berger
Through challenging times, empathy helps us see the bigger picture and build healthier lives and careers for the long term. Brittany Berger takes us on an honest, down-to-earth exploration of non-intuitive ideas and tactics that helps us move from a sprint mentality to a marathon mindset, all while making self-care an important part of our daily lives. Her practical, no-nonsense approach to productivity is based on personal struggles and realizations that people instantly click with. From the first pancake rule to the principles of minimalist content marketing, join us for a bright exploration of better work and better lives. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 18, 2020
Empathy Is Working Side by Side, Connected by the Common Thread That Binds Us Together – with Tiffany Da Silva
Being an empath in the business world can be challenging sometimes, but it also has its perks. Learning how to control and manage our emotions when dealing with clients or employees requires a deep understanding of why and where our feelings come from. We continue the series of conversations about empathy with another wonderful guest, Tiffany Da Silva, a highly accomplished digital marketer, and entrepreneur. Today’s episode is filled with wisdom nuggets such as ways to avoid burnout and save energy, methods to overcome the imposter syndrome, and techniques to change bad habits – so make sure you don’t miss it! The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 13, 2020
Empathizing With Someone Else’s Struggle Helps You Build Trust – with Kaleigh Moore
Empathy unlocks creativity, self-expression, and is fundamental for rewarding relationships. But how does that apply to the world of business, where emotions have only recently become part of the conversation? In this episode, we explore the various nuances of empathy with Kaleigh Moore, who researches and writes blog content for eCommerce platforms and the SaaS tools that integrate with them, while also supporting other freelancers on their path to building their companies. Borrow her hands-on ideas and concepts so you can use them in your own empathy practice. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 09, 2020
Season 2: The Drag & Drop Show
In the second season of The Drag & Drop Show, we're on a journey to discover another key aspect of creativity: empathy.  Join us for a series of conversations with leading women around the world about how practicing empathy transforms how we do business and live our lives. If you’re a contributor, a leader, an impatient listener, a seeker of honest stories behind what we call an achievement, start here. Press play.  The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
March 06, 2020
It Speaks Volumes When You Can Simplify Information – with Cody Stocker From R&R Partners
This week we have an episode with Cody Stocker, a junior digital designer working for R&R Partners, a full-service, independent brand innovation agency. The company has a vast array of clients (such as Boeing, SeaWorld, and NHL) and has just successfully launched the new rebrand campaign for the city of Las Vegas. If you’re curious to find out what it’s like to work for SeaWorld, or how to conduct efficient meetings that benefit the entire team, then stay tuned for our insightful conversation.  Now, let’s drag and drop some ideas from this episode. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
February 25, 2020
Virality Is Not an Essential Ingredient for Success – with Joe Savitch From Altos
In this episode, we have an insightful conversation with Joe Savitch, who is the Director of Marketing at Altos, a full-service digital agency. In an industry where change happens by the second, Joe shares his experience about what it’s like to work for an agency where the main concern is to make the clients’ businesses thrive. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation about content marketing, tools to use in a digital agency, and useful feedback from your community. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
February 12, 2020
Our Marketing Strategy is Rooted in Cannabis Education – with Janelle Powell From Jadeo
Our guest, Janelle Powell, is the Director of Marketing at Jadeo, Canada’s leading cannabis social network for people who are interested in getting quality information on products, socializing, and actually growing the plant. Hit play or keep on scrolling to discover Janelle’s perspective on how to create a social platform for a community that has, until a while ago, been mostly in the shadows. Now, let’s drag and drop some ideas from this episode. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
January 29, 2020
Cutting Through the Noise Is All About Creating Quality Content – with Michael Norris From Youtech
Standing out in today's oversaturated digital environment is a challenge all marketers face. In today’s episode, we chose to approach a multi-skilled marketer who is working for a top-notch digital agency. Michael Norris is the CMO of Youtech., a full-service company offering web design and app development solutions, as well as digital and traditional marketing services. Hit play to hear how Michael managed to cut through the digital noise by creating quality content. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
January 15, 2020
Do Things Faster By Being Lazy Smart – with Jeremie Moritz From Absolut Elyx
In this episode, we talk with Jeremie Moritz from Absolut Elyx. Brand and Digital Director, Jeremie is responsible for the development and execution of the premium brand's integrated marketing plans. Our host, John Biggs, takes Jeremie to a very interesting discussion starting from how to tell a story as a brand to how to know what's working best in marketing. But, that's not all. Jeremy also speaks about what's important for a marketing campaign's success and, at the end of the day, how to stay relevant in highly competitive markets.  Now, let's drag and drop some ideas and knowledge from this episode. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
December 11, 2019
Beauty Should Not Be the Starting Point for Design – with Juuli Kiiskinen From Columbia Road
Design and art are two concepts that have been used together for so long that separating them is an often-overlooked affair.  While many designers adhere to the: “beauty sells” policy and center all their efforts, there’s still a question that stands above all others in the advertising world: “What sells better, art or design?”. Without further ado, hit play or keep scrolling to get Juulie’s perspective on design and why it is essential in business, but most importantly, why it is not the number one thing. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
November 27, 2019
Why Rich Media Is on the Rise – with Don Twine From Sinclair Broadcast Group
Don Twine is a Senior Digital Graphic Designer at Sinclair Broadcast Group, a leading media company and provider of local sports and news. Founded in 1986, the company boasts around 191 television stations, in 89 US markets, producing and delivering content via multiple platforms, including the digital environment. Don has more than 20 years of experience working in the design industry, so it's safe to say that he has seen many trends come and go. In this episode, we wanted to pick his brains on design advertising best practices, trends, and forecasts. Whether you are a designer, marketer, or a small business owner, below you can find some useful advice. The Drag & Drop Show is a podcast series by (formerly known as Bannersnack).
November 13, 2019
Trailer: The Drag & Drop Show
Introducing The Drag & Drop Show, a new podcast by Creatopy (formerly known as Bannersnack) that aims to inspire creatives and critical thinkers working in various industries to make the right moves and achieve their goals. Every other Wednesday, we’ll be putting out a new podcast episode featuring real stories, from real people that have one thing in common: they are all on top of their game. From art, design, and creativity to tested and tried strategies, business advice, and actionable ideas, all the topics discussed in the show are chosen to inspire. We are aware of how diverse our audience is, therefore we focused on producing something for everyone. Available wherever you get your podcasts.
October 07, 2019