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08 - Catch-Up Hour: Dragon Quest IV and VI

An episode of Dragon Quest FM

By BJ Keeton and Austin King
Let's talk about Dragon Quest. The 33-year-old JRPG series has its hooks in us, and we're okay with that. Austin is playing through the whole series and blogging about it, and Beej is discovering and adoring the series right on his heels. From metal slime hunting to beautiful art books to trying to fiddle with a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, we are having an amazing adventure with the series, and we want to share that with you.

Like all Geek to Geek shows, we keep a clean rating. DQ is about fun for us, and if you can play DQ with your kiddos, you can listen to our Dragon Quest Podcast with them too
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22 - Fresh, Hot Ports
This week, we’re talking about the many ports of Dragon Quest games! It’s a special request episode from our Patreon patron, Ty Robertson. We’re talking about our favorite (and least favorite) DQ ports, from GBC to DS to mobile to Switch. Whether your flavor is DQIII on the GBC or the new Switch one or even DQ8 on mobile, we want to talk about what these various ports bring to the DQ table.  Thanks to Patreon patreon Ty Robertson for the show topic idea! Twitter: https://twitter.com/dragonquestfm Home: https://dragonquest.fm Patreon: https://patreon.com/dragonquestfm
October 18, 2019
21 - The One with Sackchief
This week, we sit down with Dragon Quest superfan Sackchief to discuss the series, video games, and gas stations! Along the way, we discuss favorite characters, mainline games, and play Desert Island. We also talk about Sackchief’s two autographed Yuji Horii posters, Austin’s wife’s “gas station glow,” and elevator pitches. Links: https://www.youtube.com/sackchief Twitter: https://twitter.com/sackchief Discord for Dragon Quest Inn: https://discordapp.com/invite/VCJdXhW Sackchief Central: https://discord.gg/AQGhnvf
October 11, 2019
20-Dragon Quest Austin: Echoes of an Elusive Beej
This week, Austin is talking about Dragon Quest all by himself, since B.J. is in Mexico on a business trip. For the first half of the show, Austin talks about all the times he missed out on playing DQ as a kid, in a section called "Missed Connections." Like in newspapers, get it? Then, he talks about finally playing his first Dragon Quest game and what led him to play every mainline DQ game in a single year. In the second half, Austin gives his Top 5 Reasons for Loving Dragon Quest! Along the way, you'll meet the new (somewhat creepy) co-host Beejpillow, get to listen to Austin's B.J. impression, and hear about a cool poster from artist Jeff Wiggins in the community spotlight segment. Link to slime posters: https://maridia.co/
October 4, 2019
19 - DQXI S - "Best Demo Ever Made"
This week, we’ve got a 99% spoiler-free rundown of the Dragon Quest XI S demo. Whether you’ve played the demo already or are on the fence about buying the game yourself, we’re talking about all the ways DQ XI is a great game, and WHY you should be playing it. And today is the day it releases for Switch worldwide! Woohoo! We answer questions like “Why is XI S better than XI?” and “Why is the XI S demo the greatest demo of all time?” Then we share our personal experiences from the demo, talk about our different playstyles, and wrap everything up with a nice reflection on the series and the game itself. Affiliate link for DQ XI S: https://amzn.to/2nj1jzf
September 27, 2019
18 - Final Fantasy vs Dragon Quest - "Crystals, crystals, crystals!"
This week, we’ve got a special episode for our Patreon patron, Ty. We have a thoughtful and friendly discussion about Final Fantasy versus Dragon Quest. We thought it’d be cool to compare numbered Final Fantasy games to its DQ counterparts. We’re both Final Fantasy fans as well, so it was cool to get to discuss I-XI and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Along the way, we talk about familiar tropes in each series, how the games influenced one another at different times, and which games within the series we find overrated (and underrated). We also talk about the cool Dragon Quest XI body art Austin’s aunt did (link is below), and then it’s back to discussing some of our favorite characters from each series, and why we love the games we do. Purple People Painter on Facebook and Instagram:  https://www.facebook.com/purplepeoplepainters/photos/a.132841073487842/2128230713948858/?type=3&theater https://www.instagram.com/p/B2hqOpEAceU/ Boss Fights Book on Final Fantasy V: https://amzn.to/30gZkOT
September 20, 2019
17 - Dragon Quest Monsters+ Manga - "This is our spiteful manga episode!"
Just in time for the new release of Dragon Quest Monsters + Volume 4, which releases in English on September 17th, we’re bringing you an episode all about DQ Manga! We’ve been talking about it for a while, and now it’s finally here! For today, we’re mostly just talking about the Dragon Quest Monsters + manga, but we hope to do an episode on things like Emblem of Roto and others later on. We really love Dragon Quest Monsters + (especially Austin), so this episode is really just us trying to get more people to read it. Because of that, we try to avoid any major plot spoilers or character spoilers. We start off by giving a brief synopsis of the series, and then talking about what makes it so great. We also answer questions like “What if I don’t like manga?” and “What’s the series even about?” Along the way, we bring up other manga series like Sgt. Frog, Dragon Quest e no Michi (Road to Dragon Quest), and Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger. Toward the end, we discuss some cute DQ charms (you can find the link at the bottom), DQM+ callbacks to the mainline Dragon Quest series, Austin’s only complaint with the manga, and how Austin wishes Taco Bell would sponsor them. We’ve also provided an affiliate link to Volume 1 of DQM+, so if you haven’t read it already and would like to,help us out by clicking the link below and buying it! DQM+ Manga, Volume 1:  https://amzn.to/2LXiMX1 Emblem of Roto: https://mangarock.com/manga/mrs-serie-64915 DQ Hero Charms: https://konohakairi.storenvy.com/products/28637192-dragon-quest-hero-charms
September 13, 2019
16 - DQ Builders 2, Part 3: Austin Goes to Hell (Moonbrooke) - "I hate you, and you're gonna live in the snow."
Don't miss our Patron-exclusive minisodes at patreon.com/dragonquestfm This will be our final episode (for now) on the wonderful Dragon Quest Builders 2! If you haven’t listened to our previous two episodes about the game, be sure to check those out (episodes (9 and 10). Today, we’re talking about the final parts of the game and our final thoughts. Fair warning: there are a few spoilers ahead! We begin our discussion by talking about Skelketraz, prison break movies, and being buddies with a slime. Then, we’re away to Moonbrooke, which Austin hated with a fiery purple passion; however, B.J. disliked it but still had some fun while he was there. We air out a few of our complaints with the game during this portion, then it’s on to happier stuff! After the break, you can hear our thoughts on Malhalla, building a spaceship, and having monsters as friends. We also talk about sandbox games in general, and which ones we’ve played and enjoyed. This leads into our discussion on the post-game, which B.J. is still playing and Austin has yet to play much. And stick around for the end, where we say our final thoughts on the game and whether or not we recommend it to people. Plus, remember that we have our first-ever Bonus Minisode up on Patreon for all of our patrons to listen to. No matter your tier, you can enjoy our bonus episodes exclusively for our Patreon members. This bonus episode covers all of our favorites on Dragon Quest Builders 2, from our favorite island to our favorite NPCs and more! Plus, find out B.J.’s very strong feelings about the new announcement that slimes are edible and taste like limes!
September 6, 2019
15 - Dragon Quest Rocket Slime - Patreon Request Episode
This week, we’re talking about the Dragon Quest spin-off game Rocket Slime! This a special episode, because the topic was chosen by one of our Patreon Patrons, DJPimpDaddy! As part of our Metal Slime tier, you can choose a topic for us to discuss, and this was his. So thanks for your support, and thanks for encouraging us to play Rocket Slime because it’s delightful! Before we get into that, we just want to remind everyone that the demo for Dragon Quest XI S is now available to download on Switch, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. We begin our discussion of Rocket Slime by talking about the story, the quirky characters, and the different gameplay mechanics. We also bring up the other games in the Slime spin-off series, including Rocket Slime 3, which recently got a fan translation into English. Then, we talk about all the ways Rocket Slime relates to other games in the mainline series (especially Dragon Quest VIII). We spend a few minutes talking about the graphics and how they remind us of classic SNES games like Yoshi’s Island, and then we debate the various tank battle strategies you can use. After that, we discuss the mini-games and extras that Rocket Slime has to offer! Austin: @_austin_king | BJ: @professorbeej | slack.geektogeekmedia.com | discord.geektogeekmedia.com
August 31, 2019
14 - Dragon Quest Swords - "IGN Gave Us Stockholm Syndrome"
Welcome to Episode 14 of Dragon Quest FM! This week we’re talking about Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, which was released on the Nintendo Wii in 2007. For a game that’s 12 years old, it’s fun and looks pretty. When B.J. was in town with Austin, we decided to play it together. But we only had about 24 hours to speedrun the whole thing, which was tricky. Thus, the Journey to Beat Dragon Quest Swords in a Single Weekend Began! This is a very dramatic story full of struggle, love, frustration, and...success? Failure? You’ll find out. Early in the episode, we also discuss the new demo for Dragon Quest XI S, coming out for Switch on September 27th, and the new location Tickington and the creatures known officially now as Tockles. We talk about the characters, the story, and the graphics. We also talk about the odd gameplay (for a Dragon Quest game, anyway), since it’s all first person POV and a dungeon crawler, which neither of us knew until we played it. Then, we move straight into a play-by-play of our attempt to beat Dragon Quest Swords in a very short period of time. We discuss the obstacles of having Austin’s kids in the room at the same time, how B.J. almost missed his flight because of the game, and how our arms are super tired now. Buy DQ Swords: https://amzn.to/2Lba334 Support us on Patreon: https://patreon.com/dragonquestfm
August 23, 2019
13 - So Happy Together - Live Listener Q&A - "We are in the same room!"
Do you hear that noise? It’s high-fiving! Because for the first time in the (admittedly short) history of Dragon Quest FM, B.J. and Austin are together! In the same room! We cover lots of questions, from talking about our Dragon Quest XII hopes, to a list of our favorites: monsters, bosses, and towns! We also go down a dark road and discuss what might happen to the series when Toriyama or Horii pass away. B.J. talks about Star Wars, nerds out over Ewan McGregor, and freaks out over the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show that is (probably) happening. How does this all tie into Dragon Quest? You'll have to listen to find out! @dragonquestfm on Twitter, or personally as @_austin_king or @professorbeej
August 17, 2019
12 - Dragon Quest News and Announcements - "Moonwalk right out the door"
This past week, we got tons of Dragon Quest news! We got heroes in Smash, the release of Dragon Quest Your Story in Japan, some news about DQ X that makes us want to cry, and some exciting updates about Dragon Quest XI S! First, let’s talk about the Heroes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Neither of us really play Smash, but we’re really excited for all of you who do.  --RNG --Thwack --Petitions to not let heroes into tournaments? Wtf? --BJ wants to GameFly smash and buy the DQ stuff for under 10 bucks just to play it --Might do this or get a used copy when he goes to see Austin next week Then it’s on to Dragon Quest XI S! --There’s a demo coming, although no release date has been given. --The save file transfers over, and you get a Skill Seed for transferring data --”The One Desceded from Erdrick” premium hero card in DQ Rivals (which is in Japanese) --Confirmed that we can visit DQ X as one of the past worlds --Erik gets a new outfit, it’s the “North Leather Style” from the manga by Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail). The manga debuts on August 21st. It’s just a one-off.  --It’s redeemed from a code that comes with a book (haven’t announced what the book is yet) (maybe some hardcover edition of the manga? Since it premieres in an issue of V-Jump magazine??? --SE confirmed a harder version of Draconian Quest where all the party have Shypox. SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION Patreon.com/dragonquestfm Announce our Upcoming Q&A episode! Email us at social at dragonquest dot fm or tweet it to us or leave us a message at https://anchor.fm/dragonquest/messages Dragon Quest Your Story was released in Japan --Spoiler discussion on the Dragon Quest Inn Discord - https://discord.gg/xtVqZtX --People dislike the ending --We both know the ending but still want to watch the movie. Lastly, we wanted to put the spotlight on Dragon’s Den for a moment.  --Woodus.com (Dragon’s Den) is a great fan site all about Dragon Quest. It’s been around since 1997!   --Many of you listening will know about it already and probably visit it quite often. Woodus and the Dragon’s Den group do a great job within the community, and we wanted to give them a nice shout out today. --Also, they have a personality quiz--where you can see which DQ character you are. So, B.J. is going to take the test really quickly, and then we’re going to discuss it. Lolz. --Austin always gets Nevan. He’s gonna retake it alongside B.J. and see if it’s Nevan again. Contact us  @dragonquestfm on Twitter, or personally as @_austin_king or @professorbeej
August 9, 2019
11 - Dragon Quest 2 (Listener's Choice)
This week, we’re talking about Dragon Quest 2! We had a listener poll, and this is the topic you chose. A HUGE thanks to everyone who voted. We’re going to be holding another poll soon, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. We’re going to be discussing the game in-depth (plus the game is, like, 30 years old), so there will be some SPOILERS ahead. For those of you who haven’t played the game, Austin gives a brief synopsis at the beginning of the episode. He played the mobile version, and B.J. has played bits of both the GameBoy Color and mobile versions. After that, we run through the main characters and discuss the perks (and pitfalls) of having three people in your party. From the weird AI in the mobile version to the many deaths of the Prince of Cannock, we have a long discussion about all the great--and not so great--things DQ2 has to offer! Then, it’s time to talk about all the times Austin almost quit playing the game--but how he’s glad he beat it. Sunken Treasure, the Cave of Rendarak, and the final battle with Malroth--we talk about it all! Then, listen to why Austin feels respect for the game now, and also thinks of the game as his...little brother?!? That doesn’t sound right. How can a video game be like a little brother? You’ll have to listen to find out! patreon.com/dragonquestfm
August 2, 2019
10 - Dragon Quest Builders 2, Part Deux - "Just exploding and pooping hearts"
Support DQFM on Patreon! Once again this week, B.J. and Austin have both been playing tons of Dragon Quest Builders 2, so we’re doing a quick follow-up episode. Once again, we’re keeping it as free of story spoilers as possible and instead focusing mostly on gameplay and our experiences.  Austin was also sick this week, so B.J. does a lot of the talking. We also discuss Austin’s weird reaction to cold medicines. Like, seriously, why does he react that way? We talk about the second island in Builders 2, Khrumbul Dun; it’s a mining town, so we weigh the pros and cons of that. Plus, we talk about our favorite new armor and swords we’ve found, new monsters, and rare artifacts. Hang around until the end, where we share our thoughts on the game’s bosses, which of the first islands is the best, and any frame rate issues we may have encountered. Yes, Austin finally found some. B.J. still hasn’t had any issues, but he’s playing on the Switch with it docked. You can find links to the game right here: Dragon Quest Builders or Dragon Quest Builders 2 Where To Find us We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show’s account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at DragonQuestAustin.com And don’t forget to join our #dragon-quest channel on the GGMN Discord!
July 26, 2019
09 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 Initial Impressions
Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm It’s our early impressions of Dragon Quest Builders 2! We’ll have no real story spoilers in this episode, since the game is so new. Anything we discuss story-wise is something you could see in the promotional materials before the game’s release. Today, we’ll mostly be talking about gameplay mechanics, side quests, and just things we liked with the game. We discuss the poll results for our August 2nd episode, as well as our reactions to those poll results and something we’re totally gonna call “The Spiteful Manga Episode.” Some highlights of our discussion include: the ways Builders 2 is better than the first game,  mini-medal puzzles, NPCs forming lines to poop, and hunting for rare artifacts! Plus, listen to Austin have serious trouble with pressing a button and getting the Bottomless Pot to work correctly. You’ll also hear our thoughts on the Switch version (which is the version we played). Spoiler: it runs great on Switch and we love it! If you haven’t bought the game already and are interested, just click on these links below: Dragon Quest Builders or Dragon Quest Builders 2 Where to Find Us We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show’s account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at DragonQuestAustin.com And don't forget to join our #dragon-quest channel on the Geek to Geek Discord!
July 23, 2019
08 - Catch-Up Hour: Dragon Quest IV and VI
 Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm  This week, what started out as a special Dragon Quest Catch-Up Episode, where Austin and B.J. talk about where they are in the DQ games they’re currently playing, turns into a Zenithia Trilogy episode because B.J. is playing DQ IV and Austin just finished DQ VI.  First, B.J. talks about getting stuck in the Alena chapter of IV and how much he dislikes random enemy encounters nowadays. We also talk about the accents and dialects in IV, and how they can sometimes make it difficult to understand what the characters are saying. Then, it’s off to Dragon Quest VI, where Austin is fresh off his victory against the superboss, Nokturnus. Was it worth it? Maybe? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also discuss VI’s postgame, characters, and a few vocations. Then, Austin defends the game for a while. (And on his blog, too.) And stick around, because if the bad puns aren’t enough to have you groaning, Austin and B.J. start talking about the phonetics of DQ titles. Are you snoring yet? Don’t worry. We get back to the games quickly enough.  Editor's Note: B.J. would also like to note that during the editing process, he realizes they mistakenly refer to assonance as alliteration. They are ashamed, the former English teachers that they are. Please forgive them.  There’s also a fun Shameless Self Promotion™ segment, a kinda-sorta theme song, and a fun poll you can take part in by voting @DragonQuestFM on Twitter! Where to Find Us We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at DragonQuestAustin.com
July 11, 2019
07 - Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2
Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm In this week’s episode of DQFM, we discuss Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2, originally released on the PS4. We discuss the difference in play styles, NPCs, and even towns from the mainline series. (Airship vs Courtyard. We all know which one is cooler, right?) Which Heroes game is better? Austin has fond memories of the first one and thinks it’s the best. B.J. agrees, but thinks DQH2 still has a lot of good things to offer. We also do a character comparison between the two games, discussing the Heroes brought in from mainline DQ games as well as the original Heroes that are created for the DQH games to give them their own flavor.  We go off on a few random tangents (of course), where we talk about Dragon Quest VIII, and that Seth Green commercial for Dragon Quest IX from, like, ten years ago? Austin remembers it fondly (or at least he remembers it), but B.J. is completely ignorant of it. We're sure it's on the internet somewhere. We briefly discuss Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, but B.J. starts losing his voice. A lot. And fast. In this episode, you can listen to it all in real time. Hear him go from sounding like a normal (as normal as he gets, anyway) person to sounding like a weird, chain-smoking cartoon character. He sounds like a cartoon character pretty often, but this is a whole new level. You have to listen to see this. You'll love it. We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at DragonQuestAustin.com
July 5, 2019
06 - Dragon Quest: Your Story and Playing "Who Said It? Dr. Agon or BJ?"
Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm This week, we’re discussing the latest Dragon Quest Your Story trailer and poster! Austin and B.J. are both excited for the movie, but they’re approaching it differently. Austin has played Dragon Quest V, the game that the movie is based on, while B.J. has only played through the intro. Because of this, they discuss whether Trailer #2 actually had spoilers, as someone who played the game versus someone who hasn’t. They also talk about the poster, and whether or not a certain character’s presence on the poster is actually a spoiler. We think it is. Maybe. Probably. Lastly, we have a brief discussion on Dragon Quest V and the character of Dr. Agon, who’s a lot like B.J. So much, in fact, that we finally get around to playing  the game we like to call “Dr. Agon or B.J.” Austin’s wife, Grace, shows up to play. There are about 20 words and phrases that have been said by either B.J., Dr. Agon, or both. Can she get them all right? For that matter, can B.J. even get them all right? Can you? You can subscribe to our email list at DragonQuest.FM, follow us on Twitter at @dragonquestfm and see all of the other amazing content on our network at GeekToGeekMedia.com
June 28, 2019
05 - Dragon Quest 1 - "You are embarrassing, and I am a stick in the mud"
 Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm  This week, Austin and B.J. explore early JRPGs and also talk about the first Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the West). First, they discuss the different versions of the game. B.J. played the NES version when he was a kid, thought he beat it, but has been really been living a lie--he only got halfway through the game! We talk about the graphics, music, and why we think the game wasn’t initially successful in the States. Austin played the mobile version and is replaying it right now. He talks about the various pros (and cons) related to playing the classic game on mobile. The Quick Save function is a very nice addition that makes playing DQI easier. He also really, really, REALLY dislikes the torches mechanic in the game. Be sure to listen to him repeat this fact, like, a dozen times. They also talk about the Gameboy Color version, which neither has played yet...although, B.J. plans on playing the GBC version whenever he goes through the Erdrick Trilogy. Publicly shame him for not playing the Edrick Trilogy yet. But do it nicely. Lastly, we discuss early JRPGs and even try to track down what’s really the first. And what really defines a game as JRPG anyway? Plus, we talk about the book The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers by S. M. G. Szczepaniak, which shares some interesting stories from those early days of Japanese gaming.  You can find links to some of the things we talked about in the show right here: Link to the book: https://amzn.to/2WfVFyz The Dragon and Princess: https://www.giantbomb.com/the-dragon-princess/3030-42510/ Dark Age of JRPGs: http://blog.hardcoregaming101.net/2013/04/dark-age-of-jrpgs-dragon-princess-1982.html
June 21, 2019
04 - Post-E3 DQ Thoughts
 Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm  Last episode, we went through our pre-E3 hopes and dreams. This week, we come back to reality and talk about what we got right, what we got wrong, and all of the great stuff that happened regardless.
June 12, 2019
03 - Our Pre-E3 Show, or The One Where All of BJ's Dreams are Destroyed by Austin
 Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm  E3 is just around the corner, and we wanted to talk about some of the most important things for us. From Dragon Quest X to XII to what we hope they let us see in DQ XI S for the Switch. Beej hits Dragon Quest Walk right on the nose before it was even announced (this was recorded prior to it), and Austin dashes his hopes that we will see an English localization of DQ Rivals for mobile devices. We also wonder about just what Pokemon Sleep is all about because we are totally not the target audience, and we want someone to let us in on why it's going to be awesome. Because we want in on it, too. We discuss the relationship between Nintendo and Square Enix and how that is coloring our expectations for E3 this year. Plus we reminisce about how great it was when KH3 and FFXV were first shown and how we hope that Dragon Quest XII at least gets a logo or small trailer announcement. Especially since they've said it was being planned, despite Horii-san having said that it was a long, long way away. But even with that in mind, we totally want to see a logo and a couple seconds of music. Don't you? Of course you do. And what Pre-E3 dreams episode would be complete without tangents about Dragon Quest Builders, the Final Fantasy VII Remake, some Zelda thoughts, and some of Austin making fun of Beej because he talks like Dr. Agon and uses the word Druthers.  Let us know what you're looking for this E3, folks! We'll be back after the shows next week to talk about what we got, where we were right, where we were wrong, and how many of BJ's Dreams Austin truly dashed. What About You? You have hopes and dreams for E3 2019, too! Send us a voice message at https://anchor.fm/dragonquest/message and tell us and maybe you'll get featured in the upcoming post-E3 episode! Thanks for listening! Where You Can Find Us: We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM.   Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at DragonQuestAustin.com, and Beej can be heard podcasting on the Geek to Geek Podcast every single week. Dragon Quest FM is a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network
June 7, 2019
02 - Dragon Quest XI: Journey Through the Gazillion Versions
Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm  Dragon Quest XI has experienced incredible success in the West, and there is good cause for that. It takes the DQ formula that has worked for over 33 years and hones it into what many people say might be the best in the series. Unlike previous Dragon Quest games, though, DQXI has released on multiple platforms at launch, instead of getting remasters and remakes over the years. In Japan, a PS4 and Nintendo 3DS version were released (sans voice acting). and in North America and the rest of the world, a PS4 and PC version were released (with voice acting). In 2019, a Nintendo Switch version is coming out to combine the various editions and their unique qualities across the regions into a Definitive Edition. Beej and Austin have, between them, played each and every version currently available. Well, scratch that: they haven't played the Japanese PS4 version. But other than that.  So in this episode, they talk about what it was like to experience the game on the various consoles, why each console felt unique, what they were missing, and just why we don't have more Sylvando already, darling. The true heart of the episode, however, is when they discuss curling up on the couch with a brand new Liquid Metal Slime 2DS, translating DQXI from Japanese using the Google Translate's real-time tool, and giggled and oohed and ahhed like they were 12 year old boys again. Because Dragon Quest has that effect on all of us, we think. And DQXI might have it even more than that.  What About You? And we know you have opinions on this, too! So send us a voice message at https://anchor.fm/dragonquest/message and tell us your thoughts on DQXI , and maybe you'll get featured in an upcoming episode! Thanks for listening! Where You Can Find Us: We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM.   Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at DragonQuestAustin.com, and Beej can be heard podcasting on the Geek to Geek Podcast every single week. Dragon Quest FM is a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network
May 31, 2019
01 - What Dragon Quest Game Should You Start With?
 Support DQFM on Patreon at patreon.com/dragonquestfm  Dragon Quest is 33-years-old. Some of you have been there since the very beginning. BJ, for instance, played the Nintendo Power Giveaway version of Dragon Warrior all the way back in 1989. And others like Austin became mega-fans after being exposed in 2016 or so. No matter when you come to DQ, what matters is what you're here. Or almost here. We get asked a lot about which Dragon Quest game you should start with? Should you start with DQXI because it's the newest one? What about DQVIII because it's one of the most well-known and well-beloved? Or should you, like many suggest, start all the way back at the beginning and play Dragon Quest I-III before moving into the more modern games. While there's no right or wrong answer to that, we take the time to sit down and talk about how we came to the series, what made us love it so much, and what titles we think are good places to start in the series. More important than that, we talk about why you should start there. Because we can see merit in a lot of different places for a lot of different reasons. We love the series, and we don't think there is any bad place to dig in. But we do think there are better choices for some people over others. If someone has never played a JRPG before, but has a lot of experience with modern consoles...they might not be the right fit for DQ1 right off the bat. But if someone has a hard time going backward from games that have improved systems, maybe they should start with 1. Or even VIII since XI improves so much on it. Regardless of where you fall about where to start playing DQ, I think we can all agree on one thing: people should play Dragon Quest. No matter where you start, we think you'll fall in love. And we know you have opinions on this, too! So send us a voice message at https://anchor.fm/dragonquest/message and tell us which one and why, and maybe you'll get featured in an upcoming episode! Thanks for listening! We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM.   Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at DragonQuestAustin.com, and Beej can be heard podcasting on the Geek to Geek Podcast every single week. Dragon Quest FM is a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network
May 28, 2019
00 - Why We're Doing a Podcast on Dragon Quest
 Support DQFM in just 3 clicks!  We have wanted to do a Dragon Quest podcast for some time, and we decided to finally do it. There needs to be a lot more DQ content out there, and we want to be a part of that conversation. Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at DragonQuestAustin.com, and Beej is working his way through them at a slightly slower pace.  We love the DQ community, and we want to be friends with all of you. Let's get together, talk about things we love, and have a goo-reat time while we goo it. Ehhh? See what I did there? This is Episode Zero of the show, where we want to introduce ourselves a bit, talk about our reasoning behind the show, and what you folks can expect. Give it a listen, tell your friends, and please subscribe. If you want, you can sign up for our email list at DragonQuest.FM so that you can be notified when the full season gets underway. We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. 
May 27, 2019
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