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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

By BJ Keeton and Austin King
Let's talk about and obsess over Dragon Quest!
The 35-year-old JRPG series has its hooks in us, and we're okay with that. Austin played through the whole series in a single year and is blogging about it, and Beej is discovering and adoring the series right on his heels. From character spotlights to deep dives into mainline games and more, we hang out each week to rave about Dragon Quest and celebrate the series!

Like all Geek to Geek shows, we try to keep a clean rating. DQ is about fun for us, and if you can play DQ with your kiddos, you can listen to our Dragon Quest podcast with them too!
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S4 E35 - Dragon Quest Dai: Infinity Strash News & Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Final Spoilercast
This week, we cover a lot of ground. We kick things off discussing the latest TGS news of the upcoming Dragon Quest Dai: Infinity Strash game releasing next year and also chat about the Suikoden remasters. Then, it's discussing the final parts of XBC 3 (major spoilers). Also, Austin raves about Trails From Zero. Lots of JRPG goodness to go around!
September 23, 2022
S4 E34 - Dragon Quest Treasures & Other JRPGs We're Pumped For In 2022 (Tokyo Game Show Special)
This week, it's Tokyo Game Show and TGS means lots of JRPG goodness for us to enjoy. We talk a lot about Dragon Quest Treasures, plus other games we're excited for like Trails From Zero, Star Ocean 6, Valkyrie Elysium, and Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Reunion.  You can find the Dragon Quest Scan Battlers post here. You can support this podcast by visiting
September 16, 2022
S4 E33 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Part Deux: The Second One
This week, we talk quite a bit about the middle parts of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (with some Ch. 4&5 spoilers). We also talk about Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and...penguins in D&D??? It's a lot, but it's mostly on XBC 3. You can support this podcast by visiting
September 09, 2022
S4 E32 - Xenoblade Chronicles 3 FM (First Impressions)
This week, we take a short break from Dragon Quest to talk about our first impressions of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Don't worry, we still about Dragon Quest too (as well as games like Final Fantasy 12 and Xenogears). This is a 99% spoiler-free episode over the first few chapters in XBC 3.  You can support this podcast by visiting
September 02, 2022
S4 E31 - Torneko: The Last Hope & Other Dragon Quest Games We'll Never Beat
This week, we talk a lot about Torneko: The Last Hope (which we played together recently) and then about Dragon Quest games we'll never be able to beat. Plus, we share your answers from Twitter about which DQ games you'd like to beat but just can't! You can support this podcast by visiting
August 26, 2022
S4 E30 - History Of Dragon Quest Supercut (Every Episode! AHHHH!)
This week, please enjoy our super-est supercut of The History of Dragon Quest, which is all 8 episodes back-to-back-to-back-to-back (you see where we're going with this). It's over 4 hours of Dragon Quest talk! If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
August 12, 2022
S4 E29 - Good & Evil In Dragon Quest
This week, we're discussing good and evil in ALL the Dragon Quest games - from Corvus and Psaro to the Chosen One archetype and getting to be a hero. Plus, plenty of the weirdness you (hopefully) like. You can support this podcast by visiting
August 05, 2022
S4 E28 - Time Travel - Dragon Quest VII, DQ11, Live A Live, and More!
This week, Austin started playing Live A Live so we decided to do an episode on time travel - from DQ 7 and DQ 11 to games like Chrono Trigger - and movies and books too! Plus, a whole lotta other stuff! You can support this podcast by visiting
July 29, 2022
S4 E27 - The History Of Dragon Quest (Part 8 - The Last One) - Dragon Quest XI and a TON of Spin-offs
This week, we conclude the history of Dragon Quest (so far, at least) by talking about DQ 11, the many spin-offs we've gotten in the last decade, and what's next with DQ Treasures, DQ12, and the DQ 3 Remake! You can support this podcast by visiting
July 22, 2022
S4 E26 - History of Dragon Quest (Part 7) - DQ 9, DQ 10, MMOs, and Adam Sandler For Some Reason
This week, we're continuing out history of Dragon Quest and we've finally gotten up to DQ9 and DQ10. Plus, we discuss what Adam Sandler has to do with any of this, the legendary Masayuki Map, how DQ9 was like Pokémon GO, and a whole lot more! You can support this podcast by visiting
July 15, 2022
S4 E25 - DQFM Classics - Our Favorite Dragon Quest Spin-offs
This week, B.J. was out of town and Austin was sick. But since Dragon Quest Treasures got a release of December 9 (yay!), it seemed like an excellent time to rerun our episode on our favorite Dragon Quest spin-off games.  You can support this podcast by visiting
July 01, 2022
S4 E24 - How To Get Someone You Love To Love Dragon Quest
This week, it's another patron-inspired episode about how to get someone you love into Dragon Quest. We talk about which DQ game is best to start with, but also which DQ game is best to start with depending on someone's favorite genre. Plus, a whole bunch of other stuff.  You can support this podcast by visiting
June 24, 2022
S4 E23 - Dragon Quest XI & Symbolism - All About Hendrik & Jasper
This week, it's one of our Patreon patron request episodes! We're talking about Hendrik, Jasper, and symbolism in Dragon Quest XI. It's the first in a few episodes we've got planned on symbolism in DQ. Plus, we also talk about the Joker and Lady Gaga, but you gotta listen to find out why! You can support this podcast by visiting
June 17, 2022
S4 E22 - History of Dragon Quest Part 6 - DQ8, Level-5, and Akihiro Hino
This week, we're discussing Dragon Quest 8, which means lots of stuff on Level-5 and Akihiro Hino. Plus, how the FF12 demo helped DQ 8 sell, stuff about Fantasy Life and Rogue Galaxy, and a whole lot more! You can support this podcast by visiting
June 10, 2022
S4 E21 - Dragon Quest Day Afterparty - DQ Treasures, DQ Builders On Mobile, and More!
This week, we talk about the announcements of the 36th Anniversary, which includes DQ Treasures and Builders on mobile. Plus, a whole lotta other nonsense because you know how we are. You can support this podcast by visiting
June 03, 2022
S4 E20 - Dragon Quest Day 2022 - What Are We Gettin'?
Surprise! This week's episode is up a little earlier than we planned! This week, we make our predictions for what announcements we hope to see for Dragon Quest's 36th Anniversary. Spoiler alert: We aren't super optimistic. But we still have a (mostly) good time anyway. You can support this podcast at
May 26, 2022
S4 E19 - The History of Dragon Quest Part 5 - Giga Pets, DQ Monsters, & Dragon Warrior VII
We're back! This week, we're continuing our look into the history of Dragon Quest, focusing on DQ7 and Enix in the late '90s and early '00s. Plus, a lot about KFC Pokémon merch, Giga Pets, and the Squaresoft/Enix merger. It's good to be back!
May 20, 2022
S4 E18 - DQFM Classics: The Questy Boys and Chrono Trigger (Brought to you by Being Sick and the Letters U, G, and H)
Austin and BJ are super sick this week. get to listen to the Questy Boys. Have fun, and we will be back as soon as our bodies quit rebelling against us! The original episode and show notes can be found here:
May 13, 2022
S4 E17 - DQFM Classics: Dragon Quest XI - Sylvando Character Spotlight
This week, B.J. is still gone for work, but we've got another classic episode for you - one all about our favorite Dragon Quest character, Sylvando. Plus, you can learn about  how Sylvando's voice actor, Shai Matheson, is helping raise money for Ukraine and the Red Cross.  You can find all the details on In The Game For Ukraine by clicking here. And if you've never read Austin's interview with Shai, then you can find that here.
May 06, 2022
S4 E16 - DQFM Classics: Dragon Quest & Religion
This week, B.J. is still out of town for work, so we're sharing one of our favorite episodes from 2020 - all about Dragon Quest and religion. We hope you enjoy it and will see y'all next week for more DQ goodness!
April 29, 2022
S4 E15 - DQFM Classics: Yuji Horii's Life With Dan From Game Apartment 1C
This week, DQFM is on a short hiatus because B.J. is out of town for work. So, since we've been covering the History of Dragon Quest, it seemed like the perfect time to repost our episode on Yuji Horii's life with Dan Howard from Game Apartment 1C.  Remember you can help support this podcast by visiting
April 22, 2022
S4 E14 - Dragon Quest FM's 150th Episode Celebration - The Goo-lywed Game!
This week, we took a small break from our History of DQ episodes because it's our 150th episode! To celebrate, we play a Dragon Quest-y version of The Newlywed Game (which we call the Goo-lywed Game). Thanks to the folks who sent us questions and a big shoutout to all our listeners and Patreon patrons who've helped us reach the big 1-5-0 milestone!
April 15, 2022
S4 E13 - The History of Dragon Quest (Part Four) - Dragon Quest V & Koichi Nakamura's Departure
This week, we're mostly talking about Koichi Nakamura and Dragon Quest V, but we also discuss DQ 6, Chrono Trigger, and all the other stuff doing on with the DQ team in the early and mid '90s. Plus, way too much talk about animated films (we're sorry). You can support this podcast by visiting
April 08, 2022
S4 E12 - History of Dragon Quest (Part 3) - Dragon Quest III Becomes A Cultural Phenomenon
It's the third week of our look into the history of DQ, and this time we're discussing the cultural impact of Dragon Quest 3, Yuji Horii's plans for DQ4, and a whole lot more! Plus, some stuff on B.J.'s old radio show, Trails of Cold Steel IV, and other games! You can support this podcast by visiting Celebrate our 150th episode with us by visiting and leaving us a voice message!
April 01, 2022
S4 E11 - History of Dragon Quest (Part 2) - Dragon Quest Is A Hit, But Not In The West
This week, we're continuing our look into the history of the Dragon Quest series. This episode focuses mostly on Yuji Horii and the first DQ game, although there's some stuff about DQ2 and Dragon Warrior in the West as well. Plus, some stuff about Jurassic World and John Stamos that's only loosely related. If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
March 25, 2022
S4 E10 - History Of Dragon Quest (Part 1) - Everything Leading Up To Dragon Quest's Creation
This week, we're starting a looooong discussion about the history of Dragon Quest. Before DQ, there was Ultima and Wizardry, and before that there was D&D. Before that, there was Lord of the Rings, and before EVEN THAT, there was myth. Special shoutout to Sunny for answering our manga question from last week, and HUGE shoutout to all our patrons! You can support this podcast by visiting
March 18, 2022
S4 E9 - Dragon Quest Dai Manga Volume 1 Is Out Now!
This week, we finally have some new Dragon Quest stuff to love, thanks to the new release of the DQ Adventures of Dai manga! We also talk about some other manga series, the Dai anime and mobile game, and the movie Parasite for some reason.  You can support this podcast by visiting
March 11, 2022
S4 E8 - Blue Dragon ("Like Sakaguchi wrote Dragon Quest fan fiction")
This week, we're talking about the Dragon Quest game that isn't Dragon Quest at all - Blue Dragon, the really fun JRPG from Final Fantasy's Hironobu Sakaguchi and Akira Toriyama. It's not just the art that looks the same, though, there are a lot of mechanics and monsters that feel super Dragon Quest-y too. Plus, a little bit about the Dai manga (which we'll get to next week) and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.  You can support this podcast by visiting
March 04, 2022
S4 E7 - Remakes!
Remakes are everywhere now. DQ 3. FF7. Live A Live. So this week, we're talking about remakes, remasters, and everything in between. Plus, Austin almost starts talking in haikus and B.J. really, REALLY doesn't like splitting hairs over "retellings" versus "remakes."  You can support this podcast by visiting
February 25, 2022
S4 E6 - Romance In Dragon Quest ("Gemma is a bowl of fruit.")
It's Valentine's Day week, so this time around, we're discussing romance in the Dragon Quest series. From marriage options in XI S to choosing a bride in DQ5 and romancing a horse in DQ8, we (try) to cover it all. Plus, puff-puff! If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit Shoutout to all our new and current patrons! We love you!
February 18, 2022
S4 E5 - How Long To Beat Every Dragon Quest Game
This week, we sit down to discuss how long it would take to beat every mainline Dragon Quest game back-to-back. This was a fun one to explore, and you see how the various playthroughs can change how much time you spend in a game. This was based on a post Austin wrote earlier in the week, which you can read here.  You can support this podcast by visiting
February 11, 2022
S4 E4 - Final Fantasy 3 Vs. Dragon Quest 3 (Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!)
This week, we're talking about FF3 and DQ3, so there's obviously a lot of discussion about jobs. We also talk about the games' stories and characters, plus the impact each game had on their respective series. Plus, a really sad Pokémon story and a tangent about Final Fantasy XII. You can support this podcast by visiting
February 04, 2022
S4 E3 - Final Fantasy 2 Vs. Dragon Quest 2 ("Too many behemoths!")
This week, we're covering our memories of Dragon Quest 2 and FF2. From rooms with behemoths to hard-to-find treasure, we compare our experiences with these two games. DQFM - now with 50% more Malroth! You can support this podcast by visiting
January 28, 2022
S4 E2 - Final Fantasy 1 Vs. Dragon Quest 1 (We love them both!)
This week, we're returning to our FF vs. DQ series to explore the first entries in both the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. We like both of these games, so this is more of a comparison and exploration of the development behind each game rather than a "this one is better" scenario. From the music, artists, and game design, we talk about how both FF 1 and DQ 1 set up the rest of the series that came later on. Plus, some chat about upcoming games and other good stuff! If you'd like to support this podcast, you can visit
January 21, 2022
S4 E1 - Dragon Quest In 2022 (Catching Up After The Holidays)
We're back! And it's 2022! So, in this week's episode (and the first episode of Season 4!), we're discussing what fun things we did over the break - including playing FFXIV, D&D, and Pokémon BDSP - as well as the Dragon Quest news that came out while we were away. DQ X Offline delayed! Dragon Quest III Remake updates? Dai manga! As usual, we also chat about plenty of other stuff too. But you'll have to listen to find out what those things are!
January 14, 2022
S3 E50 - Dragon Quest Christmas & End of Year 2021
This week, we wrap up the 2021 year and holiday season by discussing buff Dragon Quest Santa, what YOU want from DQ for the holidays, and our top games of this year. Hear us chat (spoiler-free) about LEGO, Dungeons & Dragons, Tales of Arise, FFXIV: Endwalker, and a whole lot more. Happy Holidays, everyone, and we'll see you in 2022! You can support this podcast by visiting  Enjoy the episode? Please leave a review! 
December 24, 2021
S3 E49 - Dragon Quest Protagonists (Part Three: DQ 7 -11)
This week, we conclude our episodes on the Dragon Quest protagonists by talking about the main heroes of DQ 7 -11. Find out why DQ10's protagonist is both the worst AND best, why B.J. loves DQ9's hero so much, and a whole lot more!  Like this podcast? Please leave a review!  You can support this podcast by visiting
December 17, 2021
S3 E48 - Dragon Quest Protagonists (Part Two: The Zenithia Trilogy)
This week, we're continuing our discussion over Dragon Quest protagonists. We also pull some of your opinions from Twitter and chat about why DQ V's protagonist is so good, while DQ 4's protagonist looks like a swimsuit model from 1985, and more!
December 10, 2021
S3 E47 - Dragon Quest Protagonists (Part One: The Erdrick Trilogy)
This week, we're starting a look at all of Dragon Quest's protagonists by kicking off with the Erdrick Trilogy (DQ 1-3)! Plus, we answer a listener question, go off on some tangents on Ni No Kuni 2, and more!  You can help support this nonsense by visiting
December 03, 2021
S3 E46 - DQFM Classics: FFXIV Vs. Dragon Quest X
With FFXIV's Endwalker expansion arriving soon and Version 6 of Dragon Quest X out now, we decided it would be the perfect time to revisit our FFXIV Vs. DQ10 episode. We'll be back next week to start exploring DQ protagonists and talking about Dragon Quest III a bunch. Happy Thanksgiving! 
November 26, 2021
S3 E45 - SMTFM - "Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Helped Me With SMT V"
This week, Austin and B.J. are discussing SMT V. Don't worry, there's no spoilers because B.J. hasn't played it yet either. We also talk about ways it's similar to the Dragon Quest series (of course) and why playing Monsters Joker 2 helped Austin in SMT. Plus, some stuff about Squid Game, Tales of Arise, and a Mariah Carey Christmas movie. 
November 19, 2021
S3 44 - Dungeons & Dragons and Dragon Quest
This week, Beej is sick so his voice sounds like the dude from Sling Blade, but we recorded an episode anyway! You can listen to us discuss the Dragon Quest-inspired D&D livestream we did last week, as well as some of the history behind D&D and Dragon Quest!
November 12, 2021
S3 E43 - Dragon Quest Halloween 2021 - Ghost With The Most
This week, Austin and B.J. talk about Dragon Quest ghosts for the Halloween episode! Plus, we talk about some real-life spooky stuff like haunted dolls, haunted farms, and more stuff we're getting too scared about to write down here. We also discuss Muppets Haunted Mansion, Breath of Fire 2, and the comfiest undies ever!
October 29, 2021
S3 E42 - Dragon Quest Mysteries 4: Questy Boys 4 Life
This week, the Questy Boys return to solve more Dragon Quest mysteries and explore some DQ fan theories. Ever wondered if Chalky and Rab are the same person? How about the story behind the twins who guard Ramia in DQ3? Are Zenithians and Celestrians the same? Is Don Rodridgo really Hendrik's dad in DQ11? Whatever happened to the little blue dragon in DQ5 promo art?  The Questy Boys are on the case (kinda)! You can support this podcast by visiting
October 22, 2021
S3 E41 - Dragon Quest Music & Koichi Sugiyama's Legacy
This week, we take a look at Koichi Sugiyama's legacy and what it means for Dragon Quest music, and the future of the series. Plus, some stuff about bad pumpkins, There Will Be Blood, Tales of Arise, Persona 5, and Dragon Quest X Offline (and it's actually somehow ALL on topic, which is weird).  You can support this podcast by visiting Or check out our new merch store at
October 15, 2021
S3 E40 - Dragon Quest Catch-Up: DQ X Offline, Dai Mobile Game, DQ Heroes (& Spider-Man, For Some Reason)
This week, Austin and B.J. catch up on the latest news surrounding Dragon Quest X Offline and the new Dai mobile game. Austin also shares where he's at in his replaying of Dragon Quest Heroes. Plus, we talk about Spider-Man (the PS4 game and the Sam Raimi films) for just a few minutes, cigarette ads from the 1960s, a Fatboy Slim album from the '90s, and a whole lot more. So, sit back and reminisce with us about a whole lotta stuff!
October 08, 2021
S3 E39 - Dragon Quest The Adventures Of Dai: A Hero's Bonds Mobile Game First Impressions
This week, Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds is out on mobile! And while that title is really long, we tried to keep our first impressions as short and story spoiler-free as possible. We also discuss the upcoming Dai Infinity Strashg game, some DQ Treasures, and answer a few Tales of Arise questions from our last episode. Plus, a REAL NICE THANK YOU to our newest patron, Brian! Let us know your thoughts on the new Dai mobile game, and we'll try to discuss it next week! You can support this podcast by vising You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
October 01, 2021
S3 E38 - Tales of Arise & DQ XI ("Sexy Hoots and Meat Harvests")
This week, we talk a lot about Tales of Arise, which Austin has been playing a lot (and loving) recently. It actually has more in common with Dragon Quest XI than you might think. Plus, Dai and Dragon Quest XII news updates, fishing in JRPGs, and a whole lot of other stuff! You can find Kevin's YouTube channel by clicking here.  The link to Austin's newest Dragon Quest 12 post can be found here. You can support this podcast by visiting our Patreon. 
September 24, 2021
S3 E37 - Dragon Quest Erdrick Trilogy Timeline Discussion (Plus: Pinky Rings!)
This week, Austin and B.J. revisit the idea of Dragon Quest timelines. This time around, we're discussing the first three games in the series, the Erdrick Trilogy, and how they may fit into the grander scheme of things. We also touch on DQ11, DQ3's Remake, Tockles, and more. You can find the link to the article we talk about in this episode right here. If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
September 17, 2021
S3 E36 - Magic In Dragon Quest
This week, B.J. is back and he and Austin talk about how magic affects the worlds of Dragon Quest. We take a look at magic's role in combat, storytelling, and characters - as well as discussing some of those magical Vocations from games like DQ IX and VII. We also talk about hats for waaaay too long.
September 10, 2021
S3 E35 - Dragon Quest Heroes - "The slime who delivers my groceries on Wednesdays."
This week, Austin has been replaying the first Dragon Quest Heroes. He recounts some of his favorite moments so far, discusses Tolkien Elves and Dwarves, and how playing the game now is WAY different from when he played it in 2016.  You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can also support this podcast by visiting
September 03, 2021
S3 E34 - Dragon Quest VI & Chrono Trigger - Impact & Influence
This week, Austin is taking a look at Chrono Trigger's impact and influence on Dragon Quest VI, why Yuji Horii says he'll never do another Chrono Trigger game, and all the scrapped plans from DQ5 that made it into DQ6 instead. You can support this podcast by visiting You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
August 27, 2021
S3 E33 - Dragon Quest XI: Timelines, Tockles, & Tinfoil Hat Theories
This week on DQFM, Austin is exploring the Dragon Quest 11 timeline and what the Altar of Ages, Tockles, and the Timewyrm all could really mean. So, put on your tinfoil hat, and let's start discussing alternate timelines and a multiverse! You can support this podcast by visiting You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
August 20, 2021
S3 E32 - Dragon Quest Newcomer Q&A With Austin
This week, we compiled a list of questions newcomers may have about the Dragon Quest series. So, if you've got friends who are new to the series, share this episode with them! We took questions from folks online like on Twitter and Patreon and Austin tried his best to answer them. But don't worry, if you're a longtime fan, you can still enjoy this episode! If you want to support this podcast, please visit Or chat with us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
August 13, 2021
S3 E31 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode Four: Bosses & Villains)
It's episode four of our deep dive into Dragon Quest VIII! This week, Austin's mic was being weird (so sorry about that), but we sat down to talk about the most memorable bosses and baddies in DQ8. Plus, at the end, we had a nice little pop quiz to see if B.J. remembers any of it. You can support us by visiting You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
August 06, 2021
S3 E30 - DQFM Classics: Rocket Slime (Which Kinda Connects To Our Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive)
This week, real life happened, so we weren't able to meet up and record together. However, we did record this Rocket Slime episode a couple of weeks ago. It actually ties into our Dragon Quest VIII deep dive episodes in a big way, since there are so many references to DQ8 found in Rocket Slime. So if you've never listened to this episode, or if you want a refresher, you can check it out this week! We'll be back next week to continue our deep dive into Dragon Quest VIII!
July 30, 2021
S3 E29 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode Three: Favorite People & Places)
This week on DQFM, we're continuing our discussion of characters and placed in Dragon Quest VIII. We talk about plot points like King Pavan in Ascantha, Prince Charmles and hunting for Argon Hearts, and breaking up a wedding like it's the end of a romantic comedy! Plus, we read some of YOUR thoughts on favorite DQ8 moments. You can support this podcast by visiting You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
July 23, 2021
S3 E28 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode Two - Favorite Towns, Locations, & Settings)
In week two of our deep dive into Dragon Quest VIII, Austin and B.J. are discussing memorable locations and settings in the game. You can listen to what our favorite locations and towns are (and why) plus we share a couple of YOUR thoughts from Twitter! This episode ran a little short because of stuff (you'll have to listen to find out! ooooooooooh! mystery!) but we'll be back next week to talk more about memorable towns, their stories, and the NPCs that make 'em so great! You can find us at Or chat with us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
July 16, 2021
S3 E27 - Dragon Quest VIII Deep Dive (Episode One: Playable Characters)
This week, Austin and B.J. start their Deep Dive of Dragon Quest VIII by discussing the playable characters! We also took to the internet to ask YOU what you think of these characters and read some of those insights in this episode. You can find the link to the DQ Dragons Den Builders stuff we mention by clicking here. Remember, you can support this podcast by visiting You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
July 09, 2021
S3 E26 - Kenshin Dragon Quest Playtime ("Treeface!")
This week, Austin and B.J. are discussing playing Kenshin Dragon Quest for the first time. It's in Japanese, it's a plug-and-play game from 2003, and it's hard. But we played it and still had fun (kinda)! So if you've ever wondered what the game is like, listen to us discuss today! You can support this podcast by visiting You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
July 02, 2021
S3 E25 - DQFM Classics: "Dragon Quest Swords In A Single Weekend"
This is a classic DQFM episode (if we do say so ourselves) from 2019, in which Austin and Beej tried to play Dragon Quest Swords in a single weekend. As we've been playing Kenshin Dragon Quest (a 2003 precursor to Swords) this week, we wanted to give everyone a chance to listen again before we share our experiences in Kenshin Dragon Quest next week! You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM If you want to support this podcast, you can visit
June 25, 2021
S3 E24 - Post-E3 Show & Dragon Quest In 2021
This week, something weird was going on with B.J.’s mic (so apologies for that), but we’re talking about E3, the lack of Dragon Quest, and what that means for future Dragon Quest announcements this year. Plus, some chat about Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, Metroid Dread, and Breath of the Wild 2, as well as how we’re getting ready to play Kenshin Dragon Quest together next week! It’s a pretty jam-packed episode with discussions on a wide variety of games shown off at E3, so we hope you’ll enjoy it! You can find us at You can also talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
June 18, 2021
S3 E23 - Dragon Quest At E3 2021 (Maybe?)
This week, Austin and B.J. have prepped their usual E3 episode (except for last year, because you know, it was cancelled). We're discussing what the DQ 35th Anniversary livestream might mean for Dragon Quest announcements this year, as well as whether or not we expect anything new to show up regarding Dragon Quest XII and that long-rumored Dragon Quest IX Remake. You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM If you'd like to support our podcast, please visit
June 11, 2021
S3 E22 - Theatrhythm Dragon Quest ("Can you feel the rhythm of the night?")
This week on DQFM, Austin is telling B.J. and you guys all about his playthrough of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, a Japanese-only rhythm game on the 3DS. So, if you've ever wanted to know what the game was like, listen to this episode!  If you want to support this podcast, please visit Remember, you can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
June 04, 2021
S3 E21 - Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Celebration (Thoughts after the livestream)
Following up on our predictions in last week's episode, this week we're discussing all the new games that got announced as part of the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream. Hear our candid takes on DQ12's logo reveal, the DQ3 Remake, Dragon Quest Treasures, DQ10 Offline, and that weird Dragon Quest Erase-Erase mobile game. Plus, we announce the winner of our predictions giveaway! Remember, you can support this podcast by visiting You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
May 28, 2021
S3 E20 - Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Predictions
This week on DQFM, Austin and B.J. are making their predictions about what we’ll see at the Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Livestream. We discuss some of our top picks, plus what we think of other fans’ guesses as well. Remember, you can support this podcast by visiting You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
May 21, 2021
S3 E19 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part Four: "Thanks, Drake!")
This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin and B.J. discuss the news of the upcoming Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary livestream, speculate on DQ12, and then dive into discussing Austin's final thoughts on Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 now that he's beaten the game. Plus, hear from other DQMJ2 fans to hear their thoughts on the game as well! Remember, you can support this podcast by visiting You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
May 14, 2021
S3 E18 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part Three: "A giant slime in a crab mech suit...")
This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin keeps on talking about his playthrough of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, getting to the Unshore, and finishing up the Rank B, A, and S fights for the Monster Scout Challenge. Plus, some hard bosses, some red dragons, and a small tangent about Community's D&D episode. If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
May 07, 2021
S3 E17 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part Two: "I think I just hate snow.")
This week, Austin keeps on playing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, and keeps on telling B.J. (and you guys) all about it! This week, we're discussing Don Mole's Arena, the Doubtback, and why Iceolation and Cragravation aren't exactly the funnest areas in the game. Plus, a long chat about video game strategy guides! Remember you can support this podcast by visiting You can also talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
April 30, 2021
S3 E16 - Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Part One: "This game is like pizza...")
This week, Austin and B.J. are talking about Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 on the Nintendo DS. Austin is starting the game for the very first time and telling B.J. (and you guys!) all about his first impressions of it. From starting out on the Albatross airship, exploring Treepidation, avoiding giant worms, and getting lost on the way to the Doubtback - hear all about it right here! You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can also support this podcast at
April 23, 2021
S3 E15 - What's Going On With Dragon Quest Mobile Games???
This week on DQFM, Austin and Beej are talking about the state of Dragon Quest mobile games. From the new beta for Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds, to the recent announcements that Dragon Quest of the Stars and DQ Rivals are ending, we talk about it all. Plus, our predictions for when Dai fully releases, whether DQ Tact will suffer the same short lifespan as DQotS, and if our chances of getting DQ Walk in the West have officially been shattered. If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit! 
April 16, 2021
S3 E14 - Our Favorite Dragon Quest Spin-Offs
This week, B.J.'s back to talk about our favorite Dragon Quest spin-offs. We discuss DQ Swords, DQ Heroes 1 & 2, the Builders games, Rocket Slime, and more! So if you've been hankering to hear B.J.'s "Shameless Self Promotion" song again or just general wackiness, then this episode's for you! Remember, you can support this podcast by visiting
April 09, 2021
S3 E13 - Why We Love Dragon Quest VI with Liamland from DQ Slime Time
This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin is joined by Liamland, the co-host of DQ Slime Time, to chat about why Dragon Quest VI is awesome, why we love it so much, and all the firsts that this entry introduced into the Dragon Quest series (it's actually a whole lot). You can find Liam on Twitter @RiamuCelestrian and at the Dragon's Den. Remember, you can find DQFM on Twitter @DragonQuestFM. If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit and we'll love you forever!
April 02, 2021
S3 E12 - Who Wants To Be A Slime-illionaire: DQFM Trivia Night (Part Two)
This week's episode is continuing our Who Wants To Be A Slime-illionaire trivia night! Joining Austin once again for some fun Dragon Quest trivia are plattym3, LordRoto, and sackchief. This is the second and final part of our trivia night, but we're hoping to do more in the future! Remember, you can find DQFM on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can also support this podcast by visiting
March 26, 2021
S3 E11 - Who Wants To Be A Slime-illionaire: DQFM Trivia Night (Part One)
This week's episode is a little different. Joining Austin for some fun Dragon Quest trivia are plattym3, LordRoto, and sackchief. The game is a lot like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, but with Dragon Quest! So, we're calling it Who Wants To Be A Slime-illionaire! This is the first part of our trivia night, so if you fancy yourself some DQ trivia, feel free to join along and play with us! Can you get all the answers right without using lifelines? Remember, you can find DQFM on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can also support this podcast by visiting
March 19, 2021
S3 E10 - Yuji Horii & The Creation of Dragon Quest with Dan from Game Apartment 1C
This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin is joined by Dan from Game Apartment 1C for a bit of a history lesson on Yuji Horii's life leading up to the creation of Dragon Quest in 1986. This episode is FULL of fun facts about Dragon Quest's creator, including Horii's past job as a street artist, how Koichi Sugiyama got involved with the game, and the motorcycle accident that helped Horii figure out computers. You can find Dan @GAMEAPARTMENT1C on Twitter and at Remember, you can chat with DQFM on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and at
March 12, 2021
S3 E9 - Torneko Mystery Dungeon 3 On GBA: Fan Translation With Sam Steel
This week, Sam Steel is joining Austin to chat about his work on the fan translation for Torneko's Mystery Dungeon 3 on the Game Boy Advance, which has a beta patch going live tomorrow, March 6th, 2021. Sam talks about the work that goes into translating, what inspired him to get back into the Dragon Quest series, and shares his advice for all the aspiring fan translators out there. Be sure to follow Sam on Twitter @SamManofSteel and check out for regular updates about the game. Remember, you can find Dragon Quest FM on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and on
March 05, 2021
S3 E8 - Young Yangus & The Mysterious Dungeon With Ryan Molina
This week on Dragon Quest FM, Ryan Molina is helping Austin co-host the podcast. Ryan is here to tell Austin - and everyone else - about the Young Yangus spin-off game that's only available in Japanese. So, if you've ever been interested in hearing about what Yangus was up to in his younger days, as well as how the spin-off connects to Dragon Quest VIII, be sure to listen! You can find Ryan on Twitter @ThatRyanMolina and check out his Dragon Quest videos at You can also check out Ryan's DQ fansite Remember, if you want to chat with us, you can find DQFM on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and at!
February 26, 2021
S3 E7 - Crafting Dragon Quest With Elinzia, The Crafting Rogue!
This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin is sharing co-hosting duties with Elinzia, the Crafting Rogue! This episode is all about crafting DQ goodies, the fandom, and how making your DQ merch can be perfect for getting into Dragon Quest more. From Drackies and Blue Slimes to Erdrick's Sword and a Luminary with a Big Belly, we discuss all sorts of great Dragon Quest crafting items. You can find Elinzia's Esty Store by clicking the link and checking out some of her great merchandise yourself, or listen to her co-host The Nerdberg Review each week. Remember to talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
February 19, 2021
S3 E6 - Dragon Quest, Podcasting, and Dragon Quest Podcasting with Platty from Slime Time
Since B.J. is out for the next little bit due to his jaw, Platty from the Dragon Quest Slime Time podcast is filling in for co-hosting duties. This week, Austin and Platty discuss Platty's long history with the DQ series, as well as talking about podcasting and how the Dragon Quest fandom has changed over the years. You can find Platty's guide to all that is Dragon Quest on RPGamer. Remember, you can chat with us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
February 12, 2021
S3 E5 - Dragon Quest Tact Is Out! (Character Countdown & Is It Better Than DQ Wars?)
Dragon Quest Tact is out now, and Austin and Beej discuss all the crazy and cool characters that make up the colorful cast. From loving Majelly to just wanting Malini to win one - plus, what's up with Rotchester's shoes? Then, we discuss how DQ Tact stacks up against the other Dragon Quest mobile games. And we answer one of the biggest questions people have sent our way - is Dragon Quest Tact better than DQ Wars? Spoiler: It is! But you'll have to listen to the full episode to find out why! Be sure to talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM To support this podcast, visit
February 05, 2021
S3 E4 - Dragon Quest Mysteries (Part Three): Questy Boys For Life
In our third (and final, for now) episode on Dragon Quest mysteries, Austin and B.J. explore some lingering fan theories and questions submitted by fans. Want to know why Final Fantasy is more popular than Dragon Quest in the U.S.? Or why some fans think the Luminary from Dragon Quest XI is actually Dragonlord? You can find that all in this episode! Plus, one of Dragon Quest's biggest urban myths, and a Mandela Effect that seems to be confusing some folks. The Questy Boys are (once again) on the case! Remember, you can talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can support this podcast by visiting
January 28, 2021
S3 E3 - Dragon Quest Mysteries (Part Two): The Questy Boys Solve Some More!
It's the second episode of our Dragon Quest mysteries, and the Questy Boys are at it again! This time, we discuss some popular fan theories, Toriyama illustrations, and a little bit about the history of the series in the United States.  Link to the Ashlynn article is here. Link to the Toriyama illustration doc is here. Remember, you can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can also support us at
January 22, 2021
S3 E2 - Dragon Quest Mysteries (Part One): "The Questy Boys Are On The Case!"
This week on DQFM, we’re talking about some of the Dragon Quest mysteries that are out there. This is just the first episode covering those mysteries, because it turns out there’s a LOT of mysteries out there and we want to investigate them all! The Questy Boys are on the case! From blonde-haired heroes to cut cutscenes, the first half of the show tackles some of the longest-running mysteries in the series. In the second half, we answer another DQ fan’s question about hero names, along with one of our own about Koichi Nakamura. Link to the Pokemon trading post is here. Link to the Nob Ogasawara translation interview is here. Got a mystery to solve? Remember, you can talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
January 15, 2021
S3 E1 - Dragon Quest In 2021 ("Hey nah, hey nah, B.J.'s back!)
It’s Season Three of Dragon Quest FM, and B.J. is back!  This week’s episode, we’re focusing on Dragon Quest in 2021. We tackle some of those big DQ rumors - like a possible Dragon Quest IX Remake - as well as Dragon Quest XII news. Plus, The Adventure of Dai: Infinity Strash, DQ Tact, and a whole lot more! Remember, you can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
January 08, 2021
S2 E51 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Five): Final Bosses & Final Thoughts + Austin's Favorite Games of 2020
Happy New Year! In the final episode of Season Two (and the last episode of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest VII), Austin shares some of his final thoughts on the game. He also discusses some of the memorable monsters and bosses from DQ 7 that people submitted to us on Twitter. Then, it's off to talking about the final confrontation with Orgodemir! After that, Austin recounts his favorite games that released in 2020, discussing RPGs like Genshin Impact, Trails of Cold Steel III, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and more! We made it through 2020, y'all! Now, it's off to a (hopefully better) 2021.  Remember, you can talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can also help support this show at
January 01, 2021
S2 E50 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Four): Human and Monster Vocations
It’s week four of our deep dive into Dragon Quest VII! This week, Austin is talking about all the fun human and monster vocations in the game, as well as celebrating the holidays by giving away a PSN/Xbox/or Nintendo eShop gift card to one of our Patrons - just as a way of saying thanks for your support this past year! As usual, we also took to Twitter to ask people what they’re favorite vocations were in Dragon Quest VII - and you guys did not disappoint! There are some spoilers in this episode, so please consider yourself warned. Vocations are divided up into two main categories in DQ 7 - Human vocations and Monster vocations. In today’s episode, Austin talks about both. Getting to play as monsters is super fun, and it makes DQ7 pretty unique from the rest of the series in this regard. Admittedly, Austin didn’t use monster vocations too often, but he did experiment with them enough on subsequent playthroughs of DQ 7 to get a pretty good understanding of what makes some of them so great. He also talks about his Top Ten Human Vocations, and why they ranked that way. You can read up more on Monster Vocations right here, and more about Human Vocations right here. Remember, you can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM If you'd like to support this podcast, please visit
December 24, 2020
S2 E49 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Three): Towns and Townsfolk
It’s Week Three of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest VII! This week, we’re talking about the towns (and some of the townsfolk) who make the past and present of Dragon Quest VII so darn memorable. Once again, B.J. is out, so this’ll be another solo episode from Austin. Now, as usual, we went to Twitter to ask folks about their favorite (or least favorite) towns in DQ 7. Link to Twitter thread is here. Austin's notable towns include Nottagen, Pilchard Bay, Emberdale, Wilted Heart, and Buccanham. Plus, he discusses some of this (and some of YOUR) favorite NPCs in the game. From a toughie peeing outside to the pirate Sharkeye, there's quite a few memorably NPCs making people's lists. Again, we asked our listeners what their favorite NPCs were in Dragon Quest VII, and we got some pretty memorable responses. Be sure to check out the DQ7 townsfolks thread right here: Remember, you can follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM You can also help support this podcast by visiting
December 18, 2020
S2 E48 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode Two): The Legacy of Dragon Warrior VII
This week on Dragon Quest FM, Austin is taking a close look at Dragon Warrior VII and its legacy. The PS1 game shattered records in Japan but is heavily criticized for its graphics and pacing. Still, the game holds up fairly well in 2020, and Austin takes a look at the differences between the PS1 and 3DS versions of the game. This episode actually follows the structure of his other podcast, JRPGs and Me, which you can listen to if you like the set up of this week. B.J. should be back next week to discuss towns and vocations and other Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Warrior VII goodness. As usual, this week we took to Twitter to ask people what they thought of Dragon Warrior VII on PS1. You can view the entire thread right here. Remember to follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM And please support this podcast by visiting
December 11, 2020
S2 47 - Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode One): Main Characters
This week, we start our deep dive into Dragon Quest VII. We’re mostly going to be using names from Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, and if you’re confused as to why - check out our Translations episode or just the fact that this is a deep dive into Dragon Quest VII and NOT Dragon Warrior VII. Dragon Quest VII has some great characters, and we’re going to be talking about the ones who make up your party today. For one of the longest DQ games, the party keeps expanding almost into the very end of the main story. It's a very interesting way f doing it, and one we talk about at length. That said, there are definitely SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE. If you don't want to know some stuff that goes on with characters or the overall story. We try to keep the overall story in check, but it's impossible not to discuss some of it when you're talking about the characters themselves. So again...WARNING: SPOILERS Plus, we asked people on Twitter to tell us their favorite Dragon Quest VII characters. And once again, you did not disappoint: So tell us now...who is your favorite DQ7 character?
December 04, 2020
S2 E46 - Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Austin
Like Veronica in DQ11, this week's episode is a little short. Austin is sick, so Beej recorded up a little something by himself. He talks about all the improvements Dragon Quest XI S has over the vanilla version - and why he thinks the game is still worth buying (again) on PS4 and Xbox One. Remember, you can talk to us directly on Twitter @DragonQuestFM And help support the podcast by visiting
November 27, 2020
S2 E45 - Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary Wishlists
Next year is the 35th anniversary of the series, which means we will hopefully get lots of DQ goodies next year in the West! We know Square Enix and Armor Project have things in store, but we don’t really know what those are yet - and we definitely don’t know if they’re coming West (although some of them probably will, at least). Since it’s Thanksgiving, we want to thank you all for being such wonderful listeners and supporters. We couldn't do this without you, and we want you to know that your being here is not taken for granted. So thank you. A lot. Now, back to DQ! We’ve divided this up into three categories: games, toys, and other stuff! Games DQ 12 reveal, DQ IX Remake, 4,5, and 6 on Switch (maybe next-gen too), Dai Infinity Strash coming West, Add in the Monsters remakes on Switch, too. They exist, so why not in English? Rivals in English on Switch would be nice, too. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION! Patreon Here is the link to Twitter thread with people’s stores - it’s almost the holidays! Support DQ artists and crafters! Toys I could totally see some kind of 35th Anniversary figures releasing of all the heroes, probably some good limited edition swag at Luida’s Bar and in Japan, but here in the West, I’m not nearly as hopeful. I’d like some cool inexpensive Dai figures and maybe some good DQ 1 35th Anniversary figures - Bring Arts seems likely. Other Stuff! A really cool limited edition Erdrick’s sword and shield set would be amazing! I love art books, so a 35th Anniversary History of Dragon Quest would be really nice too! Maybe even a scaled-down model of the DQ1 hero's armor would be awesome. Just sitting there on a desk, fully metal suit of armor. Oh yeah.
November 20, 2020
S2 E44 - Yakuza 7: Like A Dragon Quest For Gangsters
This week, we’re talking about Yakuza 7 ...which is Like a Dragon (Quest). It’s a video game where players play as a Dragon Quest FAN, Ichiban Kasuga, which makes it fairly unique. It basically feels like Grand Theft Auto and classic arcade beat ‘em ups combined to make a weird gangster RPG baby.  It's really good, and even though we haven't gotten terribly far ito the game, we wanted to kind of give you an overview of what to expect and whether or not this was worth picking up for DQ fans. (Spoiler alert: it probably is.) We’re going to try to keep actual story spoilers to a minimum because the game is so new, so this episode is really just focusing on all the ways Yakuza 7 is like DQ, in terms of gameplay. In a way, it feels almost like DQ fan fiction, and we say that with as much love as we can. The protagonist is Ichiban Kasuga, a huge DQ fan who wants to be a Hero. He thinks about getting into fights like DQ games, so we get turn-based combat. You get cool party members who use an umbrella like a white mage staff, that sort of thing. It's great.  Over the course of the game, there are Puff-puff references, you can have monster arena-style fights, and there's even a Job System! You can be a Dancer, a Fortune Teller, Riot Police, or even an Idol. It's a lot like DQ 7's vocations, except instead of Alltrades Abbey, you go to the Employment Office.  For more details and info, just listen, would ya? Hit us up at @professorbeej, @dragonquaustin, or @dragonquestfm on Twitter. We also have a Discord server where you can join us to talk DQ whenever you want!
November 13, 2020
S2 E43 - Dragon Quest Translation: "Let's Stick Our Hands In That Bear Trap"
This week, we’re talking about translation and localization in Dragon Quest games. It’s a bit of a touchy subject with some fans. I compared it to putting my hand in a beartrap a while back. It’s like, you can’t please everyone, and no matter, you’re losing a few fingers. So let’s put our hands into that bear trap! It all goes back to early Dragon Quest games. Everyone talked in Ye Olde English. Which we both kinda hate. Turns out, Yuji Horii does too! Here's the link to Polygon article where he says this Since then, it’s been a weird contention with a lot of fans. People either think the translators stray too far from a direct translation - or they prefer certain translators over others. Luckily, Austin got to interview an actual DQ translator. So we talk about Austin’s interview with Nob Ogasawara. Not only did he work on DQ, but he also did most of the Pokemon games that made us love the series. Then Paul Handelman came around and basically united everything under a new Western translation canon. That’s how you got Torneko Taloon’s full name and differences in Gabo/Ruff and such. Why do fans get so mad about translation/localization? I kinda get it. I mean, if I’d played a game for sixteen years and then characters I knew and loved suddenly had new names, I might be a little ticked too. But, honestly, I don’t really care. I’m just know what, it’s clear they’re trying to get more involved with localizations now. Yuji Horii has basically said until DQ8 he wasn’t super involved directly with translation, so it’s kinda a George Lucas/Star Wars scenario. Do you say Greedo shot first, or do you go with the creator’s new vision?
November 06, 2020
S2 E42 - Dragon Quest FM Halloween Spooktacular: Spooky Monsters & More!
Welcome to our DQFM Halloween Spooktacular! Last year, we focused mostly on Dragon Quest’s spookiest moments. This year, though, we’re totally talking about the monsters. And not just any monsters, but the Halloween-themed ones (and the SPOOKY ones!). If you scare easily...beware! (Or not, it’s just two dudes talking about video games). Austin’s List of Terrifying Monsters Pumpkin Knight from Caravan Heart (Had a nice callback in DQ Builders 2)Dreadnaut (just a cool-looking skeleton enemy)Halloweenman (unused monster design by Akira Toriyama but you can find in the Toriyama DQ art book)Hawkhart from DQM Joker. It’s an ugly featherless bird monstrosity that I will forever loathe. I don’t want this pink turkey as my companion!Ghost - it’s a classic. It’s like the Big Mac of Halloween-ish DQ monsters. You gotta include it.  B.J.’s List of Terrifying Monsters Skelegon (probably)Sham HamwitchMarionettesEvil Red-eyed Slime from DQXI - Vicious?Dark Slime Knight What are on your lists? Happy Hall-goo-ween!
October 30, 2020
S2 E41 - Dragon Quest Tact Early Access Impressions
Austin had some top secret access on iOS and B.J. got selected for it on Google Play Store. So today, we’re talking about it! Austin was able to write about it for work, so read his ScreenRant article here:  Monsters and Gameplay It’s like Pokemon meets FF Tactics, but all simplified for a mobile game (for good and bad). Collecting monsters is cool, and it almost makes Austin want a strategy-based combat system in the upcoming Erik and Mia DQM game. Almost. We love the monster designs. We talk about our favorites. What are yours? How Long Is the Beta? Both betas go until Chapter 6, Stage 9. Some minor SPOILERs here. But it's a mobile strategy game, so it's not that much. What Did we like/hate about DQ Tact? Like: the monster recruiting mechanics and the cast Hate: the tactics part is pretty surface level. I wish there was more variety in stages, rather than just “oooh look, a barrel is here now.” Also, HATE all the in-your-face ads and premium stuff that I’m sure will be even worse in the real game. After playing the beta, I don’t know that I have it in me to play through ALL of that all over again. But maybe. And remember, next week, is our annual Dragon Quest Special Halloween episode! It’s gonna be so much it’s...scary! Patreon:
October 23, 2020
S2 E40 - Dragon Quest Collecting Goodness (Community Spotlight on EVERYONE'S Collections)
This week, we’re talking all about collecting in Dragon Quest. We got to talking about toys so much last week, it seemed like a good time to do a follow-up this week. Also, shoutout to Todd, one of our patrons who gave us this idea while back on Patreon! Weird doing a podcast about toys, but we can’t show them to people. So how are we doing it? Well, we asked you for your favorites, and we have a thread of them here! The response was HUGE. And we adored looking through all your stuff! Why do people like collecting Dragon Quest stuff so much? Austin: I like toys anyway, but I also like the hunt for them. If it was easy to come by, like I could just swing by Walmart and pick up 400 DQ figures, I wouldn’t like it as much. Beej: It's like holding a cartoon in my hand. It's awesome. Shameless Self Promotion Heatman Fabro’s Esty Heatman Fabro’s Facebook Elizabeth’s etsy store: Be sure to check out Ryan’s newest Dragon Quest X video, covering Version 2.0 of the game! Link: What are your favorite items in your Dragon Quest collection?
October 16, 2020
S2 E39 - Dragon Quest Tact, Adventures of Dai, and Amiibo ("The Funko Pop tastes better.")
This week on Dragon Quest FM, we're talking about a whole lotta DQ stuff! First off, B.J. got the new Hero amiibo. He tells Austin (and you guys) all about it. This leads to arguably the weirdest segment we've ever done, in which B.J. starts licking all sorts of action figures to see which tastes best. After that, it's off to discussing Dragon Quest Tact, which is coming West! Woohoo! Hear our thoughts on the upcoming mobile game, and how Austin won a DQ Tact prize pack from Japan (but doesn't have it yet). Plus, a really long story about a lawn mower! After the break, we're talking about the Adventures of Dai anime. We're discussing the good, the bad, and the beautiful (because this anime is really pretty, y'all). B.J. talks about how it stacks up against the manga, while Austin compares it to the first couple episodes of the original anime series from the '90s.  Remember you can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and You can support this podcast by visiting Join us! If you want to check out the Nerdberg Review (and you should) find them right here.
October 09, 2020
S2 E38 - All By Myself: The Orphan Hero Archetype In Dragon Quest
This week on Dragon Quest FM, we're continuing our discussion on archetypes within the series. For our final episode on the subject, we're talking about the orphan hero! Hero orphan? Orphaned hero? Whatever. You get it. The hero whose parents are either dead or abandoned them. As usual, we walk you through every single mainline Dragon Quest game. We start off discussing Dragon Quest 1-3, and talk about how once again, these Campbellian archetypes don't really start to kick in until around DQ III. Then we discuss DQ 4 and 5, a little bit about Dragon Quest: Your Story. Warning: There are a few spoilers scattered throughout this episode, but we tried to always let people know before they hit. We also have some exciting news shared by our friend Ryan Molina regarding Dragon Quest X, so be sure to listen for that! We talk about how DQ 6's complicated story makes for complicated answers when it comes to the orphan hero. After the Shameless Self Promotion break, we're back to discussing the orphan hero archetype in Dragon Quest 7, which totally breaks all the rules! After that, it's on to DQ 8, mouse in pockets, and what every good grandpa needs to do. Then it's DQ 9, angels, and a short tangent about black-and-white Westerns and wagon chases. And speaking of DQ 10 earlier, we also talk about the prologue of Version 1.0 and how that plays into the orphan hero archetype as well. Then, for our last bit of discussion, we bring up the Luminary's Moses-like origins in Dragon Quest XI. Remember, you can help support this podcast by visiting You can also follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM
October 02, 2020
S2 E37 - She Don't Need No Man: The Woman Warrior Archetype In Dragon Quest
This week, we’re continuing our talks into archetypes in Dragon Quest games. So far, we’ve discussed the old man and best friend archetypes, and today we’re talking all about woman warriors - those tough ladies who can kick all our butts! Dragon Quest has a pretty good history of strong female characters, and today we’re going to talk about them! What is the Woman Warrior Archetype? So the woman warrior is a super old archetype, but it’s been suppressed in most societies over the last few thousand years because, ya know, sexism. Basically, it’s a strong female soldier or knight or warrior who saves her people. Oftentimes, you see this archetype cutting their hair to be more boyish -- Joan of Arc, Mulan, etc. Woman Warrior Examples in DQ DQ 1- doesn’t really have one DQ 2 - Princess of Moonbrooke doesn’t necessarily fit the archetype perfectly, but honestly, she’s the reason you survive in that game. Even though she takes on more of a role of caretaker/nurse, she’s still pretty awesome. DQ3 - Female Erdrick, of course! DQ4 - Alena, obviously DQ 5 - Bianca...Nera is more of a caretaker/nurse. DQ 6 - Millie and Ashlynn are both fairly tough, but I wouldn’t say either one fits into the archetype. Millie is definitely more of the white mage-type, and Ashlynn is pretty strong with her spells. DQ7 - Maribel, that girl be tough as nails. The NPC Mauve that you meet early on is also very much one of these archetypes. DQ8 - Jessica, even though she’s super sexualized she’s super tough. Like, her personality doesn’t match her character design at all. DQ9 - The player! If you choose to be a lady! DQ 10 - AnLucia! In Version 2.0.  DQ 11 - Jade fits the archetype more than Veronica, even though Veronica is super tough. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION Patreon! We are on Amazon Podcasts! And don't forget to join our DQ7 Play-Along! 
September 25, 2020
S2 E36 - BFFs 4-Eva: Best Friends and Boon Companions in Dragon Quest
This week, we’re returning to our discussion on archetypes in DQ games. For our second episode in the series, we’re focusing on the booniest of all boon companions...the best friend. The BFF. The bro. The chosen family. Basically...Beej and Austin. But first, we have a brand-new Patreon patron to give a REAL NICE THANK YOU to...Matt Reibach! What’s a best friend archetype? Well, you gotta listen to know the full deal. But while it may sound like a side-kick...the boon companion, the BFF, the bestie is a lot more than that. BFFs in DQ games DQ - You’re solo. Your sword is your BFF. Without it, you die. With it, you die. But less so. DQ 2 - Does prince of cannock count? After all, the coffin is always there for you. DQ 3 - You make your own besties!  DQ4 - Outside of your BFF in the village, the hero doesn’t really have one here. There isn’t really a party member that takes on that role. However, there are party members who fill that function for each other. Which is a nice twist. DQ5 - Harry of course! He’s snot-nosed brat royalty who becomes a good guy. You even play as him a bit. There’s also Saber, because a man’s best friend is his sabercat. And then, like happens in real life, your wife becomes your best friend. And Sancho. I mean...Sancho. He's named after the booniest of boon companions, too. DQ6 - Carver ALL the way. Let’s gooooooo! DQ 7 - Keifer, plus a spoiler warning! DQ 8 - Yangus, cor blimey! DQ 9 - Stella? Oh god, I hope not. Ol' Fatguts? DQ 10 - Ryan Molina is your best friend in DQX. DQ 11 - Erik, the best bestie who ever bested a best Shameless Self Promotion Patreon page: the Dragon Quest 7 Play-Along with Nerdberg ReviewAustin’s new post on slimes -  Also, talk to us on Twitter at @dragonquestfm, @dragonquaustin, and @professorbeej!
September 18, 2020
S2 E35 - Who is the Best Dragon Quest NPC? ("It's Much More Fun to Talk to a Cow")
This week, we’re talking all about the unsung NPCs in Dragon Quest games. From our favorites, to icons, to weird oddities we’ve stumbled upon in the games. We also have a new Patron! Real nice thank you to KevinOnline!  So...we have two questions. Does Dragon Quest have the best NPCs? And of those, who is the best Dragon Quest NPC? Other games have good NPCs that feel like real characters.  Trails of Cold Steel has some pretty good NPCs, and so does FF IX. But they aren’t necessarily iconic like bunny girls and toughies and even fez-wearing merchants. Even the story that drives DQ7 is pretty much all about NPCs. The player characters don't have nearly as much going on as the various people in towns and villages that you're exploring. Iconic DQ NPCs Puff-puff girlsToughies - “Cor blimey!”Nuns and priestsMerchants (fez hat, vest, usually fat) SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION Austin’s Screen Rant post about DQ 10: Ryan’s Dragon Quest 10 review trailer: Austin's DQ NPC article on GtG: The Weird DQ NPCs We also talk about the weird ones. Because DQ has some really weird NPCs doing really weird stuff. Some real oddballs. The puff-puff girl and her puff-puff daddy in DQ 11 (callback to DQ3)The guy who’s chasing his maids around the house in DQ 7Dr. Agon in DQ 5 (But not in Your Story!)The Platypunk King guy who give mini-medals to in DQ Heroes 2. “Whaddya want? Whaddya want?” What about Our Favorites? You will just have to listen and find out! Hah! Be sure to give us a yell on Twitter at @dragonquestfm, @professorbeej, or @dragonquaustin and tell us your favorite Dragon Quest NPC!
September 11, 2020
S2 E34 - Dragon Quest Music Is Awesome (Koichi Sugiyama...Not So Much.)
This week, we’re talking about the music in Dragon Quest! It’s a special Patreon patron-request episode. Our newest patron, Abigail, belongs to the tier that lets you choose your own episode topic, and she chose music. Which is great. We haven’t really done a full episode on music before, so it’s the perfect time to do that! The music of DQ has always been done by Koichi Sugiyama, who is kind of a turd. Who is Koichi Sugiyama? Should’ve mentioned him in the Old Man episode, because he’s the oldest of them all. He’s officially the oldest video game composer ever. He's approaching 90. He’s worked on a Godzilla film and at least one Gatchaman movie, which kinda ties him indirectly to another famous artist in the video game world beside Akira Toriyama: Amano, who started in the animation department working on Gatchaman anime in the 1970s. Dragon Quest Music: The Beginning  According to legend, Koichi Sugiyama wrote the theme for DQ on his first try in less than five minutes. Although, Sugiyama says…”54" He would get frustrated with Koichi Nakamura (Chunsoft dude) about the music in the earliest Famicom entries because he had high aspirations for the music that just technically couldn’t be done yet. People LOVE “A Lonely Youth” from DQ 2. To me, it seems to be an unofficial favorite. I see so many people loving that song. And I think it’s a good one, but it’s not my favorite. Austin's favorite DQ soundtrack is from 1.0 of DQ X. It’s by far the most eclectic mix of music in a DQ game, and I really love the Eleven stuff, especially in the capital city. The Weddie stuff ain’t bad neither. Beej...doesn't know any particular tracks because he's just about music illiterate. But he loves the fanfare! It makes him feel like going on an adventure! Theatrhythm Dragon Quest People criticize the music of DQ as being too similar, and while that’s fair, I don’t think Sugiyama really cares. I mean, he’s got the DQ Ballet that’s an ode to his music, and an entire video game dedicated to his songs. He’s the only composer in the WORLD who has a video game just for his songs. Even the Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games has music from different composers. The game is cool, and you can download a demo for it onto your 3DS. It’s in Japanese, but it plays like Theatrhythm FF and Guitar Hero, so it’s not super hard to figure out. If you like rhythm games and have played a few, then I don’t think you’ll have a hard time understanding it. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION Check out our Patreon! RPGamer's interview with Sylvando (Shai Matheson) Don't forget to talk to us on Twitter at @dragonquaustin or
September 04, 2020
S2 E33 - No Country For Old Dragons: The Old Man Archetype in Dragon Quest
After our Twitter poll on Old Men in Dragon Quest, we had to do an episode on it. Not just because the results were fun to see, but also because of how adamant the DQ community was about what age one has to be to be an old man, how we did Borya dirty, and just some general Mervyn love/hate. Over the course of our discussion, we touch on Borya, Ragnar McRyan, King Trode, Morrie, Mervyn (Melvin?), and Rab.  In the end, we talk a lot about the archetype of the wizened old man, as well as how much actual age plays into that role. We ended up having one of the most fun episodes we've recorded because of this, so we thank you for the responses to the poll and the discussion you sparked -- both in the comments and between us.  We're sure you'll have more to say after you listen, so make sure to hit us up on Twitter at @dragonquestfm or individually at @dragonquaustin and @professorbeej. In another fun note, all of our Patreon subscribers will also get a new perk: through the end of the year, all DQFM patrons will receive a copy of the new Geek to Geek digital magazine PRESS START as a part of their membership. It just launched this week, and patrons can read the first issue RIGHT NOW!
August 28, 2020
S2 E32 - Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Manga (#SpitefulManga 2: The Sequel)
It's been a year since we did a specifically manga episode, so this week...we're talking about manga! And anime! Particularly, about The Adventures of Dai, or Dai no Daibouken. Dai no Daibouken ran in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1989 to 1996, in what became one of their most popular manga ever. WSJ didn't originally intend to be more than the first volume, then it was incredibly popular. So they did a second. Then they did it for real and made a continuous story...for, like, 330 chapters. In English, however, we only have access to fan translations done by a team of students known as Square Ocean. has those up (as of this recording) for you to read. Eventually, Dai no Daiboken was adapted into an anime in 1991, and once again, it does not have English translations. I am pretty sure there are fan subs out there, but I am really terrible at finding those sorts of things. There are new Blu-Rays in Japan that were just released a few months ago that collect all 46 episodes of the show. Which, once again, have no English. But, luckily for us, a new Adventures of Dai anime is launching this fall in Japan in October. No idea yet if it's based on the old stories, or if they're all new content. We can hope it's new content, but let's be honest: if we got the old stuff retold, we'd not know the difference. Because, you know, none of the original Dai is in English. Same for the games coming out this year: Infinity Strash and the Dai no Daibouken action RPG. They haven't released any kind of information as to whether or not they're original content or retelling the story from the manga or anime from the 90s. And once again, we'll be playing it either way. And since we don't speak Japanese, we won't know from this one, either! Hah! Also, Dai is a character in Jump Force, and Beej bought the game just for him. It was a steam sale and totally worth it. I can Avan Strash Goku. And that's pretty awesome. You can find Austin on Twitter as @dragonquaustin and Beej at @professorbeej. And hey, remember that Austin has that other podcast, JRPGs and Me, that he never talks about and forgets to mention. Just don't, like, forget to listen, though.
August 21, 2020
S2 E31 - Dragon Quest and Religion: "Hey, God, Wanna Join My Animal Farm?"
In this episode of DQFM, we discuss the role of religion in Dragon Quest games, from confessing in churches to visiting the underworld. We talk about the Goddess Rubiss, fighting the Almighty in DQ 7, corruption in the church in DQ 8, and heaven & angels in DQ 9.  But that's not all! We also talk about Yuji Horii's own thoughts on religion within the series he created, and how Horii's philosophy impacted the series over the years.  Remember, you can support this podcast at Find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM or Read the RPGamer interview with Dragon Quest XI's Lauren Coe (who voiced Veronica). Link to the Yuji Horii Polygon interview is right here.
August 14, 2020
S2 E30 - Chrono Trigger is a Dragon Quest Game, Right?
This week, we're talking about Dragon Quest's first cousin once removed...Chrono Trigger. With the 25th anniversary of its North American release coming up in just a few days, we thought that there was no better time to talk about a game that was created by Yuji Horii and Akira Toriyama -- two of the masterminds behind our favorite JRPG series. Beej loves Chrono Trigger for a number of reasons, but Austin is a newcomer to the title, and his opinions vary. We might even get a #ChronoGate out of some of them. We discuss everything from the character designs and their importance to the world, the various and multiple endings that may or may not be worth actually playing through to get, and we even talk about the things that make it the reason we have the Dragon Quest VI that Austin loves and most other people kind of crap on. (Beej hasn't played it yet, so he can't say, but he does love the graphics and the hero design -- who, unsurprisingly, looks like Crono). You can find Sam's Completionist Checklist on the Dragon Den's by clicking this link. Remember to check out our post on sleuthing for the original CT release date here: Be sure to join in the conversation on our Discord ( or Twitter (, and you can reach Austin at and Beej at
August 07, 2020
S2 E29 - Listener Q & A (Part Two: Beej's Answers)
It's the second and final portion of our listener Q & A! This week, B.J. is back and ready to answer all your questions! We kick off the show by celebrating the news that Dragon Quest XI S is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on December 4th. We think it's a great way for more people to play an excellent game, and we're really excited about it! After that, B.J. answers some of your questions about what he expects in DQ XII and shares his wife's thoughts on DQ (and, oddly enough, Dragon Age). In the second half of the show, we discuss the amazing art of Fran Fuentes, who's designed our new podcast logo. You can find him on YouTube or Twitter by clicking the links. We also talk a bit about Rocket Slime 3 and hope for a fourth installment on Switch, the potential for a Dragon Quest Heroes 3 or Builders 3, and B.J. explains himself for saying he didn't like Dragon Quest all those years ago. Remember, you can help support this podcast by visiting You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and
July 31, 2020
S E28 - Listener Q & A (Part One: Austin's Answers)
It's time for our annual listener Q & A! This week, B.J. is still out because of his jaw, so we split our answers into two separate episodes. He'll be back next week to give his answers on everything. This week, though, Austin answered a wide variety of questions regarding Dragon Quest XI, speculating on XII, dreaming about Heroes 3 and Builders 3, and just what about Dragon Quest was so appealing to him in the first place. You can find the link to the Dragon Quest Art tumblr talked about in this episode by clicking this link. Remember, you can support the podcast by visiting Talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM or
July 24, 2020
S2 E27 - Dragon Quest IV Deep Dive (Episode Four): Towns, Translations, and Final Thoughts
It's our fourth and final episode of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest IV! This week, B.J. injured his jaw and can't talk, so he wrote up his thoughts and Austin reads them aloud in the show. We kick things off by giving a REAL NICE THANK YOU to our newest (and anonymous) Patreon patron. Is it someone famous? Yuji Horii, maybe? Ehhh...probably not, no.  For the first part of the episode, we talk about some of our favorite towns like Riverton and Zenithia, dungeons like the Mamon Mines, and random NPCs like Prelvis Esley. In the second half of the show, we kick things off by discussing the translation controversy that followed after the DS Remake of DQIV. You can find a  the interview on DQ Shrine by clicking here. We talk about it quite a bit in this episode. After that, we give our final thoughts on the game and discuss whether or not you should examine DQ IV as a relic of its time, compare it to more modern JRPGs, or a little bit of both. Remember, you can help support our podcast by visiting You can talk to us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and If you want to watch our stream of the DQX event in FFXIV, you can find that link right here. Be sure to check out Super Fiels on YouTube by following this link. You can find JRPGs and Me by clicking here.
July 17, 2020
S2 E26 - Dragon Quest IV Deep Dive (Episode Three): Monsters and Villains
It's week three of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest IV! This time around, we're discussing the monsters and villains we liked, loved, and hated (to fight, at least). In the first part of the show, we discuss Austin's latest DQ swag, like the Ukulele Tab book and Slime teapot, and then we dive straight into the iconic monsters like the king slime that got their start in DQ IV! From there, we talk about some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) monsters and bosses in the game! In the second half of the show, we talk about Chapter Six and story spoilers. We talk about Foo Yung and Chow Mein's epic "chicken or the egg" debate, Aaman and Endor and other Lord of the Rings references, and the epic showdown with Psaro the Manslayer! Remember, you can buy Austin's new book, The Dragon Quest Book: Interviews and Reflections on the Fandom in the West on Amazon. Print and ebook editions are right here. If you'd like to support the podcast, please visit You can follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and find us at
July 10, 2020
S2 E25 - Dragon Quest IV Deep Dive (Episode Two): Characters and Companions
It's week two of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest IV! This week, we're talking all about the main characters and playable companions that make this game so great. Warning: There are lots of spoilers for DQ IV in this episode! First, we talk about the Dragon Quest X event that's happening in Final Fantasy XIV this month, as well as how you can play it for free! And after that bit of news, we dive right into discussing the memorable main characters in the game. In the second half of the show, we discuss Meena and Maya (and are they really twins?!?), as well as all the companions who can accompany you on your quest in Chapter Five. Plus, hear our candid thoughts on all sorts of things like Oojam's ability to break doors, Healie turning into a human, and Ragnar's mustache! Please check out Brad's blog by clicking the link here. If you'd like to the see the RPGamer interview we mention in this episode, you can find it right here. And if you'd like to purchase Austin's new book, The Dragon Quest Book, you can do that by following the link here to Amazon.  Remember, you can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and If you'd like to support our podcast, please check out
July 03, 2020
S2 E24 - Dragon Quest IV Deep Dive (Episode One): History and Legacy
It's the first in our Deep Dive series of Dragon Quest IV! This week, we're starting off by discussing the history of Dragon Quest IV (Dragon Warrior IV on the NES in the States) and some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that was happening while the game was being made, as well as the making of the DS Remake and Enix's failed attempt to get a PS1 remake to the West in 2002. We also discuss some of the DQ IV spin-offs and media, like the Princess Alena manga and characters appearing in other DQ anime. In the second half of the show we discuss the legacy DQ IV has left, in terms of both the series and video games in general. We talk about the series "firsts" that exist in IV, and what changes were made (or weren't made) in the remakes. Whether you want some info on the wagon, Tactics, DQ ballet, or Yuji Horii's thoughts on IV--we've got it all jam-packed in this first episode.  Next week, we'll be discussing the playable characters and companions more in-depth! You can listen to Slime Time, which we discussed during our community spotlight segment, by clicking here.  You can find the link to the Dragon Warrior VII manual we talk about in this episode by clicking here. You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM or You can help support this podcast on Patreon by clicking this nifty link! 
June 26, 2020
S2 E23 - Final Fantasy XIV vs. Dragon Quest X
This week, we're bringing you another one of our "vs." episodes! This time around, we're comparing two Square Enix MMORPGs we love: Final Fantasy XIV and Dragon Quest X. Turns out, they have a LOT in common! We also compare them to other MMOs we've played, like Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. We discuss things like job systems, story beats, combat, housing, and other game mechanics. Plus, we talk about the probability (or lack thereof) of a DQ X release in English. We also discuss Austin's upcoming Dragon Quest book, which you can read about here.  And for the community spotlight, you can check out and the Crafting Rogue's Etsy shop by clicking on those links! Remember, you can support this podcast on Patreon by clicking this nifty link! You can follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and
June 19, 2020
S2 E22 - Fortune Street, Itadaki Street, and Slime Bankruptcy
This week on Dragon Quest FM we're talking about Fortune Street for the Wii, and the Itadaki Street series of games! For the third time in the podcast's history, B.J. and Austin are in the same room again! We start the episode by giving some quick facts about the series. Then, Austin shares how he and his wife Grace got super into Fortune Street during quarantine. Because of a family emergency, they had to fly back to TN, which meant they also go to play it a bit with B.J. and his wife, Jennifer. We share some of our (war?) stories from playing the game. We talk about the playable DQ characters in Fortune Street, why the Slime is cursed and will bankrupt you, how the CPU cheats, and how much we wish the Itadaki Street FF vs DQ version would make it to the States.We also discuss Mario Party and other Mario titles (since, you know, Fortune Street has a bunch of Mario characters, too). Remember, you can help support the podcast on Patreon by clicking this nifty link! You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and!
June 12, 2020
S2 E21 - Austin's Quarantine Cast Mini-Compilation
This week, we are doing something a little different. Austin has a family emergency, and we have been unable to record a new episode. But that doesn't mean you don't get cool stuff to listen to. We've compiled some of the best of Austin's DQ Quarantine Cast and put them together for you to hear as one long episode. Make sure that you check out our Patreon page where you can listen to all fifty (50!!) episodes of Austin's quarantine cast at and best of all...lots of them are Public! Some are patron-exclusive, but that just means you should support the show, haha! The GoFundMe for Ben Cunnimgham that I mentioned in the intro to this episode can be found here: Thank you all so much. If you want to talk, we're @dragonquestfm on Twitter, and all of our episodes and blogs can be seen at
June 05, 2020
S2 E20 -Adventure of Dai Announcements and Dragon Quest Day
Surprise! This week's episode is a little early, since we couldn't want to talk about the Adventure of Dai announcements we got on Dragon Quest Day. Plus, today is the anniversary of our podcast! In this episode, we discuss the new Dai anime series, the mobile game, the arcade game (and cards!), and the console action-RPG that's scheduled to release in 2021. You can hear all our reactions to that stuff, plus we talk about our favorite Dai toys that got announced today! After that, we share a couple favorite moments from the last year of the podcast, like playing "Dr. Agon or B.J.?" and trying to beat Dragon Quest Swords in about 26-hours with a flight to catch.  You can find screenshot and videos of the stuff discussed in this episode by checking out our post right here.  Remember, you can help support this podcast and join our community by clicking this nifty link and heading over to Patreon.  You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and
May 27, 2020
S2 E19 - All About the Luminary (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
Welcome to Dragon Quest FM! This week, it's our final character spotlight for Dragon Quest XI, and it's all about the Luminary! We start the episode by discussing the various ways we used him in combat, whether we think he's TOO powerful, and our favorite alt outfits. Then, we head over to Twitter to see why everyone else loves him. Special thanks to everyone who participated! Then, we discuss the hair. Most people hate it, but Austin loves it. This starts a debate over the best designed DQ protagonists (our opinions vary greatly). We talk about all the highlights of the Luminary's story, including being a fish and taking part in Sylvando's parade. Toward the end of the episode, we talk about where Dragon Quest XI fits within the other mainline games, how it relates, and just kind of explore the lore a bit. We also bring up JRPGs like the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Fairy Fencer F, Tales of the Abyss, and Dragon Quest VI. How does that all relate? You'll have to listen to find out! Remember you can support this podcast on Patreon by clicking this nifty link! You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and at
May 22, 2020
S2 E18 - All About That Spoilery Eighth Party Member (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
This week, we're talking all about SPOILER!  Like, seriously, if you haven't played Dragon Quest XI yet, you might want to do that first. This entire episode is just one gigantic spoiler. Don't even read these notes! These notes have spoilers too!  We start the episode by giving a Real Nice Thank You to our newest Patreon patron, JayJBOY. Remember, you can become a Patron too, by following this nifty link! We also have new coffee mugs available to all our patrons who've been with us for a full year, which you can take a look at over on Patreon too. We start our discussion of *redacted* by going over the voice actor, combat style, and alt outfits. Then, we head over to Twitter to see what everyone loves about Hendrik (see? there's your spoiler). We also compare his character and arc to ones we love in Final Fantasy XII, Dragon Quest VI, and Dragon Quest VIII. We also discuss his "interesting" reading habits and magazine knowledge, and how his story works within the confines of the main plot. Remember, you can follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and
May 15, 2020
S2 E17 - All About Jade (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
This week, we're talking all about Jade! We start the episode by talking about the ways we used Jade in combat, the alt outfits we loved (or didn't love), and how our play styles varied. After that, it's off to the Internet to find out why YOU love Jade so much! Thanks to everyone who submitted answers! We also have a new Patreon patron, Elinzia! (She is a co-host of the to  podcast, which also provides good DQ content.) We give a shoutout to her, talk about Austin's daily mini-cast episodes, and announce the winner of our Patreon $10 gift card giveaway for May! Congrats to this month's winner, Wesley! If you'd like become a patron yourself, you can head over the Patreon by following this nifty link!  After the break, we talk about Jade within the confines of the story, her relationship to the Luminary and other characters, her Act Two arc, and all the other reasons we love Jade! You can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and on!
May 08, 2020
S2 E16 - All About Rab (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
In this week's episode, we're talking all about Rab, the dirty old grandpa you can't help but love! We start the episode by discussing how we used Rab in combat, and then we talk about our favorite outfits for him. After that, we take to Twitter again to see why YOU love Rab so much. Thanks to everyone who replied! Austin is working on a Dragon Quest. He's currently gathering up stories from within the fandom. So if you've got a story to share, head over to for more details. You can email your story to After the break, we talk about Rab within the confines of the story, his Act Two arc, his love of (certain) magazines. Then, we share our favorite Rab moments! Remember you can find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and You can support our podcast by going to
May 01, 2020
S2 E15 - All About Sylvando, Darling (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
This week on Dragon Quest FM we're celebrating Sylvando! He is everyone's favorite character (well, maybe not everyone, but he ranked #1 in the poll from Famitsu), and he has some of the most personality of any JRPG character we've ever seen. Or maybe even any video game character, if we're being honest. Austin says that Sylvando is his favorite video game character ever. Ever. Possibly (probably?) even surpassing Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. Which is absurd because he is insanely in love with FFIX. That's high praise. We discuss the various outfits that Sylvando has during the game, from the fabulous peacock tail and its variants, his gadabout jester digs, and the dapper doublet that wound up making its way into Beej's heart early on and never letting go. Regarding gameplay, we talk about how we used him in our party pretty much all the time, either as a spot healer because of Hustle Dance or the fantastic support abilities that he provides for both offense and defense. Overall, he's just a strong character that can do roughly anything he puts his mind to, darling. And we can't not talk about the acting. The voice actor for Sylvando has very few credits to his name, but we hope to see him in more after the fantastic job he did in DQXI. This is the stuff of awards, we think, but he didn't win any. We are, however, going to follow him into any other games, much like we do Troy Baker of The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite fame. Also, Beej disappoints Austin terribly as a human being and becomes a little less in his eyes. But you want to find out what he did to get hit with such judgment? You're going to have to listen to find out, darlings. Where's the fun in telling it all up front?
April 24, 2020
S2 E14 - All About Serena (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
This week, we’re talking about Veronica’s other half, her twin sister Serena. Like Veronica, Serena is a Keeper from Arboria. Serena is the sweeter, more naive of the twins. She follows Veronica around, which is ironic since Veronica now has the appearance of a child. You’d expect it to go the other way. She is the priest in terms of classic DQ vocations and is voiced by Jessica Clark, whose credits include being a regular on Versailles and appearances in other BBC shows like Call the Midwife. Serena’s outfits The Dancer’s outfit, one of the earliest ones you can get, is really cool. Didn’t like the Divine version as much, though. Austin loves the Serenica outfit you can get, which is a nice callback to other DQ sage outfits. Also liked the Crimson Catsuit. It made her look especially tough, which it’s hard to make Serena look tough. Most of her outfits and her demeanor make her seem cutesy and sweet. Beej liked the Mischief Maker and liked how the Crimson Catsuit seemed as though it were a Persona 5 homage. Serena in combat Austin used her as a healer pretty much all the time. Once she turns into OP Sage, she was in my party at all times. We both used her instead of Rab. Austin used spears with her on my first playthrough, but used wands in XI S. Beej was two wands all the time. Austin experimented with harps because he wanted a Serena and Veronica folk band! I mVeronicaean, that Calamus flute + harp = sweet jams Trivia Time! In the international fan poll for Dragon Quest XI that was released by Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Serena was voted the seventh most popular character in the game, but the least popular female party member, with a total of 237 votes. So, so sad. (Veroinca was fourth overall, and the second most popular female character) Serena within the story You rescue her early in the story, when you help Veronica find her. She’s this cautious voice of reason through a lot of the earlier story. How does the loss of her sister affect her? We also talk about the haircut and how hair is such a symbol for women's rebirth and empowerment after a trauma. Deep, yeah? Losing the powers once Veronica comes back. Neither of us used her nearly as much after that. We are sad that she and Veronica don’t get a side story in XI S. What’s up with that? I guess it’d be too spoilery.
April 17, 2020
S2 E13 - All About Veronica (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
It's our second character spotlight for Dragon Quest XI! This time around, we're talking all about Veronica, the sassy mage with a small stature and a big personality. Naturally, there are going to be spoilers in this episode, so consider yourselves warned! We start the episode by asking "Who is Veronica?" Turns out, it's kind of an interesting answer, especially considering the backstory Veronica and her sister have, as well as the Great Sage's soul they share. After that, we take to Twitter again to read some of your answers to the question "What do you love about Veronica?" We got a lot of answers, and tried to read as many as possible during the episode. A big thanks to everyone who answered! We also talk about how we used Veronica in combat, how we used her within our party, our favorite alternative outfits for her, and more! Then, B.J. talks about THAT moment in the game, and how it affected him more than similar moments in any other video game. Yeah, we're keeping the notes a little vague, but the episode has full spoilers. So listen now! Remember you can support Dragon Quest FM on Patreon by clicking this nifty link.  You can also find us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM or at
April 10, 2020
S2 E12 - All About Erik (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)
Character Spotlights for the cast of Dragon Quest XI! We’re going in the order that they join our hero’s party, so this first week is all about Erik! REAL NICE THANK YOU to our two new patrons, Citrus C and Matthias! We appreciate you so much, You rock. Keep in mind that we have LOTS OF SPOILERS AHEAD! Each character in XI, although not officially designated with a job, has a job that goes back to classic DQ vocations. Erik is a thief. But who is Erik? A blue-haired thief who’s super loyal to the hero. He’s kind of sarcastic, and then he gets taken down a peg when he can’t remember who he is in the postgame. His voice reminds Austin of Timon from the Lion King, and Dirk is even his Pumbaa.  Austin discusses the manga by the Fairy Tail guy Why do people love Erik?  Let’s go to Twitter for answers! But you gotta listen to know what they are! Hah! That's how we getcha. We discuss Erik in battle. Austin didn’t use him much in the main story, but used him a ton in the postgame because of his twomerang ability and dual-wielding metal slime boomerangs. Plus, the Pirate Pendant increased rate drops, and you can still stuff with Half-Inch (steal) and Critical Claim (always critical). We both used him mostly with daggers until postgame, honestly. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION Ty Robertson won the Patreon eShop giveaway! Congrats, Ty! The rest of you can enter to win by becoming a member at Shoutout to the Henshin Dad podcast Erik within the story functions has the hero’s BFF. Erik is a guy looking for redemption. He joins the hero because the Seer told him it was the only way he could redeem himself. We discuss the whole Erik and Mia thing. And finally, are we ever getting a Monsters game with Erik and Mia? What do you think?
April 03, 2020
S2 E11 - Questin' in the Quarantine
It's a new week, and both Austin and B.J. have been in quarantine (like a lot of folks out there). So what have we been doing with our time?  Well, for a lot of it, we've been playing Final Fantasy XIV (on the Leviathan server, if you're interested). Austin has been putting out the Daily Quarantine Cast on our Patreon page, and he's been playing quite a bit of Dragon Quest X. That's what a lot of this episode is about: discussing all the cool stuff that he's seen during his travels into the Dwarf area and Puku Land. Additionally, he talks about getting his fourth Key Emblem to meeting a Sage Eldos in the ogre kingdom, Dwarf Zorro lady Kaito Poikkurin, a guy with a viking lizard hat named Duston, and a little girl named Fuura with a majestic deer army. Looking for something to do during quarantine? GA1C is going to be playing Faxanadu for the NES this Friday night, no guest planned as of yet. You can tell folks to tune in at 9PM EST on and to also let them know it is a tribute/homage to the Japanese TV series Game Center CX, so if they like retro games they should join in. Find us on Twitter at @dragonquestfm and on Patreon and
March 27, 2020
S2 E10 -Dragon Quest X (Part Two): With Ryan Molina From Battle Geek Plus!
This week, we continue our discussion of Dragon Quest X. We bring in a special guest, Ryan Molina, from Battle Geek Plus on YouTube, to help us out with our DQ10 questions and to share his own Dragon Quest stories with us. Ryan has been playing DQ10 for several months now and is over halfway through all of the content the five versions have to offer! We also ask Ryan questions, like how did he get into Dragon Quest, what's his favorite DQ game, and what got him into playing Dragon Quest X in the first place. We also briefly discuss other MMOs, like Final Fantasy XIV and Guild Wars. Also, we're doing a new daily podcast on our Patreon page! We're calling it the Daily Quarantine Cast, hosted by Austin with (sometimes) special guests. We're bringing you new mini-sodes EVERY SINGLE DAY during this tough time when a lot of folks are having to spend time at home. Topics don't just include Dragon Quest! So far, we've discussed the Trials of Mana Remake demo, indie games like Explosive Jake, and more goodness! So head over to to become a patron and start listening now! Be sure to subscribe to Ryan's YouTube channel, Battle Geek Plus, by clicking right HERE. You can also find Ryan's books on Amazon.  Remember, you can always find Dragon Quest FM on Twitter or on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you!
March 20, 2020
S2 E9- Dragon Quest X (Part One): Austin in Astoltia
This week on Dragon Quest FM we're discussing Dragon Quest X! Austin started the game on Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago, and B.J. booted it up over the weekend. Yes, the game is still completely in Japanese, but you can play it without a VPN and the trial version lets you get through all of the content of 1.0 and more! If you want to read how to do that, you can read all about it right here. Picking up from last week, we start our discussion with how to play the game itself. Austin breaks it all down, and B.J. gives his pointers for problems you might encounter during set-up. Along the way, we talk about the pros and cons of using the Google Translate app to translate everything for us. And why did Austin start texting angry Beyoncé lyrics at B.J.? You'll have to listen to find out! We also talk about some quests (specifically ones that help you unlock important gameplay mechanics), and how Dragon Quest X compares to another big Square Enix MMO: Final Fantasy XIV. That includes being able to hire NPCs to help you with tasks, using ruler stones to teleport around, and enormous landscapes to explore! If you'd like the read the Woodus/Dragon's Den guide B.J. recommends on the show, you can that right here. You can also find Nawaria's YouTube walkthroughs by clicking here. A special thanks to some of our Twitter friends for providing links to helpful guides and faqs: @ThatRyanMolina, @ZeroExe, and @RuraCypress. Remember you can help support us on Patreon by clicking this nifty link!  You can also follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and
March 13, 2020
S2E8: Snack World vs. Dragon Quest of the Stars
This week, we’re talking about two games we’ve been playing a ton: Level’-5’s Snack World and the mobile game Dragon Quest of the Stars! Last week, we geeked out over Dragon Quest of the Stars. Since then, we’ve spent a quite a bit of time with the game. So, this  week we share where we’re at in the main story, our progress against  defeating the Dragonlord and Malroth, and cool gear drops we’ve gotten. We also give a REAL NICE THANK YOU to Lindsey Dohse, our newest  patron. We announce the winner of our March giveaway, and talk just a  bit about Austin’s foray in Dragon Quest X (which we’re getting into next week). Then, it’s time for the good stuff! We compare and contrast Snack World and DQS,  games that have a surprising amount in common. We talk about loot  drops, crafting, upgrading equipment, dungeon runs, enemies, combat, and  so much more! We also have a lengthy discussion about how wacky and  wonderful both games are, and why we love their quirkiness so much. You can read the Geek to Geek video game review of Snack World right here.  If you’d like to listen to another podcast on Snack World, be sure to check out our friends from The Nerdberg Review, who just did an entire episode on how awesome it is. Remember, you can support this podcast on Patreon by clicking this nifty link! You can follow us on Twitter @DragonQuestFM or at
March 06, 2020
S2E7 - Dragon Quest of the Stars (First Impressions)
This week on Dragon Quest FM, we're geeking out about the new mobile RPG, Dragon Quest of the Stars!  The game released on the night of February 24 for us, so we we managed to log in quite a few hours before recording the episode. As usual, our play styles are really different. B.J. is chugging through content and unlocking stuff left and right, while Austin is sidetracked by side quests. We discuss the combat system, treasure maps, RNG, "Gacha" mechanics,  cool gear, and new characters. Along the way, find out our honest opinions about the dirty old man who lives inside a book, our pink squirrel friend, and a slime named Gregooey. Also, hear us gush about  the cool weapons and equipment we've found in the game. And the Dragon  Lord fight that's going on now? Yep, we even talk about that a bit too.  You can find Dragon Quest FM on Twitter @DragonQuestFM and If you'd like to support our podcast, check out our Patreon!
February 28, 2020
S2E6 - "Dragon Quest: Your Story" is on Netflix! And We've Seen It!
This week, we're discussing Dragon Quest Your Story, the movie that released on Netflix on February 13, 2020. We were both super excited to watch it (Austin watched it three times already), so this week's episode is all about the first-ever Dragon Quest movie!  Warning: There will be spoilers--and lots of 'em! So, if you haven't watched the movie yet, you maybe want to boot up Netflix first and then listen to this episode. We start things off with a REAL NICE THANK YOU to our newest Patreon patron, Chris Rowland. Then, we jump right into discussing the beginning parts of Your Story. Both Austin and B.J. felt the early parts were a bit rushed, but it didn't keep them from enjoying the movie. We've also got plenty of things to talk about in the middle parts of the film: Bjorn the Behemoose, a surprise cameo from DQ VI's Madame Luca, the distinct lack of Debora--the list goes on! Be sure to listen to find out which part was Austin's daughter's favorite (it also happened to be B.J.'s favorite part, too). Oh, and we discuss THAT ending, of course! We talk about how it could be jarring for some fans, what we loved about it and why, and why we think the ending makes sense within the context of the film. We also played a game as a minisode on our Patreon page. If you're a patron (or would like to become one) then click this nifty link and give it a listen. Find out if Austin was able to stump B.J. when it comes to Dragon Quest V and Your Story trivia!
February 21, 2020
S2 E5 - Ten Reasons We Love Dragon Quest! (Valentine's Day Special)
Welcome to a special Valentine's Day episode of Dragon Quest FM! This week, we're counting down the Ten Reasons We LOVE Dragon Quest. B.J. was sick and didn't have a voice, so Austin's wife Grace fills in for him. It's Valentine's, after all, so it makes perfect sense! So, what's our top ten reasons for loving DQ? You'll have to listen to find out! Plus, we share comments from folks online who were kind enough to share their own reasons for loving Dragon Quest: whether it's that special feeling you get from playing the games, the love you feel for adorable blue slimes, or that fuzzy feeling you get from listening to Koichi Sugiyama's music. We also discuss that time Grace was a goblin for an entire day, B.J.'s expensive rainbow unicorn cake, and succulents. Yes, succulents. Link to Big Shark Gaming's YouTube channel, where you can watch the DQMJ videos is right here. Remember, you can help support this podcast by joining out Patreon page. All you have to do is click this nifty link! 
February 14, 2020
S2 E4 - "Legend of the Hero Abel" Anime Follow-Up Discussion
Welcome to our follow-up episode on the Dragon Quest anime series, Legend of the Hero Abel. Once again, this is a mostly spoiler-free discussion of the show, and what we’ve seen so. In today’s episode we’re concentrating on how the anime series ties into Dragon Quest 3, and even DQ 4 and DQ 6, neither of which had released when the anime originally aired. We wanted to discuss it last week, and just kinda ran out of time, so this week we’re doing an entire episode on it! We also have a new logo for Season Two! Did you notice? Dragon Quest fan artist Gaby drew Austin and B.J. on their slimes to commemorate the new season! You can find more of her art on her Twitter account, which can be found @HocusChimera. So, check that out! Remember, you can always help support this podcast by joining our Patreon page, which you can find by clicking this nifty little link! 
February 06, 2020
S2 E3 - "Legend of the Hero Abel" Anime Discussion
Welcome to a special anime-focused episode of Dragon Quest FM! This week, we're discussing the Dragon Quest anime series, known as The Legend of the Hero Abel. The first thirteen episodes aired in English as Dragon Warrior in the early '90s, and we've been streaming the Japanese episodes with English subtitles. We've also been discussing this a TON in our Binge Club of the anime on Twitter and Discord, which you can still join! In this week's (mostly) spoiler free episode, we're discussing the main characters of the anime, how the anime ties into games within the mainline series, and differences in the English dub episodes from the Japanese ones. We also have a special shoutout to our newest Patreon patron, Timothy! A special thank you to everyone in our Binge Club for giving us suggested topics and letting us nerd out about Dragon Quest with you! Remember, you can help support this podcast by joining our Patreon! Just click HERE! Portions of this episode also appeared on Austin's blog. You can find that article right HERE.
January 31, 2020
S2 E2 - Starting Dragon Quest Monsters Joker
This week, Austin starts playing Dragon Quest Monsters Joker on the Nintendo DS and talks to B.J. about it. While keeping spoilers to a minimum, we cover the first three hours of the game and Austin's initial impressions of the first few islands. But first! We kick off our episode with updates for Dragon Quest Your Story movie on Netflix, Dragon Quest of the Stars on mobile, and the new Dragon Quest Monsters game! So if you're looking for a news round-up, look no further than the first few minutes! Link to the free download of Techno Funk Boy's Dragon Quest album: We also invite you to join our Binge Club watching group of the anime series, Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel. You can find all the details right here, in a public Patreon post:
January 25, 2020
S2 E1 - Dragon Quest in 2020!
Welcome to Season Two of Dragon Quest FM! To kick off the new year, we're discussing all the confirmed and rumored Dragon Quest content we're getting in 2020, plus the surprises we may get before the year is up! Austin was sick, but we didn't let that stop us from nerding out about our favorite series! A lot of this episode is based off of a blog post Austin did a few weeks ago, which you find right here.  Remember you can support us on Patreon by clicking this link.
January 17, 2020
S1E34 - Dragon Quest IX Deep Dive (Episode Five): Let's Talk About Co-Op Mode and a Possible Remake!
This week, we reach our fifth and final episode in our Dragon Quest IX Deep Dive! We start off the episode by discussing our recent fun times with co-op mode over the holidays. After that, we answer a few listener questions about the possible IX remake. We also talk about all the listener polls we've held on DQ IX, give our own thoughts on the results, and answer some Patreon patron questions along the way! Jeezum Crow! Link to Dragon Warrior/Nintendo vlog:
January 10, 2020
S1E33 - Dragon Quest IX Deep Dive (Episode Four): Let's Talk About the Gittish Empire, Postgame, and Our Favorite Games of the 2019!
Welcome to the fourth episode in our deep dive of Dragon Quest IX! In this episode we talk about the Gortress and all the Gittish Empire goodness we loved. Then we discuss grottos, treasure maps, and a bunch of the online stuff IX used to offer. It's officially the new year, which means we also discuss our Top 5 games that released in 2019. We give brief rundowns of each one, and then we discuss WHY those games made it when others didn't. Remember, you can always support this podcast on Patreon: Big congrats to Ty Robertson for winning our very first Patreon eShop gift card!
January 03, 2020
S1E32 - Dragon Quest IX Deep Dive (Episode Three): Let's Talk About Monsters, Bosses, and the Krak Pot!
Welcome to our third episode of our deep dive into Dragon Quest IX! This week, we're talking about crafting with the Krak Pot. Austin and B.J. share their stories of crafting in other Dragon Quest games, too, and find out how the Krak Pot stacks up against the likes of the Fun-Sized Forge in XI or the alchemy pot in VIII! We also talk about monsters--A LOT! Dragon Quest IX introduced a whole lot of new monsters. Some of them we love (like the Slime Stack), and some make us feel weird (like the Trigertaur). After the break, we discuss dragons (DRAGONS!!!) and some of the most memorable bosses in the game. Don't forget to enter for our monthly giveaways by becoming a Patreon patron:
December 27, 2019
S1E31-Dragon Quest IX Deep Dive (Episode Two): Let's Talk About Vocations, Costumes, and the Quester's Rest
Welcome to our second episode of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest IX! This week, we're talking about Alltrades Abbey and the Quester's Rest! We also discuss our favorite costumes (and there are a TON to choose from), and which Vocations we used the most in our separate playthroughs. We also discuss topics suggested to us by Twitter, from the likes of @sackchief, @gameapartment1C, and @kentonagbone. Oh, and Austin recounts his favorite DQ IX Seth Green commercial. "It's a poncho!" Be sure to enter our monthly giveaways by becoming a Patreon patron:
December 23, 2019
S1E30 - Dragon Quest IX Deep Dive (Episode One): Let's Talk About Characters!
Welcome to our first episode in our "Deep Dive" series. For the next few weeks, we'll be discussing the excellent Dragon Quest IX! It's B.J.'s favorite mainline game, and it's one of Austin's Top 5, so it seemed like the perfect game to start with. This week, we're focusing on characters! In the first half of the show, we discuss the heroes/boon companions, as well as some of our favorite stories from the many towns you visit on your journey. In the second half, we're talking about our favorite villains: the Triumgorate and Corvus! Link to Chim's Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger stickers: Enter our monthly giveaways by becoming a Patreon patron! Visit:
December 13, 2019
S1 E29 - Mother, Earthbound, and Dragon Quest with Dan from GameApartment1C
This week on Dragon Quest FM, B.J. wasn’t available. Thankfully, we already had plans to hang out with Dan from Game Apartment 1C! Dan hung out with Austin, where they talked about Dan’s history with the Dragon Quest series, including his favorite mainline and spin-off games! From there, we discuss topics like fairytales in the DQ series, games like Wizardry and Ultima, and where they think Dragon Quest games will go after XI. In the second half of the show, Dan and Austin talk about Mother/Earthbound and how it compares, contrasts, and relates to Dragon Quest. We end the night with a brief discussion about Dragon Quest XI S and where we think RPGs are headed in the future (spoiler: we’re both hoping for more turn-based games!). You can follow Dan on Twitter @Gameapartment1C On Twitch: On YouTube
December 06, 2019
S1 E28 - Dragon Quest XII Wishlists!
Since this episode is airing on Black Friday, we figured it’s the perfect time to put together our wishlist! Not of TVs or new smartphones, but what we WISH we’d see in Dragon Quest XII! We talk about our wishes for the new protagonist, whether or not we want voiceover acting for our hero, Vocations vs. Skill System, and much more! Austin and B.J. have different opinions on almost everything, so we try to cover as much ground as possible. Plus, Dragon Quest Holiday Sweaters and a special thank you to all of our patrons, old and new! Link to Jango Snow’s art:
November 29, 2019
S1 E27 - Our Top 3 Favorite DQ Games So Far
This week, we’re discussing our favorite Dragon Quest games (so far)! We’re not just counting them down, though; we’re discussing WHY we love them so much! Each of us came up with a Top 3, for time’s sake. So what were our Top 3 lists? No spoilers here! You’ll have to listen to find out! There’s a little overlap, but we mostly had our own lists, which led to a great discussion about just WHAT exactly makes a Dragon Quest good to us. ~~Patreon very special thank you to Wesley Rea! [Henshin Dad] podcast.~~
November 23, 2019
S1 E26 - Tips & Tricks for Dragon Quest XI S - "Alabama's #1 Dragon Quest Fan"
Welcome to Dragon Quest FM! This is a special episode request for our newest Patreon patron, Todd Sullivan. This week, we’re running through the tips and tricks that have worked for us in Dragon Quest XI S! They may not be the best route, but they worked for us! And fair warning: there are some spoilers ahead! First, we discuss ways to efficiently side quest, and then it’s on to farming! That’s right: farming! We’ve got tips on how to farm metal monsters, farm gold, farm mini-medals, farm rare items, and even farm skill seeds! Plus, we talk about how Erik is the real MVP of the postgame. After that, we talk about mini-games! Hear B.J. rage about horse racing, Austin talk about the Wheel of Harma, and then listen as we take a few moments to ponder the chances of winning at the roulette jackpot. Plus, are there ways to cheat the casino system? We don’t think so, but there are definitely ways to increase your odds! Stickers from Sydni
November 15, 2019
S1 E25 - Have Our Opinions on Dragon Quest Changed?
Last week, B.J. and I were both a little busy, but we hope you guys enjoyed taking a trip back in time and hearing us discuss DQ on the Geek to Geek Podcast. This week, we’re just kind of expounding upon that, discussing how our opinions and thoughts may have changed in the last year. We touch on DQ 7 and 8, as well as all the stuff that works about DQXI on Switch that just makes it better. (And worse? Who knows?!) We also got announce the winner of our $20 Nintendo eShop gift card giveaway! You could be the winner! So be sure to listen to find out!
November 08, 2019
S1 E24 - That Time Austin Was on Geek to Geek
Early in the year, way before DQFM was a twinkle in our eyes, Austin and Beej did a Dragon Quest podcast for Beej’s other show, Geek to Geek. Austin was just started off on his yearlong journey to play every mainline Dragon Quest game. Since Austin has had a crazy birthday week and Beej is off to the beach for his 10th wedding anniversary, y’all get the privilege of listening to what might be considered a trial run for your favorite? DQ podcast (this one, in case that wasn’t clear). Enjoy!
November 02, 2019
S1 E23 - Spooooky, Scaaaary Halloween Episode
Welcome to a special Halloween edition of Dragon Quest FM! For this episode, we’re going to be talking about spooooooooooooky stuff, from our favorite scary moments in Dragon Quest games to our favorite Halloween-ish stuff in non-DQ games. We’ve got several moments to talk about from the mainline Dragon Quest games, like the Ghost Ship in DQ III and Uptaten Towers in DQ V. We also discuss some ghostly moments from DQ IX and XI/XI S! Along the way, we talk about some of our favorite (and not-so-favorite) horror movies and horror movie tropes. Then, we list our Top 3 Halloween-inspired or spooky moments in non-Dragon Quest games, like the Halloween events in Overwatch, Halloweentown in Kingdom Hearts, and the Ghost Train in Final Fantasy VI. Stay around until the end, where we announce a pumpkin carving contest between Austin and B.J.’s wife Jennifer! Details on how to vote are in the episode, but you can follow these links to find them, too! Link to charms store from community spotlight:
October 25, 2019
S1 E22 - Fresh, Hot Ports
This week, we’re talking about the many ports of Dragon Quest games! It’s a special request episode from our Patreon patron, Ty Robertson. We’re talking about our favorite (and least favorite) DQ ports, from GBC to DS to mobile to Switch. Whether your flavor is DQIII on the GBC or the new Switch one or even DQ8 on mobile, we want to talk about what these various ports bring to the DQ table.  Thanks to Patreon patreon Ty Robertson for the show topic idea! Twitter: Home: Patreon:
October 18, 2019
S1 E21 - The One with Sackchief
This week, we sit down with Dragon Quest superfan Sackchief to discuss the series, video games, and gas stations! Along the way, we discuss favorite characters, mainline games, and play Desert Island. We also talk about Sackchief’s two autographed Yuji Horii posters, Austin’s wife’s “gas station glow,” and elevator pitches. Links: Twitter: Discord for Dragon Quest Inn: Sackchief Central:
October 11, 2019
S1 E20-Dragon Quest Austin: Echoes of an Elusive Beej
This week, Austin is talking about Dragon Quest all by himself, since B.J. is in Mexico on a business trip. For the first half of the show, Austin talks about all the times he missed out on playing DQ as a kid, in a section called "Missed Connections." Like in newspapers, get it? Then, he talks about finally playing his first Dragon Quest game and what led him to play every mainline DQ game in a single year. In the second half, Austin gives his Top 5 Reasons for Loving Dragon Quest! Along the way, you'll meet the new (somewhat creepy) co-host Beejpillow, get to listen to Austin's B.J. impression, and hear about a cool poster from artist Jeff Wiggins in the community spotlight segment. Link to slime posters:
October 04, 2019
S1 E19 - DQXI S - "Best Demo Ever Made"
This week, we’ve got a 99% spoiler-free rundown of the Dragon Quest XI S demo. Whether you’ve played the demo already or are on the fence about buying the game yourself, we’re talking about all the ways DQ XI is a great game, and WHY you should be playing it. And today is the day it releases for Switch worldwide! Woohoo! We answer questions like “Why is XI S better than XI?” and “Why is the XI S demo the greatest demo of all time?” Then we share our personal experiences from the demo, talk about our different playstyles, and wrap everything up with a nice reflection on the series and the game itself. Affiliate link for DQ XI S:
September 27, 2019
S1 E18 - Final Fantasy vs Dragon Quest - "Crystals, crystals, crystals!"
This week, we’ve got a special episode for our Patreon patron, Ty. We have a thoughtful and friendly discussion about Final Fantasy versus Dragon Quest. We thought it’d be cool to compare numbered Final Fantasy games to its DQ counterparts. We’re both Final Fantasy fans as well, so it was cool to get to discuss I-XI and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Along the way, we talk about familiar tropes in each series, how the games influenced one another at different times, and which games within the series we find overrated (and underrated). We also talk about the cool Dragon Quest XI body art Austin’s aunt did (link is below), and then it’s back to discussing some of our favorite characters from each series, and why we love the games we do. Purple People Painter on Facebook and Instagram: Boss Fights Book on Final Fantasy V:
September 20, 2019
S1 E17 - Dragon Quest Monsters+ Manga - "This is our spiteful manga episode!"
Just in time for the new release of Dragon Quest Monsters + Volume 4, which releases in English on September 17th, we’re bringing you an episode all about DQ Manga! We’ve been talking about it for a while, and now it’s finally here! For today, we’re mostly just talking about the Dragon Quest Monsters + manga, but we hope to do an episode on things like Emblem of Roto and others later on. We really love Dragon Quest Monsters + (especially Austin), so this episode is really just us trying to get more people to read it. Because of that, we try to avoid any major plot spoilers or character spoilers. We start off by giving a brief synopsis of the series, and then talking about what makes it so great. We also answer questions like “What if I don’t like manga?” and “What’s the series even about?” Along the way, we bring up other manga series like Sgt. Frog, Dragon Quest e no Michi (Road to Dragon Quest), and Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger. Toward the end, we discuss some cute DQ charms (you can find the link at the bottom), DQM+ callbacks to the mainline Dragon Quest series, Austin’s only complaint with the manga, and how Austin wishes Taco Bell would sponsor them. We’ve also provided an affiliate link to Volume 1 of DQM+, so if you haven’t read it already and would like to,help us out by clicking the link below and buying it! DQM+ Manga, Volume 1: Emblem of Roto: DQ Hero Charms:
September 13, 2019
S1 E16 - DQ Builders 2, Part 3: Austin Goes to Hell (Moonbrooke) - "I hate you, and you're gonna live in the snow."
Don't miss our Patron-exclusive minisodes at This will be our final episode (for now) on the wonderful Dragon Quest Builders 2! If you haven’t listened to our previous two episodes about the game, be sure to check those out (episodes (9 and 10). Today, we’re talking about the final parts of the game and our final thoughts. Fair warning: there are a few spoilers ahead! We begin our discussion by talking about Skelketraz, prison break movies, and being buddies with a slime. Then, we’re away to Moonbrooke, which Austin hated with a fiery purple passion; however, B.J. disliked it but still had some fun while he was there. We air out a few of our complaints with the game during this portion, then it’s on to happier stuff! After the break, you can hear our thoughts on Malhalla, building a spaceship, and having monsters as friends. We also talk about sandbox games in general, and which ones we’ve played and enjoyed. This leads into our discussion on the post-game, which B.J. is still playing and Austin has yet to play much. And stick around for the end, where we say our final thoughts on the game and whether or not we recommend it to people. Plus, remember that we have our first-ever Bonus Minisode up on Patreon for all of our patrons to listen to. No matter your tier, you can enjoy our bonus episodes exclusively for our Patreon members. This bonus episode covers all of our favorites on Dragon Quest Builders 2, from our favorite island to our favorite NPCs and more! Plus, find out B.J.’s very strong feelings about the new announcement that slimes are edible and taste like limes!
September 06, 2019
S1 E15 - Dragon Quest Rocket Slime - Patreon Request Episode
This week, we’re talking about the Dragon Quest spin-off game Rocket Slime! This a special episode, because the topic was chosen by one of our Patreon Patrons, DJPimpDaddy! As part of our Metal Slime tier, you can choose a topic for us to discuss, and this was his. So thanks for your support, and thanks for encouraging us to play Rocket Slime because it’s delightful! Before we get into that, we just want to remind everyone that the demo for Dragon Quest XI S is now available to download on Switch, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already. We begin our discussion of Rocket Slime by talking about the story, the quirky characters, and the different gameplay mechanics. We also bring up the other games in the Slime spin-off series, including Rocket Slime 3, which recently got a fan translation into English. Then, we talk about all the ways Rocket Slime relates to other games in the mainline series (especially Dragon Quest VIII). We spend a few minutes talking about the graphics and how they remind us of classic SNES games like Yoshi’s Island, and then we debate the various tank battle strategies you can use. After that, we discuss the mini-games and extras that Rocket Slime has to offer! Austin: @_austin_king | BJ: @professorbeej | |
August 31, 2019
S1 E14 - Dragon Quest Swords - "IGN Gave Us Stockholm Syndrome"
Welcome to Episode 14 of Dragon Quest FM! This week we’re talking about Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, which was released on the Nintendo Wii in 2007. For a game that’s 12 years old, it’s fun and looks pretty. When B.J. was in town with Austin, we decided to play it together. But we only had about 24 hours to speedrun the whole thing, which was tricky. Thus, the Journey to Beat Dragon Quest Swords in a Single Weekend Began! This is a very dramatic story full of struggle, love, frustration, and...success? Failure? You’ll find out. Early in the episode, we also discuss the new demo for Dragon Quest XI S, coming out for Switch on September 27th, and the new location Tickington and the creatures known officially now as Tockles. We talk about the characters, the story, and the graphics. We also talk about the odd gameplay (for a Dragon Quest game, anyway), since it’s all first person POV and a dungeon crawler, which neither of us knew until we played it. Then, we move straight into a play-by-play of our attempt to beat Dragon Quest Swords in a very short period of time. We discuss the obstacles of having Austin’s kids in the room at the same time, how B.J. almost missed his flight because of the game, and how our arms are super tired now. Buy DQ Swords: Support us on Patreon:
August 23, 2019
S1 E13 - So Happy Together - Live Listener Q&A - "We are in the same room!"
Do you hear that noise? It’s high-fiving! Because for the first time in the (admittedly short) history of Dragon Quest FM, B.J. and Austin are together! In the same room! We cover lots of questions, from talking about our Dragon Quest XII hopes, to a list of our favorites: monsters, bosses, and towns! We also go down a dark road and discuss what might happen to the series when Toriyama or Horii pass away. B.J. talks about Star Wars, nerds out over Ewan McGregor, and freaks out over the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show that is (probably) happening. How does this all tie into Dragon Quest? You'll have to listen to find out! @dragonquestfm on Twitter, or personally as @_austin_king or @professorbeej
August 17, 2019
S1 E12 - Dragon Quest News and Announcements - "Moonwalk right out the door"
This past week, we got tons of Dragon Quest news! We got heroes in Smash, the release of Dragon Quest Your Story in Japan, some news about DQ X that makes us want to cry, and some exciting updates about Dragon Quest XI S! First, let’s talk about the Heroes in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Neither of us really play Smash, but we’re really excited for all of you who do.  --RNG --Thwack --Petitions to not let heroes into tournaments? Wtf? --BJ wants to GameFly smash and buy the DQ stuff for under 10 bucks just to play it --Might do this or get a used copy when he goes to see Austin next week Then it’s on to Dragon Quest XI S! --There’s a demo coming, although no release date has been given. --The save file transfers over, and you get a Skill Seed for transferring data --”The One Desceded from Erdrick” premium hero card in DQ Rivals (which is in Japanese) --Confirmed that we can visit DQ X as one of the past worlds --Erik gets a new outfit, it’s the “North Leather Style” from the manga by Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail). The manga debuts on August 21st. It’s just a one-off.  --It’s redeemed from a code that comes with a book (haven’t announced what the book is yet) (maybe some hardcover edition of the manga? Since it premieres in an issue of V-Jump magazine??? --SE confirmed a harder version of Draconian Quest where all the party have Shypox. SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION Announce our Upcoming Q&A episode! Email us at social at dragonquest dot fm or tweet it to us or leave us a message at Dragon Quest Your Story was released in Japan --Spoiler discussion on the Dragon Quest Inn Discord - --People dislike the ending --We both know the ending but still want to watch the movie. Lastly, we wanted to put the spotlight on Dragon’s Den for a moment. (Dragon’s Den) is a great fan site all about Dragon Quest. It’s been around since 1997!   --Many of you listening will know about it already and probably visit it quite often. Woodus and the Dragon’s Den group do a great job within the community, and we wanted to give them a nice shout out today. --Also, they have a personality quiz--where you can see which DQ character you are. So, B.J. is going to take the test really quickly, and then we’re going to discuss it. Lolz. --Austin always gets Nevan. He’s gonna retake it alongside B.J. and see if it’s Nevan again. Contact us  @dragonquestfm on Twitter, or personally as @_austin_king or @professorbeej
August 09, 2019
S1 E11 - Memories of Dragon Quest 2 (Listener's Choice)
This week, we’re talking about Dragon Quest 2! We had a listener poll, and this is the topic you chose. A HUGE thanks to everyone who voted. We’re going to be holding another poll soon, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. We’re going to be discussing the game in-depth (plus the game is, like, 30 years old), so there will be some SPOILERS ahead. For those of you who haven’t played the game, Austin gives a brief synopsis at the beginning of the episode. He played the mobile version, and B.J. has played bits of both the GameBoy Color and mobile versions. After that, we run through the main characters and discuss the perks (and pitfalls) of having three people in your party. From the weird AI in the mobile version to the many deaths of the Prince of Cannock, we have a long discussion about all the great--and not so great--things DQ2 has to offer! Then, it’s time to talk about all the times Austin almost quit playing the game--but how he’s glad he beat it. Sunken Treasure, the Cave of Rendarak, and the final battle with Malroth--we talk about it all! Then, listen to why Austin feels respect for the game now, and also thinks of the game as his...little brother?!? That doesn’t sound right. How can a video game be like a little brother? You’ll have to listen to find out!
August 02, 2019
S1 E10 - Dragon Quest Builders 2, Part Deux - "Just exploding and pooping hearts"
Support DQFM on Patreon! Once again this week, B.J. and Austin have both been playing tons of Dragon Quest Builders 2, so we’re doing a quick follow-up episode. Once again, we’re keeping it as free of story spoilers as possible and instead focusing mostly on gameplay and our experiences.  Austin was also sick this week, so B.J. does a lot of the talking. We also discuss Austin’s weird reaction to cold medicines. Like, seriously, why does he react that way? We talk about the second island in Builders 2, Khrumbul Dun; it’s a mining town, so we weigh the pros and cons of that. Plus, we talk about our favorite new armor and swords we’ve found, new monsters, and rare artifacts. Hang around until the end, where we share our thoughts on the game’s bosses, which of the first islands is the best, and any frame rate issues we may have encountered. Yes, Austin finally found some. B.J. still hasn’t had any issues, but he’s playing on the Switch with it docked. You can find links to the game right here: Dragon Quest Builders or Dragon Quest Builders 2 Where To Find us We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show’s account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at And don’t forget to join our #dragon-quest channel on the GGMN Discord!
July 26, 2019
S1 E9 - Dragon Quest Builders 2 Initial Impressions
Support DQFM on Patreon at It’s our early impressions of Dragon Quest Builders 2! We’ll have no real story spoilers in this episode, since the game is so new. Anything we discuss story-wise is something you could see in the promotional materials before the game’s release. Today, we’ll mostly be talking about gameplay mechanics, side quests, and just things we liked with the game. We discuss the poll results for our August 2nd episode, as well as our reactions to those poll results and something we’re totally gonna call “The Spiteful Manga Episode.” Some highlights of our discussion include: the ways Builders 2 is better than the first game,  mini-medal puzzles, NPCs forming lines to poop, and hunting for rare artifacts! Plus, listen to Austin have serious trouble with pressing a button and getting the Bottomless Pot to work correctly. You’ll also hear our thoughts on the Switch version (which is the version we played). Spoiler: it runs great on Switch and we love it! If you haven’t bought the game already and are interested, just click on these links below: Dragon Quest Builders or Dragon Quest Builders 2 Where to Find Us We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show’s account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at And don't forget to join our #dragon-quest channel on the Geek to Geek Discord!
July 23, 2019
S1 E8 - Catch-Up Hour: Starting Dragon Quest IV and the VI Superboss
 Support DQFM on Patreon at  This week, what started out as a special Dragon Quest Catch-Up Episode, where Austin and B.J. talk about where they are in the DQ games they’re currently playing, turns into a Zenithia Trilogy episode because B.J. is playing DQ IV and Austin just finished DQ VI.  First, B.J. talks about getting stuck in the Alena chapter of IV and how much he dislikes random enemy encounters nowadays. We also talk about the accents and dialects in IV, and how they can sometimes make it difficult to understand what the characters are saying. Then, it’s off to Dragon Quest VI, where Austin is fresh off his victory against the superboss, Nokturnus. Was it worth it? Maybe? You’ll have to listen to find out. We also discuss VI’s postgame, characters, and a few vocations. Then, Austin defends the game for a while. (And on his blog, too.) And stick around, because if the bad puns aren’t enough to have you groaning, Austin and B.J. start talking about the phonetics of DQ titles. Are you snoring yet? Don’t worry. We get back to the games quickly enough.  Editor's Note: B.J. would also like to note that during the editing process, he realizes they mistakenly refer to assonance as alliteration. They are ashamed, the former English teachers that they are. Please forgive them.  There’s also a fun Shameless Self Promotion™ segment, a kinda-sorta theme song, and a fun poll you can take part in by voting @DragonQuestFM on Twitter! Where to Find Us We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at
July 11, 2019
S1 E7 - Dragon Quest Heroes
Support DQFM on Patreon at In this week’s episode of DQFM, we discuss Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2, originally released on the PS4. We discuss the difference in play styles, NPCs, and even towns from the mainline series. (Airship vs Courtyard. We all know which one is cooler, right?) Which Heroes game is better? Austin has fond memories of the first one and thinks it’s the best. B.J. agrees, but thinks DQH2 still has a lot of good things to offer. We also do a character comparison between the two games, discussing the Heroes brought in from mainline DQ games as well as the original Heroes that are created for the DQH games to give them their own flavor.  We go off on a few random tangents (of course), where we talk about Dragon Quest VIII, and that Seth Green commercial for Dragon Quest IX from, like, ten years ago? Austin remembers it fondly (or at least he remembers it), but B.J. is completely ignorant of it. We're sure it's on the internet somewhere. We briefly discuss Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime, but B.J. starts losing his voice. A lot. And fast. In this episode, you can listen to it all in real time. Hear him go from sounding like a normal (as normal as he gets, anyway) person to sounding like a weird, chain-smoking cartoon character. He sounds like a cartoon character pretty often, but this is a whole new level. You have to listen to see this. You'll love it. We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. We are a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network. And if you want even more DQ awesomeness from Austin, you can read his weekly blog at
July 05, 2019
S1 E6 - Dragon Quest: Your Story Speculation and Playing "Who Said It? Dr. Agon or BJ?"
Support DQFM on Patreon at This week, we’re discussing the latest Dragon Quest Your Story trailer and poster! Austin and B.J. are both excited for the movie, but they’re approaching it differently. Austin has played Dragon Quest V, the game that the movie is based on, while B.J. has only played through the intro. Because of this, they discuss whether Trailer #2 actually had spoilers, as someone who played the game versus someone who hasn’t. They also talk about the poster, and whether or not a certain character’s presence on the poster is actually a spoiler. We think it is. Maybe. Probably. Lastly, we have a brief discussion on Dragon Quest V and the character of Dr. Agon, who’s a lot like B.J. So much, in fact, that we finally get around to playing  the game we like to call “Dr. Agon or B.J.” Austin’s wife, Grace, shows up to play. There are about 20 words and phrases that have been said by either B.J., Dr. Agon, or both. Can she get them all right? For that matter, can B.J. even get them all right? Can you? You can subscribe to our email list at DragonQuest.FM, follow us on Twitter at @dragonquestfm and see all of the other amazing content on our network at
June 28, 2019
S1 E5- Memories of Dragon Quest 1 - "You are embarrassing, and I am a stick in the mud"
 Support DQFM on Patreon at  This week, Austin and B.J. explore early JRPGs and also talk about the first Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior in the West). First, they discuss the different versions of the game. B.J. played the NES version when he was a kid, thought he beat it, but has been really been living a lie--he only got halfway through the game! We talk about the graphics, music, and why we think the game wasn’t initially successful in the States. Austin played the mobile version and is replaying it right now. He talks about the various pros (and cons) related to playing the classic game on mobile. The Quick Save function is a very nice addition that makes playing DQI easier. He also really, really, REALLY dislikes the torches mechanic in the game. Be sure to listen to him repeat this fact, like, a dozen times. They also talk about the Gameboy Color version, which neither has played yet...although, B.J. plans on playing the GBC version whenever he goes through the Erdrick Trilogy. Publicly shame him for not playing the Edrick Trilogy yet. But do it nicely. Lastly, we discuss early JRPGs and even try to track down what’s really the first. And what really defines a game as JRPG anyway? Plus, we talk about the book The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers by S. M. G. Szczepaniak, which shares some interesting stories from those early days of Japanese gaming.  You can find links to some of the things we talked about in the show right here: Link to the book: The Dragon and Princess: Dark Age of JRPGs:
June 21, 2019
S1 E4 - Post-E3 Dragon Quest Thoughts
 Support DQFM on Patreon at  Last episode, we went through our pre-E3 hopes and dreams. This week, we come back to reality and talk about what we got right, what we got wrong, and all of the great stuff that happened regardless.
June 12, 2019
S1 E3 - Our Pre-E3 Show, or The One Where All of BJ's Dragon Quest Dreams are Destroyed by Austin
 Support DQFM on Patreon at  E3 is just around the corner, and we wanted to talk about some of the most important things for us. From Dragon Quest X to XII to what we hope they let us see in DQ XI S for the Switch. Beej hits Dragon Quest Walk right on the nose before it was even announced (this was recorded prior to it), and Austin dashes his hopes that we will see an English localization of DQ Rivals for mobile devices. We also wonder about just what Pokemon Sleep is all about because we are totally not the target audience, and we want someone to let us in on why it's going to be awesome. Because we want in on it, too. We discuss the relationship between Nintendo and Square Enix and how that is coloring our expectations for E3 this year. Plus we reminisce about how great it was when KH3 and FFXV were first shown and how we hope that Dragon Quest XII at least gets a logo or small trailer announcement. Especially since they've said it was being planned, despite Horii-san having said that it was a long, long way away. But even with that in mind, we totally want to see a logo and a couple seconds of music. Don't you? Of course you do. And what Pre-E3 dreams episode would be complete without tangents about Dragon Quest Builders, the Final Fantasy VII Remake, some Zelda thoughts, and some of Austin making fun of Beej because he talks like Dr. Agon and uses the word Druthers.  Let us know what you're looking for this E3, folks! We'll be back after the shows next week to talk about what we got, where we were right, where we were wrong, and how many of BJ's Dreams Austin truly dashed. What About You? You have hopes and dreams for E3 2019, too! Send us a voice message at and tell us and maybe you'll get featured in the upcoming post-E3 episode! Thanks for listening! Where You Can Find Us: We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM.   Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at, and Beej can be heard podcasting on the Geek to Geek Podcast every single week. Dragon Quest FM is a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network
June 07, 2019
S1 E2 - Dragon Quest XI: Journey Through the Gazillion Versions
Support DQFM on Patreon at  Dragon Quest XI has experienced incredible success in the West, and there is good cause for that. It takes the DQ formula that has worked for over 33 years and hones it into what many people say might be the best in the series. Unlike previous Dragon Quest games, though, DQXI has released on multiple platforms at launch, instead of getting remasters and remakes over the years. In Japan, a PS4 and Nintendo 3DS version were released (sans voice acting). and in North America and the rest of the world, a PS4 and PC version were released (with voice acting). In 2019, a Nintendo Switch version is coming out to combine the various editions and their unique qualities across the regions into a Definitive Edition. Beej and Austin have, between them, played each and every version currently available. Well, scratch that: they haven't played the Japanese PS4 version. But other than that.  So in this episode, they talk about what it was like to experience the game on the various consoles, why each console felt unique, what they were missing, and just why we don't have more Sylvando already, darling. The true heart of the episode, however, is when they discuss curling up on the couch with a brand new Liquid Metal Slime 2DS, translating DQXI from Japanese using the Google Translate's real-time tool, and giggled and oohed and ahhed like they were 12 year old boys again. Because Dragon Quest has that effect on all of us, we think. And DQXI might have it even more than that.  What About You? And we know you have opinions on this, too! So send us a voice message at and tell us your thoughts on DQXI , and maybe you'll get featured in an upcoming episode! Thanks for listening! Where You Can Find Us: We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM.   Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at, and Beej can be heard podcasting on the Geek to Geek Podcast every single week. Dragon Quest FM is a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network
May 31, 2019
S1 E1- What Dragon Quest Game Should You Start With?
 Support DQFM on Patreon at  Dragon Quest is 33-years-old. Some of you have been there since the very beginning. BJ, for instance, played the Nintendo Power Giveaway version of Dragon Warrior all the way back in 1989. And others like Austin became mega-fans after being exposed in 2016 or so. No matter when you come to DQ, what matters is what you're here. Or almost here. We get asked a lot about which Dragon Quest game you should start with? Should you start with DQXI because it's the newest one? What about DQVIII because it's one of the most well-known and well-beloved? Or should you, like many suggest, start all the way back at the beginning and play Dragon Quest I-III before moving into the more modern games. While there's no right or wrong answer to that, we take the time to sit down and talk about how we came to the series, what made us love it so much, and what titles we think are good places to start in the series. More important than that, we talk about why you should start there. Because we can see merit in a lot of different places for a lot of different reasons. We love the series, and we don't think there is any bad place to dig in. But we do think there are better choices for some people over others. If someone has never played a JRPG before, but has a lot of experience with modern consoles...they might not be the right fit for DQ1 right off the bat. But if someone has a hard time going backward from games that have improved systems, maybe they should start with 1. Or even VIII since XI improves so much on it. Regardless of where you fall about where to start playing DQ, I think we can all agree on one thing: people should play Dragon Quest. No matter where you start, we think you'll fall in love. And we know you have opinions on this, too! So send us a voice message at and tell us which one and why, and maybe you'll get featured in an upcoming episode! Thanks for listening! We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM.   Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at, and Beej can be heard podcasting on the Geek to Geek Podcast every single week. Dragon Quest FM is a proud part of the Geek to Geek Media Network
May 28, 2019
00 - Why We're Doing a Podcast on Dragon Quest
 Support DQFM in just 3 clicks!  We have wanted to do a Dragon Quest podcast for some time, and we decided to finally do it. There needs to be a lot more DQ content out there, and we want to be a part of that conversation. Austin is in the middle of playing through each and every DQ game over at, and Beej is working his way through them at a slightly slower pace.  We love the DQ community, and we want to be friends with all of you. Let's get together, talk about things we love, and have a goo-reat time while we goo it. Ehhh? See what I did there? This is Episode Zero of the show, where we want to introduce ourselves a bit, talk about our reasoning behind the show, and what you folks can expect. Give it a listen, tell your friends, and please subscribe. If you want, you can sign up for our email list at DragonQuest.FM so that you can be notified when the full season gets underway. We are on Twitter as @_austin_king and @professorbeej individually, and the show's account is full of DQ goo-dness at @DragonQuestFM. 
May 27, 2019