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Unpopular Passion

Unpopular Passion

By Drea Sandoval
What's your biggest passion in life? Does anything about your life reflect that? In this show we'll be talking about passion. It seems like following your dreams and doing what makes you happy is becoming a more common lifestyle than ever. But that can't be the case for everyone. Join me and discover the different paths people have taken in their lives to either live out their passion or go a different path.
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19. Lee-Sean Huang

Unpopular Passion

43. Changing Paths and Mindsets with The Black & Tan Show (JR & Sam)
A little under a year between our first episode together and this one, though so much has shifted. From changed career paths to shifting mindsets. When you’re trying to figure out what makes you happy, you can change your mind. And you can change your path as many times as it takes. Check out The Black & Tan Show: JR's Instagram: Sam's Instagram: Produced, recorded and edited by Andrea Sandoval Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
June 19, 2022
42. Deeper practices and understanding with Alex Lehmann
When I first had Alex on the show, it was still pretty early into his journey as a mindset coach. Now, he has added so many more elements to his coaching. Not only helping others to be free but finding healing within himself along the way.   If you take away any great insights from this episode or want to deep dive more into these topics, Alex would love to hear from you and is always open to talk.    Alex's Instagram: Unpopular Passion is produced, recorded and edited by Andrea Sandoval   Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
June 12, 2022
41. Catching Up with Stacey & John
From my recording my first episode ever with two of my closest friends, to filming my first ever video podcast. On their first episode, Stacey wasn't really sure how to answer what she was passionate about but then realized it was animals. John was in a place of passion creatively but also just in his life in general. Special guest appearance and wise words from Keno.  In this episode we'll touch on where things have gone from there. But also have a rollercoaster of a conversation that goes in many different directions.  Produced, recorded and edited by Andrea Sandoval Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
June 05, 2022
40. Dana Gonsalves
Dana is passionate about finding what her purpose in this world is. And she’s found her way to that through fitness. Starting out in the corporate world, she realized she needed to make a shift that fits more of who she is. Now focused on personal training and realizing how much of fitness is mental as much as physical. See more from Dana:  Website: Instagram: Costa Rica Retreat 2022: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
December 19, 2021
39. Estrella Quiroz
Estrella is very passionate about bringing other people’s passions to light. Hearing people speak about their own passions brings her joy and excitement. And she does this in many different ways wether it be helping someone to find their passion and strengths or connecting people who could help each other. Doing this has also led her down some new paths that she never thought she would find herself in. Things like working in the death industry and living a sober life.  See more from Estrella Website: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
December 12, 2021
38. Ella Geiger
Ella is most passionate about living her life exactly the way she wants to. And she has found joy in helping others do the same. Ella, her husband Flash and their new daughter Samira are full time travelers. Though this particular type of lifestyle may not be for everyone, watching their stories and adventures always shows you how much is really possible. Meeting these two a couple of years ago is what truly set off the domino effect to the amazing things that I’ve been doing in my life lately.  See more from Ella & Flash Instagram: Youtube Channel: Get Ella's Children's Book! Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
November 28, 2021
37. Roger Williams
Roger is a, self proclaimed "Crosser Offer." Right now, he is most passionate about helping people live out their list. Wether or not you want to call that a bucket list is up to you. His podcast, The Crossing It Off Podcast, focuses on things that people have already crossed off of their lists. Providing inspiration and resources through their stories. Roger is also working through his own list. Follow his journey along on Instagram. And be sure to subscribe to The Crossing It Off Podcast! See more from Roger:  Instagram: Facebook: Podcast: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
November 22, 2021
36. Sharon Rolph
Sharon is vey passionate about potential and possibilities. Through her book, speaking and multiple podcasts she is helping people to find the potential in themselves. Specifically, people in retirement. It's never too late to discover your full potential.  See more from Sharon: Website: Facebook Groups: Etsy Shop: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
November 14, 2021
35. Shaun (SF) Banks
Shaun’s passion came a bit unexpectedly. Starting out having no interest in working with children, over time developed a passion for helping build good quality lives for woman and children. This has grown into many endeavors including self defense classes, camps, books, a youth focused magazine and empowering flash cards. So many amazing things to help build the mindset and confidence of young people. See more from Shaun:  Instagram: Camp & Magazine: Starting November 3rd, get your Unpopular Passion merch at! Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
October 31, 2021
34. Jamarr Jabari
Jamarr has a passion for connecting with people. This shows in all aspects of his life. Wether it's his podcast, his extensive work in activism or his music. I've had the pleasure of being a guest twice now on his podcast, The Jabari Voc Podcast, and I am happy to now have him on mine.  See more from Jamarr: Instagram: Nonprofit: PSL: Other links: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
October 24, 2021
33. Marcos Mejia
All it takes is one decision to change the course of your life. No matter how big or small. Marcos has recently decided to make a big move, pretty far from home, and start something new. With that, his passion has become growth, self improvement and excitement for his future self.  See more from Marcos: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
October 17, 2021
32. Serena Manzo
Passion can be ever evolving. Right now, Serena is figuring out what that means in this moment. That is showing itself in a passion for cultivating and better understanding relationships. Relationships with other people, a relationship to the earth and the relationship we have with ourselves. See more from Serena: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
October 10, 2021
31.Jessica Joseph
Jessica is currently very passionate about building a loving community of like minded people. But with her passions always evolving, her passion for love is at the center of everything she does. Her journey into teaching yoga has helped open up more ways of that being fullfilled. We'll be talking about this, life transitions and full circle moments. See more from Jessica: Website: Youtube Channel: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
October 03, 2021
30. Diana Indries
Diana has always had a passion for helping people improve their lives. That started out as a career in one of the biggest hospitals in the UK. But wanting a life with more freedom led her to helping people in an entirely new way. Diana and her husband created the card game, Better Topics, to help couples improve their relationships. Though Diana says that she is no expert in relationships, she believes that everyone deserves a good one. And that it is possible if you don’t settle and you put in the work. Unpopular Passion listeners get 10% off of their membership in the app version of the game! Use code "Drea10" See more from Better Topics: Website and get the game: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon AU: App version of Better Topics IOS: Android: Instagram: Youtube: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
September 12, 2021
29. Trenton Hudson
Trenton has a passion for comedy. With that, comedy quickly became the focus of his life. Wether it was through standup or writing and producing a cartoon series. Consistency, hard work and a determined mindset paid off and is leading him to more great projects with some big names in comedy. See more from Trenton: Comedy Central cartoon: Coffee company: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
September 05, 2021
28. Ibrahim Dar
Ibrahim is a public speak and author with a passion simply for people. Wether it be sharing knowledge with or simply entertaining people. Helping people become more confident and charismatic has become a big way of fueling that passion. This conversation and bits from his book, Charm Like A Narcissist, has me thinking differently about what self confidence is.  See more from Ibrahim: Website: Pick up his book: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
August 29, 2021
27. Ashley Michelle
Ashley has been through some very difficult traumas in her life including being a witness to a homicide and almost being murdered herself. But out of this and her own healing, she has found passion in helping others. A big part of Ashley’s life is helping others to heal. She does this through her Facebook group, a blog, a book she has written and is always finding more. See more from Ashley: Website: Instagram: Facebook Group: TikTok: Get 10% off of Ashley's book, Finding Strength Through Tragedy, when you use the code "PASSION" Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
August 22, 2021
26. Charlie Sheldon
Charlie is an author who has lived a long life full of different aspects and passions. All have led to finally fulfilling a dream of writing his book series, Strong Heart. Charlie has done everything from being a fisherman, to performing at a fisherman’s poetry event to teaching and raising his family. Passion to him can mean many different things and comes in many different forms. See more from Charlie: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
August 15, 2021
25. Bálint Józsa
Bálint has a passion for exploring, living life authentically and more importantly, finding out exactly what that means for him. Through that he has found himself dabbling in a lot of different things in his life. His most recent venture is stunt training and stunt work. But all of his ventures have brought about significant life lessons that he always loves to share in hopes of helping others.  See more from Bálint: Instagram: Tik Tok: Facebook: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
August 08, 2021
24. Miguel Muñoz
From a young age Miguel has had a passion and love for animals. Wanting to break out of some stagnation, an opportunity to volunteer at an animal sanctuary in South Africa was the start to many any other opportunities. Leading up to now, being able to combine his love of animals and film making. See more from Miguel: Instagram: Plan Africa: Youtube Channel: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
August 01, 2021
23. The Black & Tan Show
JR and Sam are two friends who met working in IT, which has been their life for a long time. But they have both recently realized that they want more. The start of going after something more is their new youtube channel, The Black & Tan Show. In addition to this new show, they each have personal goals that are totally shifting them away from what they have known as their day to day lives.  See more from The Black & Tan Show: Youtube Channel: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
July 25, 2021
22. Melanie Putney
It may seem like when you listen to this show, that everyone has it all figured out. But that's not always the case. And that's ok. Melanie is still trying to find her passion. But yet is still passionate about many things. In this episode, we get into a great conversation about healing and mental health. Something we are both very passionate about. When you see someone being so positive and always finding the good in things, it can be easy to wonder why they're always so happy. Hear us talk about why that's definitely not the case and the work it takes to get yourself to a place to be able to choose happiness.  See more from Melanie: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
July 11, 2021
21. Q&A with me
Season 3 premiere!  I asked you guys on Instagram if you'd be interested in a Q&A episode. So here it is! I got some great questions from you guys. Hang out with me for a bit while I answer questions about the podcast, travel, passion and more.  Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
July 04, 2021
20. Hal Cowan
I seem to have a lot of serendipitous moments in my life. This episode came to be another one of them.  Hal has a passion for finding what makes her happy and helping the people around her be happy. Something so simple yet something a lot of us don’t think about enough. Being so young, Hal has already figured out the driving force behind her choices should just be happiness. See more from Hal: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
June 06, 2021
19. Lee-Sean Huang
Lee-Sean is a multifaceted person with a passion for helping people find their own creative magic within themselves. He very much leads by example. From a podcast to a cooking show, to music, design and teaching. Lee-Sean has not fallen short of discovering his own creative magic. Hear us talk about his many projects and interests as well as the deeper meaning identifying with his heritage has had in his life. See more from Lee-Sean: Website: Youtube: Podcast: Easy Cook Bear Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
May 30, 2021
18. Lloyd Fider
Lloyd has always had a passion for helping people and making a difference. This led him to a career as a psychotherapist. He has started his own practice and has even started a youtube channel based around mental health topics. Mental health is a topic that I am very passionate about and was happy to get into on this episode. You should never feel ashamed of what you're feeling or feel ashamed of asking for help. See more from Lloyd: Website: Instagram: Business Instagram: Youtube Channel: If you or anyone you know is looking to find help with mental health issues: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
May 23, 2021
17. Michael Cabasug
Michael is the creator of Yessh Clothing. His passion for creating has led him to this path, though this isn't his first attempt. He has made his way through one failed clothing line, negative reactions to his pursuits and a full time job, all help to get here. Strange how complete strangers can be more supportive of your dreams that those that are closest to you.  See more from Michael: Website: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
May 16, 2021
16. Vindy Teja
It seems like today, everyone is a coach. But have you ever heard of a divorce coach? Vindy is a divorce coach, among other things, with a passion for serving others while maintaining her own smile. Though coaching was always a path she was heading towards, divorce coach was not on the list. Vindy has been able to look at the choices she has made in her life that have led her here to, ultimately, still feed her passion. Just in an unexpected way.  See more from Vindy: Website: Ted Talk: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
May 09, 2021
15. Nashid Chroma
Nashid is an artist with a passion for creating. With the way his art has taken off, you would never guess that pursuing art full time was a new venture for him. Listen to us talk about his changed plans, the limited ways school has us thinking and how being laid off could be a blessing in disguise. Be sure to check out Nashid's art work.  See more from Nashid: Website: Instagram: Tik Tok: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
May 02, 2021
14. Jock Brocas
Jock is an evidential medium. He has so much passion for the service of others in so many different ways. Though Jock started his life early on wanting to serve others through a religious life, realizing his abilities led him to service in unexpected ways. Hear all of Jock’s insights and more about his interesting journey as a medium.  See more from Jock: Website: Instagram: Youtube Channel: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
April 25, 2021
13. Paul Gewuerz
Paul has started a very unique company called Made To Order Audio. This company makes audio books with a story that has been written just for you. Paul’s passion for learning has led him to acquiring a number of different things that has now led to the start of this company. But his answer to the question of what his biggest passion in life is, is one that surprised me.  See more from Paul: Website: Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
April 18, 2021
12. Ann Mushendwa
Ann is a transitional coach. Though this is a fairly new venture for her, is it something that she is very passionate about. Specifically that she gets to coach and help woman find the power within themselves. Ann comes from a background of psychology and many years working in child welfare. But as that career started to see it's end, she found a new calling.  This episode is dedicated to all of the woman who ever let their limiting self beliefs hold them back.  See more from Ann: Website: Facebook Group: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
April 11, 2021
11. Nate Torres
Nate is a podcast host and producer along with his own podcast network. Though at first thought, Nate could’ve said his passion was podcasting. But after thinking it over, realized that he did not want to box himself in and has passion for so much more than that. With a love of film, background in radio and general curiosity, there is so much more to come from Nathan Torres.  See more from Nate: Instagram: Website: Check out The Nathan Scott Show and other podcasts on the Space Kaiju network! Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
April 04, 2021
10. Jeffrey Schmelkin
Jeffrey is a composer who has already written a number of musicals at his young age. He has a passion for helping people and believes that music has the power to change hearts.  Coming from a family that is deeply rooted in science and medicine, Jeffrey naturally gravitated towards that as well. Though he still has a love of science and medicine, while picturing his life down the line, his passion for musical theatre was ultimately the picture that eclipsed the rest.  See more from Jeffrey:  Instagram: Facebook: Website: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
March 07, 2021
9. Elle Hope
Whatever you're picturing when you hear the word poet, I can almost guarantee you're wrong when it comes to Elle. She has a passion for finding the poetry in life and using that to bring people together. With all the fluff and superficial things in the world right now, Elle believes that soon, people will need substance and something deeper. Hear her speak on this and a lot more in art, performance and other projects that will help people connect. See more from Elle Elle's Instagram: Book Club: Poems and bookmarks: Documentary Series: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
February 28, 2021
8. Patrick Barcenilla
Patrick is an entrepreneur and a massage therapist by trade. But he has passion for so many things. Helping people genuinely makes him happy as well as wellness and music. Your passion doesn't always hit you at a young age or in some magical way. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly. Hear Pat talk about how he came to start his own company and how his other passions still find a way to make their way into his life.  See more from Pat Instagram: Ache78 Instagram: Ache78 Website: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
February 21, 2021
7. Lina Castillo
Lina is a stylist and in multi level marketing. She has always had a passion for style and fashion. But she also loves to help people. She has found a way to combine the two. With fashion and styling, Lina doesn't just want to make you look good. She wants to help you feel good about yourself. She wants to go deeper than just what you see on the surface. We'll also be getting a lot into the power of manifestation and positive thinking. See more from Lina Instagram: Monat products and styling: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
February 14, 2021
6. Julie & Chris Alipio
Julie and Chris are entrepreneurs with a passion for freedom. They are a married couple with two beautiful children. Having children has given them both a greater sense of how they want to live their lives. They are working hard to make that vision of life, a reality. Their small business is thriving! Hear the story of Hooky Cookie right from the idea stages. See more from Hooky Cookie Instagram: TikTok: Website: Julie's Instagram: Chris' Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
February 07, 2021
5. Alex Vu
Alex is a dreamer with a passion for better understanding the perspective of others. What would the world be like if we all took the time to understand more people's perspectives? Along with that, art, photography, and videography are some of the things that Alex is filling his life with. Sometimes you have to stick out the regular 9-5 to fund your bigger dreams. That is exactly what Alex is doing. See more from Alex Instagram: Art Instagram: Youtube: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
January 31, 2021
4. Jessica Ferrer
Jessica is a permanent makeup artist. But she didn't start out on that path for a while. She spent years in school studying to be something completed unrelated. Jessica's passion is to be happy and free. School and her job were not fulfilling that. Have you ever followed a certain path to make your family happy or maybe just to feel secure? I'm sure a lot of us can relate. See more from Jessica Instagram: Lunar Brows Instagram: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
January 24, 2021
3. Alex Lehmann
Alex is a health and mindset coach. He has a passion for helping people. His original life original life plan was already going down that path. But through travel and other life experiences, discovered a whole new way to help people and help them find freedom within themselves. If you have ever considered coaching but have been on the fence about it, why not try now? See more from Alex Instagram: Facebook: Other links: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
January 17, 2021
2. Veni Mitev
Veni has a love of travel and meeting new people. He's also a creative that loves photography and videography. Have you ever worried about turning your passion into your career and then losing the passion because it's now a job?We'll touch on that a bit today along with some amazing travel stories. See more from Veni Instagram: Youtube: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
January 10, 2021
1. Stacey Valles & John Guda
The first episode is here! Kicking it off with two of my closest friends. Stacey Valles, a licensed veterinary technician. John Guda, a digital marketing specialist. Stories of changed career paths, passions falling into your lap along the way and if relationships effect your path. When you're young, sometimes you think you know where you want your life to go. But then sometimes your life can take a different turn for the best. See more from Stacey Instagram: See more from John Instagram: Youtube: Intro Music by Ryan Little - Think About You -
January 03, 2021
Introducing: The Unpopular Passion Podcast
Welcome to the Unpopular Passion podcast! I'm your host, Drea. I'm excited to bring these stories to you. Stories of leaving the steady job to do what you love, always have chased what you love, incorporating what you love into your life some other way, or even putting aside what you love in the pursuit of security. Everyone's story is different. So stay tuned. First episode airs January 3rd, 2021.
December 09, 2020