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The Dreams That Shape Us

The Dreams That Shape Us

By Steven Ernenwein, J.M. DeBord
Our modern western culture places little to no value on the power of our nightly dreams to inspire, shift, and reorganize our lives. This podcast demands a deep reconsideration of the role our dreams play on our path to a more vital and meaningful life. The following is living proof of the life affirming power of dreams to effect change and redirect the trajectory of our inner and outer lives. These are the dreams that shape us.
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The Endless Plate of Past Lives (Jason) - S2, Ep6

The Dreams That Shape Us

The Very Thought of You - (Maureen) S2,Ep7
Maureen shares with us a gorgeous and heart breaking story of how her dreams really came to her aid to help her navigate her mother's 16 year journey with Alzheimer's. And as music is also a powerful agent in bringing lucidity to people in the throes of the illness, it is woven so tenderly throughout these dreams of her mother that gives Maureen the most beautiful vision into what her mother was experiencing that deeply changed the way she saw her mother's illness for good. Find more info on Maureen Boyd Biro:
September 20, 2022
The Endless Plate of Past Lives (Jason) - S2, Ep6
Join Jason and I as he recounts a dream that set him on a wild path of discovering answers to the validity of past lives and the awakening of his gift as an author! It's all in the pasta - flavors of synchronicity abound, ancient Kings, sassy southern waitresses, hard looks in the mirror, struggle, awakenings, and a WHOLE lotta spaghetti 🤣🙏 you just wait! Special voice actress - Leah Noel Her upcoming fiction podcast is called "Innis Forgettance" - listen to the trailer here: Follow the podcast on Instagram: @dreamsthatshapeus Steve: IG @aq_dreamwalker or search AQ the Dreamwalker in any streaming service to listen to his dream inspired music! J.M. Debord - For pre order of Jason's upcoming book on nightmares,
August 17, 2022
Dreams Never Abandon Us in our Grief (Mary Jo) - S2, Ep5
Steve and Mary Jo Heyen explore a series of 3 dreams that helped her uncover pockets of unfelt grief that led to an incredible source of healing for her. She gorgeously relays how tenderly our dreams walk us into this kind of material and how they so deeply companion us there. Two weeks after the release of this episode, Mary Jo quietly left us in the comfort of her home in the company of her beloved, Joe. She was thrilled for this interview to be her final comment on dreams, given that it was the only time she had been specifically asked to come on a show to explore her own dreams and we were so deeply touched to honor her in this way! Rest in the sweetest peace my dear friend. To read Mary Jo's blog, which has more than half a decade of beautiful writing, please visit her website
May 22, 2022
Out of the Cave (Katherine) - S2, Ep4
Content Warning: This episode contains a story involving childhood sexual trauma. Dr Katherine Lawson courageously shares her powerful story of how her dreams helped her overcome her personal experience of childhood sexual trauma. How this recurrent nightmare she had growing up eventually led her to healing and retrieving the little girl inside of her. She hopes that by sharing this story it'll aid in removing the stigma and shame surrounding this topic and give more people the courage to seek the help they need to heal, especially from their dreams. Find more info on Dr Katherine Lawson:
May 06, 2022
Take the Red Pill (Jonathan) - S2, Ep3
Join Jason and Dr Jonathan Hyland as they explore an amazing initiatory journey that he went on because of a presence and anxiety he felt arise within his body. It forces him to confront the unconscious on a somatic level versus strictly from an ideological standpoint. We find that this affliction eventually leads him into a deep relational experience with the unconscious and a wealth of understanding of its relationship to his conscious self. It's a fascinating story that will potentially pretzel your mind and stretch your understanding of yourself, consciousness, and deep mystery of it all.  More info on Dr. Hyland - ; IG - @thedreamsdoctor JM Debord - Steve - IG - @aq_dreamwalker ; For my new dream inspired album, "The Knowing," search AQ the Dreamwalker on your favorite music streaming app.  Follow the podcast on IG @dreamsthatshapeus Edited by JM Debord Original music written and performed by Steven Ernenwein Features Snippet of "Morning Bell" by Radiohead
March 06, 2022
The Plants are Speaking (Val) - S2, Ep2
If you're curious how our ancestors cultivated so much knowledge about the medicinal value of plants, Val, an herbalist, shares with us how the plants have been communicating with her through her dreams on special, non-traditional uses, offering strength and guidance, and she even shares a gorgeous dream of how they called her to the path of herbalism! We also talk quite a bit about animals as guides, waking dream experiences with animals and wild nature, and about how dreams and the spirit of life itself call us into our purpose through dreams. It's a beautiful conversation full of value, beauty, meaning, and deep communion with the natural world and our dreams. Won't want to miss it! For more info on Val - her bitters, teas, classes, and her new podcast, the Healers Moon podcast visit you can also follow her on Instagram @woodspell.apothecary. Follow us on Instagram @DreamsThatShapeUs
February 04, 2022
Return of the Dream Jedi (Ian) - S2, E1
Jason and Ian explore Ian's work around reintroducing all 5 senses into dreams, especially lucid dreams, through awakening those neural pathways again. Ian shares a few fascinating dreams, one that really stretches ideas about how the lucid state and reality can touch and a prophetic dream that saved his and his daughter's life! For more info on Ian Wilson join us on Instagram @dreamsthatshapeus
January 13, 2022
If You Want to Come into your Power - (Steve-Grinch) - Ep18, S1
Cohost Steve is delivered a powerful directive in a lucid dream on how to come into his power that opened a deeply initiatory experience in his life. Its an experience that has deeply reshaped his life forever and nascent within the journey was the discovery of the medicine and beauty he is being tasked to offer this world. And the guiding myth that not only informs this initiatory process but also his medicine is the story of the Grinch. This story is sure to rock you, break your heart, and then grow it 3 sizes. For the early listen to Steve's new dream inspired music album, The Knowing, . To listen to the inner victim song from his last album: . Join us on Instagram @dreamsthatshapeus
December 25, 2021
The Antelope and the Thawing of the Glacial Heart (Matt) - Ep17, S1
This episode is sure to rock you right in the chest. Our guest Matt Cochran shares with us his story of having a dream encounter with a beautiful pronghorn Antelope and then, through a very touching synchronicity, his dream actually manifests in waking life. Both the dream and waking encounter open his grief in a powerful way and as he continues to explore the animal in his waking life, deeper truths emerge as to why it had to be the antelope to come to his aid in this way. You will not want to miss this incredibly beautiful story, it will leave its mark on you! For More info on Matt: or IG: @ravendreamtracking JM Debord: Steve: IG - @aq_dreamwalker follow the podcast itself on IG: @dreamsthatshapeus
November 05, 2021
Love at First Flight (Cougar & Mariah) - Ep 16, S1
Join Jason as he conducts our first love story, interviewing the couple about a possible shared flying dream experience they had over a decade ago and fatefully found each other through a post Cougar rattled off to the reddit community seeking to find the girl of his dream! Mariah finds his post and these two quite quickly and sweetly fall in love. It's a very sweet story, if you want a feel good cutesy story, this is it💗
October 10, 2021
Introducing: Turning Season/The Dreamers' Den Podcast
Join Steve and Leilani and get a firsthand look at what an actual group dreamwork session looks like. Leilani invited Steve to participate in a recorded projective style group dreamwork session for an episode of her own podcast, The Dreamers' Den (Soon to be renamed Turning Season). The group helps Steve receive a massive breakthrough in him touching base with one of his deepest pockets of grief. It's an amazing look at what shadow work and grief work looks like and the amazing care and beauty that dreams take in waking us into these spaces. Find all the episodes of the Dreamers' Den at and all of Leilani's other offerings and search for Turning Season to listen to the future of her podcast. We hope you enjoy!
August 31, 2021
The First Sword Draw (Leilani) - Ep 14, S1
Join Leilani while she shares her journey with autoimmunity and how her dreams offer her several poignant dreams to help her better relate to her autoimmune hypothyroid condition. And continues as it leads her to a deep ancestral understanding of not only her inheritance of this condition, but sparks a peaceful warriors credo within her to face humanity's collective autoimmune disorder with. Listen to Leilani's podcast - The Dreamers' Den on any streaming platform. Or find more info out at
August 10, 2021
The Father Wound (Steve) - Ep 13, S1
Join hosts Steve and Jason as Steve relays a series of poignant dreams that aided him in his process of healing his father wound, his relationship with his father, and finally owning the duty of honoring his worth, creative fire, and Anima. It's a truly touching story! Star Wars fans will be tickled as several of the dreams Steve shares are Star Wars themed and relay some deeply felt relational experiences for him to better understand this wound and how to heal it! Steve reimagines a few of the classic Star Wars songs to really bring the dreams and their haunting beauty alive.
July 23, 2021
These will be your Kids (Jim) - Ep 12, S1
In observation of Father's Day, we bring you this very special story where our guest, Jim, has a powerful prophetic dream about two kids the dream says are going to be his. This is 3 years before he and his wife even begin the process to adopt and after a series of fateful occurrences they are brought together! This is a beautiful ode to fatherhood, sacrifice, and belonging, we hope you are touched and share this with your daddy!
June 23, 2021
Big Decisions, Bigger Opportunities (Lese) - E11, S1
Do you have a difficult life decision before you?! Lese was given by her boss less than 24 hours to decide if she was going to stay at her job, the Wall Street Journal, or leave! Listen and find out how Steve and Lese have used their dreams many times over to make decisions that have had far reaching impact! The 3 of us (Jason included) also share very powerful dreams about a particular spiritual figure (wink wink) and think you'll be as blown away as we all were to share them with each other! Find Lese's newspaper at
June 09, 2021
When the Men in Black Speak, You Listen (Wendy) - Ep 10, S1
Fellow podcaster on extraterrestrial and paranormal happenings, Wendy Garrett, shares with us a dream encounter she had with the Men in Black that thrust her towards her calling in that arena! Jason and Wendy dive headfirst into the rabbit hole of the paranormal. Join them as they explore the many dreams and wild waking experiences of Wendy Garrett! Wendy's podcast: Wendy's Coffeehouse. Wendy's Website: For more on Jason: For Steve's music: search AQ the Dreamwalker on your favorite streaming service
April 26, 2021
I Can't, He Doesn't Want Me To - (Erin) Ep9, S1
Erin, in the throes of an abusive relationship, has a powerful dream that initiates the process of her reclaiming herself, her power, and ultimately leaving the relationship. Steve and Erin explore warning dreams, toxic masculinity, power and powerlessness, and at the end, each offer a look at how they both have been confronting and reimagining masculinity within themselves. A conversation you won't want to miss!
April 07, 2021
Love, Loss and Everlasting Life (Laurel) - Ep8, S1
Laurel shared many extraordinary experiences with her husband John. When they were physically apart they would meet up in their dreams. They shared a wavelength of deep love and deep interest in dreams and metaphysics. Then John died and they continued to meet up in her dreams. Laurel's incredible story proves that dreams really do shape us.
April 07, 2021
The Amazon Woman and the Stories Inside Us (Leah) - Ep7, S1
In the thick of Post Partum Depression in the summer of 2017, Leah has an eruption of psychic material surrounding the Amazon Woman archetype. We deeply explore why she is showing up and uncover how the process of her arrival has been working her the past few years. This is an unique episode where it is more of a dreamworking session, where she has had little understanding of the true nature of why these dreams had come to her and you get to experience all the major epiphanies she has right alongside her!
February 12, 2021
Dial Into Station 'Old Friend and His New Family' (Rochelle) - Ep 6, S1
Rochelle started dreaming about a friend she hadn't spoken with in years, and to her great surprise she discovered that the dreams accurately described his life: his impending marriage, the birth of his daughter, his daughter's name. One time she even shared a dream with his wife. As the interview unfolds she reveals these aren't the only extraordinary dreams she's had, and her view of life and the world has changed because of them. The co-hosts of The Dreams That Shape Us are J.M. DeBord and Steven Ernenwein. 
January 26, 2021
Origins: The Dreams That Made Us Dreamworkers
Co-hosts Steven and Jason share the dreams and experiences that enticed them down the rabbit hole and led to becoming dreamworkers. They find out that some dark history in both of their families compelled them and played out in their dreams.
January 21, 2021
The Harvest and the Teenage Scavengers (Brenda) - Ep4, S1
Brenda shares with us a revelatory dream she had some twenty odd years ago that changed her life and the relationship she has with herself and daughter forevermore! It's a beautiful story, we hope you enjoy it. Interview by Steven Ernenwein Narration by JM DeBord Original music by Steven Ernenwein (IG: @aq_dreamwalker) Recording and Editing by both JM, Steven Brenda's website: Find books by JM Debord on Amazon or and his Dream School at Find Steve's dream inspired hip hop and singer songwriter music on all major streaming platforms under AQ the Dreamwalker.
January 11, 2021
Dreaming Her Daughter Home (Linda) - Ep3, S1
Linda Yael Schiller faced one of the biggest decisions of her life, whether or not to adopt a child. She consulted her dreams and they responded with a fascinating answer. Hear how her decision shaped her life. Interview by JM DeBord. Narration by Steven Ernenwein Original music by Steven Ernenwein (IG: @aq_dreamwalker) Recording and Editing by both JM, Steven Linda's website: Find more on JM's work at and his Dream School at Find Steve's dream inspired hip hop and singer songwriter music on all major streaming platforms under AQ the Dreamwalker.
January 02, 2021
May Death Step to you with Flowers (Susanne) - Ep2, S1
Susanne shares with us a series of dreams that have helped her prepare for the death of her sister, who sadly left us this past summer of 2020 to pancreatic cancer. Steven and Susanne have a heartfelt discussion about these dreams and surrounding this particular cancer, as Steven's late grandmother passed from it, as well. This episode is an ode to all the ones we've lost to cancer and the ones whom they left behind.  Interview by Steven Ernenwein Narration by JM DeBord Original music by Steven Ernenwein (IG: @aq_dreamwalker) Recording and Editing by both JM, Steven  Susanne's website: Find books by JM Debord on Amazon and his Dream School at Find Steve's dream inspired hip hop and singer songwriter music on all major streaming platforms under AQ the Dreamwalker.
December 29, 2020
Back to the Life I Know (Harper) - Ep 1, S1
In our inaugural episode we offer for you the story of Harper, whose dreams showed him a future where he could live again with vigor and health. Interview by JM DeBord Narration by Steven Ernenwein. Original music by Steven Ernenwein (@aq_dreamwalker) Theme music snippet from The K Project Closing song - "Freaking Out" by Mystery Skulls Recording and Editing by both JM & Steven Find books by JM Debord on Amazon and his Dream School at Find Steve's dream inspired hip hop and singer songwriter music on all major streaming platforms under AQ the Dreamwalker.
December 21, 2020