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Sports Wars! Brett Farve versus Aaron Rodgers

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By Timothy Rodgers
Welcome to A Dude And A Bro Podcast Show. We are entrenched in podcasts. We do reviews, best-of lists, and new show suggestions. We also debate wide-ranging podcast topics like true-crime, self-development, news, history, and entertainment.
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Sleepwalkers, A.I., Andrew Yang, and Apollo 11
The Dude And the Bro discuss 'best of 2019' Nominee "Sleepwalkers" Podcast. Sleepwalkers takes us behind the curtain on the A.I. revolution and the exponential pace that our computer systems are learning and impacting our culture. There's always an upside and downside to most anything but to what extent? Also this week we recommend that you listen to "The Arguments" interview with 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang and this year commemorates the 50th anniversary of the the moon landing Apollo 11 mission with "13 Minutes to the Moon" podcast by BBC
June 20, 2019
Review of NPR's "White Lies" Podcast
In this episode, we discuss and review a brand new premier of NPR's White Lies Podcast.  Two journalists from Alabama investigate the unsolved murder of Reverend James Reeb in 1965.  Reverend Reeb was a key figure in the Civil Rights Movement that historically unfolded in Selma Alabama.  Unseemingly, the town seems to have covered up the assailant in an attempt to revise their shameful history.  This podcast seeks to obtain justice for James Reeb and takes a deep dive into the dynamics of the checkered culture of the American South. Also, we give this weeks podcast recommendations that's blowing up our feeds lately, and in our new wellness segment brought to you by www.stillfeel21.com; we discuss Kombucha Tea and the pros and cons of Probiotics
June 5, 2019
Sports Wars! Brett Farve versus Aaron Rodgers
On this episode, The Dude and The Bro discuss the new "Sports Wars" Podcast from Wondery.  In a 7 part series on Aaron Rodgers versus Brett Farve, we discuss the dynamics of the show and where the rivalry existed between the two legendary quarterbacks.  The young phenom from California had to sit on the sideline while Brett Farve wavered on retiring.  Should Farve have hung up his cleats earlier or did he have something left in the tank?  Was Farve selfish in outstaying his welcome to break a bunch of personal records or was the ironman of Football ready to win another title? Also in this weeks recommendations segment we offer OTR The Great Detectives Podcast and learn more from the Joe Rogan podcast about Russell Brand then perhaps what our preconceived notions were
May 17, 2019
The Dude asks, "Could it Happen Here?"
Mike and Tim review the "It Could Happen Here" podcast by Robert Evans and How Stuff Works Media. Does Evans execute an ominous and almost prophetic message or does irony and his own politics let the air out of the balloon? Also we recommend the Easy Listening Podcast by Adam Carolla's own Gina Grad and Not Guilty the latest gem from Parcast
May 5, 2019
The Ron Burgundy Podcast Review
The Dude and The Bro discuss the "The Ron Burgundy" podcast from the folks from Funny or Die. How does the classic character from Anchorman translate to a podcast host? As per usual Mike talks about his latest piece from www.stillfeel21.com and Tim recommends a futuristic vampire thriller podcast from the Simply Scary folks!
May 2, 2019
1,2,3,4,5, Sixers! Rights to Ricky Sanchez
The Dude and the Bro break down the "Rights to Ricky Sanchez" Podcast.  This podcast is Philadelphia-centric about our very own 76ers. The only podcast about the Philadelphia 76ers hosted by Spike Eskin and Michael Levin. In our weekly recommendation segment we talk about the "Inside Joke" podcast and preview the chilling "It Could Happen Here" podcast
April 24, 2019
Dude? "Who Are These Podcasts"
Mike and Tim discuss "Who Are These Podcasts"  This podcast is another fellow show that reviews podcasts, but with a slightly different tone and purpose then the Dude and the Bro.  Is this podcasts a solid comedic show that to take it in the spirit that it is intended. Or, do these guys take it too far and are too mean spirited?
April 17, 2019
Finally We Talk Sports and "The Bill Simmons Podcast!"
In our 10th episode The Dude and The Bro chat up the sports guy BIll Simmons.  If you thought the Dude and the Bro were a bunch of dudes with a wide range of eclectic tastes, we get right in our wheelhouse and get sporty! We also recommend the Minefire podcast and discuss a controversial guest on Joe Rogan
April 8, 2019
The Dude and The Bro Review "The Dropout" Podcast
In this episode, Mike and Tim discuss the young upstart CEO Elizabeth Holmes in "The Dropout" Podcast by ABC Business Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis.  How were so many investors, employees, and silicon valley moguls fooled by this twenty something billionaire? In our recommendation segment this week we bring back some old classics in The Adam and Dr. Drew Show and Market Snacks Daily Podcast
April 5, 2019
A Dude and A Bro get a little Spacey on Parcast's Extraterrestrial Podcast
The Dude and Bro talk about Parcast's Extraterrestrial show. Also recommended the latest from www.stillfeel21.com and other Parcast's true crime offerings
March 29, 2019
The Dude and The Bro review Jake Brennans Disgraceland podcast. Season 3 just dropped and we talk about Nirvana and the Kurt Cobain saga. Also we talk about new podcasts we are into, and give the latest from our website www.stillfeel21.com
March 27, 2019
Dude and Bro Get Wild on Laura Krantz's Wild Thing
Does Bigfoot Exist? Should we take people that dedicate their lives to investigating the folklore of the Bigfoot Monster seriously? Is there real evidence?
March 15, 2019
Special Episode: Wondery Drops Sword and Scale
In a shocking announcement late Saturday afternoon, Wondery parted ways with Mike Boudet and his Sword and Scale podcast prompting Sword & Scale to abruptly inform its Patreon supporters of the major news.  The partnership that creator Mike Boudet had enjoyed with the podcasting giant allowed him to scale his critically and commercially acclaimed flagship show into the top of the true crime podcasting world.  
March 13, 2019
"The Argument" from the NY Times
On this episode The Dude and the Bro take a look into "The Argument" podcast from the NY Times editorial staff.  Does the podcast actually achieve what it sets out to do in terms of allowing each side to represent their positions fairly?   The Dude and the Bro give their latest podcast recommendations, and will update you on the latest happenings from our website www.stillfeel21.com
March 8, 2019
Business Wars' Napster versus The Record Labels
In our third episode The Dude and the Bro take a deep dive into Wondery's "Business Wars" Podcast.  Specifically the seven part series on Napster vs. The Record labels.  As per usual we will give our latest podcast recommendations and update you from the latest articles and happenings on our website www.stillfeel21.com.  Put those airbuds in, turn on the noise cancelling, and let's get entrenched in podcasts!
March 8, 2019
A Year in Review: The Five Best Podcasts of 2018
The Dude and the Bro review the top podcasts of 2018.  A quick review of each, and how they will impact the future of podcasting in 2019
March 1, 2019
Preview of A Dude and Bro Podcast
The very first episode of A Dude And A Bro Podcast!
March 1, 2019
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