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Steve Bonham & The Long Road

Duggystone Radio

Steve Bonham & The Long Road

Duggystone Radio

Bubye - The Interview
Emerging 3 piece band that just released their first track "Sheets"  we talked about where they come from what they working on  This format part of my Interview series fro duggystone radio Alexa Open Internet Radio  or download our App it's free go to your app store and search duggystone radio 
July 16, 2020
Wilde Band Coventry - The Interview
When I saw the band I was like WOW the lead singer reminded me of a "Mick Jagger"  Character  The music is brilliant and a great interview to boot The Quote of the Interview  "We are the fast food of rock and roll"  They are far more than that get them on Facebook HERE don't forget to check out] Duggystone Radio  or say  "Alexa Open Internet Radio" 
July 9, 2020
Steve Bonham & The Long Road
A group of Vagabonds creating music the only way they can  an interesting interview, we cover some of their tracks, their background and how they formulate a very different sound that ain't really country Musci  Quote of the interview - You have thought we went mooning at the pope  love it  check us out at and the past interviews  Duggystone Radio We're Freakin Global Steve Bonham and The Long Road - doing it The Vagabond Way The notion is to refresh the playlist weekly with new artists and ideas that seem to be making moves. To be honest I've been knocked out by how the Anglo Americ... ana idea has taken off - there are now several playlists on Spotify celebrating this exciting underground music which is magically unfashionable !
July 2, 2020
Vast Aire The Interview
I had a blast doing this one, Open and Honest interview  NYC Rap artist, we discussed his current and future work, plus a look back at the bearth  and progression on HIP hop from the early days  best quote "you may not be a chef but you know what to eat" when he was expressing my music selection fro the show defo check him out and his work with Cannibal Ox as well  His Spotify Link  His Apple Link His Wiki Link  Part of my Interview Series for Duggystone Radio  check us out by saying  Alexa Open Internet Radio were freakin global, were not genre station we're an artist station 
June 25, 2020
I Witness Interview - Duggystone Radio
"When I Heard How They Met and Their Music I was Hooked" I know you'll be too kirk Their press release below  I Witness are award winning poet Jason N Smith and Electronic artist Martin Byrne. Based in Stoke and Macclesfield respectively. A unique blend of hard hitting, truthful spoken word and pulsating electronic beats reminiscent of Leftfield, Faithless, Massive Attack and Kate Tempest. Their debut album "The Word" has been 2 years in the making with a 13 track tour de force of songs about love, hate, racism, incarceration, domestic violence, climate change, knife crime, slavery, homelessness, mental health, beauty, hopes, and dreams. I Am England - Track 1 My Name Is Kyoto - Track 6 When She Stopped Running - Track 12 I first met Jason in the Summer of 2018. I went to a gig at The Swan With Two Necks in Macclesfield called “Let’s Get Chipfaced 2”. It was essentially musical geeks who had hacked many forms of games consoles, mostly old, and turned them into musical instruments. Before the bands started the compere said “We’re going to start with some poetry” and, in my ignorance I thought “oh great”. So a couple of poets came out and delivered their verse, then on walks Jason. He has a presence, before he’s even opened his mouth he seemed to command attention. He starts with “How Can I Explain” and I’m captivated instantly, the accent, the words, the cadence, the honesty. I could instantly hear the music. After he’d finished I offered to buy him a pint and said “That was great, what’s your story man?” Now J and I don’t actually know each other that well, I think we’ve met in person ten times or less. So what he told me that night is most of what I do know. He spent years in and out of prison, had some form of epiphany in prison, and started to challenge his very existence. Then he started documenting that challenge and change by writing poems. We haven’t talked that much about that side of his life and I haven’t really asked much about it. I don’t need to. The past is there in the poems, it’s all there, in its starkness, joy, despair and hope, in its honesty, brutality, reality and scope. So, the J I actually know is a gentle man, a kind man, a man aware of his own shortcomings, a man always looking to help others, a man with an ambition to be so much more than his past has delivered. We are mates, brothers in verse and music. I Witness is an extension of Jason, one part of his multifaceted repertoire and I feel lucky to be a part of it. Neither of us knows what this project means, if it’s a one time thing or not, and neither of us care because I Witness is the result of a chance meeting, a chance conversation between two men taking a chance on each other because they both fundamentally believe in, and look for, the good in people, and if that random meeting had never happened…
June 18, 2020
Interview with 11:11 amazing emerging band
In this episode, we caught up with emerging artist 11:11 based Near Manchester Uk  this is a band to check out, great interview and three of their tracks included in the interview  Their Facebook page don't forget to check out
June 4, 2020
Interview With Danielle Berry - MG Miget
Another great interview from the roadshow hosted by Jack Mortimer  He talks to Danielle Berry about the British Classic MG Miget  Show airs Sundays 11am on
May 24, 2020
Interview With Bond Bug Owners Club
The Bind Bug is 50years old in 2020, unfortunately the celebration had to be put back to 2021 Jack interviews the Bond Bug Club to find out a bit more about this iconic little 3 wheeled car   check them out below don't forget to check us out as well at Jacks Show airs Sundays 11am  Alexa Open Internet radio 
May 18, 2020
Bitty Maclean - Interview - Duggystone Reggae Show
Bitty McClean joined Dan Evans on air for a live interview on the Reggae Show  it's the second Tiem Bitty been on the show and its always nice to get an update of what he's doing. Dans Show Airs normally Thursdays 18:00 on  The Reggae Take over was an impromptu show for the Easter Saturday and went down a storm with every one 
April 12, 2020
The One With Helen Taylor
Brimmo caught up with Helen Taylor Jay from Inspired To Change who talks us through her business journey and what she has had to do differently to juggle her home life and her business life during the enforced lockdown. Alexa Open Internet radio  or get our free smartphone app  duggystone radio 
April 8, 2020
Unmanned Air Veterans - Military to Drone Pilots
So when you leave the military and decided to set up a business what do you do? well if your expertise is in drones then logically this is a good place to start with all new business there are ups and downs, Brexit then Corona Virus  These guys have a resilient attitude and well work checking out and listening to check them out on facebook here  check the station on  or say "Alexa Open Internet Radio"
March 30, 2020
From Military to Drone Pilots
Since leaving the armed forces Stu Logan decided to set up a business with Drones, he had many years experience as a Drone pilot in the army so makes sense We talked about the transition to civilian life and the business  unmanned Air Veterans ltd  recorded fro duggystone radio and excerpts from the Business show on  turning ideas into audio  check us out 24/7  Alexa Open Internet Radio 
March 19, 2020
Business Sales- From Cold Calling To Closing The Deal - With The Sales Samurai
In business, sales does not always come easy, so I had the  "Sales Samurai" on.An interesting look to help you through Cold Calling to closing recorded on the duggystone radio Business show. listen on-demand and please subscribe  recorded for Duggsytone Radio Business show that aired live Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am on Duggystone Radio  or say "Alexa Open Internet Radio" Find John Here  thanks for listening and please follow or subscribe you can get me or send a message on the website 
March 5, 2020
Franny & Kirk SE01E1 - "That's What Sexy To Me" (recorded for Duggystone Radio)
This is the first in the new series of the podcast with Franny Treymaine and Kirk Pickstone. Discussing topics and our views of them. This show we thought we start with "What's Sexy To Me" we're are bombarded on a daily basis in the media, Advertising and even Porn to what a "Perfect Sexy" body is.  We think it's damaging to society and especially the younger peeps! frankly it's crazy. So that's what we covered. we love to get your topics so mail kirk on or  Check Franny Out HERE check the station out at
March 3, 2020
Kevin Isaacs Interview - With Daniel Evans Reggae Show
This episode is with Kevin Isaacs son of Greggory Isaacs, An amazing performer in his own right and you can tell he has come from an amazing musical influence  Dan discusses various things withe Kevin, just sound like an old mate. A brilliant interview as usual from Dan  The Reggae show airs Thursdays at 18:00 Uk time and Fridays at 09:00 Uk Time on we're freakin global  Just say Alexa Open Internet Radio  Don't forget to subscribe and like our Facebook page  Show Sponsored by  SageGreenHr Clean My Ride  The Humble Entrepreneur  Please subscribe to keep up to date with the next podcast duggystone radio  turning Ideas Into Audio 
February 21, 2020
Bitty McLean Interview - Recorded on the Reggae show hosted by Dan Evans
Fabulous interview with Reggae Legend Bitty McLean  recorded on the Reggae Show hosted by Dan Evans a writer and artist in his own right  the show airs Thursday 18:00 Uk time and Fridays 09:00 Uk Time on we're Freakin Global  Turning Ideas Into Audio Join the movement and please Subscribe to the podcast it helps us heaps Thanks to Metal Man, Clean My Ride for sponsoring the Podcast  want to advertise with us let us know at or hit this link 
February 21, 2020
Franny Treymaine Interview
A very bubbly individual is full of life and fun we met a few years ago on stage in Wales doing an inspirational day. Francesca has since gone on to follow her acting career and has featured on a few projects and is currently finishing some filming before starting a Youtube project you can find her on social media  Facebook Instagram Check her out also on "spotlight" for what she's been working on  we will be producing a monthly show about various topics so be sure to subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform  you can find out more about me Kirk Pickstone at or email 
February 20, 2020
Brain Travers From UB40 - Interview on The Reggae Show
So dan has had some great artists from the world of Reggae, this one is with the amazing Brian Travers off of UB40 fame he talks about his career and his recent health issues and even challenged Dan to get him talking with Ali Campbell  Reggae Show Thursdays 18:00 on Alexa Open Internet radio
February 14, 2020
The Bounce Back Journey - The Story Behind The Amazing New Book
Authors Nicky Marshall & Sharon Critchlow join Brimo  at Duggystone Radio to discuss the fantastic new book The Bounce Back Journey  A powerful collection of personal stories, 24 authors share their journey of bouncing back: what they learned and the advice they would give. This book is a great read to inspire a friend, to perk up a lunchtime or to support you on your own journey of change. recorded for Duggystone Radio 
February 10, 2020
Longstay Interview - Emerging Scottish Country /Americana band - Feb 2020
On the country Show in Feb we caught up with an amazing emerging band called Longstay we met them in 2019 at the UKCMA awards and we think they were a very close second to Danny McMahon  The Country Show airs Live on Mondays 18:00 Uk time so be sure to Tune in you can listen on the website  search for Duggystone Radio - app for smart phone  There is a radio player on out facebook page at the top HERE Bio - From Website  Perth's own young Americana upstarts blend their high-octane take on Country classics along with brand new original material from "Calling Me Home", their acclaimed debut album. Drawing on songs and inspiration from acts like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson through to current acts like Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell, these boys will rock you any way you feel. website link below Longstay Perth's own young Americana upstarts blend their high-octane take on Country classics along with brand new original material from "Calling Me Home", their acclaimed debut album. Drawing on songs and inspiration from acts like Creedence Clearwater Revival, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson through to current acts like Chris Stapleton and Jason Isbell, these boys will rock you any way you feel. checkl out Duggystone Radio 24/7 at  email us at
February 8, 2020
Chasing Deer Interview - Coventry Empire - For Duggystone Radio
So I caught up with Chasing deer at the first Gig of their Uk Tour. Chasing Deer Won the o2 Soundwave Competition in 2019 - I was lucky to be with them when they won, very emotional and deserved.  BAD DECISIONS TOUR "See Chasing Deer as never before, with an improved lineup and live show featuring NEW music!" Sat 1st Feb - Coventry - Empire 2 Thur 6th Feb - Bristol - Exchange Fri 7th Feb - London - Brixton Jamm Sat 8th Feb - Leeds - Fox & Newt Sun 9th Feb - Liverpool - Outpost Mon 10th Feb - Nottingham - Albert's Tickets are available NOW! Click for more info: This has been a Duggystone Radio Podcast for more information  or check us out you can say "Alexa Open Internet Radio" we have the free Duggystone Radio app for smartphones as well 
February 4, 2020
6 Reasons Podcasts Are Killer Life Hacks - Duggystone Radio
So this episode 6 reasons why podcasts are killer life hacks, we talk about the reasons they are so helpful with statisitcs. we don't have time to  read but a lot of the time we have time to listen on the move
January 10, 2020