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Digital Experience Insights

Digital Experience Insights

By Barb Mosher Zinck
Get up-to-date insights and guidance on digital experience, marketing strategy, and technology from the people who work with them every day.
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Craig Zingerline Talks About Startups, Marketing and Giving Back to the Startup Community

Digital Experience Insights

Ryan Taft, STORYSOFT CEO Shares Insights on Storytelling
Ryan Taft is CEO of the startup, STORYSOFT, a digital storytelling platform. Taft has spent the last fifteen years in marketing, a lot of that on the agency side, but also in the startup world. Our conversation covered everything from how to do storytelling the right way to how stories support Sales and Customer Service as much as they support marketing. And, of course, we talked about his new startup and how his company wants to bring storytelling to every channel.
November 14, 2019
Craig Zingerline Talks About Startups, Marketing and Giving Back to the Startup Community
Craig Zingerline is a multi-time founder. He's someone who has learned a lot over the years on what works and what doesn't when you are building and marketing a new product. In this podcast, Craig tells us how he became an entrepreneur, and offered his insights on growth marketing, product marketing, and management and why he believes it's important to continually give back to the startup community. You can connect with Craig at Growth Minded, Pocketnote, and LinkedIn.
October 30, 2019
Building Great Content Experiences with Taj Forer, CEO, Fabl is a content experience platform that enables marketers to take their content and create highly visual, immersive experiences - without the need for a developer or an agency.  I reached out to Taj Forer, Fabl Co-founder and CEO to learn more about the platform. We talked about more than Fabl though, kicking off the conversation discussing attention spans and the importance of narrative, both of which drive are underlying beliefs behind Fabl.
October 1, 2019
Understanding Content Operations with Cathy McKnight
Content Operations is the underlying foundation of your content strategy. Without it, you can't execute on your strategy effectively, and you certainly won't be able to scale that strategy. But what is content operations and how you set it up? Cathy McKnight, VP Strategy and Consulting at the Content Advisory took me through the three key elements of content operations: people, process and technology, and provides advice on how you can best implement your foundation. You can read the two-part series from this interview on Diginomica:
September 3, 2019
Words Matter - A Talk with Van Diamandakis, CMO Persado
Writing great copy doesn't need to be subjective or guess work. Persado, an marketing platform that leverages AI and data science at the language layer to help marketers generate the right digital marketing creative - whether that's an ad, an email message or content on a web page.  I spoke with Persado's CMO, Van Diamandakis on how the platform works and why we need a better way to develop the best creative than the tools most marketers use today. 
May 21, 2019
Talking Content Marketing with Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor, CMI
Recorded May 2018 There is no right way to do content marketing. Some do a great job, some fail miserably. Most of us fall somewhere in between. But we can all learn things that will make us better and help us find success. Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Advisor for the Content Marketing Institute shares his thoughts on content marketing today and some things we may be doing wrong, or could be doing better.
February 8, 2019